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Earn Your Degree Online and Get Good Grades

Author : Russell C Kick
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Online education continues to enjoy a rapid growth in today's world. Whether you're just beginning the journey into online courses or you're an advanced student, "How to Make Good Grades and Earn Your Degree Online" will help you accomplish your educational goals. Author Russell C. Kick, PhD, brings you over twenty-five years of teaching and mentoring experience in both traditional and online education. He provides real-world advice and counsel on how to succeed in online courses. Dr. Kick serves as your personal mentor and provides valuable and practical tips based on personal experiences and those of his students. Dr. Kick takes you step-by-step through the world of online education. You'll discover how to skillfully manage time between your job and your education. Dr. Kick also introduces you to security techniques to protect your computer from viruses and power outages. Learn the key factors for success in the online course experience, including how to establish a good relationship with your instructor and how to develop your writing abilities. Take the next step toward your future today!

Get Your Degree Online

Author : Matthew Helm
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Students of all ages can now use their home computers to matriculate at local colleges, earn technical and continuing education credits, even get an MBA from top business schools. This invaluable guide shows how.

Starting Your Career and Earning Money BEFORE You Get Your Degree

Author : Horace Batson
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Career books on the market have typically provided students information on how to: select schools and chose a major. They have all stopped far short of teaching students how to actually earn a living in their profession.Batson and Batson, both professors and entrepreneurs, have challenged our conventional wisdom by positing that students can earn money in their career while and before they actually complete their degree.Their book guides students, step-by-step, to success. This book is a GPS empowering students to take charge of their lives to harness their hidden potential to jump start their careers and start earning money all while in school.

24 Mind Blowing Things About Online Degree Programs

Author : Henry Morgan
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Distance learning involves a variety of courses for diplomas, certificates, degrees and college credit. A school that offers distance learning does not necessarily offer a full degree online. More schools are embracing online degree programs and increasing the number of classes offered toward a degree, but some degrees are offered in abundance through online degree programs while others take some research to locate. Grab a copy of this ebook to discover everything you need to know.

Get a Teaching Job NOW

Author : Mary C. Clement
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There ARE jobs for teachers, and this step-by-step guide will help college students and career changers find those jobs and get them. Whether you seek a job as a substitute teacher or full-time pre-school, elementary, middle, or high school teacher, the strategies needed to win a job are here. The job market has changed, and teachers no longer get jobs just by just student teaching in a school. Today s candidates need to use online search engines to find openings, and then produce a cover letter, resume, and portfolio that showcases their training. Interviewing is much more than answering the question, Tell me about yourself. Teacher candidates must master the art of the behavior-based interview to sell their experience and expertise to employers. When a candidate s Facebook page can make or break hiring, everything a potential new teacher does is important."

Make Money Teaching Online

Author : Danielle Babb, PhD
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All Hands

Author :
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Working Mother

Author :
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The magazine that helps career moms balance their personal and professional lives.

AARP Genealogy Online

Author : April Leigh Helm
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The Mechanics of Writing

Author : Dona J. Young
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Do Commas Matter? Consider the story about my friends were heir to Uncle Josef's estate. Well, Josef wasn't really anyone's uncle, but that's what everyone called him. Uncle Josef's Last Will and testament read, I leave my entire estate to my dear friends Robert, Rosie, Charley and Sophie. The problem? Robert and Rosie filed a lawsuit staring that Charley and Sophie together were due a third of Uncle Josef's estate. Why? Uncle Josef hadn't placed a comma between Charley and Sophie. The judge agreed. Anyone who ever know uncle Josef has been careful about their pauses ever since. At last! A book on punctuation that is not a mere reference book: rather, this book invites readers on a personal journey... meant to be read cover-to-cover, this book effectively takes he mystery out of punctuation and provides practice on essential writing skills. --Elisabeth Anderson, Writing Instructor, College of DuPage A straight-forward handbook that has been infinitely more useful than any handbook or workbook I've used in college. --Dominie Schiralli, Fine Arts Major, Indiana University Northwest Students who used this method had a much easier time with composition. Because they understood grammar and mechanics, they could focus on building their writing skills. This is a great method producing fantastic results. --Peggy Patlan, Former Director of Education, Fox College The Mechanics of Writing is a manual of basic rules that actually builds writing skills, and my composition students who have used the unique method this book presents sing its praises! --Erika Mikkall, Writing Instructor, Indiana University Northwest

Get Your Life Together

Author :
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Writing from the Core

Author : Dona Young
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Writing from the Core is more than a handbook: it is a roadmap that leads to correct and effective writing. -An effective writing style begins with well-written sentences: sentences that speak to the reader clearly and concisely. - Structure and style cross paths at the sentence core: gain control of the sentence core, and you also gain control of your editing and revising skills. - In fact, once you can edit and revise with skill, you may spend more time mulling over your writing and reaching deeper insight, improving substance as well as style. Writing from the Core takes the mystery out of how to produce correct, clear, and concise writing, building confidence along with skill. I love this approach; it's practical yet personal. Writing from the Core is a guide with personality - it takes theory and makes it real. -Elizabeth Anderson, Writing Instructor, College of DuPage A straight-forward handbook that has been infinitely more useful than any handbook or workbook I've used in college. -Dominic Schiralli, Fine Arts major, Indiana University Northwest Students who use this method have a much easier time with composition. Structure becomes easy, so they can focus on building their writing skills. This is a great method producing fantastic results. - Peggy Patlan, Adult Education Instructor, Moraine Valley Community College

Strengthening Regional Innovation

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Technology (2007)
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The Road to Forgiveness

Author : Leigh Bale
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To make amends for his troubled past, Joel Hunter goes back to the Herrera family farm in Nevada. The Herreras believed in him, supported him, and he let them down. Especially Mari, the beautiful girl he grew up with—and secretly loved. A changed man, Joel can now help save their farm and support Mari's mother and two young siblings. The one thing he can't do? Explain to Mari where he's been the past nine years. How can he expect her to understand—or want him around? Until Joel discovers that the road to forgiveness is paved with love.

Kiplinger s Personal Finance

Author :
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The most trustworthy source of information available today on savings and investments, taxes, money management, home ownership and many other personal finance topics.

For Profit Higher Education

Author :
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My Own

Author : JC Knight
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Maggie is a modern-day loving wife and mother. She has gone through circumstances that are tearing her happy life apart. Even with the help of her sister, Maggie's survival and that of her family now depends on her. To succeed, this loving woman must learn how to shoot a gun to protect her loved ones. The only thing that stands between her and death is a man in the shadows. She believes she is on My Own, and has no idea that this man with a strong sense of obligation is waiting to help.

College Degree Online

Author : Eugene Jones
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The E degree is a powerful tool. No longer do you have to spend your days driving to and from school. You do not have to dedicate four or more years to doing nothing but living on a campus getting your education. With E degree programs, you can easily explore all that the world has to offer with a degree in the field of your dreams and get that degree when it works for you. Use this e book as a guide. You will find helpful tips to finding the right schools and to finally getting the degree that you are interested in. You will also find the advantages as well as the disadvantages of online learning. We will take you through the process of getting enrolled and getting your life started.

Grammar Explorer 3

Author : Amy Cooper
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Grammar Explorer prepares students for academic success through captivating National Geographic content and assignments that mirror the requirements of academic life. Going beyond clear grammar charts and instruction, Grammar Explorer challenges students to think critically while using grammar in their listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

College in a Can

Author : Sandra Choron
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Collects 250 lists on college topics and features advice on such subjects as what to take to college, how to save space in a crowded dorm room, and how to take notes using a symbol system.