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Wahhabism and the World

Author : Peter Mandaville
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For more than half a century, Saudi Arabia--through both official and non-governmental channels--has poured billions of dollars into funding and sponsoring religious activities and Islamic causes around the world. The effect has been to propagate Wahhabism, the distinctively rigid and austere form of Islam associated with the Kingdom's religious establishment, within Muslim communities on almost every continent. This volume features essays by leading scholars who explore the origins and evolution of Saudi religious transnationalism, assess ongoing debates about the impact of these influences in various regions and localities around the world, and discuss possible future trends in light of new Saudi leadership. In addition to chapters devoted to the major actors and institutions involved in Saudi global religious propagation, the volume contains a wide range of country case studies that offer in-depth analysis of the nature and impact of Saudi religious influence in nations across multiple world regions.

Islam in der Moderne Moderne im Islam

Author :
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This Festschrift for Reinhard Schulze focusses on a life-long concern of his, namely the relationship between Islam and modernity. The contributors reflect upon the academic study of Islam, Islamic cultures of knowledge, media and literature, and current societal processes. Diese Festschrift für Reinhard Schulze widmet sich einem Lebensthema des Jubilars, nämlich der Beziehung von Islam und Moderne. Die Beiträge reflektieren akademische Forschung zu Islam, islamische Wissenskulturen, Medien und Literatur, sowie gegenwärtige Prozesse in nahöstlichen Gesellschaften.

Prospects and Future Tasks of Universities

Author : Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development
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Universities are undergoing an extraordinary transformation. Digital technologies have altered research and teaching, while modern communication media and social media promote an interactive exchange of information with society that has accelerated international knowledge transfer. At the same time, new educational careers are available in growing higher education fields. How can universities meet these and other challenges? Reputable experts come together in this book to design scenarios for universities in the 21st century. (Series: Research and Science / Forschung und Wissenschaft, Vol. 2) [Subject: Research Studies, Higher Education]

Lifeworlds of Islam

Author : Mohammed A. Bamyeh
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How do old ideas continue to appear relevant in a modern world? A sociological approach to Islam allow us to approach an answer to this question. In Lifeworlds of Islam, Mohammed A. Bamyeh shows that Islam has typically operated not in the form of standard dogmas, but more often as a compass for practical individual orientations or "lifeworlds." Through a comprehensive sociological analysis of Islam, he maps out how Muslims have employed the faith to foster global networks, public philosophies, and engaged civic lives both historically and in the present. Bamyeh further argues that all three fields are poorly understood in recent literature, which tends to focus on one specific problem or another and does not take into account the variety of lifeworlds in which Islam operates. The book contends that the larger preoccupations of ordinary Muslims-how to imagine a global society, how to guide life in the manner of a total philosophy, and how to relate to the world of daily struggles in organized or semi-organized civic forums and social movements-are neither unique to the present period nor to religious life. They are rather shared universal quandaries. A focused empirical lens on the career of a religion, Lifeworlds of Islam contributes to the larger literature and provides insight into the nature of global citizenship, the philosophical needs of individuals, and the ethical values that foster social participation.

Adab and Modernity

Author : Cathérine Mayeur-Jaouen
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Adab is a concept situated at the heart of Arabic and Islamic civilization. What became of it, towards modernity? The question of the civilising process (Norbert Elias) helps us reflect on this story.

The Crisis of Representation

Author : Kurt Appel
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The term “Crisis of Representation” rose to fame through Michel Foucault. The crisis, in the context of this issue, has not only a political and economic dimension, but a cultural, aesthetic and religious one as well. Thus, a serious inquiry into this complex and multidimensional phenomenon requires an interdisciplinary approach. The issue targets the phenomena at hand through 15 contributions – all with unique and innovative approaches to the topic. One common aim that holds the issue together is the analysis of the nature of the crisis, which helps to find suitable theoretical frameworks. On the other hand, the term itself functions as a tool that enables the analysis of specific societal developments. Contributing authors brought with them expertise from their respective fields including philosophy, political sciences, theology, Islamic studies and religious studies. This allowed for a cross-disciplinary approach on the phenomenon with special foci on politics, religions, societies and finance, as well as theoretical developments on current philosophical and post-colonial discourses.

Occult Roots of Religious Studies

Author : Yves Mühlematter
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The historiographers of religious studies have written the history of this discipline primarily as a rationalization of ideological, most prominently theological and phenomenological ideas: first through the establishment of comparative, philological and sociological methods and secondly through the demand for intentional neutrality. This interpretation caused important roots in occult-esoteric traditions to be repressed. This process of “purification” (Latour) is not to be equated with the origin of the academic studies. De facto, the elimination of idealistic theories took time and only happened later. One example concerning the early entanglement is Tibetology, where many researchers and respected chair holders were influenced by theosophical ideas or were even members of the Theosophical Society. Similarly, the emergence of comparatistics cannot be understood without taking into account perennialist ideas of esoteric provenance, which hold that all religions have a common origin. In this perspective, it is not only the history of religious studies which must be revisited, but also the partial shaping of religious studies by these traditions, insofar as it saw itself as a counter-model to occult ideas.

How to Deal with Refugees

Author : Gerhard Besier
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2015 was without any doubt the year of migrations. Over the subsequent two years, we have certainly seen the migration flows reduce, but it was never going to be possible to halt them altogether. From the outset of this phenomenon, numerous academics and researchers have dedicated themselves to the topic. They analyse the causes, the course of the migration flows, parallels and impacts, as well as possible scenarios of the migration movement. A wide-reaching debate has evolved on the topic of migration, to which the authors in this anthology were also keen to contribute conflict regulations attempts. In this publication, historians, political scientists, philosophers, sociologists, geographers, human geographers, economists, literary scientists, legal scholars, theologians and psychiatrists from a range of European and Non-European countries have each contributed from their individual standpoints.

Der Islam im Spiegel zeitgen ssischer Literatur der islamischen Welt

Author : Johann Christoph Bürgel
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Erz hlter Raum in Literaturen der islamischen Welt

Author : Roxane Haag-Higuchi
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Das Buch basiert auf einem dreitagigen Forschungskolloquium unter dem Titel "Ortsansichten - Raumbilder. Funktion und Reprasentanz von Raumen und Orten in Literaturen der Islamischen Welt", das vom 15.-17. Juli 1999 in Bamberg stattfand. Es versammelt Studien zur erzahlerischen Darstellung von Raum und Ort in Texten unterschiedlicher Provenienz und verschiedener Genres aus der islamischen Welt. Literarische wie historiographische Texte sind bei der Konstruktion von Raum und Ort wesentlich. Symbolische Raume, historisch oder politisch konnotierte Orte, Antagonismen wie Ferne/Nahe, Stadt/Land oder privater/offentlicher Raum, das Verhaltnis von Subjekt und Raum und die Frage nach Grundlagen der Narrativik vom Raum erweisen sich als fruchtbarer interdisziplinarer Ansatz. Dies gilt besonders fur die Literaturen der islamischen Welt, die sich vor einem teilweise gemeinsamen, in wichtigen Punkten aber auch sehr unterschiedlichen historischen und sozio-kulturellen Hintergrund artikulieren. (Texte teils in deutscher, teils in englischer Sprache)Aus dem Inhalt: A. Krasnowolska, Mythological Topography of Iranian EpicsU. Marzolph, Ortsangaben in der persischen VolksliteraturY. Yamanaka, Urban Space in Vision: Exploring the City of Brass in the Thousand and One Nights u.a