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German E boats 1939 45

Author : Gordon Williamson
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By the outbreak of World War II, Germany had done much to replace the Kaiser's High Seas Fleet, which was scuttled following their surrender at the end of World War I. Forced to build anew, the Kriegsmarine possessed some of the most technically advanced warships in existence. Although the heavy units of the fleet were too small in number to pose much of a threat, Germany was particularly well served by her Navy's smaller vessels, in particular the U-Boats and the S-Boats. Known to the allies as the E-Boats ('Enemy'), they performed sterling duties in the Black Sea and English Channel, where they became a particular scourge.

S Boote

Author : Jean-Philippe Dallies-Labourdette
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A thrilling history and a detailed survey of the equipment and vessels of the Schnellbootes - the fast boat flotillas of the German Kriegsmarine during World War Two. The S-Bootes, true sea corsairs, were charged with the harassment and torpedoing of allied convoys which were approaching too close to the Normandy and Mediterranean coasts.

British Motor Gun Boat 1939 45

Author : Angus Konstam
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Motor Gun Boats were the “Spitfires of the Seas” of the Royal Navy. Bristling with small-calibre guns and machine guns, they served in a variety of roles during the War. In the early war period they battled against German E-boats in the English Channel, then went on the offensive, searching the enemy shore for targets of opportunity. At other times, they ran support for Motor Torpedo Boats and were used to deliver commandos on various raids. Naval Warfare expert, Angus Konstam, tells the story of these small, but destructive boats, beginning with their design and development and carrying through to their operational use in both the European and Mediterranean theatres of World War II.

The Last Year of the Kriegsmarine

Author : V. E. Tarrant
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The Second World War began five years too early for the newly rebuilt German Navy, and by mid-1944 its deficiencies in equipment and crucially in strategic morale were painfully apparent. The Battle of the Atlantic, once the greatest real danger to Britain's survival in the war, had effectively been lost after 1943, and, although U-boats still sortied against the ever increasing convoys, the augmented Allied air and sea defences meant fewer and fewer U-boats made it back to home ports. For the larger heavy surface units, the war had been a series of disappointing frustrations: increasingly confined to remote Arctic ports but denied offensive opportunities by fuel shortages and High Command indecision, the 'fleet in being' tied down Royal Navy units and attracted regular air attacks, but achieved little else. Like the Luftwaffe, however, the Kriegsmarine entered its last year of war with real hopes that new weapons would break the deadlock, regaining the initiative at sea and offering the chance to alter the course of the war. This is the first time the story of those final 12 months has been attempted. V. E. Tarrant reveals the increasing desperation as Allied industrial bombing, superiority at sea and German technical delays ensured that the new 'wonder' weapons never delivered their potential. Unable to prevent the Allied invasion of Europe, the Kriegsmarine could only rely on small battle units - E-boats, the odd destroyer or U-boat, and bizarre semi-suicide weapons - to attack the vast amount of invasion shipping off Normandy.

Ships Monthly

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The War at Sea 1939 1945 The offensive 2 pts

Author : Stephen Wentworth Roskill
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The Defeat of the Enemy Attack on Shipping 1939 1945

Author : Great Britain. Naval Staff
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During the First World War German use of unrestricted submarine warfare, supported by extensive mining and surface raids, very nearly forced Britain out of the war in 1917. The island's heavy dependence on seaborne supplies was gravely threatened again in 1939, supplemented this time by air attacks on shipping. After the war Commanders Waters and Barley wrote a Naval Staff History which has long been recognised as an authoritative study of the impact of the German campaign and its ultimate defeat by Britain and her allies. It remains an indispensable basis for any serious study of the Battle of the Atlantic and has here been updated and revised by Dr Grove, who also contributes a perceptive introduction outlining its significance.

War at Sea 1939 1945

Author : John Hamilton
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Australia in the War of 1939 1945

Author :
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Author : Ian Hawkins
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In this title, Ian Hawkins draws together numerous stories from those men who served on the B- and C-class destroyers, weaving them together using excerpts from books, news articles, speeches, and his own authoritative notes.

British Submarines at War 1939 1945

Author : Alastair Mars
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The Mariner s Mirror

Author : Leonard George Carr Laughton
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World War 1939 45

Author : Peter Young
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Sea War 1939 1945

Author : Janusz Piekałkiewicz
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The Canadian Naval Chronicle 1939 1945

Author : Robert A. Darlington
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Recounts in detail the history of Canadian naval forces in WWII, taking a ship-by-ship and encounter-by-encounter approach.

East Anglia at War 1939 1945

Author : Derek Ernest Johnson
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The Design and Construction of British Warships 1939 1945 Submarines escorts and coastal forces

Author : David K. Brown
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"At the end of the Second World War the Director of Naval Construction set the various design teams within his department the task of recording their wartime activities. All types were covered from the largest fleet carrier to the humblest tug, and the short summaries described the principal achievements of each design and distilled the lessons of combat." "By a quirk of history these essays were never published, so that this superb set of three volumes is the first complete publication. The contemporary illustrations intended for inclusion have been lost but a fine new selection is here incorporated, and the editor of the series, D. K. Brown, has added footnotes to explain obscure references and technical jargon." "This second volume includes submarines, corvettes and frigates, fleet mine sweepers and motor torpedo boats, and for those interested in the rationale of design and the performance of warships in battle it unlocks a vast source of fascinating and authentic original material upon which so much of postwar interpretation and analysis has been based."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Bombing 1939 45

Author : Karl Hecks
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Over 3 mio tons bomber blev kastet under 2. verdenskrig. Bogen beskriver i detaljer alle operative og tekniske sider af luftbombardementerne

German Navy Handbook 1939 1945

Author : Jak P. Mallmann Showell
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Synonymous with such infamous battleships as the Bismarck, Scharnhorst and Tirpitz, the German Navy (or Reichsmarine) was renamed the Kriegsmarine in 1935, shortly after the emergence of the Nazi State, and went through a major re-organization in 1939. During World War II, it became a much-feared adversary both on and beneath the high seas, with its marauding U-boat wolf packs coming close to defeating Britain in the Battle of the Atlantic. The author of this text examines the different roles of the Fleet, and its organization and training activities during the war years. Incidents and operations are described, together with technical data for ships, U-boats and their weaponry. A guide to German Navy uniforms and insignia is included, together with full details of rank structure and specialist trades.

Soldiers Lost at Sea

Author : James E. Wise
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"Heroism, tragedy, devotion to duty, and scandal are just a few of the ingredients that make up this dramatic account of troopship losses in wartime. International in scope, the book offers a compilation of stories about historic troopship disasters caused by torpedoes, aerial attacks, mines, surface fire, foul weather, friendly fire, and poor planning by military decision makers ... Board of inquiry hearings, action reports, survivor debriefings, and personal correspondence collected from archives in Germany, Italy, Russia, Australia, Britain, and the United States help tell the stories of the fifty vessels described in the book. An introductory chapter provides an overview of troopship evolution and losses at sea, beginning with the age of galley warfare. The first to provide a sweeping survey of the subject, this book pays long overdue tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in vast oceans far from home"--Dust jkt.