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Gender and Education in Kenya

Author : Esther Mukewa Lisanza
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Gender and Education in Kenya explores the intersections of curriculum, pedagogy, policy, and gender. The contributors study depictions of gender in textbooks, the presence and roles of girls and women within classrooms in Kenya, and female leadership in education, arguing that, despite recent policies put in place by the Kenyan government to ensure gender parity in education, there is still a need to make curriculum more gender responsive. Gender and Education in Kenya examines the disparity between male and female representation in education and advocate for more training for teachers about gender-related educational policies and implementing gender-responsive objectives in classrooms. The collection concludes with a study of the intersection of gender and disability with a chapter that explores the additional challenges for a blind girl in school and the lack of policies in place to help disabled students.

Gender and Development

Author : Emily Awino Onyango
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For a long time African history has been dominated by western perspectives through predominantly male accounts of colonial governments and missionaries. In contrast, Dr Emily Onyango provides an African history of mission, education development and women’s roles in Kenya. Based on archival research and interviews of primary sources this book explores the relationship of these areas of history with each other, focusing on the Luo culture and the period of 1895 to 2000. With the pre-colonial African context as the foundation for understanding and writing history, Dr Onyango uses gender to analyze the role of Christian missionaries in the development of women’s education and their position in Kenyan society. The result of this well-researched study is not only a challenge to the traditional understanding of history, but also a counternarrative to the common view that to be liberated African women must disregard Christianity. Rather she looks at the importance Christianity plays in helping women establish themselves economically, politically and socially, in Kenyan society. This research is a vital contribution to women’s history and the history of Christianity in Africa.

Girls and Women s Education in Kenya

Author : Fatuma N. Chege
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Global Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality in Education

Author : Elinor L. Brown
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International Advances in Education: Global Initiatives for Equity and Social Justice is an international research monograph series that contributes to the body of inclusive educational policies and practices focused on: empowering society’s most vulnerable groups; raising the ethical consciousness of those in positions of authority; and encouraging all to take up the mantle of global equity in educational opportunity, economic freedom and human dignity. Each themed volume in this series draws on the research and innovative practices of investigators, academics, educators, politicians, administrators, and community organizers around the globe. This volume consists of three sections; each centered on an aspect of gender equity in the context of education. The chapters are drawn from a wide range of countries including: Australia, China, Gambia, India, Italy, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Slovenia, Swaziland, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, The United States, and Turkey addressing issues of gender equity, citizenship education, egalitarianism in sexual orientation, and strategies to combat human trafficking. The 15 chapters document both the progress and challenges facing those who strive for gender equity in access to education, the portrayal of women in curricula, and the acceptance of diverse sexual orientations within differing country contexts and provide an overview of promising policies, practices and replicable successful programs.

Gender Equality and Access to Education in Kenya

Author : Lydiah E. Anono Omwoha
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Education Gender and Development

Author : Mari-Anne Okkolin
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This compelling book takes a novel approach to the complexities of girls’ and women’s education in the global South. To unravel the critical issues and processes behind educational advancement and to identify the factors that support the construction of educational well-being and agency from gender perspective, the book narrates the stories of women who have successfully built their educational careers to higher education. The book creatively applies the human development and capabilities approach to analyze and assess educational advancement and development. Mari-Anne Okkolin offers a fresh voice to the field of education, gender and development. The book draws on rich, in-depth evidence from Tanzanian women who have reached higher education, placing them amongst the very small percentage of women in the Tanzanian and sub-Saharan contexts. The book explores the women’s school experiences, everyday life practices and familial arrangements, and the values, expectations and assumptions associated with education and the schooling of girls and women. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the book, it will be of great interest to multiple academic audiences: post-graduates, researchers and academics. It is of particular relevance for all those interested in education, sociology, development studies, gender/women’s studies, and qualitative research methodology. The book will appeal especially to scholars working with the capabilities approach. It will also be of value beyond academia, for education practitioners in planning and implementing education and equality policies internationally.

Promoting Gender Equity in Selected Public Universities of Kenya

Author : Jane Onsongo
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The purpose of this study was to examine sustainable gender equity interventions in selected public universities. The study used descriptive survey and case study research methods to carry out an in-depth analysis of the gender equity interventions in selected public universities in Kenya. The sample consisted of four public universities that were selected because they had established gender centers/institutes that were assumed to be coordinating gender equity intervention. The study has the following objectives: To establish the existing gender inequalities in the formal organisational structure of the selected universities; To identify and assess sustainability of gender equity interventions in the selected public universities; To analyse the national, regional, international and organisational culture and policy contexts that have influenced and supported the introduction of the identified gender equity interventions; To investigate the attitudes of staff, students and management towards the gender equity interventions; and to recommend appropriate institutional strategies to address existing gender inequities.

Kenya After 50

Author : Mickie Mwanzia Koster
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This book explores the key milestones in education, gender, and policy that Kenya has achieved since independence, the challenges of this experience, and the future prospects. This edited collection of chapters also aims to illuminate the lessons learned from the experiences of the postcolonial period as well as postulate on the way forward. Through this exploration of the Kenyan experience since independence, the authors present an optimistic view that despite the many obstacles and challenges, the country still has promising prospects as a nation.

Numbers are Not Enough

Author : Suzanne Stefania Livingstone
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The achievement of gender equality in education is an important development goal, endorsed primarily by the MDGs. Mainstream development literature promotes female education for its instrumental benefits and recommend policies designed to eliminate physical, economic, and cultural barriers that restrict girls' access to school. In contrast, feminist development literature emphasizes education's intrinsic value and its role in expanding girls' capabilities, and argues that girls continue to face barriers even in the classroom; feminist scholars therefore advocate for policies to improve girls' learning experience. In Kenya, policymakers have deliberately addressed physical and economic barriers to girls' access to education, with impressive results, but have neglected cultural barriers. Kenyan policy has also largely ignored the findings of the feminist literature, focusing exclusively on achieving parity in enrollments. This paper concludes that the goal of gender equality in education must be expanded to encompass the pursuit of qualitative equality.

Women Leading Education across the Continents

Author : Elizabeth C. Reilly
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Women Leading Education across the Continents is a collection of research about and stories of women in basic and higher education leadership from every region of the globe.