Gay Erotic Short Stories from Around the World 2


Author: James Orr

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781494989057

Category: Fiction

Page: 348

View: 321

Twenty Nine Gay Erotic Short Stores. Taken from James Orr books featuring The Babysitter, White Van Man, Tunisian Tales, Red River, Riad Mimosa, It's a Secret, and many others. Contains adult fiction.

Gay Erotic Short Stories from Around the World


Author: James Orr

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1291621393

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 7777

Forty One Erotic Gay Short Stories. Taken from James Orr books, It's a Secret, Alan, The Babysitter and many others. Adult Readers only. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica

An anthology of literary fiction


Author: Lawrence Schimel

Publisher: Robinson

ISBN: 1780337329

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

View: 6172

Passion and lust from the pens of today's leading writers of gay erotica Over 30 short masterpieces of gay erotic fiction by male writers from around the world are collected in this volume. They include rare gems, new work, complete erotic novellas, sexy and intriguing characters, gorgeous settings. Contributors include Allan Hollinghurst, Felice Picano, Aaron Travis, Neil Bartlett, Andrew Holleran, Michael Lassell, Stan Persky, Philip Ridley and many more. Here is a whole garden of sensual delights in which gay men speak openly and joyously to other gay men about their passions, their desires.

Best Gay Erotica 2004


Author: Kirk Read

Publisher: Cleis Press Start

ISBN: 1573448915

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

View: 8620

Best Gay Erotica 2004 captures the hottest, freshest stories of man-on-man desire by the most cutting-edge writers of gay erotica today. The 2004 edition features stories selected by Kirk Read, author of the wildly popular memoir How I Learned to Snap, one of the most compelling gay coming-of-age stories published in recent years.

Hot Steamy Shorts

Gay Erotic Fiction


Author: Neil S. Plakcy

Publisher: Neil S. Plakcy

ISBN: 1311681876

Category: Fiction

Page: 212

View: 3177

A dozen sexy short stories about gay men falling in love and falling into bed. From Hawaii to Florida to spots around the world, Neil Plakcy takes you on a voyage of sexual exploration. These stories have all been previously published in anthologies or on websites, but this is the first time they appear together . Stories included are: “Slamming the Poet,” “Paniolo,” “Island Getaway,” “The Honolulu Hula,” “The Prince of Eisengraf,” “Creeling the Bridegroom,” “Heat Lightning,” “The Seductive Gaze of Don Juan Miguel,” “Photo Booth,” “The Capital of Thailand,” “Marine Guard,” “The Jasmine Hero,” and “A Voice in the Dark.”

Homoerotica - A Sexy Bundle of 3 Gay M/M Erotic Stories from Steam Books


Author: Melody Lewis,Dara Tulen,Bernadette Russo,Steam Books

Publisher: Steam Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 0

View: 8830

Experience firsthand the physical pleasures of the male body and soul in HOMOEROTICA, a bundle of three sizzling tales from Melody Lewis, Dara Tulen, and Bernadette Russo filled with excitement, passion, and lust, told in detail so explicit you can taste it! This bundle includes: MY BODY IS READY by Melody Lewis Renny, an executive for a software company, is asked by Sho, the Japanese president of the company, to personally test their latest release: a fitness videogame. Little does Renny know that the assignment is more about business than pleasure: it's to give him the hottest, buffest body for Sho's enjoyment.. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE by Dara Tulen Twenty-eight year-old paralegal Brian Finley never dreamed this day would come. After spending most of his twenties watching his straight friends get married, it's finally his turn. Now, it's two days until he gets to say his vows to his college sweetheart, twenty-nine year-old elementary school teacher Austin Biggs, and there's still a ton of work to do. But that doesn't mean there isn't time for a little pre-marital romance. A PRIVATE BEACH by Bernadette Russo Simon goes with friends to a beach in the Philippines where he meets Jehu. The two hit it off, and the latter invites him on a boat trip around the cove. Out on an islet in the middle of the sea, the two decide to have a little fun. - BONUS! This ebook contains a preview of the hot story "Sensual Reunion" by Jolie James. WARNING: This 14,357-word compilation features explicit scenes and might be too much for timid readers!

Damien the Towel Boy - A Sexy Gay M/M Jock Short Story from Steam Books


Author: Corey Stark,Steam Books

Publisher: Steam Books

ISBN: 1634573595

Category: Fiction

Page: 31

View: 9238

There isn't much glory in being the towel boy and all-around assistant for the school's swim team, but Damien doesn't mind. One of the guys, Alex, treats Damien with increasing affection, which is all the motivation Damien needs to continue being at the team's beck and call. One night, Damien gets a call from Alex, asking him to give another member of the team a ride home: the drunk, obnoxious, and meaty Matthew. Damien obliges, but he doesn't realize his night is just beginning. WARNING: This 6,194-word (about 31 pages) short story is a steamy read that features explicit content including gay sex and romance, oral sex, masturbation, rimming, anal sex, and may be too much for timid readers! -- JOCK HIGH SCHOOL -- Most every high school has jocks, but only through Corey Stark's JOCK HIGH SCHOOL anthology series can you experience first-hand the kind of sexually-charged passion possible only between athletic young seniors bursting into adulthood for the first time.

A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Gretel

(Alpha Male, Steamy, Fairy Tales, Suspense Thriller Romance, Erotic Sex Stories)


Author: Selena Kitt

Publisher: Excessica Publishing

ISBN: 1609825144

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 2181

Do you love fairy tales? Then don't miss these happily ever afters! In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, Gretel has never understood her father's choice of a second wife, and she and her brother Hans have high hopes of getting out from under the suspicious, spiteful eye of their penny-pinching stepmother once Hans graduates from college with his degree in chemistry. But on Gretel's eighteenth birthday, when their stepmother insists they go on a cruise around the coast of Australia with a rich candy-heiress grandmother neither of them has ever met, the siblings' plan, in fact their whole world, is turned upside down. Hans is drawn into the lavish, opulent lifestyle on the yacht, easily seduced by their grandmother's riches and her plans for his future. Wary Gretel, on the other hand, finds herself seduced instead by Andrew, their grandmother's bodyguard and assistant. And when their grandmother reveals the real reason for taking the two siblings on the voyage, it may be too late for either of them to escape her greedy grasp. WARNING: This title has yachts and candy - yum! Oh, and sharks. And perhaps the solution to the world's energy crisis... MODERN WICKED FAIRY TALES A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Beauty A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Bluebeard A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Briar Rose A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: The Frog Prince A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Goldilocks A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Gretel A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Peter and the Wolf A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Pinocchio A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Rapunzel A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Red A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Wendy

Best of Best Gay Erotica 2


Author: Richard Labonte

Publisher: Cleis Press Start

ISBN: 1573448419

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

View: 6153

Beautiful bodies, searing male-male action, and wickedly inventive writing: all the things that make you read and reread your gay erotica books until the covers curl and the pages drop open to your favorite scenes. Chances are a few volumes of Best Gay Erotica are among the books you can't part with. Since it began in 1996, this groundbreaking series — hailed as "consistently outstanding" (Lambda Book Report) and "literally orgasmic" (HX Magazine) — has delivered the hottest gay male sex writing anywhere. In Best of Best Gay Erotica 2, editor Richard Labonté brings together the most daring, intense, and memorable stories from the past five years of the series, by authors as celebrated as Simon Sheppard, JT LeRoy, and Andy Quan. It doesn't get better than the Best of the Best.

The Boy Is a Bottom

Gay Anal Erotica


Author: Barry Lowe

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781909934030


Page: 306

View: 7649

Some guys will go all the way to get to the top. In some cultures it's still seen as 'unmanly' to take a cock up your ass, although it's hard to associate the image of someone supposedly 'less than a man' with some of the muscle studs who grunt like a pig to get dicked. Let's face it, oft times it's the bottom who's the power behind the fuck, using his sphincter in such a way that a whole universe of pleasure resides in one tight black hole. In these eleven stories you'll meet power bottoms from Victorian England and the Renaissance, vampires, marines, men at the top of the world, an elf who discovers humans make the best tops, a group who take out their frustration on a mate's boyfriend's ass, a straight boy who'll do anything to get ahead, a net date who's horny for Satan's dick, and a student aching for hard Arab cock. The Boy Is A Bottom includes, Marine Biology, Marine Animals, Attack of the Ass Bandits, The Arab Downstairs, The Extraordinary Victorian Clockwork Derriere, Creaming the Party Dip, Top of the World, Route 666: Signal Driver, The Butler Did Him, Fifty Shades of Fey, and Spinning the Bottom, all previously published as individual eBooks by loveyoudivine Alterotica. Excerpt from Marine Biology: The sight that greeted me as I opened my bedroom door was the hairy butt crack and dangling scrotum of my beefy big bro, Karl. There wasn't time for it to register as erotic as I watched him slide the entire length of his substantial cock into his girlfriend du jour before he screamed, "Get the fuck outa here!" That he'd glanced over his shoulder to see who the intruder was meant that he didn't mind sharing. Just not with his kid pro bro. If I hadn't forgotten my key, of course, none of it would have happened. But I was in such a hurry to surprise my parents for their thirtieth wedding anniversary, I pretty well floored the Toyota Camry for two hundred miles from my uni campus in the capitol to Redneck Central, as I not-so-fondly called my home town. It didn't feel much like a home town any longer. I was particularly out of favor with the populace, as I'd become an outspoken opponent of the country's military policy. Perhaps not a good idea in a town that supplied a rather large contingent to the Marine Corps. They were heroes. I was a traitor. They'd seen action in a war zone. I'd been on the receiving end of a police baton charge at an anti-war demo. I had a cabinet full of swimming medals. Karl had a chestful of bravery awards. It was a no brainer. My brother and his marine buddies are all big gorillas of men. Karl is 6'4" of almost solid muscle and, I'm pleased to say, an increasing amount of fat, and weighs in at 240lbs. Cropped dark hair and an attitude so belligerent that it would feed the messianic zealotry of any medium level dictator. Naturally, he attracts chicks like horse manure attracts flies. Me, I take after mom. She's petite, dwarfed by my dad, with blonde hair and the friendliest disposition you'd ever care to meet. I take after her-except for the disposition. Like my brother, I get that from my dad. And, of course, like my dad, I have a dick. Besides that, I have blond hair, a slim pro swimmer's body that weighs in at 120lbs, and a face that's much too pretty for its own good. Got me beat up a few times. And it's a constant source of friction between me and my bro and his buddies who call me 'Pretty Boy' to my face, as well as behind my back. It's not meant as a compliment. Our parents discourage mutual homecomings, and we're both happy to oblige. This, however, was one occasion where there was a scheduling error. Now the 'wrong' son was crashing the party. I could have turned around and driven away to a hotel or back to the college, but I was simply too stinking tired. And too stinking poor. I banged loudly on the door and there was a whoop from inside. "The chicks are here at last!" The door was yanked open. The smile of expectation became a snarl of recognition...