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Gates of Understanding A companion volume to Shaarei tefillah Gates of prayer

Author : Lawrence A. Hoffman
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Man and His Counterpart woman

Author : Mrs. Aleta Blanche Baker
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Gates on Understanding Company Law

Author : Reagan GATES
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Gates on Understanding Company: A Conceptual and Functional Approach is the first book predicated on the Companies Act, 2017. With a clear and logical explanation of the recent changes to statutory provisions on incorporation, directors, beneficial ownership of shares and the expanded role of the company secretary. Students at undergraduate and post-graduate candidates for the Legal Practitioners' Qualifying Examinations (LPQE) administered by The Zambia Institute and Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE), Lecturers, Judges and others with an interest in company law in Zambia can turn to this text secure in the knowledge that it will be a simple to use and understandable exposition of the changes brought about by the Companies Act, 2017. The text will also enable readers to compare the new provisions with those in the Companies Act, 1994. This first edition of Gates integrates the statutory provisions in the Companies Act, 1994, compares them to those in the Companies Act, 2017 and synthesises these with common law case decisions in Zambia and other jurisdictions. It also takes into account the changes brought about by the introduction of the Insolvency Act, 2017; the interplay between the Companies Act, 2017 on the one hand and the Securities Act, 2016, The Banking and Financial Services Act, 2017 and The Competition and Consumer Protection Act, 2010 on the other. Gates takes an analytical approach with desirable clarity and profoundness for first time readers and experienced practitioners. 2018

Gates of Understanding

Author :
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Gates on Understanding Zambian Corporate Insolvency Law

Author : R Blankfein Gates
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This first edition of Gates on Understanding Zambian Corporate Insolvency Law

Ben Sonship and Jewish Mysticism

Author : Moshe Idel
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This book constitutes the first attempt to address the category of Sonship in Jewish mystical literature as a whole — a category much more vast than ever imagined. By this survey, not only can the mystical forms of Sonship in Judaism be better understood, but the concept of Sonship in religion in general can also be enriched>

Miraculous Living

Author : Shoni Labowitz
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Guides the reader through the ten heavenly gates of the tree of life--intention, wisdom, understanding, compassion, strength, harmony, success, glory, creativity, and nobility

Year Book of the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Author : Central Conference of American Rabbis
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Containing the proceedings of the convention...

Gates of Understanding 2

Author : Lawrence A. Hoffman
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Lessons 33 48

Author : Naḥman (of Bratslav)
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The first authoritative translation of Rebbe Nachman's magnum opus, presented with facing punctuated Hebrew text, full explanatory notes, source references and supplementary information relating to individual lessons. With appendices of a variety of charts to assist the reader with the kabbalastic teachings found in the text. Volume 1 contains Reb Noson's introduction to the original work, short biographies of Rebbe Nachman and Reb Noson and a bibliography.

Understanding the Spiritual Gates

Author : Ssemugoma Evangelist Francisco
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A gate is an exit or entry point. There are two types of gates, the physical and the spiritual gates; every physical gate has a corresponding spiritual gate! Before you conquer a physical gate, it's imperative that you conquer a spiritual gate. Upon every gate, there are strong men! It's very possible for a gate to be opened for you but the strong men prevent you from entering. This book is set to equip you to conquer the gates of Hades and open the gate of heaven by yourself! It will help you to know how to combat the strong men at the gate and have them defeated!

The Zohar

Author :
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Paradise Now

Author : April D. De Conick
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A substantial introduction to the study of early Jewish and Christian mysticism, this volume examines major aspects of the mystical tradition within early Judaism and Christianity. This tradition was centered on the belief that a person directly, immediately, and before death can experience the divine, either as a rapture experience or one solicited by a particular praxis. The essays define and analyze the nature and practices of mysticism as it emerges within early Judaism and Christianity, recognizing this emergence within a variety of communal environments. Larger questions about the relationship between hermeneutics and experience, as well as the relationship between mysticism and apocalypticism are also discussed, and a substantial bibliography of the field is provided. The book is the result of ten years of work of the Early Jewish and Christian Mysticism unit of the Society of Biblical Literature. The contributors are Cameron C. Afzal, Daphna Arbel, Kelley Coblentz Bautch, Ra'anan S. Boustan, James R. Davila, April D. DeConick, Celia Deutsch, Rachel Elior, Frances Flannery-Dailey, Charles A. Gieschen, Rebecca Lesses, Andrea Lieber, Christopher R. A. Morray-Jones, Andrei A. Orlov, Christopher Rowland, Seth L. Sanders, Alan F. Segal, and Kevin Sullivan. Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature (

The Messianic Temple

Author : Chaim Clorfene
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"More than 2600 years ago, the Prophet Ezekiel was shown a vision of a future Temple to which all the nations on earth would ascend in everlasting peace and harmony. A fine trickle of water flows from under the threshold of the Holy of Holies in this Temple, eventually becoming a great river whose waters heal every wound and sickness. The river then flows to the Mediterranean and sweetens all the oceans of the world, making them drinkable. This is the Messianic Temple. The key to the construction of this Temple is learning its design, a process considered the first stage of building it, but this study was neglected throughout the ages because the chapters describing the Third Temple (Ezek. 40-48) are difficult and confusing. In recent years, new light has enabled us to begin to understand Ezekiel's vision of the Messianic Temple. Now, after a decade of research, Rabbi Chaim Clorfene has given us a major work that explains every detail of Ezekiel's vision of the Third Temple. The Messianic Temple presents the last nine chapters of the Book of Ezekiel, verse by verse, in the original Hebrew with a new English translation and classic commentaries. Over 200 color diagrams and 3D illustrations make it possible for everyone to learn Ezekiel's design and understand it...easily! Now, we can begin to build the Third Temple."--Publisher description.

Understanding Optronics

Author : Larry B. Masten
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The Legends of the Jews Notes to volumes 3 and 4 From Moses in the wilderness to Esther

Author : Louis Ginzberg
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Understanding Behaviors for Effective Leadership

Author : Jon P. Howell
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What defines a true leader? Is it someone who dutifully follows the latest leadership model or theory accepted by our culture? InUnderstanding Behaviors for Effective Leadership, Howell and Costley take a unique approach to leadership. By de-emphasizing leadership theories and focusing on the actual "behaviors" of successful leaders, this book will help you gain a thorough understanding of why effective leaders are known by "what they do" -- not by "what they say." Organized into three parts for easy comprehension, the book provides valuable information on what "effective leaders do, how they do it," and "when they use key behaviors." "Inside, you'll find: " Examples in every chapter that highlight current and historical leaders who exhibit the behaviors and styles presented by the authors. The characteristics of an effective leader, and how they demonstrate these traits to followers. Self-assessment exercises designed to help you comprehend and apply the concepts, as you learn them. Experiential exercises, short cases, illustrations, and figures that work together to help you apply the material to real leadership situations.

The Understanding of the Brain

Author : John Carew Eccles
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Usborne Guide to Understanding the Micro

Author : Judy Tatchell
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Explains computer jargon, how microcomputers work, and how they can be used.

Understanding Contemporary American Literary Theory

Author : Michael Paul Spikes
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An introduction to contemporary literary theory uses as its basis the key texts of six critics who have had a significant impact on the movements dominating critical thinking over the past three decades.