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Garden of Love

Author : Amanda Hansen
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“Garden of Love” is a children’s book about a vegetable gardener who never gave up on her garden, and what came from it wasn’t just food but something to treasure for a lifetime.

Love s Garden

Author : Peggy Rowe-Ward
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A collection of real-life Buddhist love stories, with commentary and guided exercises for couples developed by Peggy Rowe-Ward and Larry Ward, senior students and ordained Dharma teachers in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. These personal stories, from couples of a range of different ages and experiences, illustrate how Buddhist principles can help couples navigate any stage of their relationship. It took the authors some good living and good loving before they realized that the love that they were seeking was already present and available in the depths of their hearts and mind. Love does not depend on anything that is happening "Out There" and is not dependent on anything "he" or "she" might do. It depends on our own willingness to look within and to act. This insight is a result of practicing the teachings of the Buddha on right diligence and right effort. The authors have been studying and practicing with Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and they are happy to report that the practices work. In "The practice is not difficult. We simply need to get in touch with and nourish the practices that are helping us to experience peace. And then we need to stop doing the things that keep us from experiencing peace." Larry Ward Foreword by Thich Nhat Hanh

Unveiling the Garden of Love

Author : Lalita Sinha
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Epic love poems often share common thematic elements -love in union, love in separation, and love in reunion. This book investigates common threads and shared symbolism between the literary masterpieces The Story of Layla Majnun (written by Nizami in the Islamic Sufi tradition) and Gita Govinda (written by Jayadeva in the Hindu Bhaktic tradition). Book jacket.

Gardens of Love and the Limits of Morality in Early Netherlandish Art

Author : Andrea Pearson
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In Gardens of Love and the Limits of Morality in Early Netherlandish Art, Andrea Pearson demonstrates how garden imagery defined bodily desire as a fundamental problem of human salvation, in which artists, patrons, and viewers alike had an interpretive stake.

Gardens and Gardeners of the Ancient World

Author : Linda Farrar
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From the earliest of times people have sought to grow and nurture plants in a garden area. Gardens and Gardeners of the Ancient World traces the beginning of gardening and garden history, from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, to the Minoans and Mycenaeans, Greeks, Etruscans and Romans, through Byzantine, Islamic and Persian gardens right up to the Middle Ages. It shows how gardens in each period were designed and cultivated. Evidence for garden art and horticulture is gathered from surviving examples of ancient art, literature, archaeology, actual period gardens that have survived the centuries and the wealth of garden myths associated with certain plants. These sources bring ancient gardens and their gardeners back to life, and provide information on which plants were chosen as garden worthy, their setting and the design and appearance of ancient gardens. Deities associated with aspects of gardens and the garden's fertility are featured - everyone wanted a fertile garden. Different forms of public and domestic gardens are explored, and the features that you would find there; whether paths, pools, arbors and arches, seating or decorative sculpture. The ideal garden could be like the Greek groves of the Academy in Athens, a garden so fine that it was comparable with that of the mythical king Alcinoos, the paradise contemplated by the Islamic world, or a personal version of a garden of Eden that Early Christians could create for themselves or in the forecourt of their churches. In general books on garden history cover all periods up to the present, often placing all ancient gardens in one chapter at the beginning. But there is so much of interest to be found in these early millennia. Generously illustrated with 150 images, with plant lists for each period, this is essential reading for everyone interested in garden history and ancient societies.

Uncovered Love

Author : Carl Segan
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Uncovered Love is a genuine Southern love story with historical value. It is a suspenseful romance set in a small town in South Carolina, based on real events with a romantic love twist. Renee returns to her hometown to help care for her elderly father. There she meets a young man, Sam, and falls in love. The two of them spend most of their days walking along the edge of the Saluda River but their love affair involves tragedy from the past which threatens the longevity of their relationship. The story takes place during a time when the small town of Williamston is in the process of moving the graves of the founding fathers to the town’s new centrally-located cemetery. As the graves are uncovered so is love as two timelines in history merge for these two lovers. After all, you can’t help who you fall in love with and this is the basis of the story.

Love lyrics and valentine verses

Author : Love lyrics
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Heart Histories Spirit Longings Etc

Author : L. B. Flanders
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The English and Scottish Popular Ballads

Author : Francis James Child
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The Journal of the Scottish Rock Garden Club

Author :
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