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Fuzzy Relation Equations and Their Applications to Knowledge Engineering

Author : Antonio Di Nola
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It took many decades for Peirce's coneept of a relation to find its way into the microelectronic innards of control systems of eement kilns, subway trains, and tunnel-digging machinery. But what is amazing is that the more we leam about the basically simple coneept of a relation, the more aware we become of its fundamental importanee and wide ranging ramifications. The work by Di Nola, Pedrycz, Sanchez, and Sessa takes us a long distanee in this direction by opening new vistas on both the theory and applications of fuzzy relations - relations which serve to model the imprecise coneepts which pervade the real world. Di Nola, Pedrycz, Sanchez, and Sessa focus their attention on a eentral problem in the theory of fuzzy relations, namely the solution of fuzzy relational equations. The theory of such equations was initiated by Sanchez in 1976, ina seminal paper dealing with the resolution of composite fuzzy relational equations. Sinee then, hundreds of papers have been written on this and related topics, with major contributions originating in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Japan, China, the Soviet Union, India, and other countries. The bibliography included in this volume highlights the widespread interest in the theory of fuzzy relational equations and the broad spectrum of its applications.

Uncertainty Modeling In Knowledge Engineering And Decision Making Proceedings Of The 10th International Flins Conference

Author : Cengiz Kahraman
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FLINS, originally an acronym for Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science, is now extended to Computational Intelligence for applied research. The contributions to the 10th of FLINS conference cover state-of-the-art research, development, and technology for computational intelligence systems, both from the foundations and the applications points-of-view.

Fuzzy Information and Engineering and Decision

Author : Bing-Yuan Cao
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This book introduces applications of mathematics and fuzzy mathematics in decision science, fuzzy geometric programming and fuzzy optimization as well as operations research and management, based on 44 research papers presented at three successful conferences: (1) The International Conference on Mathematics and Decision Science (ICMDS), September 12–15, 2016, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China ( (2) Academic Conference on 30th Anniversary of Fuzzy Geometric Programming Advanced by Professor Cao Bingyuan and his 40 education years (ACFGPACE), July 30 to August 1, 2016, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China. (3) The third annual meeting of Guangdong Operational Research Society (TAMGORS), October 22–23, 2016, Foshan University, Guangdong, China. The book is a valuable resource for students, graduates, teachers and other professionals in the field of applied mathematics, artificial intelligence and computers, fuzzy systems and dec ision-making, as well as operations research and management.

Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge Based Systems Applications

Author : Jesús Medina
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This three volume set (CCIS 853-855) constitutes the proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, IPMU 2017, held in Cádiz, Spain, in June 2018. The 193 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 383 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on advances on explainable artificial intelligence; aggregation operators, fuzzy metrics and applications; belief function theory and its applications; current techniques to model, process and describe time series; discrete models and computational intelligence; formal concept analysis and uncertainty; fuzzy implication functions; fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence problems; fuzzy mathematical analysis and applications; fuzzy methods in data mining and knowledge discovery; fuzzy transforms: theory and applications to data analysis and image processing; imprecise probabilities: foundations and applications; mathematical fuzzy logic, mathematical morphology; measures of comparison and entropies for fuzzy sets and their extensions; new trends in data aggregation; pre-aggregation functions and generalized forms of monotonicity; rough and fuzzy similarity modelling tools; soft computing for decision making in uncertainty; soft computing in information retrieval and sentiment analysis; tri-partitions and uncertainty; decision making modeling and applications; logical methods in mining knowledge from big data; metaheuristics and machine learning; optimization models for modern analytics; uncertainty in medicine; uncertainty in Video/Image Processing (UVIP).

Fuzzy Relational Calculus

Author : Ketty Peeva
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This book examines fuzzy relational calculus theory with applications in various engineering subjects. The scope of the text covers unified and exact methods with algorithms for direct and inverse problem resolution in fuzzy relational calculus. Extensive engineering applications of fuzzy relation compositions and fuzzy linear systems (linear, relational and intuitionistic) are discussed. Some examples of such applications include solutions of equivalence, reduction and minimization problems in fuzzy machines, pattern recognition in fuzzy languages, optimization and inference engines in textile and chemical engineering, etc. A comprehensive overview of the authors' original work in fuzzy relational calculus is also provided in each chapter. The attached CD-Rom contains a toolbox with many functions for fuzzy calculations, together with an original algorithm for inverse problem resolution in MATLAB. This book is also suitable for use as a textbook in related courses at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels. Contents:Fuzzy Relations. Direct Problem ResolutionFuzzy Relation EquationsFuzzy Relational InclusionsFuzzy Linear Systems — Dual ApproachDirect and Inverse Problems in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Relational CalculusΛ-Fuzzy Finite MachinesFuzzy Languages in Syntactic Pattern RecognitionApplications as Inference EngineSoftware Description Readership: Academics and researchers in theoretical and applied mathematics; programmers and engineers. Keywords:Fuzzy Relational Equations;Fuzzy Linear Systems;Direct and Inverse Problem Resolution;Fuzzy Machines;Fuzzy Languages;Inference Engine;MATLABKey Features:Includes comprehensive bibliographical notes at the end of each chapterFree toolbox for fuzzy relational calculations with MATLABProvides many solved examples of fuzzy compositions, intuitionistic compositions, fuzzy linear systems of equations, fuzzy relational equations, intuitionistic fuzzy systems, problems in fuzzy machines

Fuzzy Techniques Theory and Applications

Author : Ralph Baker Kearfott
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This book describes the latest findings related to fuzzy techniques, discussing applications in control, economics, education, humor studies, industrial engineering, linguistics, management, marketing, medicine and public health, military engineering, robotics, ship design, sports, transportation, and many other areas. It also presents recent fuzzy-related algorithms and theoretical results that can be used in other application areas. Featuring selected papers from the Joint World Congress of the International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA) and the Annual Conference of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society (NAFIPS) IFSA-NAFIPS’2019, held in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, on June 18–21, 2019, the book is of interest to practitioners wanting to use fuzzy techniques to process imprecise expert knowledge. It is also a valuable resource for researchers wishing to extend the ideas from these papers to new application areas, for graduate students and for anyone else interested in problems involving fuzziness and uncertainty.

Computational Science and Its Applications ICCSA 2011

Author : Beniamino Murgante
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The five-volume set LNCS 6782 - 6786 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, ICCSA 2011, held in Santander, Spain, in June 2011. The five volumes contain papers presenting a wealth of original research results in the field of computational science, from foundational issues in computer science and mathematics to advanced applications in virtually all sciences making use of computational techniques. The topics of the fully refereed papers are structured according to the five major conference themes: geographical analysis, urban modeling, spatial statistics; cities, technologies and planning; computational geometry and applications; computer aided modeling, simulation, and analysis; and mobile communications.

Fuzzy Partial Differential Equations and Relational Equations

Author : Masoud Nikravesh
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This monograph presents the latest advances of fuzzy logic and soft computing in reservoir characterization and modeling. It proposes for the first time that future develoments require perception-based information processing. The book presents important steps in this direction by introducing fuzzy partial differential equations and relational equations. It provides a unique opportunity for soft computing researchers and oil industry practitioners to understand the significance of the changes in the fields by presenting recent accomplishments and new directions.

Pseudo Lattice Graphs and their Applications to Fuzzy and Neutrosophic Models

Author : W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy
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In this book the authors for the first time have merged vertices and edges of lattices to get a new structure which may or may not be a lattice but is always a graph. This merging is done for graph too which will be used in the merging of fuzzy models. Further merging of graphs leads to the merging of matrices; both these concepts play a vital role in merging the fuzzy and neutrosophic models. Several open conjectures are suggested.

Readings in Fuzzy Sets for Intelligent Systems

Author : Didier J. Dubois
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Readings in Fuzzy Sets for Intelligent Systems is a collection of readings that explore the main facets of fuzzy sets and possibility theory and their use in intelligent systems. Basic notions in fuzzy set theory are discussed, along with fuzzy control and approximate reasoning. Uncertainty and informativeness, information processing, and membership, cognition, neural networks, and learning are also considered. Comprised of eight chapters, this book begins with a historical background on fuzzy sets and possibility theory, citing some forerunners who discussed ideas or formal definitions very close to the basic notions introduced by Lotfi Zadeh (1978). The reader is then introduced to fundamental concepts in fuzzy set theory, including symmetric summation and the setting of fuzzy logic; uncertainty and informativeness; and fuzzy control. Subsequent chapters deal with approximate reasoning; information processing; decision and management sciences; and membership, cognition, neural networks, and learning. Numerical methods for fuzzy clustering are described, and adaptive inference in fuzzy knowledge networks is analyzed. This monograph will be of interest to both students and practitioners in the fields of computer science, information science, applied mathematics, and artificial intelligence.