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Future Office

Author : Christopher Grech
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Developments in IT and the resulting knowledge-based economy have challenged traditional concepts of office design, as well as many of the larger architectural and urban design models. This book examines the implications of this revolution on current urban design and identifies potential new trends in office design from an international perspective. Six themes are addressed: IT and building infrastructure new office/new community organizational change high performance building envelopes interior environment value added sustainable design. These forward-thinking essays have been contributed by practitioners and academics from a wide spectrum of interests to deliver an illuminating look into the unfolding possibilities and challenges ahead.

Future Office

Author : Nicola Gillen
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The office is dead. Long live the office. Despite decades of predictions that the office is on the verge of extinction, it is surviving and thriving. Of course, things are changing. And changing fast. Digital technologies are transforming not only the work we do, but also the ways our workplaces are designed, built and operated. Automation and AI mean that some jobs will no longer exist whilst others will be created. But the very essence of the workplace — human interaction and collaboration, remains as necessary as ever. In fact, it is the human focus that is driving this new age, with four generations now in the workplace together for the first time. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this book discusses the impacts of these changes on the future of work and workplace. The latest technologies are also explored from voice and digital twins, to new materials such as graphene and battery-powered buildings.

Strategic Management

Author : John A. Parnell
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In Strategic Management: Theory and Practice, Fourth Edition, John A. Parnell leads readers through detailed, accessible coverage of the strategic management field. Concise and easy to understand chapters address concepts sequentially, from external and internal analysis to strategy formulation, strategy execution, and strategic control. Rather than relegating case analysis to a chapter at the end of the book, Parnell aligns each chapter's key concepts with 25 case analysis steps. Current examples and high interest real-time cases, largely drawn from The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, illustrate the key role of strategic management in the United States and around the world.

Constructing Ambient Intelligence

Author : Heinz Gerhäuser
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Ambient intelligence (AmI) was established in the late 1990s as a recent paradigm for electronic environments for the timeframe of 2010–2020. AmI is essentially an elabo- tion of Mark Weiser’s vision of ubiquitous computing. Weiser was aiming at a novel mobile computing infrastructure integrated into the networked environment of people. AmI is the idea of a technology that will become invisibly embedded in our natural s- roundings, present whenever we need it, enabled by simple and effortless interaction, attuned to all our senses, adaptive to users, context-sensitive, and autonomous. AmI refers to smart electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. Since its adoption the vision has grown and fully developed, bec- ing quite influential in the development of novel ideas for information processing and new concepts for multi-disciplinary fields including electrical engineering, computer science, industrial design, user interfaces, and cognitive sciences. The AmI system - fords a basis for new paradigms of technological innovation within a multi-dimensional society. The added value of the AmI vision is the fact that the large-scale integration of electronics into the environment allows the actors, i. e. , people and objects, to collaborate with their surroundings in a natural measure. This is directly related to the increasing societal demand for communication and the exchange of information.

The Democratic Rule of Law on Trial

Author : Sonja Grover
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This book examines selected high-profile U.S. First Amendment cases occurring during the Trump era as a vehicle for exploring a possible fundamental commonality in understanding the democratic rule of law globally. In each of these cases, the adjudicating body’s analytical legal strategy is discussed in terms of how it reinforces or detracts from the democratic rule of law. It was and continues to be highly internationally anticipated as to what legal examples are being set by this established democracy when confronted by legal contests between the former Trump administration and those alleging their rights were somehow violated by the executive of that time. Thus, the book is instructive for an international audience on the essential role of the courts in protecting democracy through providing, where supported by the law and the facts, a remedy for the aggrieved comparatively powerless. The book will be essential reading for academics and researchers working in the areas of constitutional law, politics and human rights.

Advanced IT Tools

Author : Nobuyoshi Terashima
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TRACK 1: Innovative Applications in the Public Sector The integration of multimedia based applications and the information superhighway fundamentally concerns the creation of a communication technology to support the ac tivities of people. Communication is a profoundly social activity involving interactions among groups or individuals, common standards of exchange, and national infrastruc tures to support telecommunications activities. The contributions of the invited speakers and others in this track begin to explore the social dimension of communication within the context of integrated, information systems for the public sector. Interactions among businesses and households are described by Ralf Strauss through the development within a real community of a "wired city" with information and electronic services provided by the latest telecommunications technologies. A more specific type of interaction between teacher and student forms the basis of education. John Tiffin demonstrates how virtual classrooms can be used to augment the educational process. Carl Loeffler presents yet another perspective on interaction through the integration of A-life and agent technologies to investigate the dynamics of complex behaviors within networked simulation environments. Common standards for communication in the form of electronic documents or CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work), according to Roland Traunmiiller, provide en abling technologies for a paradigm shift in the management of organizations. As pointed out by William Olle, the impact of standardization work on the future of information technology depends critically upon the interoperability of software systems.

Modern Actuarial Theory and Practice

Author : Philip Booth
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In the years since the publication of the best-selling first edition, the incorporation of ideas and theories from the rapidly growing field of financial economics has precipitated considerable development of thinking in the actuarial profession. Modern Actuarial Theory and Practice, Second Edition integrates those changes and presents an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of UK and international actuarial theory, practice and modeling. It describes all of the traditional areas of actuarial activity, but in a manner that highlights the fundamental principles of actuarial theory and practice as well as their economic, financial, and statistical foundations.

Office Shock

Author : Bob Johansen
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A thoughtful, practical read about the future of the flexible office. -Adam Grant Office shock is an abrupt, unsettling change in where, when, how, and even why we work. In this visionary book, three prominent futurists argue that the office is both a place and a process-offices and officing-with a new range of choices, including what they call the emerging officeverse. To see the possibilities with fresh eyes, we must use future-back thinking to ask, What is the purpose of your officing? What are the outcomes-especially regarding climate-you want to achieve? With whom do you want to office? How will you augment your intelligence? Where and when will you office? How will you create an agile office? Traditional offices were often unfair, uncomfortable, uncreative, and unproductive. This book explores how to seize this great opportunity to transform office work.

Ergonomics and Health Aspects of Work with Computers

Author : Ben-Tzion Karsh
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The 13th International Conference on Human–Computer Interaction, HCI Inter- tional 2009, was held in San Diego, California, USA, July 19–24, 2009, jointly with the Symposium on Human Interface (Japan) 2009, the 8th International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, the 5th International Conference on Universal Access in Human–Computer Interaction, the Third International Conf- ence on Virtual and Mixed Reality, the Third International Conference on Internati- alization, Design and Global Development, the Third International Conference on Online Communities and Social Computing, the 5th International Conference on Augmented Cognition, the Second International Conference on Digital Human Mod- ing, and the First International Conference on Human Centered Design. A total of 4,348 individuals from academia, research institutes, industry and gove- mental agencies from 73 countries submitted contributions, and 1,397 papers that were judged to be of high scientific quality were included in the program. These papers - dress the latest research and development efforts and highlight the human aspects of the design and use of computing systems. The papers accepted for presentation thoroughly cover the entire field of human–computer interaction, addressing major advances in knowledge and effective use of computers in a variety of application areas.

Selected Computer Articles 1983 1984

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