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Future of God Amen

Author : Nicholas P. Ginex
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Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind

Author : Nicholas P. Ginex
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an exceptional tool that increases production output of goods and services but its automated capabilities have caused the loss in jobs affecting the livelihood of millions of American workers. A great concern is the direction in the use of AI that affects the mental and physical health of the public. Some billionaires are using AI to surreptitiously control the thoughts of people and are developing ways to vaccinate people for biological control as well. This book provides a path, a solution that will be very challenging, but entirely warranted by using AI to give every American an opportunity to use their gifts and enjoy a quality of life that has never before been achieved for an entire people of one country.

The Missionary register

Author :
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Lorrha Stowe Missal and the Hours of Bangor

Author : Maelruain and Elizabeth Dowling
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True Worship of the Undivided Church as used in the Celtic Orthodox Christian Church. Lorrha-Stowe Missal: (Mass or Divine Liturgy), Baptism and Chrismation, Anointing of Sick, Confession, Antiphonary of Bangor, Hours of Prayer of the Day and Night, Hours of Holy and Great Friday, Cross Vigil, Paschal Liturgy, Mass of the Holy Cross and Adoration, Mass of St. Patrick, Traditio of St. Ambrose, Hymns: Gallican Hymn of St. Hilary, Apostles' Forty-fold Kyrie, Deers-Cry, Paschal Hymns, Abecedarian Hymns:, Altus Prosator by St. Colum cille, Audite omnes for St. Patrick, Litanies, Visitation of the Sick, Departure, Wake, Funeral, Burial, Lectionary through the Year, Complete Psalter, Notes, Creeds, Desert Meditations on Virtues and Faults.

Prayer and Prayer Activities

Author : Gill Ambrose
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ROOTS is a joint initiative by all the mainstream churches in the UK and Ireland. For ten years it has provided lectionary-based resources for worship and learning for the whole church. Over 10,000 local churches use its regular magazine and online programmes. This versatile and adaptable participative prayer resource for all-age worship is taken from the extensive material the ROOTS authors have created. Based on the lectionary readings for each Sunday of Years A, B & C it includes: • gathering prayers • seasonal prayers of thanksgiving • a creative response to the day's readings • responsive prayers of intercession • a children's prayer activity • an all-age prayer activity • responsive prayers for sending out All the texts can be downloaded or projected from the accompanying CD Rom.

Quiet Time Moments for Women

Author : Catherine Martin
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Catherine Martin's Quiet Time Ministries empowers believers around the world to engage in life-changing interactions with God. Now she adds to her Harvest House books (more than 70,000 copies sold) her first collection of one-page devotional gems. These brief readings not only touch the hearts of women on the go but also set the tone for those who want to linger in God's presence and immerse themselves in the truths of God's Word. Each entry includes a brief passage of Scripture, a fresh new inspirational thought, and either a short prayer or a quote from a devotional classic of the nineteenth, twentieth, or twenty-first century. This will be a treasured addition to every woman's quiet time materials.

Systematic Theology

Author : Wolfhart Pannenberg
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Includes highly original work on the concept of truth, the nature of revelation, language about God, the nature of the Trinity, and the public nature of theology.

Gospel Centered Idolatry

Author : R L Coursey
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Thomas Chalmers, in his classic sermon entited, “The Expulsive Power of a New Affection,” correctly ascribes subjective power to subjective affections, for love does have an expulsive power, whether one loves God to the despising of self, or loves self to the despising of God. But he incorrectly sides with objective justification, full pardon and gracious acceptance as the power that creates love and the engine that empowers sanctification. He is right to suggest that a new affection has expulsive power, but wrong to suggest that the source and power of a new affection is primarily in the indicative benefits. Jonathan Edwards, on the other hand, sided with regeneration for the obvious reason that without a new nature, the natural man can only be constrained by outside considerations (the indicatives) to superficially walk in newness of life (the imperatives). Such considerations mght produce change that rises as high as the outward performance of the Legalist, but it is still only the superficial height that self-love alone can achieve. The Spirit’s work of illuminating the higher glory and beauty of Christ to the soul is the only source of an affection that can be called new. If the expulsive power of a new affection does not dethrone self as one’s primary concern in life and theology, then what exactly is being expulsed by the power of the gospel? If one’s religion does not surpass one’s primary concern for what’s in it for oneself, then one’s self-love may have an expulsive power, but it will be the light of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus that is expulsed by the power of self-love. The irony of the cross was that Christ was crucified by those who already had a knowledge of God’s steadfast love and rejoiced in spiritual priviledges. The proper force and source behind the believer’s love for God is not found in the objective benefits as they reflect upon the believer’s high privileges, but God’s power alone as it is exerted in the soul by the Spirit imparting a new heart, new affections and a new principle of action that did not exist prior. Good fruit is produced only by a good tree, and however constrained by outside forces, a bad tree cannot be manipulated to produce fruit contrary to its nature.

Letters to Christian

Author : Douglas A. Weigent
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The most important combat experiences of your life will be spiritual battles for the destiny of your eternal soul. They are between God’s will versus your will, sin versus holiness, and whether you are saved or lost. God’s plan for you to defeat the world, the flesh, and the devil is not by trying harder and making more resolutions or doing good things. God’s plan for you is to behold his presence by learning his truth and discovering his grace. In Letters to Christian, the author turns to your heart and conscience, where decisive spiritual insights take place, to share the glory of God. You will learn the necessity to protect your soul in battle by digging truth out of the scriptures. The letters describe God’s sovereignty, assurance, and the importance of perseverance to help you become victorious in Jesus and to understand your Christian life. You will learn what God thinks about you and how to equip and protect your soul with his armor of truth. The Letters to Christian is not about religion but relationship and will allow you to discover God’s work of grace in your heart, proving Jesus Christ is being formed within you. Amen.

Lovers in a Small Cafe

Author : Edmund Burwell
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This is Part II of the story which began with the previous volume, The Ice Meadows, which introduced the Reverend Joseph Stevenson and the many characters and events which shaped his life. As he contends against an impossible wall of denial and the love he feels for his wife and son, he continues to try to maintain a stable home and shepherd a growing congregation in a confusing and troubled world. Although life is a vale of tears and he faces abandonment by the church he has loved since childhood, he continues to strive and gain strength from a compassionate God. With a sense of humor and love of the beauty of creation, he carries on with confidence that the battle has already been won for us.