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Future Grace Revised Edition

Author : John Piper
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Explore this stunning quality of God’s grace: It never ends! In this revision of a foundational work, John Piper reveals how grace is not only God’s undeserved gift to us in the past, but also God’s power to make good happen for us today, tomorrow, and forever. True life for the follower of Jesus really is a moment-by-moment trust that God is dependable and fulfills his promises. This is living by faith in future grace, which provides God's mercy, provision, and wisdom—everything we need—to accomplish his good plans for us. In Future Grace, chapter by chapter—one for each day of the month—Piper reveals how cherishing the promises of God helps break the power of persistent sin issues like anxiety, despondency, greed, lust, bitterness, impatience, pride, misplaced shame, and more. Ultimate joy, peace, and hope in life and death are found in a confident, continual awareness of the reality of future grace.

Future Grace

Author : John Piper
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Rev. ed. of: The purifying power of living by faith in-- future grace. c1995.

Future Grace

Author : Desiring God
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Freedom from Sin through the Promises of God This study guide companion to the DVD version of Future Grace--the foundational book by John Piper on the expansive reach of God's grace--will help individuals and groups understand that victory over sin comes not from a herculean effort to avoid worldly pleasures, but through fixing one's focus on the reality that God is far more desirable than even life itself. Delighting in the bounty of God's promises frees us from sinful patterns, to the glory of Christ! The DVD and this guide create an ideal package for adult and youth Sunday school classes, small groups, retreats, classrooms, families, as well as for individual study. Topics for this 12-session guided study include: · A Passion for Holiness · Justification by Faith and the Necessity of Perseverance · What Is Faith? · The Crucial Function of Bygone Grace · The Role of Gratitude in Producing Obedience · How Faith in Future Grace Produces Radical Love · Future Grace Versus Anxiety and Covetousness · Future Grace Versus Lust, Bitterness, and Impatience Complete with Scripture, key quotations for reflection, thought-provoking questions, and five daily assignments per week, this study guide helps reveal how a life of purity can be recovered through the power of God's future grace, which streams into the present through faith. Also includes a six-session track option. Leader's Guide Included.

Grace Revisited

Author : Jim B. McClure
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Author : Justin Tilghman
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Grace is the free and unmerited favor of God, shown in the salvation of sinners and the gift of blessings. It is also the condition of being favored by someone. We all have an idea of what "grace" means in terms of its definition. But do we really understand what grace means in regards to our daily life? This thirty-one-day devotional will take you through some of the most common New Testament verses regarding "grace" and help you understand what it means in your daily life and for your future. God's grace is not just unmerited favor purchased for us by Jesus Christ. It is the power by which we are saved. It is the support for daily obedience. And it is the hope of eternal glory.

The Purifying Power of Living by Faith In Future Grace

Author : John Piper
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In Future Grace, author John Piper helps readers discover the key to overcoming sin and living a life that honors God. Many men and women attempt to walk upright out of gratitude for what Christ did in the past, but Piper encourages believers to look ahead to the grace God provides for us on a day-by-day, moment-by-moment basis--putting faith into action by laying hold of God's promises for the challenges we face. Sever the Root of Sin No one sins out of duty. We sin because we "want "to. Sin promises happiness, and we buy the lie. So how can the root of sin be severed in our lives? The "penalty" of sin must be paid by the righteous blood of Christ. And the "power" of sin must be broken by banking on the promises of Christ. John Piper's meditations are rooted in rock-solid biblical reflection. Chapter by chapter--one for each day of the month--he reveals how, by cherishing the promises of God, you can break the power of anxiety, despondency, covetousness, lust, bitterness, impatience, pride, misplaced shame, and more. "From the Trade Paperback edition."

God s Lavish Grace

Author : Terry Virgo
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This wonderful survey of the impact and outworking of God's grace in the life of the believer will revitalize the most threadbare faith.

A Godward Life

Author : John Piper
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A Godward Life is the first of three devotional volumes by John Piper, each feature 120 vignettes that focus on the radical difference it makes when we choose to live with God at the center of all that we do. Scripture-soaked and touching on the issues which most affect our lives today, A Godward Life is a passionate, moving, and articulate call for all believers to live their lives in conscious and glad submission to the sovereignty and glory of God.

Gospel Grace

Author : Mark W. Karlberg
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This book, sequel to Dr. Karlberg's 'Covenant Theology in Reformed Perspective,' is written in the hope that an understanding of the dispute at Westminster Seminary will provide some insight into the origination and spread of false teaching in once-orthodox centers of learning. In this particular case, as in most, there is the exploitation of false notions and misformulations, some of which are deeply imbedded within the theological tradition. Such misconceptions can be the seeds for heresy, the fruit of further development and maturation of erroneous teaching (sometimes appearing in succeeding generations). Alongside the doctrinal substance of the current dispute are the machinations of once-respected teachers in the Reformed churches.

Battling Unbelief Study Guide

Author : John Piper
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When Faith Flickers, Stoke the Fire No one sins out of duty. We sin because it offers some promise of happiness. That promise enslaves us–until we believe that God is more desirable than life itself (Psalm 63:3). Only the power of God’s superior promises in the gospel can emancipate our hearts from servitude to the shallow promises and fleeting pleasures of sin. In this twelve-chapter study guide developed by Desiring God, you will find practical ways to sever the clinging roots of sin that ensnare us, including anxiety, pride, shame, impatience, covetousness, bitterness, despondency, and lust. Delighting in the bounty of God’s glorious gospel promises will free us for a less sin-encumbered life, to the glory of Christ. Rooted in solid biblical reflection, this book aims to help guide you through the battles to the joys of victory by the power of the gospel and its superior pleasure.

Full Service

Author : Siang-Yang Tan
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A thorough exploration of what biblical servanthood is, why each Christian is called to serve, and how to grow as true servants of our Lord.

NIVAC Bundle 8 General Epistles Revelation

Author : George H. Guthrie
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This NIVAC Bundle includes the six books of the NIV Application Commentary series that cover the general epistles and Revelation.

Battling Unbelief

Author : John Piper
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Pastor John Piper shows how to sever the clinging roots of sin that ensnare us, including anxiety, pride, shame, impatience, covetousness, bitterness, despondency, and lust in Battling Unbelief. When faith flickers, stoke the fire. No one sins out of duty. We sin because it offers some promise of happiness. That promise enslaves us, until we believe that God is more desirable than life itself (Psalm 63:3). Only the power of God’s superior promises in the gospel can emancipate our hearts from servitude to the shallow promises and fleeting pleasures of sin. Delighting in the bounty of God’s glorious gospel promises will free us for a less sin-encumbered life, to the glory of Christ. Rooted in solid biblical reflection, this book aims to help guide you through the battles to the joys of victory by the power of the gospel and its superior pleasure.

Miscellaneous Poems

Author : John Byrom
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A Testimony Driven Life

Author : Astra Williams Brantley, PsyD
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A Testimony-Driven Life Biblical-Stewardship Living, Discipling Disciplers of Disciplers, in an Adversity-Centered World Our hearts weep with Christ and pray with Him in intercession for the saints for they are not "mission ready." Our hearts are grieved to agony with the Holy Spirit because not every Christian is equipped to "disciple disciplers of disciplers." The testimony of God the Father (Who is Jesus Christ), and the testimony of God the Holy Spirit (Who testifies only of Jesus) are not faithfully reflected in "the word of our testimony." So how do we inspire each and every Christian to learn/submit/commit to sharing their own testimony, at all times, in all places, to encourage other Christians, as well as to cause others to come to Christ? How can we inspire God's people to DO THE TRUTH (John 3:21)? When God does a work in us or through us, then we should give Him the glory, by sharing of our personal testimony. As spiritual beings commissioned to live out a physical existence in an adversity-centered world, God, expects much fruit, that is, for us to do just as Jesus did, go and make steadfast disciples capable of making disciples. This is the WHAT of our obedience. Our HOW is to depend on the Holy Spirit as we learn to live/love/serve like Christ (our biblical-stewardship living). WHY? Starting with our singular purpose, a testimony-driven life, that pleases and glorifies God, we know what will be the result, discipling disciplers of disciplers, but we need to understand that "biblical-stewardship living" is HOW we get it done.

Grace Over Fear

Author : Bethany Correia
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Have you ever found yourself overcome and shaken by fear or anxiety for whatever reason? Maybe it was induced by a trauma of some sort, or maybe it's just a natural disposition. In this novel that is based on a true story, twelve-year-old Grace finds herself in the middle of a wicked plot of a man. How did she get involved? Surely it wasn't her fault. How is Grace to escape the evil plot of this man? Deeper still, there is a demonic plot waging war against Grace's soul. A plan that uses Fear as its weapon to torment Grace day and night. Fear that is used to block her from finding Truth. Grace tries everything she can in her own strength to rid herself from Fear. She is exhausted and wearied. She tries coming up with her own plans. She tries hiding. She tries moving to another home, She tries moving out of state. She tries hushing out Fear's taunts by various means. Nothing she tries in her own power has worked. Fear was over Grace. He controls her from within. How will Grace overcome Fear? Will she ever be freed?

A Bright Tomorrow

Author : Jared Mellinger
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Packed with biblical truth, A Bright Tomorrow addresses anxiety about an uncertain future by reminding readers of what they can be certain of—God’s grace, his unshakeable promises, and the hope of resurrection. Jared Mellinger helps readers remember their security in Christ in the midst of parental fears, cultural decline, aging, death, and facing the unknown. The future is scary, and Jared Mellinger knows we live in a world full of daunting change, frightening uncertainties, and concerning circumstances. Parenting fears, old age, death, and illness are just a few of the common anxieties that weigh on the hearts and minds of most of us at some point in our lives. If you’re a Christian who obsesses over the future or ignores it for good reason, this book is for you. Lasting comfort and peace are found in Christ, who has secured a place for his people and offers a bright tomorrow based on the solid ground of God’s promises. A Bright Tomorrow equips Christians with biblical truths laid out in Scripture to face the future with confidence. Readers will learn to face their fears and worries about the future by living right now in view of the gospel of hope and the promise of life everlasting. This life-changing book will lead Christians to grasp onto certain hope, transforming the way they think about God, themselves, and the world around them. True courage comes from knowing the end of the story, and as Christians with forward-looking hope, we can be eternal optimists and fight fear of the future through Jesus our champion, who gives us victory over death.

Rx For Worry

Author : James P. Gills
File Size : 45.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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DIVA Thankful Heart A lifestyle of thankfulness is revealed as the cure for worry./div

Brothers We Are Not Professionals

Author : John Piper
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In this revised and expanded edition of Brothers, We Are Not Professionals that includes a new introduction and select all-new chapters, best-selling author John Piper pleads through a series of thoughtful essays with fellow pastors to abandon the professionalization of the pastorate and pursue the prophetic call of the Bible for radical ministry. “We pastors are being killed by the professionalizing of the pastoral ministry,” he writes. “The mentality of the professional is not the mentality of the prophet. It is not the mentality of the slave of Christ. Professionalism has nothing to do with the essence and heart of the Christian ministry. The more professional we long to be, the more spiritual death we will leave in our wake. For there is no professional childlikeness, there is no professional tenderheartedness, there is no professional panting after God. “Brothers, we are not professionals. We are outcasts. We are aliens and exiles in the world. Our citizenship is in Heaven, and we wait with eager expectation for the Lord (Phil. 3:20). You cannot professionalize the love for His appearing without killing it. And it is being killed. “The world sets the agenda of the professional man; God sets the agenda of the spiritual man. The strong wine of Jesus Christ explodes the wine- skins of professionalism.”

National Theatre Connections 2020

Author : Mojisola Adebayo
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National Theatre Connections is an annual festival which brings new plays for young people to schools and youth theatres across the UK and Ireland. Commissioning exciting work from leading playwrights, the festival exposes actors aged 13-19 to the world of professional theatre-making, giving them full control of a theatrical production - from costume and set design to stage management and marketing campaigns. NT Connections have published over 150 original plays and regularly works with 500 theatre companies and 10,000 young people each year. This anthology brings together 9 new plays by some of the UK's most prolific and current writers and artists alongside notes on each of the texts exploring performance for schools and youth groups. Wind / Rush Generation(s) by Mojisola Adebayo This is a play about the British Isles, its past and its present. Set in a senior common room, in a prominent university, a group of 1st year undergraduates are troubled, not by the weight of their workload, but by a 'noisy' ghost. So they do what any group self-respecting and intelligent university students would do in such a situation – they get out the Ouija Board to confront their spiritual irritant and lay them to rest – only to be confronted by the full weight of Britain's colonial past – in all its gory glory. Fusing naturalism, with physical theatre, spoken-word, absurdism, poetry and direct address – this is event-theatre that whips along with the grace, pace and hypnotic magnetism of a hurricane. Tuesday by Alison Carr Tuesday is light, playful and nuanced in tone. And a little bit sci-fi. The play centres on an ordinary Tuesday that suddenly turns very weird indeed when a tear rips across the sky over the school yard. The play touches on themes of friendship, sibling love, family, identity, grief, bullying, loneliness and responsibility. And in the process we might just learn something about ourselves as well as some astronomical theories of the multiverse! A series of public apologies (in response to an unfortunate incident in the school lavatories) by John Donnelly This satirical play is heightened in its naturalism, in its seriousness, in its parody and piercing in its interrogation of how our attempts to define ourselves in public are shaped by the fear of saying the wrong thing. Presented quite literally as a series of public apologies this play is spacious, flexible and welcoming of inventive and imaginative interpretation as each iteration spirals inevitably to its absurdist core. This is a play on words, on convention, on manners, on institutions, on order, online and on point. THE IT by Vivienne Franzmann THE IT is a play about a teenage girl who has something growing inside her. She doesn't know what it is, but she knows it's not a baby. It expands in her body. It starts in her stomach, but quickly outgrows that, until eventually ittakes over the entirety of her insides. It has claws. She feels them. Presented in the style of a direct to camera documentary, this is a darkly comic state of the nation play exploring adolescent mental health and the rage within, written very specifically for today. The Marxist in Heaven by Hattie Naylor The Marxist in Heaven is a play that does exactly what its title page says it's going to do. The eponymous protagonist 'wakes up' in paradise and once they get over the shock of this fundamental contradiction of everything they believe in.....they get straight back to work....and continue their lifelong struggle for equality and fairness for all....even in death. Funny, playful, provocative, pertinent and jam-packed with discourse, disputes, deities and disco dancing by the bucketful, this upbeat buoyant allegory shines its holy light on globalization and asks the salient questions – who are we and what are we doing to ourselves?.....and what conditioner do you use on your hair? Look Up by Andrew Muir Look Up plunges us into a world free from adult intervention, supervision and protection. It's about seeking the truth for yourself and finding the space to find and be yourself. Nine young people are creating new rules for what they hope will be a new and brighter future full of hope in a world in which they can trust again. Each one of them is unique, original and defiantly individual, break into an abandoned building and set about claiming the space, because that is what they do. They have rituals, they have rules, together they are a tribe, they have faith in themselves....and nothing and no one else. They are the future, unless the real world catches up with them and then all they can hope for is that they don't crash and burn like the adults they ran away from in the first place. Crusaders by Frances Poet A group of teens gather to take their French exam but none of them will step into the exam hall. Because Kyle has had a vision and he'll use anything, even miracles, to ensure his classmates accompany him. Together they have just seven days to save themselves, save the world and be the future. And Kyle is not the only one who has had the dream. All across the globe, from Azerbaijan to Zambia, children are dreaming and urging their peers to follow them to the promised land. Who will follow? Who will lead? Who will make it? Witches Can't Be Burned by Silva Semerciyan St. Paul's have won the schools Playfest competition, three years in a row, by selecting recognised classics from the canon and producing them at an exceptionally high level, it's a tried and trusted formula. With straight A's student and drama freak, Anuka cast as Abigail Williams in The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the school seem to be well on course for another triumph, which would be a record. However, as rehearsals gain momentum, Anuka has an epiphany. An experience resulting in her asking searching questions surrounding the text, the depiction and perception of female characters, the meaning of loyalty, and the values and traditions underpinning the very foundations of the school. Thus, the scene is set for a confrontation of epic proportions as Anuka seeks to break with tradition, before tradition breaks her and all young women like her and reality begins to take on the ominous hue of Miller's fictionalized Salem. Dungeness by Chris Thompson . In a remote part of the UK, where nothing ever happens, a group of teenagers share a safe house for LGBT+ young people. While their shared home welcomes difference, it can be tricky for self-appointed group leader Birdie to keep the peace. The group must decide how they want to commemorate an attack that happened to LGBT+ people, in a country far away. How do you take to the streets and protest if you're not ready to tell the world who you are? If you're invisible, does your voice still count? A play about love, commemoration and protest.