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Future Control and Automation

Author : Wei Deng
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This volume Future Control and Automation- Volume 2 includes best papers from 2012 2nd International Conference on Future Control and Automation (ICFCA 2012) held on July 1-2, 2012, Changsha, China. Future control and automation is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services. This volume can be divided into six sessions on the basis of the classification of manuscripts considered, which is listed as follows: Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Computation, Control Engineering, Reliable Networks Design, Vehicular Communications and Networking, Automation and Mechatronics.

Future Computer Communication Control and Automation

Author : Tianbiao Zhang
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The volume includes a set of selected papers extended and revised from the 2011 International Conference on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation (3CA 2011). 2011 International Conference on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation (3CA 2011) has been held in Zhuhai, China, November 19-20, 2011. This volume topics covered include wireless communications, advances in wireless video, wireless sensors networking, security in wireless networks, network measurement and management, hybrid and discrete-event systems, internet analytics and automation, robotic system and applications, reconfigurable automation systems, machine vision in automation. We hope that researchers, graduate students and other interested readers benefit scientifically from the proceedings and also find it stimulating in the process.

The Future of Air Traffic Control

Author : Panel on Human Factors in Air Traffic Control Automation
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Automation in air traffic control may increase efficiency, but it also raises questions about adequate human control over automated systems. Following on the panel's first volume on air traffic control automation, Flight to the Future (NRC, 1997), this book focuses on the interaction of pilots and air traffic controllers, with a growing network of automated functions in the airspace system. The panel offers recommendations for development of human-centered automation, addressing key areas such as providing levels of automation that are appropriate to levels of risk, examining procedures for recovery from emergencies, free flight versus ground-based authority, and more. The book explores ways in which technology can build on human strengths and compensate for human vulnerabilities, minimizing both mistrust of automation and complacency about its abilities. The panel presents an overview of emerging technologies and trends toward automation within the national airspace system--in areas such as global positioning and other aspects of surveillance, flight information provided to pilots an controllers, collision avoidance, strategic long-term planning, and systems for training and maintenance. The book examines how to achieve better integration of research and development, including the importance of user involvement in air traffic control. It also discusses how to harmonize the wide range of functions in the national airspace system, with a detailed review of the free flight initiative.

Process Control and Automation

Author :
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Automation The Future of Weed Control in Cropping Systems

Author : Stephen L. Young
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Technology is rapidly advancing in all areas of society, including agriculture. In both conventional and organic systems, there is a need to apply technology beyond our current approach to improve the efficiency and economics of management. Weeds, in particular, have been part of cropping systems for centuries often being ranked as the number one production cost. Now, public demand for a sustainably grown product has created economic incentives for producers to improve their practices, yet the development of advanced weed control tools beyond biotech has lagged behind. An opportunity has been created for engineers and weed scientists to pool their knowledge and work together to ‘fill the gap’ in managing weeds in crops. Never before has there been such pressure to produce more with less in order to sustain our economies and environments. This book is the first to provide a radically new approach to weed management that could change cropping systems both now and in the future.

Status of and Future Plans for the FAA s Air Traffic Control System

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations. Government Activities and Transportation Subcommittee
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Future Federal Aviation Administration Telecommunications Plan

Author : United States. Federal Aviation Administration
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Informatics in Control Automation and Robotics I

Author : José Braz
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This is a collection of papers presented at the 1st International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO). The papers focus on real world applications, covering three main themes: Intelligent Control Systems, Optimization, Robotics and Automation, Signal Processing, Systems Modeling and Control. The book will interest professionals in the areas of control and robotics.

Flight to the Future

Author : National Research Council
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Despite the strong safety record of the national airspace system, serious disruptions occasionally occur, often as a result of outdated or failed equipment. Under these circumstances, safety relies on the skills of the controllers and pilots and on reducing the number of aircraft in the air. The current and growing pressures to increase the capacity to handle a greater number of flights has led to a call for faster and more powerful equipment and for equipment that can take over some of the tasks now being performed by humans. Increasing the role of automation in air traffic control may provide a more efficient system, but will human controllers be able to effectively take over when problems occur? This comprehensive volume provides a baseline of knowledge about the capabilities and limitations of humans relative to the variety of functions performed in air traffic control. It focuses on balancing safety with the expeditious flow of air traffic, identifying lessons from past air accidents. The book discusses The function of the national airspace system and the procedures for hiring, training, and evaluating controllers. Decisionmaking, memory, alertness, vigilance, sleep patterns during shift work, communication, and other factors in controllers' performance. Research on automation and human factors in air traffic control and incorporation of findings into the system. The Federal Aviation Administration's management of the air traffic control system and its dual mandate to promote safety and the development of air commerce. This book also offers recommendations for evaluation the human role in automated air traffic control systems and for managing the introduction of automation into current facilities and operations. It will be of interest to anyone concerned about air safety--policymakers, regulators, air traffic managers and controllers, airline officials, and passenger advocates.

Intelligent Control and Automation

Author : De-Shuang Huang
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Results of the International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2006: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI), Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics (LNBI), Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences (LNCIS). 142 revised full papers are organized in topical sections: Blind Source Separation; Intelligent Sensor Networks; Intelligent Control and Automation; and Data Fusion, Knowledge Discovery, and Data Mining. Includes a Special Session on Smart and Intelligent Home Technology.

Control and Automation

Author : Dominik Slezak
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As future generation information technology (FGIT) becomes specialized and fr- mented, it is easy to lose sight that many topics in FGIT have common threads and, because of this, advances in one discipline may be transmitted to others. Presentation of recent results obtained in different disciplines encourages this interchange for the advancement of FGIT as a whole. Of particular interest are hybrid solutions that c- bine ideas taken from multiple disciplines in order to achieve something more signi- cant than the sum of the individual parts. Through such hybrid philosophy, a new principle can be discovered, which has the propensity to propagate throughout mul- faceted disciplines. FGIT 2009 was the first mega-conference that attempted to follow the above idea of hybridization in FGIT in a form of multiple events related to particular disciplines of IT, conducted by separate scientific committees, but coordinated in order to expose the most important contributions. It included the following international conferences: Advanced Software Engineering and Its Applications (ASEA), Bio-Science and Bio-Technology (BSBT), Control and Automation (CA), Database Theory and Application (DTA), D- aster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC; published independently), Future G- eration Communication and Networking (FGCN) that was combined with Advanced Communication and Networking (ACN), Grid and Distributed Computing (GDC), M- timedia, Computer Graphics and Broadcasting (MulGraB), Security Technology (SecTech), Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (SIP), and- and e-Service, Science and Technology (UNESST).

Informatics in Control Automation and Robotics

Author : Joaquim Filipe
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The present book includes a set of selected papers from the fourth “International Conference on Informatics in Control Automation and Robotics” (ICINCO 2007), held at the University of Angers, France, from 9 to 12 May 2007. The conference was organized in three simultaneous tracks: “Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization”, “Robotics and Automation” and “Systems Modeling, Signal Processing and Control”. The book is based on the same structure. ICINCO 2007 received 435 paper submissions, from more than 50 different countries in all continents. From these, after a blind review process, only 52 where accepted as full papers, of which 22 were selected for inclusion in this book, based on the classifications provided by the Program Committee. The selected papers reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the conference. The diversity of topics is an important feature of this conference, enabling an overall perception of several important scientific and technological trends. These high quality standards will be maintained and reinforced at ICINCO 2008, to be held in Funchal, Madeira - Portugal, and in future editions of this conference. Furthermore, ICINCO 2007 included 3 plenary keynote lectures given by Dimitar Filev (Ford Motor Company), Patrick Millot (Université de Valenciennes) and Mark W. Spong (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

Automation Implications for the Future

Author : Arthur J. Goldberg
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Biomimicry for Optimization Control and Automation

Author : Kevin M. Passino
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This is the only comprehensive textbook on this topic. The complete treatment will be attractive for classes and for researchers.

Future Communication Computing Control and Management

Author : Ying Zhang
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This volume contains revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers participating in the ICF4C 2011 conference. 2011 International Conference on Future Communication, Computing, Control and Management (ICF4C 2011) has been held on December 16-17, 2011, Phuket, Thailand. Topics covered include intelligent computing, network management, wireless networks, telecommunication, power engineering, control engineering, Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning, Control Systems and Applications, The book will offer the states of arts of tremendous advances in Computing, Communication, Control, and Management and also serve as an excellent reference work for researchers and graduate students working on Computing, Communication, Control, and Management Research.

Automation and Remote Control

Author :
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Grid and Distributed Computing Control and Automation

Author : Stephen S. Yau
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Welcome to the proceedings of the 2010 International Conferences on Grid and D- tributed Computing (GDC 2010), and Control and Automation (CA 2010) – two of the partnering events of the Second International Mega-Conference on Future Gene- tion Information Technology (FGIT 2010). GDC and CA bring together researchers from academia and industry as well as practitioners to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted - pects of high-performance and compound control systems, including their links to computational sciences, mathematics and information technology. In total, 1,630 papers were submitted to FGIT 2010 from 30 countries, which - cludes 198 papers submitted to GDC/CA 2010. The submitted papers went through a rigorous reviewing process: 395 of the 1,630 papers were accepted for FGIT 2010, while 40 papers were accepted for GDC/CA 2010. Of the 40 papers, 8 were selected for the special FGIT 2010 volume published by Springer in LNCS the series. 28 papers are published in this volume, and 4 papers were withdrawn due to technical reasons. We would like to acknowledge the great effort of the GDC/CA 2010 International Advisory Boards and members of the International Program Committees, as well as all the organizations and individuals who supported the idea of publishing this volume of proceedings, including SERSC and Springer. Also, the success of these two c- ferences would not have been possible without the huge support from our sponsors and the work of the Chairs and Organizing Committee.

The Future of Automated Freight Transport

Author : J. W. Konings
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This book explores the many challenges faced by the development and implementation of automated freight transport systems. It offers a unique overview of current applications, developments and future perspectives. The subject of automation is not covered extensively in the existing literature on freight transport and this book aims to fill the gap.In view of the increasing difficulties in coping with growing transport volumes in an efficient and sustainable way, the development of new automated freight applications could be a viable alternative. The first chapters of the book are devoted to an overview of concepts and current research developments in automated transport, outlining the opportunities, barriers and threats for further development paths for different transport modes. The authors then go on to focus on innovative tools to design and evaluate these new transport developments. The book closes with a detailed and critical analysis of what is, probably, the most critical part of system innovation; that is the implementation of automated systems.Written from a multi-disciplinary perspective, which reflects the diversity of the relevant issues needing consideration when designing, developing and implementing such systems, this book will be an invaluable source for scholars and researchers of innovation and transport studies. In addition, the book will be useful to policymakers and practitioners involved in the design, development and implementation of new technologies for freight transport. It may also appeal to wider readers with an interest in the future of freight transport systems.

Process Automation

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2013 International Conference on Electrical Control and Automation Engineering ECAE2013

Author : Dr. S. Momani
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2013 International Conference on Electrical, Control and Automation Engineering(ECAE2013) aims to provide a forum for accessing to the most up-to-date and authoritative knowledge from both Electrical, Control and Automation Engineering. ECAE2013 features unique mixed topics of Electrical Engineering, Automation, Control Engineering and so on. The goal of this conference is to bring researchers, engineers, and students to the areas of Electrical, Control and Automation Engineering to share experiences and original research contributions on those topics. Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit their contributions to ECAE2013