Fury of the Demon

Demon Novels, Book Six


Author: Diana Rowland

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698143744

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 1804

Demon summoner Kara Gillian bears the scars of Rhyzkahl’s treachery, but she refuses to let them slow her down. She and the demonic lord Mzatal have not rested in their efforts to recover Idris—Mzatal’s summoner protégé who was kidnapped by enemy lords—but now their search has brought them back to Earth. With the help of FBI agents Ryan Kristoff and Zack Garner, they begin to track down summoners who are working with Rhyzkahl. However, Kara knows Ryan’s true identity, and questions of loyalty threaten to tear apart this group of allies. When Kara intervenes to help a brilliant young computer expert and his bodyguard after an accidental shooting, she quickly learns that Rhyzkahl’s machinations run deeper than she could have ever imagined. The search for Idris takes on a desperate edge as their enemies increase in number, and Kara realizes that an old homicide case may hold the key to their success—or their doom. With the very fabric of the universe at stake, Kara must rely on her skills, wit, and luck to save her friends and her world, yet ancient vows will have to be broken if she is to have any hope. But the price of breaking those vows may be her own blood. Fury of the Demon is the exciting sixth installment of the Kara Gillian series.

The Sound and the Fury in the Garden of Eden

William Faulkner's the Sound and the Fury and the Garden of Eden Myth


Author: John P. Anderson

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 9781581126464

Category: Education

Page: 292

View: 5438

This non-academic author brings the Garden of Eden myth alive as sophisticated poetry and a polemic for women and the consciousness of freedom. The myth is explored line by line using the tools of literary analysis and modern ideas, including Freudian concepts. The analysis shows how its "J" author, thought to be a woman in the royal court of Judah around 1000 BCE, uses the techniques of sound association, puns and other sophisticated means to get her messages across. The analysis probes how after thousands of years this myth still speaks to us about the critical human experiences of sex and death and their bigger brothers freedom and limitation.

The Horse in Magic and Myth


Author: M. Oldfield Howey

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486120473

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 7111

Rich compilation of legend and lore from mythology, Bible, folklore, literature, other sources. Tales of headless horses, fairy horses, seahorses, plus associations with gods and patron saints, metempsychosis, creation myths.

Adara and the Red Priests


Author: Richard C. Holzgen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465327398

Category: Fiction

Page: 106

View: 2791

Adara is the main character of this sci-fantasy sword and sorcery adventure with plenty of attitude and action. With sword in hand, our larger than life heroine of the pre-flood world is befriended by an Atlantean king whose once glorious kingdom is beseeched by a horde of invaders from across the eastern sea from the hostile land laying waste of this last salvation of hope in the decaying world controlled by the fallen watchers, whose Red Priests would stop at nothing to get control of mans last haven against the hordes of barbarians and dragons from the east. In this epic good vs. evil Adara and her friends fight the host of ships, weapons, Red Priests, giant orcs, dragons, seabeasts and invading hordes. She puts her famous black metal, ancient arts of war, Amazonian skills to an inhuman test in this action packed trilogy about the Nephilim and their secret plan to create a race of Nephilim born giants to take all of mans possessions and their daughters and to devour man himself. In her sandled feet and black sword the Amazon princess will meet her enemies head-on in the fight of her life using all the skill the dark jungles of the third age can muster. A female warrior as big as Hercules or Achilles, is a story of a forgotten age that needs to be told. The first two tales are put together so that the reader may enjoy her tales to the fullest and leaving the reader to wait for the last tale leaving the avid sci-fiction fantasy fan wanting more.

Accounts of No Consequence

And Other Insignificant Fiction


Author: Paul Kennedy Mueller

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460207963

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

View: 2347

Paul Kennedy Mueller is the author of The Pandemonium Bar & Grill (and Other Stories), Pretty Bad Stories (An Unfortunate Collection of Troublesome Tales), Mostly True Tales (and Otherwise Preposterous Accounts), The Satisfaction of Revenge and Other Poems, and other works of fiction, journalism, and poetry. An Army brat and Vietnam veteran, he now works as a senior public information officer for the University of California at San Diego.

Bad Blood Born


Author: Spencer Striker

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0615176747

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 204

View: 2150

Being the Lamentable Tale of the Rebellion of Zachary Killgore, the Curse of Jake Bloodstone, and the Epic & Inevitable Doom of their World Without A Name.



Author: Bram Stoker

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471137244

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 4468

The original Vampire horror story beautifully repackaged by Simon & Schuster Classics for a fresh new audience. Jonathon Harker travels to Transylvania in Eastern Europe to do business with a mysterious man, Count Dracula. On his way to the count's castle he is warned by many, even provided with crucifixes, and almost attacked by wolves. To his surprise, upon reaching the castle, Harker is confronted by a professional and gentle man - that is up until he realises he has been made the count's prisoner. While he is under serious threat in the castle, strange things happen elsewhere - a Russian ship is wrecked and a woman is found with bite-marks on her neck. The great power and ambition of the count manifests itself in deaths and looming evils, causing a group, including the escaped Harker, to hunt Dracula down and kill him. Draculais an intense horror flavoured with the perils of seduction, desire and identity.

The London Stage

A Collection of the Most Reputed Tragedies, Comedies, Operas, Melo-dramas, Farces, and Interludes. Accurately Printed from Acting Copies, as Performed at the Theatres Royal, and Carefully Collated and Revised


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: English drama

Page: N.A

View: 5112