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US Navy F 4 Phantom II Units of the Vietnam War 1964 68

Author : Peter E. Davies
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The F-4 Phantom II is perhaps the most famous post-war fighter. Primarily used as a land-based fighter-bomber and reconnaissance platform, its naval origins and the immense contribution made to the US war effort in Vietnam by its original carrier-based versions began its legend. This title examines the unique aspects of the Phantom that made it so crucial to US Navy pilots during the Vietnam War – its massive engine power, long range, speed, the most powerful airborne search and fire-control radar installed in a fighter at the time, and of course its versatility as a ground attack and air-to-air platform. Packed with first hand accounts, unique profile artwork and rare photographs this is the history of one of the most important aircraft to be stationed on carriers off Southeast Asia during the war.

US Navy F 4 Phantom II Units of the Vietnam War 1969 73

Author : Peter E. Davies
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Although the F-4 Phantom II was the most important fighter-bomber to see action with all three American services during the Vietnam War, it was essentially a U.S. Navy design, and the carrier-borne squadron crews were its main operators in combat. The aircraft pioneered the use of long-range, radar-guided missiles in combat, although the majority of its Vietnam missions involved ground-attack with a variety of innovative ordnance. From 1968 to 1973 the Phantom II was the standard U.S. Navy fighter in Southeast Asia, having replaced several other types. Its performance and versatility enabled it to perform a variety of different missions, and switch roles as necessary, in the assault on some of the world's most heavily defended territory. Including detailed colour profiles and first-person commentary from active participants in the F-4's naval combat history, this is a detailed study of the U.S. armed services' most famous post-war fighter.

Department of Defense Appropriations for 1977

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Department of Defense
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Navy Photographer s Mate Training Series

Author : Tom Regina
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Department of Defense Appropriations for 1997 Army acquisition programs

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on National Security
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Navy aviation

Author : United States. General Accounting Office
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F 18 Navy Air Combat Fighter

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations
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Navy Civil Engineer

Author :
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US Navy F 14 Tomcat Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Author : Tony Holmes
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Since the limited Desert Fox campaign against Iraq in December 1998, the Tomcat has been integral to virtually all combat operations involving the US Navy in the Arabian Gulf. Indeed, on every carrier deployment to the Persian Gulf since Desert Fox, the F-14 unit(s) on station has ventured into 'The Sand Box' over southern Iraq and prosecuted targets operating in contravention to United Nations security council resolutions. This book covers the F-14 Operation Iraqi Freedom actions against battlefield targets and integrated air defence sites, command and control centres, regime leadership targets and military installations in Baghdad, Tikrit, Mosul and Kirkuk.

BuDocks Technical Digest Construction Maintenance Operation of the Navy s Shore Establishments

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