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Frontiers of Sceince in Homoeopathy

Author : V. Elia Reddy
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This ground-breaking work, which Elia considered his most valuable asset, changed the way we think about our Homeopathic Principles and Practice. Elia utilised the centuries of discoveries of almost all the branches of science in this exposition. How Homeopathic medicine is present in Ultra High Dilutions? How Homeopathic medicine works? Scientific explanation for almost all the rubrics of Repertory etc. All the principles of Homeopathy are explained Scientifically and Mathematically Miasm (Entropy), Vital Force, Simple substance (Elementary particle), Susceptibility (Resonating Bandwidth), Law of Similars, Idiosyncrasy, Predisposition and the like. All the homoeopathic practising methods explained scientifically. Suppression, Homeopathic Aggravation, Remedy reaction, Posology, Potency repetition, Second prescription, Organs of Elimination, Diet and regimen, Simple and Complex diseases, Alternating diseases, One side diseases, Alternation of Remedies, Constitutional up-building, Sleep, Dream, Meditation in treatment of diseases.

New Frontiers in Science and Technology Studies

Author : Steve Fuller
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Steve Fuller has a reputation for setting the terms of debate within science and technology studies. In his latest book, New Frontiers in Science and Technology Studies he charts the debates likely to be of relevance in the coming years. Should science and technology be treated as separate entities? What impact has globalization had on science and technology? Can science be clearly distinguished from other forms of knowledge? Does the politicization of science really matter? Is there a role for the social regulation of scientific inquiry? Should we be worried about research fraud? These questions are explored by examining an array of historical, philosophical and contemporary sources. Attention is paid, for example, to the Bruno Latour's The Politics of Nature as a model for science policy, as well as the global controversy surrounding Bjorn Lomborg's The Sceptical Environmentalist, which led to the dismantling and re-establishment of the Danish national research ethics board. New Frontiers in Science and Technology Studies will appeal strongly to scholars and advanced undergraduate and graduate students in courses concerned with the social dimensions of science and technology, and anyone who cares about the future of science.

Science Frontiers

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Homoeopathy for the Primary Health Care Team

Author : Paul Downey
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A balanced introductory text on homoeopathy for those in clinical practice, Homoeopathy for the Primary Health Care Team is an invaluable guide to the effective integration of traditional remedies into the orthodox medical setting. This book provides all those working in Primary Care with the basic working knowledge of homoeopathy that is essential if they are to be able to offer an informed opinion to patients.

Homeopathy in Primary Care

Author : Bob Leckridge
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An introductory text for primary care practitioners which enables them to begin applying homeopathy in their everyday practice. The principles of homeopathy are covered clearly, and issues relating specifically to the integration of homeopathy in the primary care setting are discussed, drawing on the author's long experience of teaching and working in this area. Presents a full, clear and easily assimilable knowledge base from which to start applying homoeopathy in primary care Information is specially geared towards the needs of primary care team members in the UK and USA THE most up-to-date book for doctors interested in integrating homoeopathy into their practice Written by a teacher, practitioner, and GP of considerable experience and authority

Mosby s Complementary Alternative Medicine

Author : Lynda W. Freeman
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Offers a comprehensive overview of complementary and alternative medicine, discussing the history, philosophy, and mechanisms of alternative treatments and providing information on alternative and complementary treatments for a variety of conditions.

Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation

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The Faces of Hom opathy

Author : Julian Winston
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Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Author : Steven B. Kayne
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Advancing Frontiers of Plant Sciences

Author : Raghu Vira
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The British Journal of Homoeopathy

Author : John James Drysdale
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Mosby s Complementary Alternative Medicine E Book

Author : Lyn W. Freeman
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Providing a comprehensive overview, this text includes practical, clinically relevant coverage of complementary and alternative medicine, with commentary by well-known experts, descriptions of recent medical advances, case studies, and the history and philosophy of each discipline, along with indications, contraindications, practical application, and clinical trials for each topic. Research is critically reviewed, with examples of exceptional and flawed studies. You’ll gain an understanding of the most commonly used alternative therapies, as well as those most likely to be integrated with conventional medical treatment. More than 200 photographs and illustrations and 15 new line drawings clarify the material and make learning easier. A highly readable style simplifies complex concepts and keeps the material interesting. Current, research-based information explores the efficacy of many therapies so you can make decisions with confidence. Healing methods are emphasized, rather than systems. A topical organization lets you use what you need for your own practice, without having to read through extraneous detail. Chapter openers show why the content of the chapter is important, what is covered, and what objectives will be met. Features include: Why Read this Chapter? Chapter at a Glance Chapter Objectives An Expert Speaks boxes highlight the personal experience of well-known researchers and practitioners in each discipline, discussing the historical context of research, current contributions, and future directions. Critical Thinking and Clinical Application Questions show real-world situations so you can test and apply your knowledge. Points to Ponder help you tie together and interpret facts. A Closer Look boxes expand upon case study reviews and clinical application examples. Learning Opportunities suggest activities for interacting with health care professionals. Summary tables show outcomes from important clinical trials at a glance. Appendices provide information on CAM resources and contacts. A free Evolve companion website includes regular updates of content, student activities, and full-color images. Three new chapters: Reiki describes this popular CAM therapy and how it can be used along with related ethical and legal issues. Measurement of the Human Biofield explores cutting-edge technology and research into the biofield as well as theories about the implications of mind-body regulation. The Future of Ethnomedicine offers views of health and sickness from around the world, including perspectives that differ from traditional instruction and media portrayals. Includes the latest information on professional licensing. Seven new interviews are included, plus updates to previous interviews.

The Complete Book of Homeopathy

Author : Michael Weiner
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The authors describe the history of homeopathy and offer illuminating case studies, specific remedies, and practical applications. Increasingly, the scientific and medical communities are accepting homeopathy as a legitimate complementary therapy--and this book stands as the most professional, up-to-date guide on the practice currently available.

Fundamentals of Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Author : Marc S. Micozzi
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This resource lays the groundwork for a solid understanding of complementary and integrative therapy. It provides insight into the historical context of alternative healing systems, as well as the most up-to-date scientific research and clinical applications for integrative medicine. Focusing on therapies best supported by clinical trials and evidence, it describes key concepts of the most prevalent complementary and alternative therapies in use today. This edition features many new chapters and a new appendix, with thorough updates and references throughout.

New Frontiers of Knowledge

Author : University of Calicut
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Reference work on research activities, publications, etc., undertaken by the University of Calicut, 1968-1995.

Complementary Medicine Index

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Proceedings of the Indian Science Congress

Author : Indian Science Congress Association
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Hot Topics in Adolescent Medicine

Author : John Kulig
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"Hot Topics," the October 2006 issue of Adolescent Medicine Clinics, will address a wide range of current and controversial issues of broad interest to clinicians who provide adolescent health care. Topics will include new immunizations targeted for adolescents, alternative and complementary therapies, bariatric surgery, body art, advances in acne management and Asperger syndrome. Reproductive health issues will include advances in hormonal contraception, bone health, vaginal microbicides and partner delivered therapy for sexually transmitted infections. Treatment of adolescent mood disorders, abuse of prescription and proprietary drugs, performance enhancing drugs, and tobacco cessation will be also be addressed.

Natural Therapeutics Pocket Guide

Author : James B. Lavalle
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A resource guide for healthcare professionals counseling patients about the appropriate use of natural products and therapies. A quick reference, this edition contains an additional 200 references, over 175 monographs, and information on over 75 conditions. Intended to help improve health, not present cures, this guide is a first step for suggesting natural therapeutics as part of health management.

Educational Guide of Pakistan

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