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Frontier Crossings from North China to Liao C 900 1005

Author : Naomi Louise Standen
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Political Frontiers Ethnic Boundaries and Human Geographies in Chinese History

Author : Henry Luce Foundation Professor of East Asian Studies Nicola Di Cosmo
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Boundaries - demanding physical space, enclosing political entities, and distinguishing social or ethnic groups - constitute an essential aspect of historical investigation. It is especially with regard to disciplinary pluralism and historical breadth that this book most clearly departs and distinguishes itself from other works on Chinese boundaries and ethnicity. In addition to history, the disciplines represented in this book include anthropology (particularly ethnography), religion, art history, and literary studies. Each of the authors focuses on a distinct period, beginning with the Zhou dynasty (c. 1100 BCE) and ending with the early centuries after the Manchu conquest (c. CE 1800) - resulting in a chronological sweep of nearly three millennia.

Frontiers in Question

Author : Daniel Power
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Unbounded Loyalty

Author : Naomi Standen
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Unbounded Loyalty investigates how frontiers worked before the modern nation-state was invented. The perspective is that of the people in the borderlands who shifted their allegiance from the post-Tang regimes in North China to the new Liao empire (907–1125). Naomi Standen offers new ways of thinking about borders, loyalty, and identity in premodern China. She takes as her starting point the recognition that, at the time, "China" did not exist as a coherent entity, neither politically nor geographically, neither ethnically nor ideologically. Political borders were not the fixed geographical divisions of the modern world, but a function of relationships between leaders and followers. When local leaders changed allegiance, the borderline moved with them. Cultural identity did not determine people’s actions: Ethnicity did not exist. In this context, she argues, collaboration, resistance, and accommodation were not meaningful concepts, and tenth-century understandings of loyalty were broad and various. Unbounded Loyalty sheds fresh light on the Tang-Song transition by focusing on the much-neglected tenth century and by treating the Liao as the preeminent Tang successor state. It fills several important gaps in scholarship on premodern China as well as uncovering new questions regarding the early modern period. It will be regarded as critically important to all scholars of the Tang, Liao, Five Dynasties, and Song periods and will be read widely by those working on Chinese history from the Han to the Qing.

A Portrait of Five Dynasties China

Author : Glen Dudbridge
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This book explores two collections of anecdotal memoirs to construct an intimate portrait of the first half of tenth-century China as seen by people who lived through those times. The author Wang Renyu's adult life coincided closely with that period, and his memoirs, though not directly transmitted, can be largely recovered from encyclopaedia quotations. His experience led from early life on the north-west border with Tibet, through service with the kingdom ofShu, to a mainstream career under four successive dynasties in northern China. He bore personal witness to some great events, but also travelled widely and transcribed material from a lifetime ofconversations with colleagues in the imperial academy. His memoirs, nearly 80 of which are translated here, offer a characterization of an age of inter-regional warfare in which individual lives, not grand historical narrative, form the focus.

Creating and Digitizing Language Corpora

Author : J. Beal
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A range of electronic corpora has become accessible via the WWW and CD-ROM. This coincides with improvements in standards governing the collecting, encoding and archiving of such data. This book develops similar standards for enriching and preserving 'unconventional' data': the fragmentary texts and voices left to us as accidents of history.


Author : Keith Pratt
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Compiled by specialists from the University of Durham Department of East Asian Studies, this new reference work contains approximately 1500 entries covering Korean civilisation from early times to the present day. Subjects include history, politics, art, archaeology, literature, etc. The Dictionary is intended for students, teachers and researchers, and will also be of interest to the general reader. Entries provide factual information and contain suggestions for further reading. A name index and comprehensive cross-reference system make this an easy to use, multi-purpose guide for the student of Korea in the broadest sense.

Journal of Sung Yuan Studies

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British Reports Translations and Theses

Author : British Library. Document Supply Centre
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Issue for Mar. 1981 contains index for Jan.-Mar. 1981 in microfiche form.

Hua i Hs eh Chih

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Contains bibliographies and book reviews.

Index to Theses with Abstracts Accepted for Higher Degrees by the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland and the Council for National Academic Awards

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Beitr ge zur Geschichte der Song Zeit

Author : Dieter Kuhn
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