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Reports of cases argued and determined in the Superior Court Appellate Division Chancery Division Law Division and in the County Courts of the State of New Jersey

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The Sibling Bond

Author : Stephen P. Bank
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Psychologists Stephen Bank and Michael Kahn update their pathbreaking book for its fifteenth anniversary. This edition offers a new Introduction and a comprehensive summary of the up-to-date literature on this perennially fascinating subject. Numerous case studies provide a profound understanding of the complex and enduring sibling relationship.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters

Author : Reidar Aasgaard
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In his letters, the apostle Paul more than a hundred times characterises the Christians as 'adelfoi', as 'brothers and sisters' (siblings). This is by far his most common way of speaking about fellow believers. In spite of this, there has been little research on this topic. This book provides new research on family and sibling relations in the Greco-Roman and Jewish context and discusses the relevant texts on siblingship in the seven authentic Pauline letters. A main thesis is that the sibling terminology is both central and charged with meaning for Paul. When he speaks of the Christians as siblings, he employs contemporary notions of what sibling and family relations should be about- displaying emotional closeness, show love, be tolerant and forgiving, defend family honour, and strive for familial harmony. In various contexts Paul utilises these ideals rhetorically in order to influence the attitudes and behaviour of the Christians, both internally and in relation to outsiders. Since siblingship and family relations were so important in antiquity, Paul's use of this kind of language was significant and powerful. The book is an in-depth study of Christian relations according to Paul. Its conclusions have important consequences for our understanding of ethics and ecclesiology not only in Paul, but also in the New Testament in general. The book combines metaphor theory, socio-historical perspectives and exegesis of Pauline texts in ways that produce new insights both into Paul's thinking and into several passages of his letters.

Metaphors and Social Identity Formation in Paul s Letters to the Corinthians

Author : Kar Yong Lim
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Why did Paul frequently employ a diverse range of metaphors in his letters to the Corinthians? Was the choice of these metaphors a random act or a carefully crafted rhetorical strategy? Did the use of metaphors shape the worldview and behavior of the Christ-followers? In this innovative work, Kar Yong Lim draws upon Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Social Identity Theory to answer these questions. Lim illustrates that Paul employs a cluster of metaphors--namely, sibling, familial, temple, and body metaphors--as cognitive tools that are central to how humans process information, construct reality, and shape group identity. Carefully chosen, these metaphors not only add colors to Paul's rhetorical strategy but also serve as a powerful tool of communication in shaping the thinking, governing the behavior, and constructing the social identity of the Corinthian Christ-followers.

Sibling Issues in Therapy

Author : Avidan Milevsky
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Incorporating the latest research and clinical work in family dynamics, this book examines multiple angles of integrating sibling issues, which underlie issues at the core of many clinical difficulties presented by adult clients, in therapy to improve adulthood emotional and psychological well-being.

West s South Eastern Reporter

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Theory of Mind in Middle Childhood and Adolescence

Author : Rory T. Devine
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This landmark text integrates diverse perspectives on how humans understand others’ minds (or ‘theory of mind’) beyond early childhood into middle childhood and adolescence. It explores how the neural, cognitive, and social changes of middle childhood and adolescence shape the ongoing development of theory of mind, and how theory of mind helps children navigate their lives. Drawing on cutting-edge research from leading international experts, this book provides a survey and analysis of the current state and future direction of the field. It is organized around three themes relating to the key issues in contemporary research. The first part focuses on the biological and cognitive bases of theory of mind in middle childhood and adolescence. The second part goes on to explore the social predictors and consequences, considering how theory of mind is shaped by social experiences and, in turn, impacts children’s social lives in middle childhood and adolescence. Finally, the third part focuses on theory of mind in the context of neurodiversity, disability, and youth mental health in middle childhood and adolescence. Offering in-depth understanding for all students and scholars of developmental and cognitive psychology, neuroscience, clinical psychology and psychiatry, and education, this valuable text also identifies an agenda for future scholarship on this exciting topic.

Dive Bartender Sibling Rivalry

Author : T.K. O'Neill
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Frank Ford is a survivor of 10 long years at the Metropole Bar, where he's babysitter and alcohol dealer to Zenith City's derelict class: the misfits, the losers, the crazies, the old fading lushes, and, of course, the budding young alcoholics unaware or indifferent to what lies ahead. We first see Frank in the aftermath of his little brother's funeral. Ray was an addict and a constant irritant. Forgotten, is how Frank wanted to remember Ray. The police, who also lost no love for Ray Ford, are leaning towards a verdict of suicide for the swollen, pulpy body that washed ashore near the port terminal. Frank thinks it was murder, but he's willing to let it ride. His grieving mother has other ideas. Set in 1977, Dive Bartender: Sibling Rivalry combines elements of David Goodis and Raymond Chandler with the popular culture of the era to form a pulp novel of sex, drugs, violence and smelt fishing.

Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques Abstracts

Author : John Touliatos
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This three-volume handbook represents a significant and indispensable reference tool for those studying the family. Vol. 1 contains full abstracts of 504 instruments plus abbreviated descriptions of another 472. Basic scale construction issues can be examined through the combined use of Vol. 2 & 3. An excellent reference tool that will fulfil researchers and clinicians need for quality instrumentation.

Juvenile and Family Law Digest

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Pennsylvania state reports

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The Pedi

Author : Hermann Otto Mönnig
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At the inaugural meeting in 1932 of the South African Inter-University Committee on African Studies a sub-committee was appointed to review the state of ethnographic work, and to plan a programme of future research. Of the four initial projects planned by the sub-committee one was a study of the Pedi. This work was to be undertaken by Dr. W.W.M. Eiselen, one of the most promising of South African anthropologists who, born and brought up among the Pedi as the son of a missionary in Sekhukhuneland, was ideally equipped for the work. Unfortunately Dr. Eiselen could not complete this task since he soon left his academic post to embark on a career in the Public Service. This left a gap in South African ethnographic literature which has never been filled; all other major ethnic groups in South Africa have been well documented by basic descriptive works. For a number of reasons it was felt that this gap had to be filled, and in this book the author hopes to offer a reasonably full and accurate ethnography of the Pedi.

Original Kin

Author : Marian Sandmaier
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Original Kin makes a stirring and provocative case for our need for - and our capacity to develop - sustaining emotional ties with our sisters and brothers throughout our lives.

Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Vermont

Author : Vermont. Supreme Court
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Personality Maladjustment and Reading Achievement

Author : Robert Silas Stewart
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Public and Private Lives of Psychotherapists

Author : William E. Henry
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Theoretical Linguistics

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University of California Publications in Linguistics

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Reports of Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of California

Author : California. Supreme Court
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Introduction to Personality

Author : E. Jerry Phares
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This text introduces the major theories, research techniques, and assessment methods in contemporary personality psychology. Each theoretical chapter is followed by a research and assessment chapter, with summary evaluations intended to help students recognize each theory's strengths and weaknesses. The text can be used by students with little or no background in psychology beyond a general introductory course. offers a detailed discussion of the biological and environmental determinants of personality.