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Lyniletia or Revelations of the heart and other poems

Author : Richard Bain
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A Sacred Heart and Other Short Stories

Author : Varsha Manglam
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A SACRED MOVE AND OTHER SHORT STORIES, is a personal invitation to each of us to live out our own dream, to embrace the uncertainty of life and to rise to meet our own unique destiny with courage and confidence. Its ten inspiring short stories span the globe from the American Old West to South Asia on the shores of Calcutta with several stopovers in between. Each story celebrates individuals who appreciate the miracle of being alive, who accept failure and rise above it, and those whose quests lead them to become the person they desire to be! Step into the fictional world of this book and get an inside look at the mansion of a reclusive artist, a miracle in a wooded thicket, and a child prodigy who rose up out of nearly impossible circumstances. Your heart will be warmed and filled with those who dared to dream again, those who have loved and lost and those who have learned to forgive themselves as well as others. Regardless of where an individual may have gotten off track in life, this author believes that he or she can get back on the path and live with purpose.

The Haunted Heart and Other Tales

Author : Jameson Currier
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Haunted or blessed? Ghosts or guardian angels? Currier presents 12 new stories of gay men and the memories that haunt them, blending history and contemporary issues of the gay community with the unexpected of the supernatural.

Reset Your Heart

Author : Ellen Stotts
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People all over the world suffer in silence. Why? Because they do not have any answers as to how to help themselves or deal with their unresolved pain. They are either stuck in their physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual life, or they are experiencing a deficit in one or more of these four categories. There are tried and proven solutions! There are precepts a person can apply to their life that will lead them to freedom in all of these areas. RESET YOUR HEART is not another self-help book that makes empty promises and delivers no results. On the contrary! Following the principles outlined within its pages will set you free! My own physical life was set in order and my emotional heart was freed from the pain I carried for years. I have been liberated in my spiritual life and my sexual identity has been restored. This is something I could previously only imagine. If someone has experienced severe trauma in their life, it would be helpful to also seek assistance from a trusted counselor. However, the principles that have been outlined in this book can be applied to help a person get on the right track. My intent for writing this book is to instill hope for people of all ages and stages of life and to encourage them to RESET THEIR HEARTS and live the abundant life God has promised.

Heart and Blood Circulatory Problems

Author : Jan de Vries
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Although trained as a pharmacist, Jan de Vries turned to alternative medicine early in his career. His most influential teacher was the world-renowned Swiss doctor Alfred Vogel, and de Vries now works in one of Britain's most widely known clinics, in Ayrshire. Cholesterol, angina, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and heart attacks are among the many problems discussed in this helpful and illuminating book.

The Fragile Years

Author : Amy Cameron O’Rourke
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Do you have a parent or aging loved one nearing or in the most fragile years of life? Are you considering in-home care for them? Assisted living? A nursing home? Have they endured repeated hospitalizations, or are they facing major surgery? Are they refusing to give up their independence? Do they have adequate savings to pay for care? Are they getting the right Medicare, Medicaid, or VA benefits? This book by a veteran care management professional will help you secure the best possible care.

The Heart of Remarriage

Author : Gary Smalley
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Too often, couples enter remarriage unaware of potential problems and unprepared for the challenges stepfamily life will bring. The Heart of Remarriage takes a unique approach to success in remarriage by going straight to the heart, helping couples heal from the inside out rather than offering surface suggestions that may change circumstances but not the lives of couples and their families. Drs. Gary and Greg Smalley partner with remarried couple Dan and Marci Cretsinger to offer this marriage-changing idea: No matter what circumstances or challenges a remarried couple and their stepfamily face, the solution starts in their hearts. Remarried couples will learn how to examine their own hearts and heal them from the hurts of the past, so that they can be filled with God's love and let that love overflow to their family members. The Heart of Remarriage teaches readers how to create emotional security for every family member and offers practical ideas for connecting at the heart level with their spouse, children, and stepchildren. Couples will be encouraged to keep their hearts open and challenged to leave a family legacy of love.

The Tapestry God s Masterpiece

Author : Jill Cromwell
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It had seemed like an eternity since The Artist was given the plan for the tapestry. He'd been waiting for this moment""the exact moment He would be given the opportunity to begin weaving. He had planned for this, but until He was given permission, He could only anticipate what He could do and how it would look. Now was that time. He stepped in front of the tattered and worn-looking tapestry. It wasn't at all what He had intended. In fact, it was quite the opposite. What should have become beautiful and vibrant over time was instead deteriorating and coming apart. Who had done this? The Artist knew exactly what needed to be done. No question. He would have to start over . . . with a new canvas. The tapestry was ready to be dismantled so that the true condition of the canvas could be revealed. He began to methodically and precisely remove each strand of thread so as not to cause even more damage to what had already been done. The tapestry was fragile now. Strand by strand, the dismantling continued until finally The Artist had uncovered all the hidden imperfections. It was just as He thought it would be""stained, torn, and tattered. Years of neglect and abuse to the tapestry had left it damaged, so damaged that in an amateur's eyes, it would have been discarded. But this was The Artist . . . would He be able to repair what had been done? What would He determine? Did the canvas have any value? The Artist had the plan, and what He could do with this canvas would be beyond what anyone could imagine. He was about to create His masterpiece.

Preparing Your Heart to Survive a Dangerous World

Author : T. Ralph Turner, Ph.d.
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His wife gone, his job only a memory, needing surgery with no way to get it, all his hopes and dreams had sunk into an abyss of hopelessness. His entire world had collapsed. He sat in his dark bedroom, all hope gone and no one to turn to, Brandon placed the barrel of the .357 magnum under his chin. Total fear, horror, and despair engulfed him, all fueled by an unimaginable hopelessness. Slowly his finger tightened on the trigger.

Ethics in Everyday Places

Author : Tom Koch
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Cultural realities: ethics, values and morals -- Moral stress, distress, and injury -- An ethnography of ethics -- Ethics, geography, and mapping: the failure of the simple -- The tobacco problem -- The morals in the map: stress and distress -- Moral communities and their members -- Mapping poverty: ethics and morals -- An educational example -- Mapping justice as transportation -- Ethics and transplantation -- The ethics of scale, the scale of distress -- It's ... complex

Infant and Toddler Development from Conception to Age 3

Author : Mary Jane Maguire-Fong
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Doing Imago Relationship Therapy in the Space Between A Clinician s Guide

Author : Harville Hendrix
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The first-ever book on Imago Relationship Therapy from its creators geared toward therapists. Developed by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt in the 1980s, Imago Relationship Therapy helps couples—and everyone in significant relationships—shift from conflict to connection by transforming the quality of their interactions. Now, for the first time, the essential principles and practices of Imago, as illustrated in the New York Times bestseller Getting the Love You Want, are presented for the benefit of both novice and seasoned clinicians. Using the Imago processes, couples create a Conscious Partnership in which they feel safe, fully alive, and joyful, learning to be mutually empathic for each other’s childhood challenges and present to each other without judgement. Hendrix and Hunt help couples learn and practice Imago Dialogue, moving from blame and reactivity to mutual acceptance, affirmation, and empathy, thus deepening their connection. Joining theory and practice with elegance, and filled with examples, exercises, and dialogues, this is a book no couples therapist can afford to be without.

The Heart of Racial Justice

Author : Brenda Salter McNeil
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The racial divide is one of the most pervasive problems the church faces. Why won't this problem just go away? BECAUSE IT IS A SPIRITUAL BATTLE. The problem of racism must be solved through both internal change and community transformation. In this book the authors make the crucial connection between the role of healing prayer and spiritual warfare in bringing about justice. Each of us must be challenged to identify the power of evil in the world and to give up our idols for the sake of Christ. Are you ready to find out how soul change leads to social change?

The 10 Best Questions for Recovering from a Heart Attack

Author : Dede Bonner
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Drawing on cutting-edge research and advice from internationally prominent cardiologists, The 10 Best Questions™ for Recovering from a Heart Attack is a holistic guide you'll take with you into your doctor's office and keep close to you through every step of your treatment and recovery. A good mind knows the right answers, but a great mind knows the right questions. And never are the Best Questions more important than after the life-altering event of surviving a heart attack or being diagnosed with heart disease. Drawing on cutting-edge research and advice from internationally prominent cardiologists, the president of the American Heart Association, award-winning personal trainers and nutritionists, and experts in healthy lifestyles, smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, stress management, spirituality, relationships, sex, and financial planning, The 10 Best Questions™ for Recovering from a Heart Attack is a holistic guide you'll take with you into your doctor's office and keep close to you through every step of your treatment and recovery. With a wealth of resources and up-to-the-minute information, The 10 Best Questions™ for Recovering from a Heart Attack shows you and your family how to move beyond your fears and use the power of the Best Questions and Magic Questions (the smartest questions most people never think to ask) to become your own best advocate for your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial health.

At Home with the Word 2021

Author : Rebekah Eklund, PhD
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Spaces for Innovation

Author : Kursty Groves
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A research-based book about the relationship between the physical design of working environments and levels of creativity and innovation. The conversation around the impact of the physical environment on workplace behavior has grown over the past few years. This has been aided by the changing nature of the way we work and the increasing importance of creativity in many industries. Spaces for Innovation explains the relationship between the physical design of working environments and levels of creativity and innovation. Based on the available evidence, Spaces for Innovation identifies the physical characteristics of workspaces that are associated with high innovation potential and determine why they have an effect. A basic framework for the design of innovative environments, a ‘pattern language’ and a practical tool in this book, can be used in analysing ways to enhance physical space in the pursuit of innovation. The book acts as a pattern guide, providing context, examples, inspiration and direction to help businesses explore and understand organisational challenges.

The Society of the Sacred Heart in the World of Its Times 1865 2000

Author : Monique Luirard
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After the death of its founder in 1865, the Society of the Sacred Heart experienced exceptional recruitment and expansion, and departure from France of more than 2500 religious at the beginning of the century. Its story is that of the thousands of women who joined it to root their lives in its charism. In the forty countries where they have been sent, they have had to confront liberalism and anti-clericalism, revolution, the effects of Nazism and Marxism and world wars that destroyed their houses and scattered their members. After the Second Vatican Council, the elimination of cloister opened new fields of apostolic work to the Society. This book shows how the congregation developed amid internal crises, which did not differ from those in the Church and civil society, and how from these crises there emerged little by little a new way to be a Religious of the Sacred Heart.

The Witches of Traquair and Other Tales from Scottish Highlands

Author : James Hogg
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James Hogg wrote some of his best stories in The Shepherd's Calendar, in which he defines the content and the manners of the traditional storytelling of Ettrick Forest, the mountainous region in Scotland where he grew up. They reveal Hogg's experiences as a young shepherd as it draws a picture of the pleasures and the dangers of the lives in Scottish Highlands. Some of these stories deal with the supernatural and explore psychological depths with a noteworthy intensity and insight. Large parts of these tales are written in a Scots dialect from the region of Ettrick Forest. The Shepherd's Calendar: Rob Dodds Mr Adamson of Laverhope The Prodigal Son The School of Misfortune George Dobson's Expedition to Hell The Souters of Selkirk The Laird of Cassway Tibby Hyslop's Dream Mary Burnet The Brownie of the Black Haggs The Laird of Wineholm Window Wat's Courtship A Strange Secret The Marvellous Doctor The Witches of Traquair Sheep Prayers Odd Characters Nancy Chisholm Snow-Storms The Shepherd's Dog The Expedition to Hell The Mysterious Bride The Wool-Gatherer The Hunt of Eildon James Hogg (1770-1835) was a Scottish poet, novelist and essayist who wrote in both Scots and English. As a young man he worked as a shepherd and farmhand, and was largely self-educated through reading. He was a friend of many of the great writers of his day, including Sir Walter Scott, of whom he later wrote an unauthorized biography.

The Heart of Hospice Core Competencies for Reclaiming the Mystery

Author : Brenda Clarkson
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Returning to the original principles upon which hospice was founded, the authors describe the core competencies every hospice practitioner needs to reclaim the mystery of death and guide families through end-of-life care. With fifty-five years of collective hospice nursing experience, the authors are equipped to take you on a journey that leads to success. You’ll learn: • steps to move from being a novice to a final designation of Mystery Watcher; • core competencies to reclaim the mystery of death, including examples from the field of hospice care. • tips to implement organizational structures and processes to support optimal staff development and the retention of the most competent practitioners. • methods to continuously measure outcomes as hospice team members gain mastery of core competencies.

Heart s Safe Passage The Midwives Book 2

Author : Laurie Alice Eakes
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It's 1813 and all Phoebe Lee wants out of life is to practice midwifery in Loudon County, Virginia. When Belinda, her pregnant sister-in-law, presses Phoebe to accompany her onto a British privateer in order to cross the Atlantic and save her husband from an English prison, Phoebe tries to refuse, then finds herself kidnapped. Captain Rafe Docherty is a man in search of revenge. His ship is no place for women, but he needs Belinda in order to obtain information about the man who destroyed his family and his life. Between Belinda's whining and Phoebe's hostility, Rafe can't help but wonder if he made the right choice. When it becomes apparent there is an enemy among them on the ship, the stakes are raised. Will they reach the English shore in time? Can love and forgiveness overcome vengeance? Book 2 in The Midwives series, Heart's Safe Passage is a stirring tale of love, intrigue, and adventure on the high seas. Readers will feel the salt spray and the rolling waves as they journey with Laurie Alice Eakes's vivid characters on the treacherous path toward redemption.