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What s Wrong with My Dog

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Katz on Dogs

Author : Jon Katz
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In a nation where our love of dogs keeps growing and dog ownership has reached an all-time high, confusion about dogs and their behavioral problems is skyrocketing. Many dogs are out of control, untrained, chewing up furniture, taking medication for anxiety, and biting millions of people a year. Now, in this groundbreaking new guide, Jon Katz, a leading authority on the human-canine bond, offers a powerful and practical philosophy for living with a dog, from the moment we decide to get one to the sad day when one dies. Conventional training methods often fail dog owners, but Katz argues that we know our dogs better than anyone else possibly could, and therefore we are well suited to train them. It is imperative, he says, that we think rationally and responsibly about how we choose, train, and live with the dogs we love, and the more we learn about ourselves, the better we can recognize their wonderful animal natures. Misinterpreting dogs is a profound obstacle to understanding them. Katz believes that both people and dogs are unique–a chow differs from a Lab just as a city dweller differs from a farmer–and he describes how such individuality isn’t addressed by even the best and most popular training methods. Not every training theory is for everyone, notes Katz, but almost anyone can train a dog and live with him comfortably. Katz on Dogs is filled with no-nonsense advice and answers to such key questions as: • What kind of dog should I have? Is there is a specific breed or kind of dog for my personality, family, or living situation? • What is the best way to train a dog? • Can I trust my vet? • How often (and for how long) can a dog be left alone? • Is it preferable to have only one dog, or are more better? • What are the secrets to successful housebreaking? • What are my dogs thinking, if anything? • How can I walk my dog instead of having her walk me? • Is it ever okay to give away a dog you love? • When is it time to put my dog down? Katz draws from his own experience, his interactions with thousands of dog owners, vets, breeders, dog rescue workers, trainers, and behaviorists, and he has tested his approach with volunteer dog owners around the country. Their helpful and often inspiring stories illustrate how all of us can live well with our dogs. You can do it, Katz contends. You can live a loving and harmonious life with your dog.

The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs

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We are an animal-loving population, with consumers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom spending top dollar on their pets. This trend indicates that pet owners want the best for their dogs and cats. Scientific research shows that home-cooked meals are better for your pets -- especially dogs and cats -- than store-brand food. Feeding pets all-natural homemade food and treats not only provides nutritional and health benefits, but allows pet owners to meet their pet's taste preferences and special needs, and gives them the opportunity to nurture their dog or cat as they would any other member of the family. The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs is full of information on nutrition for your pet and dozens of stories and recipes from real animal lovers and pet owners that give an intimate, personal voice to the book.

The Dust Bowl to WWII

Author : Captain Bob Norris
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Americans, who sacrificed everything, including their sons and daughters, in an effort to save the world from Germany and Japan during World War II, will forever be known as the Greatest Generation. In this historical novel by veteran Captain Bob Norris, Robert Elliot emerges as an iconic representative of the generation that helped the United States win the war and begin an unrivaled period of prosperity. Fleeing the environmental and economic devastation of the Dust Bowl; Elliot's family moves to the Alaskan frontier to carve out a new life as homesteaders. As a young man, he discovers his two loves: flying airplanes and his eventual bride, Dee. Everything changes for Elliot and for America, on Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. As a fighter pilot in the Army Air Corps, he engages the enemy; shooting down Japanese planes when his plane is shot down near Borneo, Elliot begins his greatest battle, the fight to survive captivity and return home to Dee. He only thought life in the Dust Bowl and Alaskan frontier were challenging. Being a prisoner of war and his escape is a trial unlike any other. An interesting and historically accurate account of life in the United States before and during WWII from the perspective of a kid growing up in the dust bowl to air combat in the Pacific. The young man then transitions to a fledgling airline business, while offering us a glimpse of what our parents endured in America when they were young. You feel like you were actually there during those earlier, difficult years! Well Done!

We Can t Stay Together for the Dogs

Author : Jennifer Keene
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Two huge trends are colliding, and We Can't Stay Together for the Dogs aims to soften the blow: The divorce rate continues to hover at around 50 percent, and marriages ending within the first five years often have dogs, not children; and statistics show that dog ownership is at around 43 percent nationwide. This breakup guide for dogs and their humans explains how to choose dog-friendly solutions and make compromises during a split. By integrating training tips, success stories, expert opinions, checklists, and a bit of humor, this self-help guide shows that breakups can be dog-friendly. As the first book on the subject of dogs and splitting up, it features simple step-by-step directions and offers a dog-centric point of view. Figuring out who gets the dog and whether to have joint custody, split the pack, have sole custody with visitation, or place the dog with a new family is only one of the many decisions couples face. Sections on deceptively simple subjects like housing, finances, training, food, and grooming make the transition into the new lifestyle much smoother. Quizzes and checklists are provided to help determine the need for additional assistance, and the book also offers resources to find professional help. Whether you are going through a divorce, ending a long-term relationship, or splitting with a partner, We Can't Stay Together for the Dogs can help you. Dogs are family members who have no say in the breakup process, so dedicated pet parents need to learn to be their dogs' own advocate and respect the unique human-canine bond.

The Mabinogion

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Teach Yourself Visually Dog Training

Author : MaranGraphics Development Group
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Are you a visual learner? Do you prefer instructions that show you how to do something–and skip the long-winded explanations? The Visual Learning System in Teach Yourself VISUALLY ‰ Dog Training breaks down the different training tasks into graphical two-page lessons that simplify learning. Inside you’ll find clear, step-by-step instructions for developing an effective training regimen for your puppy or adult dog. Full-color photographs show you how to train basic commands, socialize and housetrain your dog, and teach tricks and games. Plus, you’ll learn how to manage problem behaviors, such as excessive barking, jumping up on people, destructive chewing, and much more LI>"Question && Answer" sidebars provide practical tips and tricks LI>Large color photos demonstrate how to correctly perform each task LI>Step-by-step instructions explain beginner to more advanced training techniques LI>Two-page lessons offer skills you can practice immediately

How Dogs Think

Author : Immanuel Birmelin
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History of My Pets

Author : Grace Greenwood
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Designed for Dogs

Author : Irene Kilpatrick
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Bruce describes all of the inventions he developed to deal with the problems that occurred when he and his sister, Andi, found themselves in charge of a lot of dogs in a run-down hotel.

Love Me Love My Dog

Author : Barry Carruthers
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116 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Author : Margaret Svete
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From doggy biscotti to canine cashmere, a dog-lover's guide to giving man's best friend the best of everything. Over the last few decades dogs have enjoyed a tremendous rise in status -- from sleep-in-the-garage hound to eat-at-the-table VIP. At the same time, dog owners with increased work hours away from home have felt the need to remind their pets just how special they are, by buying them lavish gifts, plying them with tempting goodies, and treating them to spa-quality care. In short, spoiling the pooch is in, and this unique book shows just how to do it. A one-stop-shopping guide for today's dog fancier, this playful yet helpful book is filled with tips for all kinds of dog spoiling, including finding dog care for the day or the month; dog-oriented day trips and vacations; styling and fashion accessories; nutritious gourmet treats; and where to find the most outrageous luxury gifts, toys, and custom-designed dog houses. A list of medical services, freebies, and miscellaneous hints for improving a creature's comforts are also included. Interspersed throughout are photos, famous quotes, and fun facts about dogs and their dog-crazed owners. Today's dog lover knows that man's best friend is not just a pet, but a member of the family. This dog-gone doting book provides everything a canine devotee needs to make their pet feel loved, appreciated, and downright human. --Americans spend over $20 billion a year on pet-related products and services --The pet industry has more than doubled during the 1990s and is expected to grow 20% annually through the first decade of the millennium --$2.6 billion has been spent on LAMS --86% of consumers plan to purchase holiday gifts for their pets

The Dog Care Manual

Author : David Alderton
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Offers advice on canine feeding, training, grooming, breeding, and the handling of emergency situations and illness

Labrador Retrievers Today

Author : Carole Coode
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Traces the history of the breed, describes the breed's standards, discusses a Labrador retriever's care requirements, and includes information on training

They Moved My Bowl

Author : Charles Barsotti
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A collection of canine humor by the artist “who drew cartoons that hugged us back . . . known for his simple, often poignant, drawings” (NPR). Charles Barsotti’s distinctive round pups, rendered in just a few simple lines, delighted The New Yorker readers for three decades and are instantly recognizable for their depiction of canines in human roles. The juxtaposition of their simple world, consisting only of food, play, and the goings-on of their owners, with the utterly human tasks of going to therapy, talking business, or seeing a lawyer, is both adorable and hilarious. A dog standing at a podium announces, “If elected, I promise to beg, fetch, and roll over.” An older dog frowns down at a young pup and says, “Don't be smug, all puppies are cute.” An angry dog with brush in hand paints a “BEWARE OF DOG” sign. With an irresistible blend of biting humor and affectionate observation, this is perfect for dog lovers everywhere. Praise for Charles Barsotti “The man knew our appetites. And he never ceased in finding new ways to render them in wise and amusing and truthful form . . . And oh, how Barsotti could draw dogs. They each had a long, Snoopy-like snout, but they usually lacked the ‘Peanuts’ pooch’s worldly bravado and panache. These were canine who cried. On the couch. In therapy. Sometimes only wanting to know why pet owners dare move the doggie dish.”—The Washington Post “With a minimum number of lines, Charlie could extract the maximum number of ideas.”—The New Yorker

AKC Gazette

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The Idler

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The New Yorker

Author : Harold Wallace Ross
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Winning the Dust Bowl

Author : Carter Revard
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In a memoir in prose and poetry, the author traces his development from a poor Oklahoma farm boy during the depths of the Depression to a respected medieval scholar and outstanding Native American poet.

It s Okay to Cry

Author : Maria L. King
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