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Earth s Catastrophic Past and Future

Author : William Hutton
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Edgar Cayce, America's best documented psychic, gave upwards of 44 readings that dealt with lost continents, geophysical changes to Earth beginning 1958-1998, and a pole shift due to begin about now. In this book, geologist William Hutton and researcher Jonathan Eagle look for correspondences between results of geophysical research studies and psychic descriptions of prehistoric catastrophes. They also seek scientifically to test readings' predictions of catastrophic Earth changes, all the while investigating the following fascinating subjects: * Development and calibration of a comprehensive pole-shift model * The countries predicted to be most affected by a sudden, 1° pole shift. * The geologic trend for a mineralized gold vein at Bimini, Bahamas. * The authors' discoveries of correlations between: - a 2002 arctic earthquake and the eruption of torrid-area volcanoes, - the dropping of atom bombs in 1945 and a significant increase in sunspots following, and - the peaceable nature of Europe in 1645-1715 and the period's near total lack of sunspots. (Cayce readings implied or predicted all three phenomena.) * The first-ever analysis of the sources of Cayce's channeled readings, including a ranking of the veracity and reliability of the most important Earth changes and pole-shift readings. * Moralistic reasons for future catastrophic geophysical changes to Japan, China, and America. * Locations of post-pole-shift safety lands in Canada and America. * Locations of the records of the Atlantean civilization, to be found when Earth changes begin. * How to awaken to the New Cycle presently opening before humanity. * Evidence for Atlantis in the mid-Atlantic ridge area and for Lemuria (or Mu) in the Pacific. * The consuming religious war in which we find ourselves, and an answer to world conditions today. * Visions of an imminent Age-ending fire, as found in a Cayce reading, in a channeled book by Phylos the Tibetan, and in the 1960s visions of girls at Garabandal, Spain. * Doubtful interpretations of Earth-changes and pole-shift readings advanced by managers and writers of Cayce's legacy organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. From the Foreword by the Editor: "The acid test of pole shift and other Earth change predictions is their scientific credibility. If true, momentous societal and political changes are imminent. The geopolitical map of the world will be redrawn. The authors are exploring the transition from the end of one Age to the beginning of another."

Scenarios and Responses to Future Deep Oil Spills

Author : Steven A. Murawski
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It has often been said that generals prepare for the next war by re-fighting the last. The Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill was unlike any previous – an underwater well blowout 1,500 meters deep. Much has been learned in the wake of DWH and these lessons should in turn be applied to both similar oil spill scenarios and those arising from “frontier” explorations by the marine oil industry. The next deep oil well blowout may be at 3,000 meters or even deeper. This volume summarizes regional (Gulf of Mexico) and global megatrends in marine oil exploration and production. Research in a number of key areas including the behavior of oil and gas under extreme pressure, impacts on biological resources of the deep sea, and the fate of oil and gas released in spills is synthesized. A number of deep oil spills are simulated with detailed computer models, and the likely effects of the spills and potential mitigation measures used to combat them are compared. Recommended changes in policies governing marine oil exploration and development are proposed, as well as additional research to close critical and emerging knowledge gaps. This volume synthesizes state-of-the-art research in deep oil spill behavior and response. It is thus relevant for government and industry oil spill responders, policy formulators and implementers, and academics and students desiring an in-depth and balanced overview of key issues and uncertainties surrounding the quest for deep oil and potential impacts on the environment.

The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail

Author : Sergei O. Prokofieff
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"And however paradoxical it may seem today, the 'Grail mood' is in the fullest sense to be found in Russia. And the future role that Russia will play in the sixth post-Atlantean epoch, a task of which I have so often had to speak, rests firmly upon this unconquerable 'Grail mood' in the Russian people." --Rudolf Steiner (Nov. 3, 1918) Although Eastern Europe has been part of Christian humanity for more than a thousand years, its task and spiritual identity remain a mystery, the answer to which cannot be found unless we look behind outer historical events to the spiritual, meta-historical dimensions of history. This momentous work, breathtaking in its scope and detail, represents just such a penetrating, esoteric study of Eastern Europe in the light of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual research. Prokofieff shows how, from the earliest times, the future "conscience of humanity" flowed from hidden mystery centers in Hibernia to the eastern Slavic peoples. As a result, qualities of "compassion, patience, and willingness for sacrifice" developed in their souls, creating a truly Christian "Grail mood." Despite incalculable suffering--from the persecutions by the Mogul hordes of the thirteenth century to the Bolshevik experiment of the twentieth century--this quality has become an unconquerable force in the depths of their being. In illuminating the maya of outer history, Prokofieff reveals the forces that have been at work to hinder the progress and future intentions of humankind. Those adversarial forces have created a "karma of materialism" that the eastern Slavic peoples have taken upon themselves out of their exalted willingness for sacrifice. Will we be able to use the present opportunity granted by this sacrifice to fulfill the primary purposes of the present cultural epoch? Serious study of this book--intended for students of spiritual science--can lead to a profound awakening to the challenges that face humankind today.

The Future Age Beyond the New Age Movement

Author : Cecelia Frances Page
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THE FUTURE AGE BEYOND THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT reveals the NEW AGE MOVEMENT over 130 years. Successes and failures are described in different NEW AGE religious groups. This book contains the most important messages you can possibly read on this planet and the most important events on Earth in 75,000 years. Influential leaders in the New Age Movement are Helena Blavatsky, Francia La Due, William Quan Judge, William David Dower, Ph.D., Godfrey Rey King, Rudolph Steiner Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Aleister Crowley, Dolores Cannon, Wynn Free, David Wilcox, Barbara Hand Clow, Michael Newton, Lyssa Royal and Ashayana Deane, etc. Part One focuses on the New Age Renaissance of 1966 through 1976. In Part Two we have explored the history of the New Age Movement through the 1970s and traced many of its most popular beliefs and practices to very ancient times. In Part Three we gave details about the Future Age Movement from 1987 to 2013.

Prophetic Visions of the Future

Author : Diane Stein
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We all want to know what will happen to the earth and to those who come after us, our children and our grandchildren. Diane, seeking an answer, has gone to women visionaries and seers: women who channel the future and those who bring it to life in their writings. This is the time, Diane avers, for women to define what needs to be changed and begin to do the work. By women’s power of thought and creation, we together can make a better world. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith A Vintage From Atlantis

Author : Clark Ashton Smith
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Published in chronological order, with extensive story and bibliographic notes, this series not only provides access to stories that have been out of print for years, but gives them a historical and social context. Series editors Scott Conners and Ronald S. Hilger excavated the still-existing manuscripts, letters and various published versions of the stories, creating a definitive “preferred text” for Smith's entire body of work. This third volume of the series brings together 21 of his fantasy stories.

AFTER ATLANTIS Working Managing and Leading in Turbulent Times

Author : Ned Hamson
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Based on both fundamental theory and practical experience, After Atlantis identifies a broad range of approaches that will better equip individuals and organizations not only to react in time to change but to become pro-active in creating a positive future for themselves and their organizations. It is a practical field guide to understanding and mastering turbulence within organizations and across the global marketplace. After Atlantis takes the position that no single activity will assure success. It is grounded in the most advanced, field-tested, and robust theories about innovation and leadership, and will help organizations to construct their future with meaning and to meet the needs of their customers. The international team of contributors includes Peter Beerten and Kaat Exterbille of Belgium, Tom Lyons of Ireland, and Frank Heckman of the United States. Ned Hamson has been editor of The Journal for Quality and Participation since 1985. His duties as editor there have brought him into close contact with leading organizations, consultants, and practitioners in the fields of quality and participation. Some of the foremost authorities who have contributed to the journal during his tenure include Tom Peters, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Margaret Wheatley, Peter Senge, George Bush, and Bill Clinton. Mr. Hamson also conducts extensive research on international political economy.

The Atlantis a register of literature and science

Author : Dublin city, univ. coll
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The Future of the Past

Author : Alexander Stille
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An engrossing look at the cultural consequences of technological change and globalization Space radar, infrared photography, carbon dating, DNA analysis, microfilm, digital data bases-we have better technology than ever for studying and preserving the past. And yet the by-products of technology threaten to destroy--in one or two generations--monuments, works of art, and ways of life that have survived thousands of years of hardship and war. This paradox is central to our age. We use the Internet to access and assess infinite amounts of information--but understand less and less of its historical context. Globalization may eventually benefit countries around the world; it will also, almost certainly, lead to the disappearance of hundreds of regional dialects, languages, and whole societies. In The Future of the Past, Alexander Stille takes us on a tour of the past as it exists today and weighs its prospects for tomorrow, from China to Somalia to Washington, D.C. Through incisive portraits of their protagonists, he describes high-tech struggles to save the Great Sphinx and the Ganges; efforts to preserve Latin within the Vatican; the digital glut inside the National Archives, which may have lost more information in the information age than ever before; an oral culture threatened by a "new" technology: writing itself. Wherever it takes him, Stille explores not just the past, but our ideas about the past, how they are changing--and how they will have to change if our past is to have a future.

Eye Soar s Trials Tribulations Blessed Treasures

Author : David L. Slaughter II
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Having been inspired by dreams, ideas, entertainment, history, fiction and non-fiction, and so much more in life, Eye Soars Trials... Tribulations... & Blessed Treasures is a culmination of poems that have been written over a number of years by David L. Slaughter II. As such, you will find poems that deal with military and war (whether on the broad spectrum or from an individual perspective), political stances, love of family, faith in God, dreams, fears and anxieties, as well as lighthearted poems that still possess a message in their own right. Of course, not all the poems contained within are based on what has inspired David, but also to inspire others to overcome their own demons, problems, self-esteem issues, concerns, etc. with the hope that the reader, whether reading those that have inspired or to inspire will gain a perspective for themselves to relate to. If we find relation in our own lives by the words of another, we also find we learn and grow.

Imagining the Future

Author : Yuval Levin
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From stem cell research to global warming, human cloning, evolution, and beyond, political debates about science have raged in recent years - and, to the chagrin of most observers, have increasingly fallen into the familiar categories of America's culture wars. In Imagining the Future: Science and American Democracy, Yuval Levin explores the complicated meanings of science and technology in American politics and finds that the science debates have a lot to teach us about our political life. These debates, Levin argues, reveal some serious challenges to American self-government, and put on stark display the deepest strengths and greatest weaknesses of both the left and the right. "American life has been profoundly shaped by science and technology, and will be all the more so in the coming decades, making it crucial that we understand how to think and speak about science in politics. Yuval Levin's smart and eminently well-reasoned book makes the important point that the purpose of science is a moral one -- to improve human life -- and that judging what that involves is sometimes a job for more than science alone in a democratic society. Levin's insights speak directly to today's political debates and make his book a must-read for policymakers and all those who care about science and society." --Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House "Imagining the Future goes far beyond the contemporary polarized debates over science to unpack the moral premises of the modern scientific project and its consequences for American democracy. In the process, Yuval Levin provides us with a deep understanding of policy issues from genetic engineering to global warming." --Francis Fukuyama, Johns Hopkins University "This book is important to the thinking of both progressives and conservatives. Clearly and incisively, it shows how science and technology are shaping humanity's future and world views. Levin alerts democratic societies that human dignity and equality are imperiled unless we provide political and moral guidance to prevent the submergence of humanity in its own ingenuity." --Edmund Pellegrino, Chairman, President's Council on Bioethics

Souls of Distortion Awakening

Author :
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The University in the American Future

Author : Thomas B. Stroup
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In these four notable essays based on Centennial lectures, four eminent scholars analyze the tensions affecting university education today and the forces which will shape the American university of the future. Kenneth D. Benne, director of the Human Relations Center of Boston University, describes the fragmentation which has come to characterize the university in 1965 in three divergent philosophies of university education and calls for the universities to undertake a radical change of their social organization. For, he says, only by restoring the community of learning can the universities exercise their proper leadership in resolving the conflicts and tensions of modern society. The place of the university as a clearing house of ideas and as the training center for new professions and services is set forth by Sir Charles Morris, vice chancellor of the University of Leeds, and by Henry Steele Commager, professor of American Studies at Amherst College. Finally, Gunnar Myrdal of the Institute of International Economic Studies in the University of Stockholm, looking at the probable social and economic trends of the future, sees the expansion of professional, practical, and research training, but warns that the social and moral implications of knowledge cannot be ignored, especially in view of the increasing demands of the developing countries upon the affluent nations.

The Atlantis

Author :
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Blue Future

Author : Maude Barlow
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Water is a human right: “A rousing case for what will be one of the key environmental challenges of the twenty-first century.” —Booklist The United Nations has recognized access to water as a basic human right—but there is still much work to be done to stem this growing environmental crisis. In this book, water activist Maude Barlow draws on her extensive experience to lay out a set of key principles that show the way forward to what she calls a “water-secure and water-just world.” Not only does she reveal the powerful players even now impeding the recognition of the human right to water, she argues that water must not become a commodity to be bought and sold on the open market. Focusing on solutions, she includes stories of struggle and resistance from marginalized communities, as well as government policies that work for both people and the planet. At a time when climate change has moved to the top of the national agenda and the stage is being set for unprecedented drought, mass starvation, and the migration of millions of refugees in search of water, Blue Future is an urgent call to preserve our most valuable resource for generations to come. “In a book as clear as a pristine mountain stream, Maude Barlow lays out a practical and inspiring vision for how we can defend water—the source of all life—from the forces of death.” —Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine

Dreaming the Past Dreaming the Future

Author : Diane Stein
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Lemuria and Atlantis

Author : Shirley Andrews
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The mysterious civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis become reality as Shirley Andrews, the author of Atlantis: Insights From a Lost Civilization combines details from scholars, scientists and the respected psychic Edgar Cayce. Her sober portrayal of disturbing parallels between the spiritual decay of Atlantis and our modern world, and her reasonable explanations for the vivid dreams and past life memories recounted by numerous people about life on the lost lands enhance this fascinating book.

A Son of Old Atlantis

Author : Victor Asimorov
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Asimorov, son of an Atlantean time-traveler and a woman in the 19th-century Russian court, pens the first volume of his memoirs which begin in Russia, and end in 20th-century America, including his time in the upper atmosphere of Earth and a university education on a planet orbiting Sirius.

Atlantis Dark Tides

Author : Allie Burton
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When a girl’s heart is set on revenge… Nagged by her evil mother, Sky wants one thing above all else. To destroy the society that rejected her and stole her rightful inheritance. Going undercover, she uses a lowly human to draw close to the recently discovered trio of Atlantean princesses. Once she learns what she needs to know about her targets, she will kill them with no remorse. Except she does something stupid when she saves the human and exposes her special powers. Now, she’s caught the eye of Prince Reef from the kingdom of Merta. Reef’s a spy too, with a mission to decide which side of the Atlantean war his kingdom will champion. During Reef and Sky’s time together, she learns more about her past, her power, and her princess half-sisters. Sky is forced to rethink her views on everything. But Reef has secrets of his own… This is the fourth full-length novel in the Lost Daughters of Atlantis young adult fantasy action adventure novel series. Each of the books stand alone. “Having met the Atlantean Princess sisters—Pearl, Coral and Maris—in the first three books of this fun series, I’m thrilled that Burton is continuing the saga with this story of Sky, the outsider bent on revenge, who learns that her world is more complicated than she believed. A great new heroine! In Burton’s carefully crafted world, with its alluring Royal Guards and handsome Separatist spies, there’s plenty of intrigue, action and romance to keep the stories coming for a long time. Already can’t wait for the next installment!” Reviewer Other books in the Atlantis series: Atlantis Riptide - free, Atlantis Red Tide, Atlantis Rising Tide, Atlantis Tide Breaker Novella, Atlantis Twisting Tides Novella, and Atlantis Glacial Tides.

Exiles from a Future Time

Author : Alan M. Wald
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With this book, Alan Wald launches a bold and passionate account of the U.S. Literary Left from the 1920s through the 1960s. Exiles from a Future Time, the first volume of a trilogy, focuses on the forging of a Communist-led literary tradition in the 1930s. Exploring writers' intimate lives and heartfelt political commitments, Wald draws on original research in scores of archives and personal collections of papers; correspondence and interviews with hundreds of writers and their friends and families; and a treasure trove of unpublished memoirs, fiction, and poetry. In fashioning a "humanscape" of the Literary Left, Wald not only reassesses acclaimed authors but also returns to memory dozens of forgotten, talented writers. The authors range from the familiar Mike Gold, Langston Hughes, and Muriel Rukeyser to William Attaway, John Malcolm Brinnin, Stanley Burnshaw, Joy Davidman, Sol Funaroff, Joseph Freeman, Alfred Hayes, Eugene Clay Holmes, V. J. Jerome, Ruth Lechlitner, and Frances Winwar. Focusing on the formation of the tradition and the organization of the Cultural Left, Wald investigates the "elective affinity" of its avant-garde poets, the "Afro-cosmopolitanism" of its Black radical literary movement, and the uneasy negotiation between feminist concerns and class identity among its women writers.