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French Odysseys

Author : Olga Augustinos
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In French Odysseys, Olga Augustinos offers a comprehensive treatment of French travel literature about Greece - from the mid-16th-century arrival of the first French travellers to the outbreak of the Greek Revolution in 1821. The result not only provides a composite portrait of Greece over two and a half centuries but also offers a revealing look at the evolving values and perceptual framework of the travellers themselves.

Rick Stein s French Odyssey

Author : Rick Stein
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Rick Stein embarks on a journey of gastronomic discovery from Padstow to Bordeaux and then to Marseille. The book is divided into a diary section and recipe chapters. Featuring starters, light lunches, main courses and desserts, the recipes include authentic versions of French classics - Vichyssoise, Pissaladiere, Bouillabasse, Cassoulet and Tarte Tatin - as well as new takes on traditional ingredients: Seared Foie Gras on Sweetcorn Pancakes, Fillets of John Dory with Cucumber and Noilly Prat, Rabbit with Agen Prunes and Polenta and Prune and Almond Tart with Armagnac. Fully illustrated with beautiful food photography by James Murphy and landscape photography by Craig Easton, Rick Stein's French Odyssey is both a souvenir of an unusual and idyllic journey through rural France and an inspiring collection of classic and original recipes. The good news is that the French rural gastronomic dream is still a reality, and the best of its food can be reproduced at home.

King Arthur s French Odyssey

Author : Marilyn Floyde
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At the end of the famous legend, when he departs for Avalon, King Arthur is inextricably linked to Glastonbury. Or is he? Marilyn Floyde reminds us that, in the earliest stories, he is also linked to France, or Gaul as it was then called. There is a theory that King Arthur could have performed his last heroic deeds in Burgundy. Or more specifically, in the ancient town of Avallon . Why has the Avallon in Burgundy largely been ignored, when it was the only real place of that name in existence in the fifth century? Perhaps there was a conspiracy perpetrated by unscrupulous medieval monks in England, designed to deprive France of a thousand years of tourist income... These theories are put to the test in this intriguing work. Follow the intrepid author as she explores the beautiful Burgundy countryside, on an investigative trail through history, religion and warfare, and into the magical realms of Arthurian legend.


Author : Stavros Boinodiris PHD
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The daughter of a rich Greek family in Constantinople escapes from her dysfunctional family by getting romantically involved with a handsome visiting peasant. This union produced a little boy, Anthony Boyun-egri-oglou. Anthony grew up during troubling times. He saw very little of his father, who left for Constantinople and then Russia, to escape from being drafted in the Turkish army. He grew up in the shadows of the Ottoman Empire as it was going through major revolutions and wars. The First World War (1914-1918) followed, causing shortages and anguish on Cappadocian Greeks and Turks alike. After this war, the disastrous Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) began. In the ensuing truce, Greece and Turkey agreed to an exchange of populations. The uprooting (1924) of the Boyun-egri-oglou family involved an arduous trip, involving cart, rail and ship transports. These people left almost twelve hundred years of history behind, to seek freedom and self determination in a troubled state, overburdened with refugees. The struggle of the refugees is recounted by Anthony very graphically. In 1940, after several recoveries and disasters, Greece enters into war with Italy, turning Anthony’s hopes for recovery into an impossible dream.

Homer s Odyssey Book IX with a Commentary by John E B Mayor

Author : Homer
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Nationalism and Revolution in Europe 1763 1848

Author : Dean Kostantaras
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This book addresses enduring historiographical problems concerning the appearance of the first national movements in Europe and their role in the crises associated with the Age of Revolution. Considerable detail is supplied to the picture of Enlightenment era intellectual and cultural pursuits in which the nation was featured as both an object of theoretical interest and site of practice. In doing so, the work provides a major corrective to depictions of the period characteristic of earlier ventures - including those by authors as notable as Hobsbawm, Gellner, and Anderson -- while offering an advance in narrative coherence by portraying how developments in the sphere of ideas influenced the terms of political debate in France and elsewhere in the years preceding the upheavals of 1789-1815. Subsequent chapters explore the composite nature of the revolutions which followed and the challenges of determining the relative capacity of the three chief sources of contemporary unrest -- constitutional, national, and social -- to inspire extra-legal challenges to the Restoration status quo.

Space Odyssey

Author : Serge Brunier
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A photographic tribute to the greatest moments and people in space exploration includes coverage of the Apollo missions and the achievements of the Mir Space Station and the International Space Station. (Science & Mathematics)

Travel Narratives in Translation 1750 1830

Author : Alison Martin
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This book examines how non-fictional travel accounts were rewritten, reshaped, and reoriented in translation between 1750 and 1850, a period that saw a sudden surge in the genre's popularity. It explores how these translations played a vital role in the transmission and circulation of knowledge about foreign peoples, lands, and customs in the Enlightenment and Romantic periods. The collection makes an important contribution to travel writing studies by looking beyond metaphors of mobility and cultural transfer to focus specifically on what happens to travelogues in translation. Chapters range from discussing essential differences between the original and translated text to relations between authors and translators, from intra-European narratives of Grand Tour travel to scientific voyages round the world, and from established male travellers and translators to their historically less visible female counterparts. Drawing on European travel writing in English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, the book charts how travelogues were selected for translation; how they were reworked to acquire new aesthetic, political, or gendered identities; and how they sometimes acquired a radically different character and content to meet the needs and expectations of an emergent international readership. The contributors address aesthetic, political, and gendered aspects of travel writing in translation, drawing productively on other disciplines and research areas that encompass aesthetics, the history of science, literary geography, and the history of the book.


Author : Wendy Bracewell
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Excerpts from over 100 travel writings of Europe, from 16th c. pilgrimage diaries thru early specimens of modern tourism accounts to 20th c. impressions from the other side of the Iron Curtain By focusing on east European travel writings, this work enlarges both the documentary base and the terms of the debate over a rich source for discussions of identities and mentalities; knowledge and power; gender; and cultural change. The texts – chosen for their relevance, but literary criteria have also been taken into account – illustrate the variety of ways in which east Europeans have written about the West. Most of the material is presented in English for the first time or, in a few cases, rescued from dusty oblivion in long out-of-print volumes. Each text is introduced with a short passage placing it in context. This is the first volume of the three-part set East Looks West. Vol. 2. Under Eastern Eyes. A Comparative Introduction to East European Travel Writing on Europe, 1550–2000; Vol. 3. A Bibliography of East European Travel Writing on Europe.


Author : Homer
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