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Management and Business in Britain and France

Author : Fellow Business History Unit London School of Economics and Charge de Cours Youssef Cassis
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A comparison of economic and business development in Britain and France in the 19th and 20th centuries. With a mixture of case-studies, sectoral analysis, and comparison, this book is a useful addition to an understanding of the evolution of business organization, competitiveness, and performance.

International Business Management

Author : Kamal Fatehi
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This textbook explores the theoretical and practical aspects of managing international business operations while also dealing with multi-cultural, multi-national and global issues of managing business expansion beyond the domestic market. A second, revised edition of Managing Internationally: Succeeding in a Culturally Diverse World, each chapter contains up-to-date material, in-depth coverage of topics, visual aids (i.e., charts, tables, etc.), and vignettes, making this new edition engaging, visually appealing and easily accessible for students taking International Business Management courses. The contents of this textbook are separated into four parts. Part one offers introductory information on the scope and importance of international business management as well as the social and ethical challenges. Part two covers cultural and behavioral topics. Part three discusses the strategic and operational aspects of international business management. Part four explores human resources and labor relations. To assist students, each chapter starts a preview section which includes an outline of the chapter indicating the important aspects along with a brief description of the major issues. Following the preview is a vignette that encapsulates the crux of the chapter, often presented in an amusing and engaging manner. To further help students focus on key issues, the text includes the list of useful business cases to which students can refer. To assist professors in teaching from this book, ancillary teaching materials such as sample syllabi, slides, tests and answer keys will be available for download.

Global Business Management

Author : Abel Adekola
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This book interweaves the concepts of the guidance on globalization, international management, and the intricacies of international business that many books on the market treat independently. It clarifies and explains culture, cultural misunderstandings, and cross-cultural interactions. Adekola and Sergi's text is unique in that it offers both the management perspective and the cultural perspective. It is for managers seeking to thrive in the global economy. This book focuses on managing global organizations, providing a basis for understanding the influence of culture on international management, and the key roles that international managers play. It clearly shows how to develop the cross-cultural expertise essential to succeed in a world of rapid and profound economic, political and cultural changes.

The Cutting Edge of International Management Education

Author : Charles Wankel
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Business Management Case Studies

Author : Patrick Siegfried
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Business Concepts for Management Students and Practitioners

Chinese Culture Organizational Behavior and International Business Management

Author : Ilan Alon
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Investigates the impact of culture on Chinese and foreign corporations operating in China.

Construction Conflict Management and Resolution

Author : Peter Fenn
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This book brings together over 40 papers presented at the 1992 International Construction Conflict Management & Resolution Conference held in Manchester, UK. Six themes are covered, including alternative dispute resolution, conflict management, claims procedures, litigation and arbitration, international construction, and education and the future. With papers from arbitrators, architects, barristers, civil engineers, chartered surveyors and solicitors, this book represents the first multi-disciplinary body of knowledge on Construction Conflict and will act as a unique source of reference for both legal and construction professionals.

Business and Management Environment in Saudi Arabia

Author : Abbas Ali
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For the last 60 years, Saudi Arabia has assumed a vital economic role and has been situated on the center stage of the global economic and political scene. While the market was once dominated by American and British firms, and later Japanese corporations, Korean and Chinese companies have now aggressively entered the market and have posed serious challenges to entrenched multinational corporations. The Saudi market has newly become an arena for unbridled competition. As companies must adapt and embark on creative means to sustain their positions in dynamic markets, multinational corporations must also find a comprehensive approach to dealing with cultural and political developments. Having a competitive edge demands familiarity with market nuances and peculiarities in addition to providing quality product and service. Business and Management Environment in Saudi Arabia is not primarily about how to conduct business in the region, but rather it provides insightful information to optimally guide western managers in conducting their operations in Saudi Arabia. The book offers essential information to engage effectively, manage business activities, resolve cultural understandings, and tackle appropriate issues of group dynamics, human resource management, managing change, and development and relations with the government and the general public. As such, it is required reading for both business leaders and academics alike.

French Management

Author : Jean-Louis Barsoux
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This fascinating book is an account of management in the contemporary French business world. The formal nature of work relations and the rituals of French business life are analyzed and set against the role of senior executives, and the book looks at the corporate culture of four leading, but very different companies * Michelin * L'Air Liquide * L'Oreal * Carrefour. Also included is an examination of general management attitudes to labour relations, and the book includes an overview of the distinctive features of French management, future trends, and the changes that further European integration may or may not bring.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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