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Vodka Doesn t Freeze

Author : Leah Giarratano
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The thrilling novel from clinical psychologist turned crime writer, now with a great new cover. When a middle-aged man is brutally murdered in the dunes overlooking a children's pool, it's immediately clear to Sergeant Jill Jackson that this was no ordinary victim: someone has stopped a dangerous paedophile in his tracks. Knowing first-hand the impact of such men on their prey, Jill is ambivalent about pursuing the killer, but when more men die - all known to police as child sex offenders - she is forced to face the fact that a serial killer is on the loose. As the investigation deepens, Jill unearths a long-established Sydney paedophile ring - a club of wealthy men who have thought until now that that they are untouchable. Despite the deaths of some of its members, the club is still operating and until Jill can shut it down, children are still in grave danger. As she faces predators and their victims, a psychotherapist losing her mind, and her own nightmares come to life, Jill is forced to decide whether or not she really wants to catch this killer.

Will It Freeze

Author : Joan Hood
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The Freeze

Author : United States. Cost of Living Council
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Freeze Facts

Author : United States. Cost of Living Council
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Freeze and Phase IV

Author : United States. Cost of Living Council
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Ice Templating and Freeze Drying for Porous Materials and Their Applications

Author : Haifei Zhang
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Filling a gap in the literature, this is the first book to focus on the fabrication of functional porous materials by using ice templating and freeze drying. Comprehensive in its scope, the volume covers such techniques as the fabrication of porous polymers, porous ceramics, biomimic strong composites, carbon nanostructured materials, nanomedicine, porous nanostructures by freeze drying of colloidal or nanoparticle suspensions, and porous materials by combining ice templating and other techniques. In addition, applications for each type of material are also discussed. Of great benefit to those working in the freeze-drying field and researchers in porous materials, materials chemistry, engineering, and the use of such materials for various applications, both in academia and industry.

Good Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Practice

Author : Peter Cameron
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This text is devoted to pharmaceutical freeze-drying in all its forms and in all its technological variations. Whether you freeze-dry nonsterile tablets or you lyophilize injectables, this book covers all the technological and regulatory requirements. Written by a panel of leading practitioners in the pharmaceutical industry -- production experts, regulatory inspectors, technical consultants, and equipment suppliers -- the information is relevant, usable, and timely. Practical, "how to" chapters serve as training aids, and each section stands on its own as a concise, easy-to-access resource for both managers and technicians.

Development Needs of the Former Bennett Freeze Area

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on the Department of the Interior and Related Agencies
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Freeze Thaw Durability of Concrete

Author : J. Marchand
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Concrete durability in climates where freezing and thawing occurs is a continuing problem. It is particularly acute for highway and bridge structures, where de-icing salts are used to combat the effects of frost, snow and ice. These salts can cause damage to concrete and accelerate corrosion of reinforcements. This book presents the latest international research on this area, with contributions from North America and Europe which were presented at an international RILEM workshop.

Summer Freeze

Author : Brandon Terrell
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In the middle of summer, Mr. Freeze blankets Gotham City in a blizzard, and the reader must choose how Batman will thwart him and bring summer back to the city.


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Precooked sliced beef, sliced pork, and ground beef were freeze-dried from eight to sixteen h Various factors as internal temperature of precooking, grade of meat, prefreezing temperatures and freeze-drying cycles were considered. Both radiant heat and plate contact methods were utilized with the best results obtained with the radiant heat principle. Rehydration studies indicated the differences in moisture levels regained with the use of different temperature levels of rehydrating fluids. Rehydration in a solution of 0.5% tripolysodium phosphate at 72 F. results in a higher per cent moisture regained than whole slices in water at 72 F. The rehydratability of stored samples regardless of storage temperatures were significantly reduced.

Strategies for Enhancing the Freeze thaw Durability of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

Author : Steven. M. Cramer
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Cook Freeze

Author : Dana Jacobi
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Imagine opening your freezer to find it filled not with the usual boxed entrees and frozen burritos, but with wholesome, flavorful, and family-pleasing foods that look and taste homemade-because they are! Dana Jacobi's strategic approach to weeknight cooking is the key to cooking half as much and eating twice as well, with a soup-to-nuts menu of dishes that can be cooked to eat now and later. In Cook & Freeze, Dana explains everything from the logistics of freezing and the proper use of storage containers and materials to the best approach for preparing, freezing, or defrosting several dishes at one time. All of her recipes, which run the gamut from classic American favorites to Asian, Italian, and Mexican specialties, have been carefully selected to reheat with all of their delectable flavors intact, and they are fully annotated with freezing, thawing, and reheating instructions. Dana also notes which dishes are great for a crowd or quick to defrost. Dishes like her savory Salmon and Mushroom Pot Pies, or fluffy, perfectly sweet Orange Blossom Cupcakes can easily be frozen as individual portions, which is extremely useful for those cooking for one or two or making food to share with others. Best of all, every recipe in Cook & Freeze is made without the preservatives and other additives commonly found in commercially prepared frozen foods, providing superior flavor and nutrition at a fraction of the cost. With Dana's tips, techniques, and fresh, flavor-filled dishes that your family and friends won't believe were ever frozen, you will learn how to have satisfying meals at the ready every day of the week.

The Nuclear Freeze

Author :
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Testing of HNPF Freeze seal Pump

Author : R. W. Atz
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Freeze Kill

Author : David Kreinberg
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What would you do with the power to stop time? Would you use it to help people? Or maybe you would use it for your own benefit regardless of how legal it is. Rob a few banks undetected, sneak into movie theaters without paying; much can be accomplished with such an ability. Sam takes things a bit further. At the tender age of five, the child used the new found ability to brutally murder kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Derinzel right in the middle of class. Thus, a serial killer with a horrifying gift was born. Twenty one years have passed since that event, but the murders have not slowed down. The students of the kindergarten class have grown up, each one greatly effected by the tragedy from their childhood. Some became so obsessed with trying to capture the elusive killer, they created an organization to do so. But with unlimited suspects and no means to defend themselves, the former students will experience a dreadful sense of futility and despair like never before.

Fix Freeze Feast 2nd Edition

Author : Kati Neville
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With this updated second edition of a best-selling cookbook, you can have it all — great tasting, nutritious meals that don’t break the bank or your daily schedule. Cook one recipe in bulk and stock your freezer with three nights of homemade dinners for your family. Updated recipes incorporate plenty of fresh, seasonal produce, along with bulk grains and beans. From Asparagus and Potato Frittata and Lemon Blueberry Strata to Tomato Basil Soup and Berry-Roasted Chicken, the 150 tasty options span the menu. Filling the freezer with healthy, ready-to-cook meals is more delicious than ever. This publication conforms to the EPUB Accessibility specification at WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

Brain Freeze 321 F

Author : J. P. Polidoro
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The Dicey Impact of a nuclear Freeze on the Defense Posture of the Free World

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services. Procurement and Military Nuclear Systems Subcommittee
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The Price Freeze and Its Effect on Agriculture

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture
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