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Freestyle Football Tricks

Author : Sean D'Arcy
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Playgrounds and sports fields are filled with children and teenagers trying to impress their friends and team mates with their football freestyle juggling skills, attempting to copy their professional football heroes like Ronaldo or Ronaldinho. Sean D'Arcy, a world renowned football juggler, takes you step by step through the most popular and impressive football tricks. Includes: how to juggle; juggling drills to help you improve; impressive catches; the most popular juggling tricks. Freestyle Football Tricks is illustrated with hundreds of colour photos of Sean demonstrating the skills. From youngsters kicking a ball for the first time to keen amateurs looking for a competitive edge (or just wanting to show off)Freestyle Football Tricksshows you how to perform the skills and tricks that every keen footballer wants to master. If you've ever wondered how to do 'Around the World' or how Pele managed the Fantastic Five, this is the book for you! Aimed at children from 8-16 years.

Freestyle Football Street Moves

Author : Sean D'Arcy
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A renowned freestyle footballer takes you through all the most impressive and popular football street moves step by step.

Freestyle Skateboarding Tricks

Author : Sean D'Arcy
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Skateboarding is incredibly popular, and the streets are filled with children and teenagers trying to impress their friends with their skateboarding skills.Freestyle Skateboarding Tricks is illustrated with hundreds of colour photos of skateboarders demonstrating their amazing moves.From youngsters trying out skateboarding for the first time to keen amateurs looking to master the techniques (or just wanting to show off) Freestyle Skateboarding Tricks shows you how to perform the skills and tricks that every keen skateboarder wants to master. Aimed at children from 8-16 years.

How to Be a Better Footballer

Author : Andrew Henderson
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'Passion, positivity and precision ... and always be willing to learn something new.' Athlete Andrew Henderson was just sixteen years old when a horrific rugby injury put paid to his career in the game. So he turned his attention to football - more specifically, freestyling football skills - and never looked back. Now a five-time World Freestyling Champion and the UK Freestyle football champion for eight years running, in this unique manual Andrew brings together all his expertise and advice to help make you a better footballer. Packed with step-by-step skill tutorials, tricks, tips and guidance, Andrew also reveals how hard work, dedication and flair allowed him to become a master on the football pitch and beyond. Having worked with Cristiano Ronaldo, impressed the likes of David Beckham and Neymar, to performing at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and various World Cups around the world, he is now sharing all his secrets and famous freestyling skills to help you improve your football techniques and take them onto the pitch. Interspersed with the jaw-dropping tricks, guidance on tackling, fundamental skills and tips on advancing your expertise, Andrew's passionate advice about following a dream and overcoming adversity prove that both enthusiasm and patience play a major part in any sporting arena. This isn't only about teaching the physical elements but learning from a master about how to focus your mentality to bring flair, passion and precision to your game.

Street Soccer

Author : Paul Mason
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The awesome tricks and skillful moves of street soccer athletes are taking the urban sports scene by storm.

Freestyle Soccer Tricks

Author : Sean D'Arcy
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The professional soccer freestyler offers tips, exercises, and drills designed to improve coordination and ball control and provides instructions for performing various types of juggling tricks.

The Football Book

Author : DK
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This is the ultimate guide for any football fan who wants to know everything about the "beautiful game" - from World Cup winners to football skills and techniques. Whether you are a keen player, a lifelong supporter, or an armchair football manager, this book illustrates every aspect of the most popular sport in the world. Published in time for the UEFA Euro 2020, The Football Book reveals the story behind the game - from the history of the sport to the results of tournaments in the 2018-19 season. Eye-catching artworks and jargon-free text profile the roles of players, equipment, team formations, strategies, and individual skills, while maps, quotes, and statistics give you all of the key facts on national teams, famous club sides, and iconic players, as well as the greatest competitions around the world.

Soccer Sabotage

Author : Jake Maddox
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Eighth-grader Simon Sanford and his friends Jacob and Mohammed are all excited for soccer tryouts, because this year they will probably be starters, but a newcomer, Trevor, is stealing the show; jealous, and worried about their positions on the team, the three start to sabotage their rival--until Simon gets a life lesson from his least favorite teacher.


Author : Poorna Bell
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If you are the girl, the woman who feels like she is never enough, that she will never be as strong, as good, as capable, I am here to tell you that you are enough. I am here to tell you that while it shouldn’t have been your burden, you can write a different story. Stronger will change what you think you know about strength and, most importantly, empower you to go on your own journey to discover what strength looks like for you. Now a competitive amateur powerlifter who can lift over twice her own bodyweight, Poorna Bell is perfectly placed to start a crucial conversation about women’s strength and fitness, one that has nothing to do with weight loss. In Stronger she challenges the notions taught to us as girls, and examines how all of us can tap into our reservoir of inner strength to make us our strongest selves mentally and physically. Describing taking up weightlifting after the death of her husband, she shows how discovering her own strength helped her to find the confidence that physical pursuits can amplify – the confidence that has been helping men to succeed for centuries – and that women can find too. In these pages, Poorna tells not only her own story but those of a range of women, investigating intersections of race, age and social background. Part memoir, part manifesto, Stronger explodes old-fashioned notions and long-held beliefs about getting strong and explores the relationship between mental and physical strength. Whether you’re into weightlifting, running, swimming, yoga or don’t consider yourself to be sporty at all, Poorna shows how finding strength can work for you, regardless of age, ability or background.

What You Think You Know About Football is Wrong

Author : Kevin Moore
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Our view of football will never be the same again... Written by a world-respected football historian, this football history/gift title reveals the global game's greatest myths and untruths. Football has been completely mythologized and many of the things football fans think they know about football and its history turn out not to be true. We want to believe the myths, and so they become accepted. So much football writing is not properly researched, and so the myths get repeated ... again and again and again. Written by Kevin Moore, the founding director of the National Football Museum (the world's leading football museum), this thoroughly researched and authoritative book will debunk more than 50 of the greatest myths surrounding football. Backed up by the highest level of academic research yet written in an accessible, mass-market style, the book will explore the truth behind many accepted myths. For example, did you know: · The Germans took football to Brazil, not the English · Rugby and not football could quite easily have been the world's leading sport · There are gay professional players ....and always have been! · Goalkeepers should not dive for penalties · Football hooliganism did not begin in England · Shirt colours do make a difference · Cambridge and not Sheffield is the home of the oldest football club in the world · Arsenal should not be in the Premier League... they cheated to be there · The Dynamo Kiev team were not executed after beating a German SS team in 1941 · England did not win the World Cup fairly in 1966 ... but not in the way you think!

How To Football

Author : DK
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Get ready to be inspired, and learn to How To...Football!, now in eBook format. If you have ever dreamt about being the next David Beckham or Ronaldo, then How to ...Football is the perfect guide to set you on course for success. This book shows you 'how to' with simple step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions. From coaching tips and practice drills devised by professional coaches, to key match day tactics, including attacking, defending and movement without the ball. You'll also discover all about your favourite star players, as well as information on competitions, venues, and football's greatest moments. With this exciting new How to... series you'll learn how to be a football superstar in no time!

Football The Ultimate Guide

Author : Adam Powley
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Everything every young fan wants to know about football - out in time for the 2010 World Cup From the tactics, the teams and the triumphs, to the pitch, the players and the passion; help your child swot up on football with this revised World Cup edition. From how it all began to why football is called the beautiful game, they'll take a look at the sport today; from who's who, to the low-down on different positions and formations. Learn the rules and check out the most famous clubs from around the world. Packed with amazing football facts, mind-boggling trivia and super stats your child can use to impress all their friends. This is essential reading for the real football aficionados.

Neymar My Story

Author : Neymar
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This is the official autobiography of Brazil and Barcelona superstar Neymar. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is one of the most iconic players in football, a superstar for Barcelona FC and the greatest name in modern-day Brazilian sport. His journey to the peak of world football has been extraordinary: from a childhood spent on the verge of poverty he was plucked from obscurity as an eleven year old by Santos FC, the club where Pelé made his name, and soon after making his first-team debut as a seventeen year old he rocketed to fame to become one of the brightest stars in world football. But Neymar would not have become the player that he has without his father, Neymar Sr, who has been a steady and influential guide in his life and career. And only with an understanding of his father's past, and of the challenges that the Neymar family have faced and overcome, is it possible to truly understand the making of this extraordinary footballer. The role and the influence that father and son have each had on the other's life, and how they have achieved such a successful balance between work and family life, is a beautiful and touching story. Neymar's talent has always been astonishing. But it could have been lost had it not been carefully nurtured, developed and managed. This book reveals the making of one of the greatest and most iconic players on the planet as told by father and son, with exclusive insights into Neymar's life and career, his achievements and his aspirations as he prepares to spearhead Brazil's World Cup challenge in the summer of 2014.

F2 World of Football

Author : The F2
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'The F2 are unbelievable - what they do is not possible!' - Pelé We're The F2 and this is our World of Football. Inside we give away the biggest secrets of the greatest footballers on the planet. Want tricks like Neymar? Or to hit free-kicks like Ronaldo? Or to dribble like Messi? We show you how. We've been travelling the world, meeting the biggest stars, like Gareth Bale, Ronaldinho, Mesut Özil, Pelé and Stevie G, and now we give you the lowdown on what they're really like, and how they got their edge. We'll also let you in on our journey from aspiring pros to YouTube superstars with over 10 million followers. Want to know how to become a social media star? That's inside too. There's a free app to download that will make these pages come to life with exclusive videos, tricks and games. So, what are you waiting for? Open, read, learn, download and get out on the pitch and practise. Love, peace and tekkers, Billy and Jez, aka The F2 Enter the F2 World of Football competition!! Submit your pre-order confirmation for a chance to win a selection of amazing prizes, including having your book delivered to your door by Billy and Jez and featuring on their Vlog! Go to for all the details.

Do You Speak Football

Author : Tom Williams
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Format : PDF, Docs
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'At last, the definitive guide to football phraseology across the world... Sparky and very funny.' Paul Hayward, Daily Telegraph ''Amusing and informative in equal measure.' Oliver Kay, The Times An expertly compiled and utterly fascinating compendium of the weird and wonderful words and phrases used to describe football around the world. To speak football is to speak a language of a thousand tongues... In this ground-breaking global glossary of football words and phrases, you'll discover the rich, quirky and joyously creative language used by fans, commentators and players across the world. From placing a shot 'where the owl sleeps' in Brazil, to what it means to use your 'chocolate leg' in the Netherlands, via Wembley-Tor – a phrase adopted by Germans to describe a dubious goal – this comprehensively researched book will entertain and inform in equal measure. Discover the unfortunate Finnish term for a holding midfielder, what it means when South Korean fans get nostalgic about a 'Leeds season' and why Dundee United supporters should keep their heads down in Nigeria. With over 700 terms from 89 countries (including 29 ways to describe a nutmeg), this is the definitive guide to the global language of football.

Running the Smoke

Author : Michael McEwan
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Format : PDF, ePub
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It is the world's most iconic road race It is 26.2 miles of world-famous landmarks, cheers, tears, sweat, pain, courage, determination and inspiration It is triumph over adversity on a colossal scale It is the London Marathon and it's an event unlike any other Running the Smoke tells the story of what it's like to take part in the London Marathon in the most enlightening and enriching way possible: from the perspectives of twenty-six different runners who have been there and done it. Michael McEwan delves to the heart of these runners' stories, discovering their reasons for running and revealing the drive that has seen them cross the finishing line. From global superstars Sir Steve Redgrave and Michael Lynagh to legends in the running world such as Liz McColgan and Dick Beardlsey, from fun-runners like Lloyd Scott who ran the 2002 race in a deep-sea diving suit, to heroes of a different kind in multiple amputee Jamie Andrew, 7/7 terrorist attack survivor Jill Tyrrell, or Sadie Phillips who has twice defeated cervical cancer, Running the Smoke lifts the lid on an array astonishing stories that are often heart-breaking, always heart-warming – and endlessly inspirational. Whether you are preparing for your first marathon or your 100th, Running the Smoke will give you the encouragement, insight and belief you need to follow in the footsteps of these remarkable individuals.

Fiction Invention and Hyper reality

Author : Carole M. Cusack
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The twentieth century was a period of rapid change for religion. Secularisation resulted in a dramatic fall in church attendance in the West, and the 1950s and 1960s saw the introduction of new religions including the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), the Church of Scientology, and the Children of God. New religions were regarded with suspicion by society in general and Religious Studies scholars alike until the 1990s, when the emergence of a second generation of 'new new' religions – based on popular cultural forms including films, novels, computer games and comic books – and highly individualistic spiritualities confirmed the utter transformation of the religio-spiritual landscape. Indeed, Scientology and ISKCON appeared almost traditional and conservative when compared to the radically de-institutionalised, eclectic, parodic, fun-loving and experimental fiction-based, invented and hyper-real religions. In this book, scholarly treatments of cutting-edge religious and spiritual trends are brought into conversation with contributions by representatives of Dudeism, the Church of All Worlds, the Temple of the Jedi Order and Tolkien spirituality groups. This book will simultaneously entertain, shock, challenge and delight scholars of religious studies, as well as those with a wider interest in new religious movements.

School Library Journal

Author :
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Neymar the authorised biography

Author : Mauro Beting
File Size : 36.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Neymar Jr. rejected, at the age of 13, a millionaire offer to leave Brazil that many would consider too good to refuse. When he chose to stay, his talent and simplicity assured him the respect of fans of all teams and the idolatry of Santos’ fans. Irreverent and unique, today the player accumulates achievements and fans in all four corners of the world. And, like few athletes of his generation, managed to bring the excitement back to the football fields and brought up the true meaning of the word ‘family’ – and also the word ‘FATHER’! In this illustrated book, father and son retell the trajectory of Juninho. From a tragic accident at four months of age, through his difficult childhood, the rapid progress through the youth ranks of Santos, his father’s overprotection, the backstage of the world of football, the second refusal of an offer from an European Club in 2010, the excitement of his titles and awards, and his relationship with his son, Davi Lucca. The book also contains previously unpublished revelations about the player’s transfer to Barcelona and his plans for the future. A truly indispensable read!

I m with the Cosmos

Author : Steve Hunt
File Size : 79.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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I'm with the Cosmos' was the phrase New York Cosmos players used to get a table reserved at the city's best restaurants or skip the queue at the glamorous Studio 54 nightclub. And it was one Steve Hunt became used to trotting out, after he was transferred from Aston Villa to New York Cosmos at the tender age of 20, having played just seven times for the first team at Villa. He walked straight into a world of celebrity and a team of superstars including two of the world's finest players, Pele and Franz Beckenbauer. This is Steve's story of those heady days in New York - but also a stellar career back in England during the early 1980s. Returning to the West Midlands, Steve played for Coventry City, West Bromwich Albion and returned to his beloved Aston Villa for a second spell - and at the age of 28, he won the first of two England caps under Bobby Robson, realising an ambition held since early childhood. This is Steve's story, and in it he writes frankly about his football career, as well as his life outside the game. Steve Hunt collaborated with Ian McCauley on his autobiography. Ian is a former teacher, now living on the Isle of Wight. This is his first book although he enjoys writing short stories for pleasure. Ian is a Birmingham City supporter and Steve - a lifelong Aston Villa fan - has long since forgiven him.