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Footsteps of truth ed by C R Hurditch

Author : Charles Russell Hurditch
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To Tell the Truth

Author : Hope Beryl-Green
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Standing alone against people who wanted me dead, people who had controlled me from infancy, I was terrified! My rescuer said, "You and Papa God are a majority. He is bigger than all of them!" Freedom was a battle that I had waged with the Lord since infancy, and I was finally free! Walk with me as I take you on a journey through my life...This journey will expose the evil of sex slavery, government-sponsored mind control, and the Illuminati's existence in our culture. You will see the effect this has had on millions of victims all over the world. You will see the effect of the torture and abuse victims suffer, how it affects this country, and how it is affecting you personally! I will expose ways you can protect yourself and be aware of the schemes of the enemy. Papa God is giving the church, and this country a call to action to stand and see the truth! Wake up, Church. Let's unite and destroy the enemy!

Showers of Enlightenment

Author : Rhonda Adams
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In Showers of Enlightenment you will be encouraged to research God's Word to easily find enlightening facts that will truly help enhance spiritual growth. Within these studies you will: • Discover what mysterious search God has been on for thousands of years. • See what Jesus reveals about why heaven is such a mystery, when it's found, and the two treasures to be aware of. • Discover some amazing truths that Jesus and the apostle Paul revealed about judgment of the redeemed, and judgment on the world. • Understand the mysteries about the ears that hear God, ears that do not, and unbelief. • Learn some very enlightening truths that Jesus revealed about the effect that our words have in our lives now, and the effect they will have on the coming Day of Judgment. • Get a brief, close-up look at two hidden kingdoms, and the effect each can have on the souls of humanity.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Author : Erna Van Wyk
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It is a harsh world that we find ourselves living in, a daily struggle to survive. For the Christian the struggle is two folded for to survive spiritually is even harder. It is a daily struggle to stay on your feet spiritually and stand firm in what you believe. The pressure to conform to the world and give in to the pressure not to give up the things you know and your way of living that is so familiar and comforting to you, is so strong. There is little or no victory in your spiritual life and at the end of the day you look back at the wrong choices you made and feel so disappointed in yourself and worse, so guilty before God that you can't face Him in prayer. If you are one of my brothers or sister that are still seeking and know there must be something more for you are still spiritually weak, in chains, hungry and seeking, can't let go of the old person and still wants to be part of the world, come with me on our journey and let the Truth set you free and the Holy Spirit change your life and way of thinking.

Petros Faces the Truth

Author : Robert Elias Najemy
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A powerful and captivating love story about Petro who seeks to adjust to life after his near death experience. He then finds himself with his friends and their wives confronted by the choice to either reveal their deepest secrets to all or else die. A story about learning to express and accept the truth about ourselves.

Truth Seekers

Author : Sid Roth
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You will be inspired by these ten amazing stories-seekers who walked different paths in life, yet shared one common passion-LOVE FOR THE TRUTH. They all desired lasting answers. They all knew that religion alone could never satisfy their spiritual thirst. They longed for supernatural revelation-transformation-ultimate reality. Co-authors Sid Roth and Mike Shreve were both extreme seekers. Sid practiced psychic mind control. Mike ran a Kundalini Yoga ashram. Then they both had amazing encounters with God that changed everything. Their spiritual journeys are featured in this book, along with eight others: Robin Harfouche - a rising star in Hollywood who experienced the dark side of the psychic realm, then received a miracle healing from God Stanley Petrowski- a student of the world's mystery religions who met God on a trek through the Himalayan Mountains Michael Graham - a prominent follower of Swami Muktananda and teacher of the Avatar© Course who finally experienced true enlightenment Laurette Willis - a Hatha Yoga teacher who was quite startled when God asked her a 'dangerous question' Rafi Cohen - an advanced disciple of Sai Baba who received an astonishing revelation Vail Carruth - a teacher of Transcendental Meditation who learned the power of the Name of the Lord Jean LaCour - a political activist who turned to yoga and Rosicrucianism before finding "the Way" John Alper - a follower of Yogananda who discovered the fountain of infinite life Not only did they seek the truth - THEY FOUND IT!

Telling the Truth to Troubled People

Author : William Backus
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A clinical psychologist and associate pastor in a large suburban church, author William Backus here provides background information, counseling techniques, terminology and scriptural basis for bringing counseling back into the Church. Integrating both biblical and psychological facts, he shows the reader how to use "Misbelief Therapy" as presented in the bestseller Telling Yourself the Truth in helping Christian counselors show their patients how to overcome their psychological and emotional problems. Chapters include issues such as: --Why counseling belongs in the Church --The limits of counseling --Truth, the core of counseling --Anxiety disorders--when fear moves in --Schizophrenia (departure from reality) --Sexual deviation Dr. Backus gives the counselor many case histories and dialogue exchanges to help amplify and apply the counseling techniques. Review questions at the end of each chapter make it an ideal group study book for a lay counseling class.

The Truth Seeker

Author : Scarlet B. Rose
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Siblings Gabrielle and Michael are taken on an adventure of a lifetime as they go in search of artefacts and truth. On their adventure, they meet some very unlikely companions and lifelong friends, as well as foes. Gabrielles journey will take her on a dangerous path, one of self-discovery and pain, love and loss. With a path already chosen for her, can she fight fate and destiny, or will she be doomed by her prophecy?

Lead with Truth

Author : Qiana O'Leary
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The sacrificial nature of juggling instructional, operational, managerial, and collegial goals often leaves school leaders feeling so desperate to resolve conflicts that they lose self, abandoning their core values and forgetting their "why." In this timely and impactful resource, author and professor "Dr. O" draws on her own leadership journey– a journey where she remained true to her beliefs and commitment to serve BIPOC communities, even when that meant choosing the road less traveled--offering nine anchor principles to help guide educational leaders in returning to their core values; communicate and build trusting relationships with staff members, students, and parents; and recognize their self-worth beyond their role on school campuses. Lead with Truth is an interactive text that invites you to identify learning objectives and reflect on guided questions throughout the chapters, each of which ends in activities geared to help you make personal connections with the content. This engaging resource is for current and aspiring school leaders who aim to make lifelong impacts and transform their practice, while remaining true to their own beliefs.

Between Truth and Illusion

Author : John O'Loughlin
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Mr O'Loughlin's first exercise in philosophy, dating from 1977, takes as its starting-point an analysis of the inter-relativity of dualities and expands, via a series of aphoristic essays and dramatic lessons, towards a dialogue climax in which the two - inevitably! - characters discuss the implications of a dualistic philosophy both as it impacts on theory and practice. Although the author didn't realize it at the time, truth and illusion are a lot closer together than may at first appear to be the case, even if one doesn't necessarily have to get between them!