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The Fragrance of Love

Author : Irene Ord
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The Fragrance of Love

Author : Katharine Eggleston. [from old catalog] Junkermann
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The Fragrance of Love

Author : C. Abhijit
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A poem should be there Touching your depth and soul Where monsoon's fragrance lies With the oldest definition of love --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Let's come and start a conversation One day no words will be left to say It'll lead to the silence Which will give birth to love--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wish was to touch youBefore you turn cold like iceWish was to sink my limitationsIn your large skyWhere dreams would burnLike stars and moon------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Fragrance of Love

Author : Dan Davidson
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-- The perfect Thinking of You gift for Valentine's Day -- Billboard-style format makes reading easy and funIn the tradition of The Fragrance of Christmas, Dan and Dave Davidson have come up with a new book-and-potpourri gift set. This delightful book is packed with quips, quotations and quiet moments all centered around the theme of love. Packaged with fragrant potpourri, it becomes the perfect gift of love for anyone, anytime.

The Divine Perfume of Love

Author : Jogmohan Kapur
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In inspirational spells, these poems were dictated me in my quest for the unknown, and I became a conduit for a spiritual message to the world. These mystical verses are joyous ecstasies of pure love and the hidden message of universal love to humanity, for life without the soul-stirring experience of pure love is but an emptiness of soul. They are in the tradition of Sufi mystical poetry of the past. Beloved becomes God, and love is religion. We are all tied in this universal love and oneness of the human race. These verses contain the wine of timelessness and the profundity of its essence lies not in what is written, but what is not written. These are not verses to satisfy the senses, but the thirst of the soul. They start with human love and transcend into divine love. These lines have the perfume of pure love that lead us to dialogue with eternity or Pure Consciousness. These verses go beyond the 5 basic senses of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste, the sixth Rasa of mind or intellect, and takes us to the 7th Rasa, which is the supreme Rasa of Divinity.

The Beautiful Fragrance of Love

Author : Stacy Y. Whyte
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The Beautiful Fragrance of Love illustrates your essence as a beautiful creation that is priceless. You are an extraordinary gift that deserves to experience the kind of love that will transform every faucet of your life in a positive manner. It will inspire you to live purposely with love in your heart and have fun being the gem in the relationship without the residues from the past. You will discover your unique virtue of love as you embark upon your dating, relationship and marriage journey. Finally, each chapter provides biblical scriptures and practical steps towards leading you in the direction of love.

A Fragrance Called Love

Author : Ren Aduma
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Satomi Nonomura is a very lovely but lazy woman. Spending most of her days eating junk food and playing video games, she has her own personal slave--her feeble cousin--to cook and clean for her. Whenever he asks "Sato-nee" for some help, Satomi knows that she can walk all over him and he'll always be there to take it. Unfortunately that's not the case anymore, because due to Satomi's selfishness, he's moving out, leaving Satomi to realize how deeply she cares for him. It's now or never for Sato-nee to show her true feelings to her little slave and if she needs to be a little rough, she'll go all in!

Love s Fragrance

Author : Fabian D Falls
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LOVE'S FRAGRANCE is a book written by Fabian D. Falls.

Eau de Cult

Author : Timothy Williams
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Eau de Cult The essence of a Cult, or as the French say, Eau de Cult, reminds us that the church should permeate with the fragrance of Christ. This book reveals how many slanderously labeled the first church a cult because of their love for one another. How can the church today recapture the love that filled the New Testament church? Within these pages you will find the keys to a fresh, pure, and amazing love that Jesus has in store for his people. Speaking from his experience as a pastor, the author shares how he found this type of fellowship costly, but worth the price. To love as Jesus loved means that your church, like the first church, may find itself falsely labeled a cult. To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life. -2 Corinthians 2:16a


Author : Katharine Eggleston Junkermann
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