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Four Tales by Zelide

Author : Geoffrey Scott
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Four psychologically astute 18th century stories that anticipate later ideas of emancipation.

Four Tales from Byzantium

Author : Howard Mitcham
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Four Tales

Author : Philip Pullman
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The Firework Maker's Daughter I Was A Rat! Clockwork The Scarecrow and His Servant A devilish inventor, a girl who must face a Fire Fiend, a scarecrow brought to life by a bolt of lightning, and a boy who can only say the words 'I Was a Rat!' . . . Drawing on the rich tradition of fairytales, these are four incredible stories that will obsess and enchant readers. Includes a prologue and epilogue from the uniquely talented Philip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials

Four Tales of Terror

Author : Robert E. Howard
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Four blood-curdling tales of horror and terror, from the mighty pen of the infamous Robert E. Howard! THE DREAM SNAKE, THE HYENA, THE FEARSOME TOUCH OF DEATH, and THE CAIRN ON THE HEADLAND! Robert E. Howard truly impresses with this collection!

Disney Aladdin Four Tales of Agrabah Graphic Novel

Author : Corinna Bechko
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"A graphic novel anthology expanding on Disney's live-action feature film Aladdin. Four tales bring the individuality and spirit of Aladdin and friends to the forefront, and connect to the events of the film in stories set before and during the film"--

The Wayfarer Four Tales

Author : Nerine Dorman
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Available for a limited time — four complete works by Nerine Dorman. RAVEN KIN Silas is the last of a rare species of alchemical creature, and he’s quite content in his role as his mistress’s favoured companion. Anwyn is kind, and in his eyes a goddess. What more could a griffin ask for? Only all is not perfect in the city of Anfi, where unfortunates are considered chattel, and the shift from noble to slave can happen overnight. Mistresses, however kind, do not possess divine powers. And fate has other plans for Anwyn. Silas must learn all that there is about what it means to be raven kin. Pampered pets don’t live long when they’re left out in the cold. The might of the Janian Empire is great, yet when Silas finds himself embarking on a desperate mission, he discovers that there are things greater even than an empire. And empires crumble. ***** IN SOUTHERN DARKNESS A young woman will go to great lengths to discover the truth behind her ex-boyfriend’s supposed death, even if it means travelling into the unknown, with little or no resources. A vampire and a mortal share a passion for music, and a forbidden mutual fascination at the mercy of greater powers. These two novellas by Nerine Dorman have now been revised and re-released, this time as the In Southern Darkness duology, and reflect a dark vision for lovers of South African speculative fiction. ***** THE GUARDIAN'S WYRD Sometimes having a fairytale prince as a best friend can be a real pain. Jay didn't realise that sticking up for Rowan, the gangly new kid at school, would plunge him into the dangers and politics of the magical realm of Sunthyst. But if anyone is up for the challenge it's Jay September. With his trusty dog, Shadow, at his side, he braves the Watcher in the dark that guards the tunnels between the worlds, and undertakes a dangerous quest to rescue the prince. It's a race against time – can he sneak Prince Rowan away from under King Lessian's nose and bring him safely back home – all before the prince's sixteenth birthday? Or is Rowan's mother, the exiled Queen Persia, secretly trying to hold onto her power by denying her son his birthright? Jay is ready for anything, except, perhaps, the suffocating darkness of the tunnels. And that howling … ***** DAWN'S BRIGHT TALONS They are as night to day–but blood will tell when facing a common enemy. A sought-after dancer in the upmarket Moonlit Garden, Isabeau Letier, has not given her future much thought. All that matters is the art of dance, and charming wealthy patrons into parting with a few extra coins. She has her exotic good looks and her youth. What could possibly go wrong? When a mysterious nobleman pays her undue attention, Isabeau’s darker, bloodthirsty nature awakens and she kills him with her bare hands after he follows her home. Even worse, she drinks and enjoys his blood. Her brother, Eric, returns home to this disturbing tableau yet remains calm even as the corpse sifts to ash in the morning sun. Isabeau has no choice but to follow her sibling’s lead. Not many people know that Michel Roux, owner of a slightly down-at-heel theatre in the District of Paper Lanterns, is a vampire. He prefers to keep things that way and steer clear of the petty politicking of the city's vampiric subculture. When his estranged sire, Tomas, goes missing, and his grandsire sets him the task of solving the mystery, Michel is unwillingly dragged into all of the very dangerous games he thought he’d left behind him. Isabeau and Michel become unlikely allies as they try to wriggle their way out of being the pawns in a game where they don’t know the rules. Isabeau’s ancient heritage is a danger, not only to herself, but to the established hierarchies at odds with one another in the city of Ysul, and the elders are desperate to either control her — or kill her. As events unwind, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate friend from foe, and as the two flee for their lives they must also explore the true nature of the bond that they've forged and uncover the ages-old secrets that have pushed them onto this path. Warring factions are about to overturn centuries of custom, and two young people are marked to pay the price — in blood.

Twenty four tales of the English Church by G E Biber

Author : George Edward Biber
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Four Tales

Author : Isabelle de Charrière
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Dark Gods

Author : T. E. D. Klein
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Four stories, "Children of the Kingdom," "Petey," "Black Man With a Horn," and "Nadelman's God," deal with creatures of the urban night, a hungry beast, a ritual murder, and terrifying apparitions.


Author : Ravi Ranjan Goswami
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Short stories inspired by the native culture and values. Excerpt from a story- "After a while, she looked through the window and saw the man was not there. When Guddi and Chutki returned from school Sushma had already opened the door and stood there fearing that man. The man was nowhere in sight then."

Four Tales

Author : James Hogg
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James Hogg's incomparable stories of the supernatural hark back to the oral traditions of his own upbringing and tales of wonder around the fireside. The Brownie of the Black Haggs tells of the eerie relationship between the violent-tempered Lady Wheelhope and her strange servant, the ill-favoured Merodach, who has 'the form of a boy, but the features of a hundred years old'. The Cameronian Preacher's Tale tells of murder, spiritual apparition and God's justice in a world of hidden bodies and uncertain witnesses. Mary Burnet is one of the 'traditionary tales' that Hogg loved to recount, while his poem Kilmeny offers another account of faerie visitation and a virgin's vision of the future. All of these pieces explore themes that echo in his masterpiece, The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner.

Op Non Cit

Author : Alan Isler
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A collection of four novellas, each with the theme of the Jew in the non-Jewish world. They move in time through the last four centuries and in space from east to west, sharing a blend of comedy and tragedy.

The Bacon Fancier

Author : Alan Isler
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The author of The Prince of West End Avenue, which won the National Jewish Book Award, presents four stories set in successive centuries and linked by the common theme of Jewish experiences in the Gentile world. 25,000 first printing.

Four Tales

Author : Joseph Conrad
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Four Tales on the King s Hill

Author : Ramūnas Janušauskas
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The Tale of Amon

Author : Jeff Reedy
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Amon is a trained member of the team of immortal time travelers now. But the bad guys just declared war. Will Amon, Amy, and the team be able to protect their new arrivals?

Four Tales of Love and Wonder

Author : Michael Davidson
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Fire and Ice came to me on a morning while living in Sierra Madre, California. It was like watching a film, and I simply wrote what I saw. The Grave was an experiment in writing in a different style, and was written after visiting an overgrown and disorganized graveyard in the hills east of Cambria, California. Meet Me at Ala Mar is a fictional tale focused on a quaint motel on the Cabrillo Highway in Santa Barbara, California, overlooking the Santa Barbara harbor. It tells the story of a beautiful and passionate woman who meets, clandestinely, with a man at the Ala Mar Motel. My Life with Luke and Heidi is auto-biographical. It was written two months after my dog Luke died. You may have noticed some similarities between, ‘Meet me at Alar Mar’ and ‘My Life with Luke and Heidi. It was done consciously. The Stories and the writing styles of these four tales could not be more dissimilar. There is, however, a similar theme that reveals itself in each book. Can you find it?

Four Arabian Tales

Author : Mustafa Rostom
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The four tales depicted in this book look at the special journey and experiences of young Muslims in the forest, desert, jungle and sea. Young Muslim characters in these stories come across special talkative land and sea creatures which helps them to better understand Islam and way of life. Meet Ahmed and his brother Mahmoud as they come across an evil old gypsy and sultan in their dark enchanted forest journey. And their treasure discovery leads them to greater rewards. Abdullah and his sister Eman are guided through the vast dry desert by Coco the Camel in the month of Ramadan. And their great escape from the Food Monster which helps them to retrieve the special Eid gifts for the needy. Fisherman Yunus and his three sons are capsized on a remote island, and the young boys sea adventure helps them to explore the lifestyles of different talkative under water creatures. And their great help to some of the sea creatures helps them to discover a precious oyster pearl which helps to benefit them and the fish market. And Jacob's jungle story with the Pilgrims to Mecca, treads along some of the dangers of the furious Wa Wee Jungle. But the great help of Haboob the friendly Elephant allows Jacob and the Pilgrims to overcome evil jungle characters, and retrieve Hajji Sadiqa's golden beads.

Four Elegiac Tales

Author :
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Four Summoner s Tales

Author : Kelley Armstrong
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Four bestselling authors. One hellraising premise. What if the dead could be summoned from their graves—for a price? What if a quartet of distinctive storytellers took a stab at this deceptively simple idea—on a dare? The answers lie here, in Four Summoner’s Tales, as these acclaimed writers accept the challenge and rise to the occasion—in four brilliantly chilling ways. It’s all in the execution. . . “SUFFER THE CHILDREN” BY KELLEY ARMSTRONG, #1 New York Times bestselling author A preacher and his adopted daughter must solve the mystery of the newcomers to their isolated 19th century village—men who are preying on residents' overwhelming grief with promises to bring the stricken back to life. “PIPERS” BY CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN, New York Times bestselling author Twenty-three people have already lost their lives to the ruthless cartel terrorizing their small Texas border town. But one man has a plan for revenge, if the town’s survivors will let him use their loved ones—to raise an army of the undead. “A BAD SEASON FOR NECROMANCY” BY DAVID LISS, National bestselling author In merry old England, a rascally con man stumbles upon a book for raising the dead. But instead of using it to make money by reviving relatives for the rich, he'll do just the opposite. Because some family skeletons need to stay buried. “ALIVE DAY” BY JONATHAN MABERRY, New York Times bestselling author In war-torn Afghanistan, a U.S. military operative and his team face off against an ancient horror during a harrowing off-the-books search-and-rescue mission.