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Four Children and It

Author : Jacqueline Wilson
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The new bestseller from Jacqueline Wilson, creator of Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather and The Illustrated Mum, is a funny, moving and heartwarming story of four children who discover a way to make wishes come true. Echoing the classic E Nesbit novel, Five Children and It, this new story from this mega-selling author, winner of the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize, is a brilliant read not just for those familiar with the original book but for any of Wilson's millions of fans.

We re Going on a Bear Hunt in Bengali and English

Author : Michael Rosen
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Children's Fiction

e First Students Classics Five Children And It

Author : Edith Nesbit
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Suitable for children 8-12 years old, great literary classics are retold in full-colour, graphic novel style. The story is engaging and easy to read and a child's first exposure to great classics and remarkable authors. Excellent as introductory readers to great literary works.

FIVE CHILDREN AND IT a Children s Adventure Story

Author : Edith Nesbit
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Five Children and IT is a children’s book, no. 1 of The Psammead cycle, written by Edit Nesbit and published in 1902. It has never been out of print since. The story begins when a group of children move from London to the countryside of Kent. The five children are Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane, and their baby brother, known as the Lamb. One day they are playing in a gravel pit when they uncover a rather grumpy, ugly, and occasionally malevolent Psammead – an ancient sand-fairy with ability to grant wishes. The Psammead persuades the children to take one wish each day to be shared among them, with the caveat that the wishes will turn to stone at sunset. This, apparently, used to be the rule in the Stone Age, when all that children wished for was food, the bones of which then became fossils. The children's first wish is to be "as beautiful as the day". The wish ends at sunset and its effects simply vanish, leading the Psammead to observe that some wishes are too fanciful to be changed to stone. As expected, all the wishes go comically wrong. The children wish to be beautiful, but the servants do not recognise them and shut them out of the house. They wish to be rich, then find themselves with a gravel-pit full of gold spade guineas that no shop will accept as they were removed from circulation in 1816, so they can't buy anything. A wish for wings seems to be going well, but at sunset the children find themselves stuck on top of a church bell tower with no way down, getting them into trouble with the gamekeeper who must take them home - and so the wishing and the ensuing adventures continue. The book was made into a film in 2004 featuring Freddie Highmore, Jonathan Bailey. Jessica Claridge, Poppy Rogers and Alec Muggleton, with Kenneth Branagh as Uncle Albert and Tara Fitzgerald as the mother. It has won a number of awards and been nominated for a Bafta. 10% of the profit from the sale of this book is donated to charities. ================= KEYWORDS/TAGS: Five children and It, 5, action, adventure, Beautiful, Golden Guineas, Wanted, Wings, Castle, No Dinner, Siege, Bed, Bigger, Baker's Boy, Grown Up, Scalps, Last Wish, Psammead cycle, Glorious Rush, Round the Garden, Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane, little lamb, Door, Hutch, Scream, Baby, acknowledgement, Martha, Empty, Toilet-jug, pour Cold Water, falling Rain, Slow Drops, Anthea's Face. Stagger, Mr. Beale, Snatch, Coin, Pocket, Martha, Policeman, Mr Peasemarsh, Lucky Children, Gravel Pit, Poof, Grab, Double-quick Time, Twinkling Legs, Two Gypsy Women, Sand-fairy, Blow, fly over, Rochester, Farmer, Pockets, Fast Asleep, The Keeper, Deep-Chested, Keyhole, Castle, Black, Stately, Drag, Reluctant, Tear, Splash, Moat-water, Leadhole, Sammyadd, Haystack, Strange Sensation, Pony-carriage, Giant, Pale and Trembling, Time's Up, Case, Garden Spade, Tickling His Nose, Twig, Honeysuckle, Bicycle, Punctured State, Evidence, Struggle, Missionary Box, Poker, Pow-wow, Bright Knives, Brandished, Clasp, Loving Arms, Obedient, Burrow, Disappear, Scratching,

Five Children and It

Author : E. Nesbit
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Five Children and It is a delightful children's story for young readers or as a read aloud. The story begins when a group of siblings find a sand-fairy who can grant wishes that last only one day. Their wishes all go comically wrong in this fun adventure story for children. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This eBook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes

Logic Language and Computation

Author : Guram Bezhanishvili
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th International Tbilisi Symposium on Logic, Language, and Computation, TbiLLC 2011, held in Kutaisi, Georgia, in September 2011. The book consists of summaries of 3 tutorials presented at the symposium together with 13 full papers that were carefully reviewed and selected from the submissions. The papers are organized in two sections, one on Language and one on Logic and Computation. The range of topics covered in the Language section includes natural language syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, frames in natural language semantics, linguistic typology, and discourse phenomena. The papers in the Logic and Computation section cover such topics as constructive, modal, algebraic, and philosophical logic, as well as logics for computer science applications.

Five Children on the Western Front

Author : Kate Saunders
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In this incredible, heart-wrenching story reminiscent of E. Nesbit’s Five Children and It, Kate Saunders illustrates the power of war but the even greater power of family, and the love that carries us out of the darkness of despair into the light of hope. The sand fairy, also known as the Psammead, is merely a creature from stories Lamb and Edith have heard their older brothers and sisters tell . . . until he suddenly reappears. Lamb and Edith are pleased to have something to take their minds off the war, but this time the Psammead’s magic might have a serious purpose. Before their adventure ends, all will be changed, and the Lamb and Edith will have seen the Great War from every possible viewpoint—that of factory workers, soldiers and sailors, and nurses. But most of all, the war’s impact will be felt by those left behind, at the very heart of their family. Praise for Five Children on the Western Front Winner of the Costas Award for Children’s Fiction ★ “An irresistible read.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review “Skillful and deeply moving.” —The Guardian “A rewarding experience.”—Booklist “Saunders strikes a surprisingly successful balance between the mischievous magic of the sand fairy and the harsh realities of wartime England.” —The Bulletin “A dramatic, heartrending look at World War I’s far-reaching consequences for families and individuals.”—SLJ “An emotionally resonant, engaging story of personal growth (the siblings’) and moral education (the Psammead’s). With issues of social and gender inequality and a compassionate take on the ruins of war, it’s historically convincing, thought-provoking, and sensitive.”—The Horn Book Magazine

When Mothers Pimp Their Daughters Out to Catch a Rapist for a Husband

Author : Sarah Mandy
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This a very true story about five children who their mother was very abusive especially two the oldest daughter and youngest son because they look like their fathers family. The mother hire with full knowledge that the man she hire in a county hospital was coming out of Iowa State Penitentiary of state of Michigan for raping a fifteen year girl. His parole officer had told the charge nurse, who is getting a divorce make sure to tell this rapist she is chasing all over the hospital on night shift that she has three daughters who are ages six, four, and two years old along with two sons they are eight and five. This rapist is on his three marriage as well as two years younger than the mother, they start out talking as well as going to the attic a lot on their shift to have sex. Then it is time to bring him home to meet these little children who she will gladly let him take control of their lives. The three daughters still graduate from high school and college, one ever service in the US Marine Corp. The girls grew into wonderful mothers have made wonderful lives as for the two brothers they were murdered in the middle thirties.

Orphanages Reconsidered

Author : Nurith Zmora
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Countering the Dickensian stereotypes, Orphanages Reconsidered portrays how three private orphanages in Baltimore responded to the need of poor, single parents for boarding schools for their children. These innovative institutions also served as pivotal community forces, rebuilding families by providing vocational training, keeping siblings together, and encouraging orphans to maintain close ties with relatives.Fastidious research shows how the institutions-Jewish, non-denominational Protestant, and Catholic-differed in their ethnic and religious priorities, their financial support, their staffing, and their relations with the community. Nurith Zmora embellishes her portraits with institutional records, letters from the children, and published autobiographies. Author note: Nurith Zmora is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Delaware.

Farewell Don t Forget Me

Author : Ted Theodore
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This memoir chronicles three southern European clans, their migration to the United States, and intertwining, as well as hard working, warm, loving, and close-knit personal values they bestowed on their kin. Their story flows across Europe and North America from the mid 19th to the late 20th centuries. Family bonds survived and strengthened despite parental and sibling deaths, boarding schools, upheavals in occupied Romania during WW I, personal tragedies, separations imposed by WW II and the Communist bloc, civil war, and financial struggles. The Theodosious present a microcosm of southern European immigration to the United States in the earliest 1900s. From seemingly endless lines of railroad track stretching out before repair gangs of excited young Greeks in their first jobs in America to opening of substantial business establishments, they were comforted in the knowledge their toils would someday benefit their progeny.