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Foundations for Syriac Lexicography III

Author : Janet Dyk
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Biblical Lexicology Hebrew and Greek

Author : Eberhard Bons
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Lexicography, together with grammatical studies and textual criticism, forms the basis of biblical exegesis. Recent decades have seen much progress in this field, yet increasing specialization also tends to have the paradoxical effect of turning exegesis into an independent discipline, while leaving lexicography to the experts. The present volume seeks to renew and intensify the exchange between the study of words and the study of texts. This is done in reference to both the Hebrew source text and the earliest Greek translation, the Septuagint. Questions addressed in the contributions to this volume are how linguistic meaning is effected, how it relates to words, and how words may be translated into another language, in Antiquity and today. Etymology, semantic fields, syntagmatic relations, word history, neologisms and other subthemes are discussed. The main current and prospective projects of biblical lexicology or lexicography are presented, thus giving an idea of the state of the art. Some of the papers also open up wider perspectives of interpretation.

Foundations for Syriac Lexicography II

Author : P. J. Williams
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Supplement to the Thesaurus Syriacus of R Payne Smith

Author : J. P. Margoliouth
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Dress Hermeneutics and the Hebrew Bible

Author : Antonios Finitsis
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Antonios Finitsis and contributors continue their examination of dress and clothing in the Hebrew Bible in this collection of illuminating essays. Straddling the divide between the material and the ideological, this book lends shape and texture to topics including social standing, agency, and the motif of cloth and clothing in Esther. Essays also explore the function of dress metaphors in imprecatory Psalms, the symbolic function of headdresses, and the divine clothing of Adam and Eve and the hermeneutics of trauma recovery. Together, the contributors continue to shape scholarly discourse on a growing body of scholarship on dress in the Bible. By turning their analytical gaze to this primary evidence, the contributors are able to reveal the social, psychological, aesthetic, ideological and symbolic meanings of dress in the Hebrew Bible, thereby producing insights into the literature and cultural world of the ancient Near East.

The Lord of the Gospel of John

Author : Paul C.J. Riley
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In the Gospel of John, one aspect of Jesus' divinity is his lordship. Paul C.J. Riley examines Jesus' lordship through the use of one Christological title, kyrios, a word which can be translated as Lord, master, owner or sir. Because kyrios is often used by characters in the narrative, Riley considers it from a narrative perspective. As a result, the first question he examines is how kyrios functions. In addition, due to textual variation for some occurrences of kyrios, the next question addressed is where kyrios is. From a firm narrative and textual foundation, the final question the author asks is what kyrios means. The answers to these three questions provide a comprehensive understanding of Jesus' divine lordship in the Gospel of John.

Thesaurus Syriacus

Author : R. Payne Smith
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A Clear and Learned Explication of the History of Our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ

Author : Cionysius Bar Salibib
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The Expression of Emotions in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

Author : Shih-Wei Hsu
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The Expression of Emotions in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia offers an overview of the study of emotions in ancient texts and discusses the concept of emotions in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Getting into the Text

Author : Daniel L. Akin
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David Alan Black has been one of the leading voices in New Testament studies over the last forty years. His contributions to Greek grammar, textual criticism, the Synoptic problem, the authorship of Hebrews, and many more have challenged scholars and students to get into the text of the New Testament like never before and to rethink the status quo based on all the evidence. The present volume consists of thirteen studies, written by some of Black's colleagues, friends, and former students, on a number of New Testament topics in honor of his successful research and teaching career. Not only do they address issues that have garnered his attention over the years, they also extend the scholarly discussion with up-to-date research and fresh evaluations of the evidence, making this book a valuable contribution in itself to the field that Black has devoted himself to since he began his career.