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Forty Communion Messages

Author : Brian Ey
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When Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper on the night he was betrayed He took bread, "And when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, "Take, eat; this is My body which is broken for you; do this in remembrance of Me." In the same manner He also took the cup after supper, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in My blood. This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me" (1Corinthians 11:24-25). Jesus specifically said to eat and drink this Communion in remembrance of Him and to eat and drink it as often as you like. Jesus also said this is My body, this is My blood. When we partake of the bread and wine by faith believing it is His body and His blood, His flesh becomes one with our flesh and His body becomes one with our body. When we believe this; healing and deliverance takes place.Over the years, I have put together these Communion messages to show us who we are and what we have in Christ, through the finished work of the Cross and what the Cross means for you and me. We must always remember what Jesus went through on the Cross and what His body and blood has brought for us. I believe you will be blessed. AMEN.

Holy Communion Is

Author : R. E. Lybrand
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What can the busy pastor say that has not already been said before, when the congregation gathers to share the Sacrament of the Altar? What new meanings and insights about this special Meal ought to be imparted before the breaking of the bread and passing of the cup? R.E. Lybrand, also a busy pastor, has created this useful resource to help you give your congregation thirteen thoughtful snapshots of this always-fresh and sometimes-too-familiar sacrament. Holy Communion is: Real Presence Refreshment Reconciliation Reunion Running No More There are messages enough in this brief resource for each month in the year. A special concluding message is designed for use on First Communion Sunday. R.E. Lybrand is pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, Rock Hill, South Carolina. A recent CSS Publishing Company publication by Pastor Lybrand is "Home is a Four-Letter Word," "Preaching Resources to Strengthen Christian Marriages and Families."

Body or the Soul

Author : Frank A. Abbott
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In the two centuries before the Quiet Revolution, the people of Quebec exercised a higher degree of independence from the Catholic Church than is often presumed. Investigating rural Quebec from the mid-eighteenth century to the turn of the twentieth, Frank Abbott argues convincingly that the obligations and priorities of the Church did not unswervingly rule the lives of its parishioners. The Body or the Soul? is a history of religious and cultural life in the parish of St-Joseph-de-Beauce. Drawing from their pastors' detailed annual reports to the archbishops of Quebec, St-Joseph’s parish registers, contemporary accounts, government censuses, and the largely unexplored oral testimony on rural life and culture found in the Archives de folklore et ethnologie at Université Laval, Abbott assesses the nature and degree of influence and control that the church exerted over the everyday lives of a rural Quebec community. He examines the telling details found in church building projects, the relationships between clergy and parishioners, attendance at Sunday mass and catechism classes, reception of communion, the persistence of what the Church termed “superstition,” traditional customs of sociability, and the degree of control that the Church exerted over the community’s social and sexual behaviour. Rich with primary sources, The Body or the Soul? reveals the tensions between Catholicism’s place in people’s lives and the independent spirit of a vigorous popular culture.

Pilgrimage to the Promised Land

Author : Gipsie Miller
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In Pilgrimage to the Promised Land, Gipsie Miller shares her lifelong journey of daily walking hand in hand with Christ. Through honest revelation of over 60,000 personal journal entries, the roadmap of her spiritual voyage comes alive. Reverting back to her initial calling as a teenager of John 14:12, she has trusted God to accomplish greater and greater measures of His purposes through her surrendered spirit. Follow in her footsteps as you learn the benefit of spiritual journaling and what it takes to day after day place your life in His hands. Get started on your Pilgrimage to the Promised Land.

Church Identity and Change

Author : David A. Roozen
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Since colonial days, religious work in American has happened through denominations. At least since the start of the twentieth century, these religious bodies consisted of a fairly tight, intra-denominationally connected system of congregations, regional judicatories, and national offices. This system was the product of more than two centuries of consolidation among Americanbs historic immigrant and indigenous churches. The vast majority of these structures are still in place, retain some semblance of internal coherence, have considerable social and religious significance, and will be with us for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, the stresses upon them today clearly indicate that they are entering an unsettled period of transition. The purpose of this book is to examine the national structures of eight diverse Protestant denominations as a part of that shift. The frame of this study is the relationship between the theological and organizational nature of national denominational structures as they adapt to the changing situation of the twenty-first century.

Who Can Take the Lord s Supper

Author : Dallas W. Vandiver
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Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are likely more basic for the church than you think. When Jesus inaugurated the new covenant by his death on the cross, he established baptism as the new covenant sign of entry and the Lord’s Supper as the new covenant sign of participation. These signs identify believers with Christ and his people. They are integral to the existence, membership, and discipline of the local church. In answer to the question “Who can take the Lord’s Supper?” this book catalogues four major positions in the broad Baptist tradition. While proponents of various views have appealed to the necessity of circumcision for participation in Passover as evidence for their position, none have adequately worked out the covenantal relationships between circumcision and baptism or Passover and the Lord’s Supper. By contrast to Reformed pedobaptist covenantal theology and in distinction from Baptist covenantal theology and dispensational theologies, this book develops the relation of these covenantal signs from a progressive-covenantal perspective. It presents an unprecedented comparison of the continuities and discontinuities between the covenant signs across the storyline of Scripture to demonstrate a biblical-theological principle that the sign of entry should precede the sign of participation.

Communion with Christ and His People

Author : Peter J. Morden
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Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) was the most famous Baptist minister of his generation. For such a significant figure, he has received surprisingly little scholarly coverage. This present work seeks to make a contribution to Spurgeon studies by examining him through the lens of his "spirituality." A wealth of primary material, much of it previously untapped, is used to build up a picture of his spiritual life. Whereas older and more recent interpretations of Spurgeon have a tendency to be one-dimensional, examination of his spirituality reveals him to be a complex figure, one who was molded by a diverse range of factors. Despite this complexity, a unifying theme for Spurgeon's spirituality is traced and fresh light is shed on the foremost popular preacher of the Victorian age.

The Ministry of Healing Illustrated

Author : Ellen G. White
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Heritage Edition: Over 200 hand drawn illustrations from a century ago. Unabridged, original text. This book helps us to see the natural laws of our bodies as the divine laws of a loving Creator. Practical counsel guides us in our day-to-day care of our physical being in ways that will greatly maintain physical health and in general provide us a longer, more productive, and enjoyable life span. The Ministry of Healing was first published in its present form in 1905. Its roots, however, began as far back as the 1860s with materials Ellen White wrote for publications such as Health Reformer, Good Health, Appeal to Mothers, How to Live, and Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene. This version is a full text rendition. Over 200 hand drawn illustrations from that era have been restored and add much to its attractiveness and study value. Christ spent more time healing and ministering to the physical needs of suffering humanity than he did to preaching. He related to people in the areas of their felt need and after gaining their attention and indebtedness he ministered to their spiritual needs, encouraging them to “go and sin no more.” He was indeed the pattern Medical Missionary. Through His example in ministry He calls not only health professionals but every admirer of His to “come and follow Me.” This book helps us to see the natural laws of our bodies as the divine laws of a loving Creator. Practical counsel guides us in our day-to-day care of our physical being in ways that will greatly maintain physical health and in general provide us a longer, more productive, and enjoyable life span. There is also much information on how to best minister to those who are suffering physically, mentally, and spiritually. There is good, practical advice on how to provide effective home health care which, in many instances, will diminish, the need for professional health care and fewer medications.

The Message of the Qur an Presented in Perspective

Author : Amir-Ali
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The Communion of the Holy Spirit

Author : Watchman Nee
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This volume is a compilation of messages given by noted Chinese pastor/author Watchman Nee at various times and places during his illustrious ministry. All relate to the communion of the Holy Spirit.

A message of peace to the distracted English nation etc By Edward Stephens

Author : Edward Stephens
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Franciscan Message

Author :
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Sermon Seeds

Author : Dottie Escobedo-Frank
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Note: This is the eBook version, and does not contain the DVD nor the DVD contents that the print version contains. If you preach, you are looking for ways to create worship experiences that keep people on the edge of their seats, straining to hear every word. Sermon Seeds helps pastors who want to approach the job of preaching more creatively by suggesting out-of-the-box surprises that bring about deeper understanding of God’s message. Creative, multifaceted sermons can happen without extensive technology, money, or staff. Sermon Seeds stirs creative juices by providing ideas that can easily be adapted for use in a variety of settings. Contains forty creative sermon starters, each complete with the Scripture passage, message theme and elements, background information, creative avenue, and suggested ending. Themes include: Passing the Mantle, The Bread-Maker God—Holy Communion, and Grace: Breaking Through the Barriers.

Life Study of Mark Messages 34 51

Author : Witness Lee
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52 Churches

Author : Peter DeHaan
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How do people experience your church for the first time? You’re about to find out. 52 Churches is the story of Peter DeHaan’s journey visiting fifty-two churches in a year and what he learned about God, faith, and how a visitor experiences church for the first time. Each church in his travels shows us a different way of encountering God and understanding our common faith. DeHaan’s methodical approach is both an enlightening experiment and an insightful perspective on what it’s like to step through the doors of an unfamiliar church. 52 Churches doesn’t rip at today’s church. It’s not a church-shopping romp or a mean-spirited journalistic exposé. Instead, it’s a gift that offers encouragement, hope, and support to the Christian Church, along with some helpful suggestions. 52 Churches will broaden your understanding of the church by discovering: • How to welcome visitors well and encourage them to return • What draws people in and what drives them away • Tips to maximize each of your service’s three greeting opportunities • Ideas to improve your congregation’s outreach and outlook • Inspiration to move from friend-focused interactions to a visitor-first perspective 52 Churches will inspire church leaders and members to rethink how visitors experience their church and to reach out to local communities more effectively. By journeying through 52 churches, you’ll gain a better understanding of the challenges facing today’s congregations, while appreciating the diversity of the local church. 52 Churches is ideal for leaders, members, and anyone who is ready to reimagine your church in a fresh way. Get your copy of 52 Churches today and let your adventure begin!

52 Churches Books 1 4

Author : Peter DeHaan
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Visit fifty-two churches in a year? No way! Peter DeHaan and his wife did just that. They spent a year visiting a different Christian church every Sunday: Protestant mainline, evangelical, and charismatic; Roman Catholic too. He visited a congregation just like yours. Count on it. You'll laugh. You'll cringe. You'll cry. Church-reform proponent and Bible scholar, Peter DeHaan, PhD is a strong advocate of forming meaningful Christian community. And he shares his discerning journey of discovery to inspire ministers, members, and attendees to build personal connections that matter. This isn't a church-shopping romp or a mean-spirited critique. Peter doesn't rip at today's church. Instead he offers a gift of encouragement, hope, and insight to all of Jesus's followers. Plus, he shares astute observations and makes spot-on suggestions. Then build on the narrative of 52 Churches with the thought-provoking follow up: The 52 Churches Workbook. In it, consider 200 challenging questions to grow your faith. Ideal for group discussion or individual introspection. But that's not all. Read additional church encounters in book 3, More Than 52 Churches. Followed by The More Than 52 Churches Workbook. More experiences and more reflective considerations. Read the 52 Churches series box set for education, read it for entertainment, and read it for the vision gained only from visiting a diverse array of churches. The 52 Churches series books are ideal for ministry leaders, members, and spiritual seekers. Get your copy of 52 Churches Books 1 - 4, to begin your own exploration of religious practices!

The Christian Science Journal

Author :
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The Message A Pure and Literal Translation of the Qur an

Author : Monotheist Group
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With so many English translations of the Qur'an available, it is inevitable that the reader would ask "why make another one?" The answer to that question lays in the current structure of the Islamic faith itself, and the fact that, for many centuries, Islam has been primarily sub-categorized as either Sunni or Shia or one of the many other denominations that have emerged over the years. As such, all translators have belonged to one school of thought or another which clearly comes across in the interpretation of and choice of translation for specific words or verses. The Qur'an is the result of a group effort by people who do not belong to any denomination, and, for the first time in many centuries, are simply proud to call themselves Muslims as God had named centuries ago. Also, while many translators have been sincere in their rendering of the Arabic meaning of the words, they have been unable to refrain from adding comments in the form of "parenthesis" within the text of the translation or in the form of footnotes and appendices to reflect their views on certain verses or the views of the denomination they adhere to. The Qur'an is unique in the fact that it uses neither footnotes nor comments letting the text speak for itself and delivering to the reader as close a rendition of the pure message of the Qur'an as physically possible. Finally, no matter how much can be said about this translation or any other, it is imperative to point out that guidance cannot come from any human being, rather, the only true knowledge and guidance can only come from the One who initiated the heavens and Earth. May He be glorified forever. Welcome to the path of God alone.

Forty Days of Fasting Prayer in the Biblical Context

Author : Clifford N. Opurum
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This spiritually-empowered book reveals the importance and power of fasting and prayer backed with faith in God. It is based on the authors spiritual experiences and observations within Christ-centered environment, and written under the influence of the Holy Ghost and with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding received from the Almighty God. Jesus said to his disciples: Howbeit, this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting (Matt 17:21). There is an increasing need for believers to have a closer relationship with God, given the ever increasing level of abominations and immoralities in this world. This book is meant to spiritually encourage believers to continue to intercede for the sick and the weak, the lost and the hopeless, and the unbelieving souls. Throughout the Scriptures, and indeed the history of humanity, true servants of God have fasted and prayed as they faced circumstances that were above and beyond human comprehension and capability, and as they were over-whelmed with trials and tribulations of this secular world. It is imperative that we find time for a quiet moment within our hearts to commune with God, and to have a dialogue with Him in our individual war rooms. This book will immensely help and encourage you in positioning yourself for a place in the Kingdom of God.

Heaven Hell From God a Message of Faith

Author : Retha McPherson
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“Message of Faith” is the second book co-authored by Retha McPherson and her teenage son Aldo. It tells of Aldo’s miraculous healing and their supernatural journey since a car accident almost claimed Aldo’s life in 2004. The book contains journal entries in Aldo’s own handwriting wherein he warns the bride of Christ to be ready for the soon arrival of the King. During Aldo’s coma Jesus took him to heaven and hell. “Aldo rarely wanted to talk or write about hell. Jesus said he had to wait for the right time,” Retha explains. She goes on to say, “That time is now here. He recently told me Jesus said to him, ‘Aldo, tell My bride – BE PREPARED, I am coming soon.’” Aldo’s letters will open your eyes to the reality of heaven and hell and the implications of your choices here on earth. The book explains that the road of dying to self and living in Christ is what purifies the bride, and this can only be done if you walk by faith and not by sight – believing that God is who He says He is.