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Managing and Developing New Forms of Work Organisation

Author : Nitish De
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New Forms of Work Organisation

Author : Lisl Klein
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New Forms of Work Organization in Europe

Author : Peter Grootings
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A remarkable development in the sociology of work in recent years has been the explosion of brilliant cross-national and cross-cultural studies in Europe examining the conditions of labor against the background of different economic systems, and differences within each of the major free market, mixed welfare, and planned economic systems that dot the European landscape. In Vienna and Budapest in particular, a group of intellectual workers have gotten together for what can only be described as breakthrough studies in the conditions and purposes of work in post-industrial society. The question of new forms of work organization focuses on job satisfaction, participatory democracy in the work place, levels of productivity, and issues of health and safety in the occupational environment. That these elements are important have long been known. But what this collection of studies emphasizes is the specific mix that produced specific outcomes. It does not shy away from dangerous and tough questions: worker control and control of workers, political participation in contexts of authoritarian regimes, and personal rewards in contexts that once frowned upon private acquisition of capital. The volume is rich in empirical studies and draws the theoretical implications that can and already have had vast policy consequences for workers in the modern " context. Issues relating to job rotation, enrichment, enlargement and autonomy, and others related to new forms of organization starting with the shop floor and extending throughout the management of the enterprise as a whole are dealt with candidly. The social character of labor, long frowned upon as a mechanism for evading bread-and-butter issues, is now recognized, East and West, as a dimension of concern that is growing precisely as the size and character of the labor sector is diminishing. This is must reading for those interested in new forms of social and policy synthesis, and ways of meliorating competing claims of different sectors in modern societies.

Forms that Work

Author : Caroline Jarrett
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Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability clearly explains exactly how to design great forms for the web. The book provides proven and practical advice that will help you avoid pitfalls, and produce forms that are aesthetically pleasing, efficient and cost-effective. It features invaluable design methods, tips, and tricks to help ensure accurate data and satisfied customers. It includes dozens of examples - from nitty-gritty details (label alignment, mandatory fields) to visual designs (creating good grids, use of color). This book isn’t just about colons and choosing the right widgets. It’s about the whole process of making good forms, which has a lot more to do with making sure you’re asking the right questions in a way that your users can answer than it does with whether you use a drop-down list or radio buttons. In an easy-to-read format with lots of examples, the authors present their three-layer model - relationship, conversation, appearance. You need all three for a successful form - a form that looks good, flows well, asks the right questions in the right way, and, most important of all, gets people to fill it out. Liberally illustrated with full-color examples, this book guides readers on how to define requirements, how to write questions that users will understand and want to answer, and how to deal with instructions, progress indicators and errors. This book is essential reading for HCI professionals, web designers, software developers, user interface designers, HCI academics and students, market research professionals, and financial professionals. *Provides proven and practical advice that will help you avoid pitfalls, and produce forms that are aesthetically pleasing, efficient and cost-effective. *Features invaluable design methods, tips, and tricks to help ensure accurate data and satisfied customers. *Includes dozens of examples -- from nitty-gritty details (label alignment, mandatory fields) to visual designs (creating good grids, use of color). *Foreword by Steve Krug, author of the best selling Don't Make Me Think!

Policy Responses to New Forms of Work

Author : OECD
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This report provides a snapshot of the policy actions being taken by OECD, EU and G20 countries in response to growing diversity in forms of employment, with the aim of encouraging peer learning where countries are facing similar issues.

Modern Forms of Work

Author : Stefano Bellomo
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The collective volume “Modern Forms of Work. A European Comparative Study” evokes the intent to embody a reflection focused on modern labour law issues from a comparative perspective. A first set of essays contains national reports on modern forms of work. The second group contains some reflections regarding critical issues on digitalization, platforms and algorithms, analysing the different facets of the galaxy of digital work. The third group of essays flows into the section entitled “new balances and workers’ rights in the digital era”, a crucial topic in the debate. The complex of the writings, despite the diversity of approaches and methods, reveals the existence of a dense and inexhaustible dialogue between young scholars, at European and extra-European level. The analysis of new forms of work – the offspring of transnational processes of globalization and technologization – forms a fertile ground for experimenting a transnational dialogue on which young researchers can practice with excellent results, as this small volume confirms.

Harnessing Novel Forms of Work Organization Design Knowledge on Crowdworking Platform Systems

Author : Volkmar Mrass
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The digitalization is currently fundamentally changing our world of work. One important trend in this context is the “platform economy”, with crowdworking platforms as an increasingly relevant platform type. Many of these crowdworking platforms and their surrounding work systems including participants, nformation, technologies, as well as processes and activities, are comparatively new and often designed incrementally. What is currently still lacking is systematic knowledge about the efficient design of such crowdworking platform systems (CWPS). This dissertation provides such design knowledge in the form of a nascent design theory. One important focus lies on the question how such CWPS should be designed to also use this novel form of work organization for more complex work. This dissertation furthermore shows how a close interlinking of external crowds and internal employees of an organization helps to harness the advantages of crowdworking while at the same time mitigates its disadvantages.

Work in the non profit sector forms patterns and methodologies

Author : Helmut K. Anheier
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Abstract Objects Ideal Forms and Works of Art

Author : Robert Rose-Coutré
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Joining philosophy of language with phenomenological aesthetics, this book defines the epistemological status of abstract objects and works of art. Beginning with a provocative conversation between Socrates, Plato, Wittgenstein, and Jung, the book introduces the concept, and coins the term, "Platonic Inductive Fallacy," deriving from a cycle of language games. The author then invokes Robert Stalnaker to clarify the difference between real and actual objects, which gives new insight into the epistemology of abstract objects. Armed with defined abstract objects, the reader is taken through a fascinating journey from 1890s aestheticism to present-day phenomenological aesthetics. The book clearly establishes principles and methods for defining works of art, and applies them to two versions of a Henry James novella. The clear definitions and inventive methods, supported with impressive, detailed research, lead to compelling and well-taken conclusions. This journey pays off with important and exciting results.

The Effects on Labour Relations of New Forms of Organisation of Work in Firms

Author : Council of Europe. Steering Committee for Employment and Labour
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