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Form and Function in the Late Medieval Bible

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Drawing on expertise in art history, liturgy, exegesis, preaching and manuscript studies, this volume is the first cohesive study of the layout, evolution and use of the Late Medieval Bible, one of the bestsellers of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Immaterial Texts in Late Medieval England

Author : Daniel Wakelin
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Daniel Wakelin introduces and reinterprets the misunderstood and overlooked craft practices, cultural conventions and literary attitudes involved in making some of the most important manuscripts in late medieval English literature. In doing so he overturns how we view the role of scribes, showing how they ignored or concealed irregular and damaged parchment; ruled pages from habit and convention more than necessity; decorated the division of the text into pages or worried that it would harm reading; abandoned annotations to poetry, focusing on the poem itself; and copied English poems meticulously, in reverence for an abstract idea of the text. Scribes' interest in immaterial ideas and texts suggests their subtle thinking as craftspeople, in ways that contrast and extend current interpretations of late medieval literary culture, 'material texts' and the power of materials. For students, researchers and librarians, this book offers revelatory perspectives on the activities of late medieval scribes.

Biblical Commentary and Translation in Later Medieval England

Author : Andrew Kraebel
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A new history of the origins of the English Bible, revealing the complex continuities between Latin commentaries and English translations.

Imaging the Early Medieval Bible

Author : John Williams
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A unique exploration of the beginnings of biblical illustration and decoration.

Passionate Copying in Late Medieval Bohemia

Author : Lucie Doležalová
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This book presents a detailed case study of Crux de Telcz (1434–1504), illustrating the complexity of the manuscript culture of the second half of the 15th century. The scholar reconstructs Crux’s biography using more than 150 colophons and notes, and analyzes his role as an author, translator, complier, glossator and primarily as a scribe. For comparison, Kimberly Rivers’ study on the Würzburg Franciscan scribe Johannes Sintram († 1450) is included in the book. The most conspicuous feature of the examined late medieval manuscript culture is the unprecedented number of scribe’s paratexts (contents, indexes, explanatory notes, references, identification of sources and others), accompanied by a no less unprecedented number of errors, confusions, obscurities and incoherencies. First volume of the Prague Medieval Studies (PRAMS) series.

Re using Manuscripts in Late Medieval England

Author : Hannah Ryley
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A fresh appraisal of late medieval manuscript culture in England, examining the ways in which people sustained older books, exploring the practices and processes by which manuscripts were crafted, mended, protected, marked, gifted and shared.

Approaching the Bible in medieval England

Author : Eyal Poleg
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How did people learn their Bibles in the Middle Ages? Did church murals, biblical manuscripts, sermons or liturgical processions transmit the Bible in the same way? This book unveils the dynamics of biblical knowledge and dissemination in thirteenth- and fourteenth-century England. An extensive and interdisciplinary survey of biblical manuscripts and visual images, sermons and chants, reveals how the unique qualities of each medium became part of the way the Bible was known and recalled; how oral, textual, performative and visual means of transmission joined to present a surprisingly complex biblical worldview. This study of liturgy and preaching, manuscript culture and talismanic use introduces the concept of biblical mediation, a new way to explore Scriptures and society. It challenges the lay-clerical divide by demonstrating that biblical exegesis was presented to the laity in non-textual means, while the ‘naked text’ of the Bible remained elusive even for the educated clergy.

From Scrolls to Scrolling

Author : Bradford A. Anderson
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Throughout history, the study of sacred texts has focused almost exclusively on the content and meaning of these writings. Such a focus obscures the fact that sacred texts are always embodied in particular material forms—from ancient scrolls to contemporary electronic devices. Using the digital turn as a starting point, this volume highlights material dimensions of the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The essays in this collection investigate how material aspects have shaped the production and use of these texts within and between the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, from antiquity to the present day. Contributors also reflect on the implications of transitions between varied material forms and media cultures. Taken together, the essays suggests that materiality is significant for the academic study of sacred texts, as well as for reflection on developments within and between these religious traditions. This volume offers insightful analysis on key issues related to the materiality of sacred texts in the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, while also highlighting the significance of transitions between various material forms, including the current shift to digital culture.

Biblical Women and Jewish Daily Life in the Middle Ages

Author : Elisheva Baumgarten
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In Biblical Women and Jewish Daily Life in the Middle Ages, Elisheva Baumgarten examines how medieval Jewish engagement with the Bible--especially in the tellings, retellings, and illustrations of stories of women--offers a window onto aspects of the daily lives and cultural mentalités of Ashkenazic Jews in the High Middle Ages.

Spaces for Reading in Later Medieval England

Author : Mary C. Flannery
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We are living in an age in which the relationship between reading and space is evolving swiftly. Cutting-edge technologies and developments in the publication and consumption of literature continue to uncover new physical, electronic, and virtual contexts in which reading can take place. In comparison with the accessibility that has accompanied these developments, the medieval reading experience may initially seem limited and restrictive, available only to a literate few or to their listeners; yet attention to the spaces in which medieval reading habits can be traced reveals a far more vibrant picture in which different kinds of spaces provided opportunities for a wide range of interactions with and contributions to the texts being read. Drawing on a rich variety of material, this collection of essays demonstrates that the spaces in which reading took place (or in which reading could take place) in later medieval England directly influenced how and why reading happened.