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Forget Your Troubles Just Dance

Author : Gaybrielle Leeann Dixon
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Most of us live our lives wondering why certain things happen to us, or even why we chose to handle it the way we do. I never knew life would take me through the many situations that I experienced, but who ever knows? From the moment you are born, there is no true understanding of what "purpose" is, and then upon understanding, there is still the next step of understanding, "your purpose". Forget Your Troubles, Just Dance, is beyond dance. It is your story, my story. It is understanding that in finding your purpose, life will not be easy, but through it all, you don't give up. You keep going. You keep dancing.

Embodied Curriculum Theory and Research in Arts Education

Author : Susan W. Stinson
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This collection of articles by Susan W. Stinson, organized thematically and chronologically by the author, reveals the evolution of the field of arts education in general and dance education in particular, through narrative and critical reflections by this unique scholar and a few co-authors. It also includes contextual insights not available elsewhere. The author's pioneering embodied research work in arts and dance education continues to be relevant to researchers today. The selected chapters and articles were predominantly previously published in a variety of journals, conference proceedings and books between 1985 and the present. Each section is preceded by an introduction and the author has written a post scriptum for each article to offer a commentary or response to the article from the current perspective.

Japan Pop

Author : Timothy J. Craig
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Presents a look at various forms of Japanese popular culture: pop song, jazz, enka (a popular musical ballad genre), karaoke, comics, animated cartoons (anime), video games, television dramas, films, and "idols" (teenage singers and actors.) Also describes Japan social life and customs.

Performance of a Lifetime

Author : Cerise Merola
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Cerise Merola or CC as affectionately addressed by her friends was a cross between Antie Mame, Gypsie Rose Lee, and a jigger of Tulalla Bankhead.

Working Daughter

Author : Liz O'Donnell
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Working Daughter provides a roadmap for women trying to navigate caring for aging parents and their careers. Using the author’s own experiences as a prime example, it’s ideal for readers who want straight talk and real advice about the challenges and rewards of eldercare while managing a career and family.

Dance Team Double Trouble

Author : Jake Maddox
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When twins Lydia and Marco are approached to be on their dance studio's jazz team, Lydia is thrilled. She and Marco both love to dance and used to have fun dancing together as kids. But lately it seems their relationship has grown more distant. Lydia can't wait to dance with her brother again, but Marco is worried. He's used to hip-hop and will be the only boy on the team. And when bullies start mocking Marco for doing "girl dances" it could spell trouble for the whole team.

The Culmination

Author : Gwen M. Plano
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The Culmination, a new beginningis the third book in The Contractthriller series. After an assassination attempt on an Air Force base in northern California, tensions mount. Heads of state meet to craft a denuclearization agreement. The meetings between these nuclear powers take a murderous turn. A nefarious conspiracy re-emerges and leads the characters into the heart of the Middle East, where they encounter the unexpected and find a reason for hope.

The Gangster of Love

Author : Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn
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The author of Dogeaters chronicles the life and times of Rocky Rivera, a member of a dissolute rock band, and her sometimes boyfriend Elvis Chang, traditional mother, troubled brother, eccentric uncle, and unpredictable best friend. Tour.

Sad Janet

Author : Lucie Britsch
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Named one of the Best Books of the Summer by Lit Hub, The Millions, Refinery29, and Hey Alma. “Hilarious, wise, wicked, and tender.” —Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, The New York Times–bestselling author of The Nest Janet works at a rundown dog shelter in the woods. She wears black, loves The Smiths, and can’t wait to get rid of her passive-aggressive boyfriend. Her brain is full of anxiety, like “one of those closets you never want to open because everything will fall out and crush you.” She has a meddlesome family, eccentric coworkers, one old friend who’s left her for Ibiza, and one new friend who’s really just a neighbor she sees in the hallway. Most of all, Janet has her sadness—a comfortable cloak she uses to insulate herself from the oppressions of the wider world. That is, until one fateful summer when word spreads about a new pill that offers even cynics like her a short-term taste of happiness . . . .just long enough to make it through the holidays without wanting to stab someone with a candy cane. When her family stages an intervention, her boyfriend leaves, and the prospect of making it through Christmas alone seems like too much, Janet decides to give them what they want. What follows is life-changing for all concerned—in ways no one quite expects. Hilarious, bitterly wise, and surprisingly warm, Sad Janet is the depression comedy you never knew you needed.

Sir Robert s Fortune

Author : Mrs. Oliphant (Margaret)
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City of Refuge

Author : Terry W. Brown
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When the foundations of society are shaken, where do you turn? When life deals misfortune, where do you run for shelter? In this Alternative American history, there exists a major paradigm shift from a Constitutional Republic to an Absolute Monarchy governed by the ancient principle of lex talionas or "an eye for an eye justice". This new paradigm resonates with individuals driven by an acute sense of justice. But what about Mercy and Grace? This strange new world needs a new kind of hero. What America gets is a man like Hermes Speaks. A man wrestling with his own demons and a lack of empathy in regards to his binary construct of Justice and Mercy. He must learn to balance these opposites if he wants to succeed in the City of Refuge.

Bonny Kate

Author : Mark Strength
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Bonny Kate, Pioneer Lady, is a classic romantic love story which begins in July of 1776 when Lieutenant John Sevier meets Catharine Sherrill, pulling her over the wall of Watauga Fort to escape the deadly pursuit of Cherokee warriors. The lieutenant, considered the handsomest man in the west, is also the most charming, fun-loving, and active man among the leaders of the fort. The beautiful, unmarried, Catharine quickly develops warm feelings for a man she regards as her personal hero. Even after finding out the lieutenant is already married, she feels an attraction to him that never fails to delight her in every innocent encounter. By the time the siege ends and the life of the community returns to normal, she has a new nick-name, Bonny Kate, and a new reputation as someone to watch out for. Finding true love and settling new territory is not easy in a country at war, but Bonny Kate finds a new best friend when she meets Sarah, the matchmaker. Inspired by Sarahs example, Bonny Kate overcomes all obstacles and makes the right choices, until Divine Providence intervenes, and reveals the true purpose that fulfills her destiny.

Land Ahead Or the Irish Emigrant

Author : George Manville Fenn
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Dance Your Troubles Away

Author : Pamela Evans
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Pam Evans' heartwarming London saga, DANCE YOUR TROUBLES AWAY, is set during the Second World War and is sure to appeal to fans of Katie Flynn and Cathy Sharp. When Polly Pritchard learns that her husband has been killed in action, she brings up their young daughter Emmie alone. To make ends meet she gets a job at the Cherry Ballroom in West London and it is here that she meets James, a Canadian airman, and they fall in love. But then Polly's husband turns up, very much alive... Life is even harder for Polly after the war; James has gone; her husband is involved in a criminal gang; and their daughter suffers from an illness that leaves her deaf. But Polly's spirit remains strong and with courage and determination she find the happiness she and her daughter deserve.

Sir Robert s Fortune

Author : Mrs. Oliphant (Margaret)
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This Just Speaks to Me

Author : Hoda Kotb
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An instant New York Times bestseller! In this all-new collection of beloved quotes, This Just Speaks to Me, #1 New York Times bestselling author Hoda Kotb offers inspiration, wisdom, and hope 365 days a year. When her first collection of quotes, I Really Needed This Today, was published in 2019, Hoda never imagined how deeply her favorite words, stories, and memories would resonate with readers. People across the country were connected not only by the book's positive message, but through their generosity in sharing it with friends and family who needed a daily burst of inspiration. Hoda was truly touched by fans who shared "their quote" with her, the one that most moved them or someone they love. Now, to follow that remarkable experience, Hoda is back, with 365 new quotes and stories to share with her beloved readers. In This Just Speaks to Me, she writes about the people and moments that have enriched her life, discussing everything from motherhood and friendship to love and loss. The book also celebrates the countless acts of kindness that unfolded during these uniquely challenging times. Told with the same warmth, humor, and generosity that infused I Really Needed This Today, This Just Speaks to Me promises to be the next great companion book, each day elevated by Hoda's sparkle at a time when we may need it the most.

Let s Dance

Author : Peter Young
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Let’s Dance: A Celebration of Ontario’s Dance Halls and Summer Dance Pavilions is a nostalgic musical journey, recapturing the unforgettable music of youth and lasting friendships, the days when the live mellow sounds of Big Bands wafted through the air – Louis Armstrong, the Dorsey Brothers, Bert Niosi, Art Hallman, Johnny Downs, Mart Kenney, Bobby Kinsman, Ronnie Hawkins ... Throughout the 1920s to the ’60s, numerous legendary entertainers drew thousands of people to such memorable venues as the Brant Inn in Burlington, Dunn’s Pavilion in Bala, the Stork Club at Port Stanley, to the Club Commodore in Belleville and the Top Hat Pavilion in North Bay – and the hundreds of other popular dance venues right across Ontario. From the days of jitney dancing through the introduction of jazz and the Big Bands era to the sounds of some of Ontario’s best rock groups, people of all ages came to dance and some to find romance on soft summer nights.

The Nemiane s Mate

Author : Nalana Phillips
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Gabriel is the prince of an unheard of race called the Nemiane. He must find his mate.One night Gabriel happens to run into Linda. Linda is your average every day woman trying to get by. Then she meets Gabriel. He is handsome and dangerous looking. Everything your mother warns you about. There is something about him though that attracts her to him. Can Gabriel convince her to be his? Will she be able to understand all he is and accept him.Read to find out. First in the series. Dark Desires.

Self Editing

Author : Claire Boston
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You’ve finished the first draft of your novel – now to make it shine. This book will show you how by focusing first on the structural aspects of a great book and then getting down to the nitty gritty of copy editing and proofreading. Not sure if the beginning will hook the reader? Think your pacing might be off? Is something not quite right but you don’t know what it is? Learn how to analyse what’s not working in your manuscript and get tips on how to fix it. Claire Boston has been writing, mentoring and judging competitions for more than ten years and continues to see the same issues in beginner writers’ work. She made the same mistakes when she was starting out. With her help you can avoid the pitfalls and ensure your manuscript is the best it can be before you submit it.

Faith and John

Author : LaVonne J. Helmer
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Set in the Dakota Territory in the 1800s, John and Faith meet, fall in love, and begin to plan their lives together. For Faith, planning her wedding becomes such a joy in her life; she is so excited that her sisters will be her bridesmaids. When John suggests that they have their wedding in his restaurant, Faith knows that it will be the most perfect day! As they settle into married life, both Faith and John realize how lucky they are to have found each other; they feel that their lives are blessed. Dancing and parties are part of the lighter part of their lives, but church plays an important part, too. The threat of flu threatens their idyllic times—and then one day, Faith discovers that life has a way of changing our plans. Faith and John inspires with their character, their kindness, and the dedication to their burgeoning community. Their story and that of the other pioneers of the prairies of South Dakota will provide of glimpse of times gone by.