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Forever and a Day

Author : Kristen Casey
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If you read Finding Forever, then you know…never is a very long time. When Dimitri said that he was never going to get married again, he was dead serious. After all, he had to focus on raising his small daughter Lilly now that he was her only parent. Besides, there was no way he could endure another broken heart like the one his first wife’s passing gave him. Too bad life had other plans—Lilly’s new teacher Emily is too young, too pretty, and too untouched by life’s darker moments to make any sense at all for him. She’s also too perfect to ignore. What’s worse is that Emily wants him just as much as he wants her. If you loved Finding Forever, then you know…you have to discover what happens when never becomes Forever and a Day. Includes the bonus short story Forever Starts Now! The Flynn and O’Connell sisters have gone through a lot to secure their happily-ever-afters. Now, one weekend and two big milestones will finally bring them all together again—in this sweet and funny conclusion to the Lost & Found series. About the Series: Lose the burdens of the past and find what’s meant to be. Meet the Flynn and O’Connell sisters: four women who just need one more chance to get things right…and fall in love with the four heroes who are only too happy to hand it to them. Interconnected standalones filled with emotion and heat, this series is packed with real, relatable romance and plenty of sparkling dialogue.

The O Connell Sisters Box Set

Author : Kristen Casey
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Lose the burdens of the past, and find what’s meant to be. The O’Connell sisters need one more chance to get love right…and these hunky heroes are only too happy to give it to them! The O'Connell Sisters Box Set includes Molly and Mina O’Connell's stories (Finding a Husband and Finding Forever), as well as the spinoff novella Forever and a Day. It also contains two short stories, Valentine's Day themed Heroes & Husbands, and finale story Forever Starts Now, plus two bonus scenes not available anywhere else (The Pop In and Love Seat). · Finding a Husband (book 3) – Everyone has secrets, but Molly and Jake’s just might keep them apart for good. A steamy heartbreaker of a southern romance. · Heroes & Husbands (book 3.5) – It’s Valentine’s Day in Wilmington, and two couples introduced in Finding a Husband are definitely feeling the love. · The Pop In (Heroes & Husbands bonus scene) – Tim and Healey are going to tell people they’re in love. Eventually. · Finding Forever (book 4) – Twelve years is a long time to wait for the one you love. Can old friends Mina and Mack overcome all that’s happened between them in that time? · Forever and a Day (book 4.5) – Mina’s dear friend Dimitri played a role in her story, but now this single dad gets his own shot at forever. · Love Seat (Forever and a Day bonus scene) – Dimitri’s had a bad dream, but Emily is oh so real. · Forever Starts Now (book 4.7) – One weekend and two big milestones progress, as the Lost & Found ladies celebrate their new loves and lives together, in this sweet and funny conclusion to the series.

Lost in Love

Author : Kristen Casey
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Finding a Husband

Author : Kristen Casey
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Finding Home

Author : Kristen Casey
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Getting Away Was Supposed to Fix Everything. Divorce might have thrown Morgan’s life into a tailspin, but at least she had a plan for recovery. Going on a girls’ trip—as far away as possible—was supposed to be just the thing to pull her out of her funk and get things back on track. But when tragedy strikes before she even makes it home from the safari, Morgan finds herself unable to return to the broken life she knew before. Instead, she stays put and takes a safe, unassuming job as one man’s housekeeper—Owen, an intriguing game warden with a sticky problem of his own. Caught up in dangerous forces they don’t understand, Morgan and Owen work together to unravel what—or who—is killing a rare animal in Owen’s nature preserve. They can’t deny the growing attraction between them, but when foes look like friends, the couple is pushed to the brink—and threatened with consequences worse than either is willing to contemplate. Will they learn the truth in time to save the last of the herd, and themselves? Or will they fall victim to the treachery surrounding them, and lose their hopes for a new life together? Only time will tell. Finding Home is book one in the Lost and Found series. With a dash of suspense, an exotic setting, and slow-burn chemistry, this steamy travel romance will have you turning the pages and longing for more. A previous version of this novel was published as book one in the Second Chances series. This edition has been extensively re-edited and updated. About the Series: What once was lost, can now be found. Meet the Flynn and O’Connell sisters: four women who just need one more chance to get things right…and fall in love with the four heroes who are only too happy to hand it to them. Interconnected standalones filled with emotion and heat, this series is packed with real, relatable romance and plenty of sparkling dialogue.

Finding Love

Author : Kristen Casey
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Forever Starts Now

Author : Stefanie London
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What happens when two people who’ve given up on forever find it in each other...? Single men are as scarce in Forever Falls as a vegetarian at a barbecue. That is, until Ethan Hammersmith moves in. After his fiancée gave him an ultimatum, he left Australia and never looked back. He isn’t in America to find a new girlfriend, though. He’s searching for the father he never knew. But now it’s like he has a flashing sign above his head that says “available.” Thankfully, the manager of the local diner is willing to give him cover—if only she weren’t so distractingly adorable. Monroe Roberts, town misanthrope and divorcée, knocked “forever” permanently off her wish list ever since the love of her life skipped town with the cliché yoga instructor. And good riddance. She’s got this struggling diner to keep her busy, trying anything to boost sales...until a hot Australian strolls in and changes everything. Monroe’s restaurant is packed full of women who aren’t there to order food, unless Ethan is on the menu. This could sink her business faster than ever. So—light bulb—what if they pretend to be together? It sounded like the perfect plan. It hilariously was not...

Maintain Weight Forever

Author : Zada Green
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Maintain weight loss! Maintain weight gain! Maintain weight forever! The popular Maintain Weight Forever website expands into a handy book. Must-see information includes stopping regains, choosing a goal weight, and shrinking saggy skin. Featuring exclusive bonus content, there's something for everyone who wants to maintain for ever, not just for now.

Forever Begins

Author : Victoria Pinder
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Dashing through your reader… In a one-read romance read Through the glamour we go Laughing all the way. Until we’re swept away And please let me know if you prefer billionaires or princes…. Secret Crush Billionaire FBI agent John goes home to his father’s funeral and re-meets Alice, his sister’s best friend. But when he falls for the down to earth farmer’s daughter, he brings trouble and drama into her world- but her sweet kisses are worth protecting. Forbidden Crown Prince Antonio must find a wife or forfeit his throne within two weeks. Grad student Kristin is willing to fill the role, but playing princess-to-be leads to more excitement than she expects — especially when their red-hot chemistry makes faking a romance so easy… Irresistibly Lost Aaden was in love but he listened to his mother and left his bride to be. However he comes back as he was wrong. Can he convince the one he lost to give him a second chance? Hidden Gabriel I’m stuck in a winter storm… Until I found shelter at Gabriel’s house. But as I’m heating up, I’m also getting goosebumps and it’s not just attraction. What is he hiding in this house? Favorite Crush Penny refuses to be a gold digger like her mother and wants to be an engineer. However her best friend now billionaire Jay Marshall is everything she never wanted and can’t get out of her head. Tempting Gabe Gabe knows he must protect his family… Meghan wants to make a deal. Falling for his enemy can only lead to trouble. You’ll love these contemporary romances to start these series, because everyone loves to answer the question… billionaire or prince or maybe a little of both? Get it now. Topics: billionaire romance books free, billionaire seeks, Billionaire Boss, Billionaire Beau, Billionaire Ransom, royal romance books free, prince romance free, contemporary romance free, new adult romance, romance books free, romance, romance free, romance books, romantic books for free, Secret Baby, Secret Baby, Convenient Wife, friends to lovers free, Friends Forever, friends with benefits free, Opposites Attract, Victoria’s secret, best friends, best friends forever, royal tea, prince romance, king romance, princess, princess ever after, princess diaries, tempted, tempted by the rogue prince, tempted by fire, secrets, crushing, crush, bet, bet me, wish, wishes, baby yours, baby daddy, heir, date, date night, romeo, match, admirer, bridesmaid, rock star, movie star, forbidden, royally, royally screwed, secret, tempting, irresistibly, irresistible, happily ever after, enemies to lovers, billionaire ever after, prince ever after, cinderella, love books free, love story free book, hidden

Forever Starts Here

Author : Bree Kraemer
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Welcome to Carly and Tony’s wedding weekend! It’s finally here and Carly couldn’t be more excited. Well, except that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Good thing she’s marrying the best man in the whole world who would do anything to make sure she gets the wedding of her dreams. Get ready for fun that starts with Carly’s bachelorette party and ends with a big surprise. If you want to get the most out of this novella make sure you read Choosing You first.