Hard at Play

Leisure in America, 1840-1940


Author: Kathryn Grover

Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press

ISBN: 9780870237928

Category: Art

Page: 262

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In American society, the concepts of "leisure" and "play" usually have been defined in opposition to the idea of "work." Yet as Dutch historian Johan Huizinga argued in his pathbreaking study Homo Ludens, the relationship between work and play is more complicated than this simple dichotomy suggests. Understood as a state of mind rather than as an activity, play can make the most challenging task relaxing, even joyful. At the same time, the pursuit of leisure can be serious business indeed. Hard at Play is a collection of original essays that examine the role of leisure in American culture from the antebellum period to World War II. Encompassing a variety of disciplinary approaches, the pieces cover a wide range of topics, from roller skating and riflery to photography and "free play." Some of the essays explore how the upper and middle classes established boundaries around "appropriate" forms of recreation in order to distance themselves from the working class. Others demonstrate how gender and ethnicity circumscribed leisure pursuits. Still other essays document the transition of both individuals and families from a posed and formal social life to a more relaxed, candid, and intimate domestic world. The book includes more than 100 illustrations, as well as a glossary of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century games and pastimes.

Forest Hydrology

An Introduction to Water and Forests, Third Edition


Author: Mingteh Chang

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466586672

Category: Science

Page: 595

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Due to its height, density, and thickness of crown canopy; fluffy forest floor; large root system; and horizontal distribution; forest is the most distinguished type of vegetation on the earth. In the U.S., forests occupy about 30 percent of the total territory. Yet this 30 percent of land area produces about 60 percent of total surface runoff, the major water resource area of the country. Any human activity in forested areas will inevitably disturb forest floors and destroy forest canopies, consequently affecting the quantity, quality, and timing of water resources. Thoroughly updated and expanded, Forest Hydrology: An Introduction to Water and Forests, Third Edition discusses the concepts, principles, and processes of forest and forest activity impacts on the occurrence, distribution, and circulation of water and the aquatic environment. Brings water resources and forest-water relations into a single, comprehensive textbook Focuses on the concepts, processes, and general principles in forest hydrology Covers functions, properties, and science of water; water distribution; forests and precipitation, vaporization, stream flow, and stream sediment Discusses watershed management planning and practical applications of forest hydrology in resource management In a single textbook, Forest Hydrology: An Introduction to Water and Forests, Third Edition comprehensively covers water and water resources issues, forest characteristics relevant to the environment, forest impacts in the hydrological cycle, watershed research, watershed management planning, and hydrologic measurements. With the addition of new chapters, new issues, and appendices, this new edition is a valuable resource for upper-level undergraduates in forest hydrology courses as well as professionals involved in water resources management and decision-making in forested watersheds.

"I Will be Meat for My Salish"

The Buffalo and the Montana Writers Project Interviews on the Flathead Indian Reservation


Author: Bon Isaac Whealdon,Robert Bigart

Publisher: Montana Historical Society

ISBN: 9780917298844

Category: History

Page: 280

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This book provides an authentic window into life on the Flathead Indian Reservation and pre-reservation Salish history - and particularly the Salish relationship to the buffalo - through oral interviews conducted in the 1920s and 1930s and preserved by the Montana Writers Project.The story of the Salish's relationship to the buffalo - including their role in protecting the species - is preserved in this collection, which includes all extant interviews from the Montana Writers Project conducted on the Flathead Reservation. These firsthand accounts of Salish elders - legends, information about traditional lifeways, biographies of important figures on the reservation, and most of all buffalo - offers a glimpse into tribal life as it was lived in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. (6 x 9, 288 pages, illustrations)

Riparian Management in Forests of the Continental Eastern United States


Author: Ellen S. Verry,James W. Hornbeck,C. Andrew Dolloff

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781566705011

Category: Science

Page: 432

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The timing could not be better for addressing riparian area management and the resulting impacts of surface water. The Forest Service leadership team has identified water and watershed management as the issue of the upcoming decade. These factors and more have moved riparian forests to the forefront of environmental management. Riparian Management in Forests of the Continental Eastern United States gives you the tools you need to take on this task. Each day, thousands of natural resource professionals face the problems involved in managing riparian forests. The challenge: fragmented ownership, fragmented ecosystems, and diverse interest groups. The solution requires a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on a complex mix of government agencies, private interests, and local communities as exemplified in the following initiatives: Chesapeake Bay Program "Save the Bay" Inland West Water Strategy New York City Watershed Project The Pacific Habitat Strategy The Anadromous Fish Habitat Riparian Management in Forests of the Continental Eastern United States summarizes the state-of-the-art in the management of forested riparian areas. It serves as a desktop reference for natural resource administrators, educators, and on-the-ground managers from industry, consulting firms, and municipal, state, and federal agencies who routinely face the complex problems of protecting riparian areas. Features

Fannie Hardy Eckstorm and Her Quest for Local Knowledge, 1865–1946


Author: Pauleena M. MacDougall

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 073917911X

Category: History

Page: 214

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Fannie Hardy Eckstorm and Her Quest for Local Knowledge, 1865–1946 reveals an important story which speaks directly to contemporary issues as historians of science, social science, and humanities begin to re-evaluate the nature, content, and role of indigenous and folk knowledge systems. Eckstorm's life and work illustrate the constant tension between local lay knowledge and the more privileged scientific production of academics that increasingly dominated the field from the early twentieth century.