Forces of Labor

Workers' Movements and Globalization Since 1870


Author: Beverly J. Silver

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521520775

Category: Political Science

Page: 238

View: 5703

This 2003 book analyzes the dynamics of labor movements, introducing a new database on labor unrest events worldwide.

Transnational Corporations from the Standpoint of Workers


Author: N. Räthzel,D. Mulinari,A. Tollefsen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137323051

Category: Social Science

Page: 311

View: 541

This book explores the history and global expansion of AB Volvo, one of the hundred largest corporations in the world, through the experiences of its workers in Sweden, Mexico, South Africa, and India. It investigates how neo-liberalisation has transformed the company into a promoter of lean production, at the expense of the workers' needs.

Between solidarity and fragmentation

labor responses to globalization in the Americas


Author: Mark Sebastian Anner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 544

View: 5828

Comparative Politics


Author: Daniele Caramani

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199574979

Category: Political Science

Page: 640

View: 4418

"Comparative Politics" provides a comprehensive introduction to political systems around the world. It covers methods and theories; the nation-state; institutions; actors and processes; policies; and recent changes.

Democracy and Crisis

Democratising Governance in the Twenty-First Century


Author: B. Isakhan,S. Slaughter

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137326042

Category: Political Science

Page: 273

View: 5690

Recent years have seen constant reports on the failures of governance and the crisis of democracy. By examining cases like Global Financial Crisis, the Arab Revolutions and Wikileaks this volume highlights tensions between governance and democracy during times of crisis and examines the prospects of democratising governance in the 21st Century.


How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today


Author: Chris Carlsson

Publisher: A K PressDistribution

ISBN: 9781904859772

Category: Political Science

Page: 278

View: 5602

Working people are taking back their time and technological know-how from the deadening jobs in small, under-the-radar ways, making life better right now. They reclaim the streets at Critical Mass cycle rides; they reclaim the urban landscape with guerrilla gardening and make common cause in virtual worlds with networks, freeware and hacking. This is a discourse on work, on what we do to make it bearable and the creativity of all those people who subvert the normal order of things. The DIY future is now.

Protest with Chinese Characteristics

Demonstrations, Riots, and Petitions in the Mid-Qing Dynasty


Author: Ho-fung Hung

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231525451

Category: History

Page: 288

View: 1867

The origin of political modernity has long been tied to the Western history of protest and revolution, the currents of which many believe sparked popular dissent worldwide. Reviewing nearly one thousand instances of protest in China from the eighteenth to the early-nineteenth centuries, Ho-fung Hung charts an evolution of Chinese dissent that stands apart from Western trends. Hung samples from mid-Qing petitions and humble plaints to the emperor. He revisits rallies, riots, market strikes, and other forms of contention rarely considered in previous studies. Drawing on new world history, which accommodates parallels and divergences between political-economic and cultural developments East and West, Hung shows how the centralization of political power and an expanding market, coupled with a persistent Confucianist orthodoxy, shaped protesters' strategies and appeals in Qing China. This unique form of mid-Qing protest combined a quest for justice and autonomy with a filial-loyal respect for the imperial center, and Hung's careful research ties this distinct characteristic to popular protest in China today. As Hung makes clear, the nature of these protests prove late imperial China was anything but a stagnant and tranquil empire before the West cracked it open. In fact, the origins of modern popular politics in China predate the 1911 Revolution. Hung's work ultimately establishes a framework others can use to compare popular protest among different cultural fabrics. His book fundamentally recasts the evolution of such acts worldwide.

Korean workers and neoliberal globalization


Author: Kevin Gray

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780415419093

Category: Political Science

Page: 194

View: 4994

Kevin Gray places the Korean labour movement in the context of the debate on the 'global uprising of labour'. He argues that due to Korea's status as an industrialising and democratising country, the Korean labour movement has gone from a militant and revolutionary movement to one that is increasingly bureaucratised.

Varieties of unionism

strategies for union revitalization in a globalizing economy


Author: Carola M. Frege,John E. Kelly

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 215

View: 1318

Summary: As unions face an ongoing crisis all over the industrialized world, they have often been portrayed as outmoded remnants of an old economic structure. This book argues that despite structural shifts in the economy and in politics, unions retain important functions for capitalist economies as well as for political democracy.