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For Those with Little Dust

Author : Stephen Jourdain
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A special collection of articles that Osborne wrote for 'The Mountain Path', the highly acclaimed spiritual journal he founded and edited. These selections cover an extraordinary range of topics that are grounded in the fundamental truth of advaita, or non-duality, in the light of Ramana Maharshi's teachings. These essays cover almost every question one faces on the spiritual journey: meditation, self-effort and effortlessness, action and non-action, Self and ego, and the question of suffering. People from all traditions and religions will find this book to be a source of authentic spiritual insight.

Nectar 6

Author : Babaji Bob Kindler
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Advaita, a word of wondrous Oneness, is the specific topic of our Winter issue of Nectar of Nondual Truth — the journal which declares a timeless message of absolute Unity based upon the indivisible and homogenous nature of all existence. Why indivisible? Because despite the apparent bifurcation of Ultimate Reality into two parts, Shiva and Shakti — the static and the dynamic — and these two into a multitude of things via the inscrutable prestidigitation of the hand of Maya, Reality remains both immutable and ever-cohesive. The acts, movements and various conjurings of mind and nature, involved, willingly or unwillingly, in the process of birth, growth, decay and death, can never divide It. Compartmentalization is for creation, not for Consciousness — and even creation, when seen rightly, is one. Why homogenous? Because regardless of the appearance of multiplicity, that pictorial presentation of ephemeral phenomena before the enchanted mind and senses, all is Consciousness, all-pervasive. What is all-pervasive cannot be invited, encouraged, caused, forced, tricked, seduced or persuaded to give up Its innate continuity. The preternatural cosmic laws and powers such as time, space, creation, evolution, dissolution, life, death, transformation and projection are helpless to effect any change in the natural, unique and nonpareil uniformity of Divine Reality. Thus, as the saints, sages, seers and savants all say, there is but one living “substance” in existence, and that is pure conscious Awareness. Being a spiritual verity rather than a material entity, it is true, it is pure, it is real.

Letters from the Dust Bowl

Author : Caroline Henderson
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In May 1936 Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace wrote to Caroline Henderson to praise her contributions to American "understanding of some of our farm problems." His comments reflected the national attention aroused by Henderson’s articles, which had been published in Atlantic Monthly since 1931. Even today, Henderson’s articles are frequently cited for her vivid descriptions of the dust storms that ravaged the Plains. Caroline Henderson was a Mount Holyoke graduate who moved to Oklahoma’s panhandle to homestead and teach in 1907. This collection of Henderson’s letters and articles published from 1908 to1966 presents an intimate portrait of a woman’s life in the Great Plains. Her writing mirrors her love of the land and the literature that sustained her as she struggled for survival. Alvin O. Turner has collected and edited Henderson’s published materials together with her private correspondence. Accompanying biographical sketch, chapter introductions, and annotations provide details on Henderson’s life and context for her frequent literary allusions and comments on contemporary issues.

The Better to See You

Author : Kate SeRine
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Once upon a time, a spell went awry and Make Believe characters were cast into the ordinary world. And the results aren't always happily ever after. . . Everyone thinks fairy godmothers can do no wrong. But if not for a certain spell mis-cast by Lavender Seelie, Cinderella's former fairy godmother, the Tales would not be stuck in the Here and Now. Fortunately for Lavender, she's about to get a second chance at a happy ending. . . The Refuge, a sanctuary for wayward Tales, seems like the perfect place for Lavender to start a new life--especially when she discovers an unexpected ally in Seth, the brooding werewolf who's been typecast as a villain ever since his run in with Little Red Riding Hood. But when humans from nearby towns start turning up dead, their bodies mutilated with archaic Tale symbols, Lavender wonders if Seth's deep sensuality has blinded her to the truth. And that distraction could put innocent lives in danger. Including her own. . . "It's not often that something totally new and entertaining comes along, but Kate SeRine doesn't disappoint with Red. I definitely recommend this to readers who want humor, drama, suspense, and a truly entertaining, "feel good" romance."--Kate Douglas

Occupational Health

Author :
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The Essential Sangharakshita

Author : Urgyen Sangharakshita
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Profoundly knowledgeable and articulate, and equally at home with science, philosophy, myth, art, and poetry, Urgyen Sangharakshita uses every inner avenue to communicate the timeless Dharma to the Western mind. Engaging both the intellect and the heart countless times in a single chapter, the author draws remarkably apt examples from sources as diverse as Orwell, Aeschylus, and Jane Austen. This distilled volume is a primer to the breadth and depth of Buddhist thought and practice.

Dust Thou Art

Author : Laurel Elizabeth Keyes
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This book is about Laurel Keyes own experiences growing up on a high plains ranch, and stories of those family members, friends and neighbors from whom she learned decency, kindness, strength and character.Those pioneers could not have been plunged into a vast, rugged land of beauty and hardship without courage and drama having been a part of their lives, and often they held secrets which were revealed only through death.Laurel writes of rich and passionate stories of courage and hope in a most difficult and wonderful period of our history. She gives credit not only to the valiant spirit of the majority of the people, especially the women, who came West and lived here, but to help you recapture the feeling of the world they knewtheir sufferings and endurance, their humor and faith, the every-day living which brought people from oxen-drawn covered wagons to men on the moon in less than one century. The most incredible century in all history, the most discoveries, innovations, fantastic developments which we accept today as a springboard into an even greater futureâbegan with people such as these.

Dust and Decay

Author : Jonathan Maberry
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Six months have passed since the terrifying battle with Charlie Pink-eye and the Motor City Hammer in the zombie-infested mountains of the Rot and Ruin. It's also six months since Benny Imura and Nix Riley saw something in the air that changed their lives. Now, after months of rigorous training with Benny's zombie-hunter brother Tom, Benny and Nix are ready to leave their home forever and search for a better future. Lilah the Lost Girl and Benny's best friend Lou Chong are going with them. Sounds wonderful. Except that everything that can go wrong does. And not everyone in Benny's small band of travellers will make it out alive.

Who Is My Self

Author : Khema
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Self-transformation is an essential element in all forms of Buddhist meditation--from Tantra to Zen. Ayya Khema, author of the best-selling Being Nobody, Going Nowhere, uses one of the earliest Buddhist suttas to guide us along the path of the oldest Buddhist meditative practice for understanding the nature of "self." By following the Buddha's explanation with clear, insightful examples from her years of teaching meditation, she guides us back and forth between the relative understanding and higher realizations of the Buddhist concept of "self." Her thoughtful contemplation of the Buddha's radical understanding of "self" and her practical advice for achieving insight offer the reader a profound understanding of the "self." Both beginning and advanced practitioners will greatly benefit from Ayya Khema's warm and down-to-earth exposition of the Buddha's meditation on "self."

The Devil s Dust

Author : C.B. Forrest
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Charlie McKelvey goes to his northern hometown to find that the big city isn’t the only place with big problems. Retired Toronto detective Charlie McKelvey runs from a cancer diagnosis and the violent memories of the big city and retreats to his hometown. A small declining mining centre, Ste. Bernadette offers McKelvey a chance to resolve old family issues, including his father’s involvement in a deadly wildcat strike in the late 1950s. When the local police force enlists his help in tracing an upswing in youth violence and vandalism, McKelvey stumbles into the hornets’ nest of a crystal-meth industry. The timing couldn’t be worse for the town to expose its drug problem to the world: the mayor is hoping a new transmission line will be built through the town, bringing power-line jobs and construction dollars; the police chief is trying to close a deal to truck Detroit’s garbage to a local site as well as vie for the mayor’s job; and a sleazy businessman is attempting to buy up the town’s land to open a casino and resort. Despite searches and seizures, the flow of drugs continues, leading McKelvey to suspect a local is manufacturing the drug. The Devil’s Dust holds a magnifying glass to the current decline of rural life, the scourge of meth, and what happens when an entire town loses faith.

Annals of the Society of the Holy childhood

Author : Society of the Holy Childhood
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Life s Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets

Author : Lisa Quinn
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In the tradition of Erma Bombeck and Peg Bracken, author Lisa Quinn—Emmy Award-winning television host and recovering Marthaholic—gets real on the follies of housekeeping. Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets is a crash course in Slacker Chic 101 that will have over-extended women everywhere laughing out loud and throwing in the towel—the dish towel, that is. Full of shortcuts and tricks for cleaning, decor, and entertaining,such as: the top 10 things you have to clean if you have company coming in 30 minutes; interior finishes that hide the most dirt; 17 meals made from a deli chicken; and much more, this wickedly funny guide helps women create the life they want without all the hard labor—and without compromising style.

Collected Poems

Author : Michael Donaghy
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The death of Michael Donaghy in 2004 at the age of fifty robbed poetry of one of its best-loved and most naturally gifted practitioners. A modern metaphysical, Donaghy wrote poetry of great wisdom, grace, charm, erudition and consummate technical accomplishment. This book gathers together all of Donaghy's mature poetry, and includes the full texts of his four published volumes, as well as a number of fine uncollected pieces. As the poet-critic Sean O'Brien has remarked, Donaghy will come to be seen as one of the representative poets of the age.

Leigh Hunt s London Journal

Author :
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Me Patsy Kickin Up Dust

Author : Loretta Lynn
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Me & Patsy Kickin' Up Dust shares the"important and inspiring" (Miranda Lambert) never-before-told complete story of the remarkable relationship between country music icons Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. Loretta Lynn and the late Patsy Cline are legends--country icons and sisters of the heart. For the first time ever Loretta tells their story: a celebration of their music and their relationship up until Patsy's tragic and untimely death. Full of laughter and tears, this eye-opening, heartwarming memoir paints a picture of two stubborn, spirited country gals who'd be damned if they'd let men or convention tell them how to be. Set in the heady streets of the 1960s South, this nostalgia ride shows how Nashville blossomed into the city of music it is today. Tender and fierce, Me & Patsy Kickin' Up Dust is an up-close-and-personal portrait of a friendship that defined a generation and changed country music indelibly--and a meditation on love, loss and legacy.

As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust

Author : Alan Bradley
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"One of the most remarkable creations in recent literature" (USA Today), Flavia de Luce, "part Harriet the Spy, part Violet Baudelaire" (New York Times Book Review) is back in Alan Bradley's captivating internationally bestselling mystery series. Flavia rules! In this internationally bestselling series of enchanting mysteries, youthful chemist and aspiring detective Flavia de Luce once again brings her knowledge of poisons and her indefatigable spirit to solve dastardly crimes--but this time, she leaves behind her beloved English countryside, and takes her sleuthing prowess to the unexpectedly unsavory world of Canadian boarding schools!

Dust Bowl

Author : Donald Worster
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In the mid 1930s, North America's Great Plains faced one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in world history. Donald Worster's classic chronicle of the devastating years between 1929 and 1939 tells the story of the Dust Bowl in ecological as well as human terms. Now, twenty-five years after his book helped to define the new field of environmental history, Worster shares his more recent thoughts on the subject of the land and how humans interact with it. In a new afterword, he links the Dust Bowl to current political, economic and ecological issues--including the American livestock industry's exploitation of the Great Plains, and the on-going problem of desertification, which has now become a global phenomenon. He reflects on the state of the plains today and the threat of a new dustbowl. He outlines some solutions that have been proposed, such as "the Buffalo Commons," where deer, antelope, bison and elk would once more roam freely, and suggests that we may yet witness a Great Plains where native flora and fauna flourish while applied ecologists show farmers how to raise food on land modeled after the natural prairies that once existed.

Touching Sedona

Author : Robert Sedona
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Sedona is an ideal place to experience the majesty of Earth and her many colors. Speaks of Many Truths teaches us how to communicate with the natural, powerful elements and wonders of Sedona in this title. Sedona is known worldwide for its unique characteristics. Massive red-rock formations as well as the contrasting riparian areas of Oak Creek Canyon make Sedona and the surrounding area one of the United States' most beautiful places. However, a less widely known feature of Sedona is the power and wisdom within the area's red rocks and stones, just one of the aspects that makes Sedona the ideal place to experience the majesty of Earth and her many colors. In Touching Sedona, Speaks of Many Truths teaches us to communicate with and honor the powerful elements that can be found in the Colorado Plateau. From red rock to white crystals, this book allows us to fully appreciate these wonders of Sedona.

Principia Dysnomia

Author : Rev Timothy Edward Bowen
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Mind and Life

Author : Pier Luigi Luisi
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Scientists, philosophers and Buddhist scholars discuss the nature of reality in a book that goes inside a Mind and Life Institute conference. For over a decade, members of the Mind and Life Institute have gathered to discuss questions that are both fundamental and profound: can physics, chemistry, and biology explain the mystery of life? How do our philosophical assumptions influence science and the ethics we bring to biotechnology? And how does an ancient spiritual tradition throw new light on these questions? In Mind and Life, Pier Luigi Luisi reproduces this stimulating cross-cultural dialogue in which world-class scientists, philosophers, and Buddhist scholars develop a holistic approach to the exploration of reality. He also adds scientific background to their presentations, as well as supplementary discussions with prominent participants and attendees. Interviews with His Holiness the Karmapa, the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, and the actor and longtime human rights advocate Richard Gere further enrich the material with personal viewpoints. Conversation topics range from the origin of matter to the nature of evolution, the ethics of genetic manipulation, and the question of consciousness and ethics.