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I Was Born This Way

Author : Doug Green
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In his memoir I Was Born This Way, Doug Green shares his seventy-year journey as a homosexual man and divulges the challenges and life lessons he faced along the way. As a boy growing up in the 1940s, Green endured endless teasing from his peers who mocked his lisp and mincing gait. Timid and fearful, he seemed to disappoint his parents at every turn. As a teenager, a psychiatrist suggested military prep school as a way to encourage Green to outgrow what he considered to be a phase. But Green knew what he was feeling was not just a stage he was gay. As Green reveals his early attractions to men, he also discloses how he posed as a heterosexual for many years, a decision that not only hurt himself, but also others in his life. During a time when being homosexual was not widely accepted in society, Green details how a move to New York City finally provided the balm for his shattered self-esteem, eventually leading him into the arms of his life companion. I Was Born This Way offers an honest, self-disclosing glimpse into one man's life as he finds respect, understanding, and finally, self-acceptance.

I was Born a Slave

Author : Yuval Taylor
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Gathers twenty of the most significant slave narratives published since the Civil War

I Was Born to Win

Author : James A. Smith
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Smith reveals how he went from a miserable life full of addictions and empty of purpose, to a thriving life full of hope, joy, peace, and happiness.

I Was Born There I Was Born Here

Author : Mourid Barghouti
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In 1996 Barghouti went back to his Palestinian home for the first time since exile following the Six-Day War in 1967, first in Egypt and then in Hungary, and wrote a poignant and incisive account of the exile's lot in the acclaimed memoir I Saw Ramallah. In 2003 he returned to Ramallah to introduce his Cairo-born son, Tamim Barghouti, to his Palestinian family. Ironically, within a year Tamim himself had been arrested for taking part in a demonstration against the impending Iraq War and found himself not only in the same Cairo prison from which his father had been expelled from Egypt when Tamim was a baby, but in the very same cell. I Was Born Here, I was Born There traces Barghouti's own life in recent years and in the past - early life in Palestine, expulsion from Cairo, exile to Budapest, marriage to one of Egypt's leading writers and critics (Radwa Ashour), the birth of his son, Tamim, and then the young man's own expulsion from Cairo. Ranging freely back and forth in time Barghouti weaves into it his account poignant evocations of Palestinian history and daily life. His evocative composed prose beautifully rendered in Humphrey Davies' precise and sensitive translation, leads to the surprisingly candid condemnation of the Palestinian authority's leading figures and the astonishing verdict that 'The real disaster that the Palestinians are living through these days is that they've fallen under the control of a bunch of school kids with no teacher.' Beautifully rendered by the prize-winning translator Humphrey Davies, I Was Born Here, I Was Born There, is destined, like its predecessor, to become a classic

What I Forgot the Day I Was Born

Author : Nicole Matoushek
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Upon being born into the physical realm, we relinquish the real essence of who we are and of our true potential. Brilliantly written, this highly-enlightening book, What I Forgot the Day I Was Born is crafted to help readers remember the truth that indicates we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. This unique book delivers spiritual insights that will dramatically and magnificently improve your circumstances. You will learn how to use the power of the mind to your advantage, how to automatically attract new results by releasing your limiting beliefs, witness scientific proof that our outside world is created from our inside world, and learn the seven levels of conscious awareness and why less than 20% of people transgress beyond level three. Additionally, you will know how to master the 20 Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction; through which, you will understand that your results will remain mediocre until you live in harmony with each Universal Law. You will also learn the four ways to super size your results with the 10-step deliberate creation process, and get to know specific techniques to manifest perfect health, abundant wealth and meaningful relationships into your life experience. Readers are in for one unforgettable awakening experience as they rediscover their own essence and their ability to create the life they would just usually dream of. Are you ready for a trip down the rabbit hole to create new and glorious results? Become a Spiritual Mastermind today--simply read this book now!

Before I Was Born I Saw the World Through Your Eyes

Author : Dahveed
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"An amazing take that gives a glimpse of the connection felt by the child towards its mother. The words captivate you, and bring to life the question we have all asked ourselves; 'what goes on in the mind of a child?' Fortunately, the mother-child connection exists without words; but in this case, Dahveed presents the possibility for more." ' Heather Mann, Ph.D.

I Was Born This Way

Author : Carl Bean
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In I Was Born This Way, Carl Bean, former Motown recording artist, noted AIDS activist, and founder of the Unity Fellowship of Christ Church in Los Angeles, shares his extraordinary personal journey from Baltimore foster homes to the stage of the Apollo Theater and beyond. CARL BEAN has been crossing boundaries all his life and helping others do the same. He’s never been stopped by his race or orientation, never fit or stayed in the boxes people have wanted to put him in. He left his foster home in Baltimore at seventeen and took the bus to New York City, where he quickly found the rich culture of the Harlem churches. As a singer, first with the gospel Alex Bradford Singers and later as a Motown recording artist, Bean was a sensation. When Berry Gordy signed him to record "I Was Born This Way," it was a first: the biggest black-owned record company broadcasting a statement on gender identity. The #1 song, recorded with the Sweet Inspirations, was the first gay liberation dance club hit. Whether making records, educating the black community about HIV and AIDS, or preaching to his growing congregation, Archbishop Bean has never wanted to minister to just one group. He’s worked on AIDS issues with C. Everett Koop and Elizabeth Taylor and on civil rights issues with Maxine Waters, Julian Bond, and Reverend Joseph Lowery. At the height of his recording career, he worked with Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, Miles Davis, and Sammy Davis Jr. He’s brought South Central Los Angeles gang members into his church, which now has 25,000 members in twelve cities nationwide; those same Crips and Bloods have shown up at the Gay Pride parades Bean has organized with U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters. And he has courageously devoted his time and energy to spurring black civil rights leaders to address the AIDS health crisis within the African American community—an issue on which they had been silent. Preaching an all-embracing progressive theology, he is an outspoken practitioner of brotherly love, a dynamic preacher, and a social activist. The Unity Fellowship message is grace: "God is love, and God is for everyone"; "God is gay, God is straight, God is black, God is white." I Was Born This Way is the rare personal history of one of black gospel’s biggest stars and a frank, powerful, and warmhearted testament to how one man found his calling.

I Was Born This Way How About You

Author : Doug Green
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People worked hard, back then, to promote themselves as they believed they should be. Norman Rockwell, then Ozzie and Harriet, depicted Godlike behaviors and values that we continue to admire. However the hurt and loneliness endured by the fat girl, the oddball, the foreigner or the village idiot was largely ignored. Hopefully, they didn't live on our block. Few of us can attain Rockwellian Ideals. We're born with powerful and indelible compulsions. The flesh is weak and failure to achieve the ideal can result in the worst kinds of hypocracy. Pretending to be something we aren't causes damage to ourselves and to others as well. We've all heard stories about explosive consequences of passion denied. This book is about one man's fight to be kind to others, true to himself, yet achieve normalcy in a world with little tolerance for those who are, somehow, "queer".

I Was Born to Dance

Author : Ann Higgins
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Dance describes the life of Dr. Ann Peterson-Higgins. She was definitely "Born to Dance". Ann spent her entire life dancing and brining joy to thousands of people from all walks of life. Dance is shut up in her bones waiting to explode with every expression of movement. However, like the prophet Jonah who rose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord (Jonah I:3), Ann spent some of her early years running from the call that was on her life. Going in the opposite direction of her call took her into night life and bright lights. In I Was Born to Dance, Ann bares her soul and candidly shares her life experiences, as the hand of God skillfully transformed her from a "star with no light" into a vessel of honor to show forth the brilliant splendor of the Glory of God. This book is especially written to encourage others to also use their giftings to EXPOSE GOD'S GLORY.

I was born Mother of Saint

Author : Laerte do Cachoeira
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This is the English version of the original in Portuguese (2017): “Nasci Mãe de Santo - A maravilhosa história da Yalorixá Mãe Senhora de Umbanda, Sacerdotisa de Z A M B Y” (ISBN 978-85-924121-0-4). The book is a tribute to Mãe Senhora de Umbanda, in her extremely rare condition as Yalorixá Priestess of Z A M B Y, Consecrated by the Most High, Daughter of Ogum Quebramar and Yansã Guaracyara, Leaders Orixás of the Tenda de Umbanda Morada dos Orixás. It describes her beautiful trajectory in Umbanda in this reincarnation (1930-2015), preceded that was by her Consecration by the HIGHEST - hence the title “I was born Mother of Saint”, with emphasis on her total adoration to the CREATOR, as the faithful and discreet servant, and her greater mission, given by Our Father OXALÁ - and fulfilled with praise, to carry the Love of Our Lord JESUS to the depths of the Abyss. Preliminarily to this description, covered in Part II of the book, it is made a contextualization in relation to Umbanda, as detailed in Part I, in which is given emphasis to the Meaning, Origin and Organization of UMBANDA, including related themes, such as religious syncretism, evolution of spirits, Umbral and Quimbanda. The gestation of the book dates back to the 1980s, when the author, Laerte do Cachoeira, was honored by Yansã Guaracyara with the mission of one day writing it, as Yobá of Yansã ('The Eyes of Yansã'). Throughout this period, records were made of guidelines and revelations made by the Orixás and the People of Exu when incorporated in Mãe Senhora de Umbanda during the giras (sessions) in the Terreiro, as well as testimonies made by Mãe Senhora, in addition to recordings in audios and videos, which were compiled and organized after her passage. The records that were selected and included in the book are duly referenced, either in the body of the text or in footnotes. Everything else in the book, although it expresses the author's own thought, it is his conviction that mirrors all guidance and help received from the Orixás and the Exu People, under the command of Ogum Quebramar and Yansã Guaracyara, for the elaboration of this tribute from the Tenda de Umbanda Morada dos Orixás to its Beloved Yalorixá. It is important to note that, in line with the Statutes of the Tenda de Umbanda Morada dos Orixás, this book will not be sold, either in part or in whole. To this end, the book, including all attachments, with photos, audios and videos, is being freely available on the internet (for unrestricted public access) at . However, it is requested that eventual quotes are properly referenced. Laerte do Cachoeira Yobá of Yansã December 4th, 2020