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Football Violence and Social Identity

Author : Richard Guilianotti
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Drawing on research from Britain, Europe, Argentina and the USA this volume examines the culture and loyalties of soccer players and crowds and their relationships to social order, disorder and violence. This informative and accessible book will be of interest to students of Sport Science and to all of those who love the game of soccer.

Football Violence and Social Identity

Author : Richard Guilianotti
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Drawing on research from Britain, Europe, Argentina and the USA this volume examines the culture and loyalties of soccer players and crowds and their relationships to social order, disorder and violence. This informative and accessible book will be of interest to students of Sport Science and to all of those who love the game of soccer.

Violence and Racism in Football

Author : Brett Bebber
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This study, based on government records, newspaper articles and fanzines, explores the complex interaction between politicians, police and the perpetrators of football violence. Bebber looks at how successive governments tried to impose law and order on football ‘hooligans’, whilst inadvertently escalating the violence.

Handbook of Sports Studies

Author : Jay Coakley
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Now available in paperback, this vital handbook marks the development of sports studies as a major new discipline within the social sciences. Edited by the leading sociologist of sport, Eric Dunning, and Jay Coakley, author of the best selling textbook on sport in the USA, it both reflects and richly endorses this new found status. Key aspects of the Handbook include: an inventory of the principal achievements in the field; a guide to the chief conflicts and difficulties in the theory and research process; a rallying point for researchers who are established or new to the field, which sets the agenda for future developments; a resource book for teachers who wish to establish new curricula and develop courses and programmes in the area of sports studies. With an international and inter-disciplinary team of contributors the Handbook of Sports Studies is comprehensive in scope, relevant in content and far-reaching in its discussion of future prospect.

Female Football Fans

Author : C. Dunn
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Most sociological work on football fandom has focused on the experience of men, and it usually talks about alcohol, fighting and general hooliganism. This book shows that there are some unique facets of female experience and fascinating negotiations of identity within the male-dominated world of men's professional football.


Author : Adam Brown
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Embracing studies of football fans across Europe, this book tackles questions of power, national and regional identities, and race and racism, highlighting the changing role of fans in the game. Combining new approaches to the study of fan culture with critical assessments of the commercialization of the game, this fascinating book offers a comprehensive and timely examination of the state of European football supporters culture as the game prepares itself for the next millennium. The contributors, all leading figures in sports studies, consider: * whether football remains the peoples game, or if it is now run entirely by and for club owners and directors who have overseen the flotation of clubs on the stock exchange, a new focus on merchandising and the escalation of players salaries * the role of FIFA and UEFA in the struggle for control of world football * manifestations of racism and extreme nationalism in football, from the English medias xenophobic coverage of Euro 96 to the demonisation of Eric Cantona * media representations of national identity in football coverage in Germany, France and Spain * the interplay of national, religious and club identities among fans in England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal and Scandinavia * the role of the law in regulating football * the future for supporters at a time when watching the match is more likely to mean turning on the television than going to a football ground.

A Sociology of Football in a Global Context

Author : Jamie Cleland
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Association football is now the global sport, consumed in various ways by millions of people across the world. Throughout its history, football has been a catalyst as much for social cohesion, unity, excitement and integration as it can be for division, exclusion and discrimination. A Sociology of Football in a Global Context examines the historical, political, economic, social and cultural complexities of the game across Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America. It analyses the key developments and sociological debates within football through a topic-based approach that concentrates on the history of football and its global diffusion; the role of violence; the global governance of the game by FIFA; race, racism and whiteness; gender and homophobia; the changing nature of fans; the media and football’s financial revolution; the transformation of players into global celebrities; and the growth of football leagues across the world. Using a range of examples from all over the world, each chapter highlights the different social and cultural changes football has seen, most notably since the 1990s, when its relationship with the mass media and other transnational networks became more important and financially lucrative.

Football Fascism and Fandom

Author : Alberto Testa
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Passionate, political and principled, the UltraS are the hardcore subculture of football supporters found in the stadiums of Italy. Amongst the most committed and uncompromising are two such groups who gather in support of the main football clubs of Rome - AS Roma and SS Lazio. Openly proclaiming neo-fascist sympathies, and not afraid of violence against rival supporters and police, these groups (the Boys Roma and the Lazio Irriducibili) are well-organised and determined to bring about social and political change and stamp out those who oppose them. The much-maligned football hooligans of England pale by comparison. Following years of research involving individuals inside these organisations, and drawing on exclusive interviews with each group's leading figures, Alberto Testa and Gary Armstrong present a fascinating account of the world of the neo-fascist UltraS.

Conflict and Multimodal Communication

Author : Francesca D'Errico
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This book explores the use of technology to detect, predict and understand social cues, in order to analyze and prevent conflict. Traditional human sciences approaches are enriched with the latest developments in Social Signal Processing aimed at an automatic understanding of conflict and negotiation. Communication—both verbal and non-verbal, within the context of a conflict—is studied with the aim of promoting the use of intelligent machines that automatically measure and understand the escalation of conflict, and are able to manage it, in order to support the negotiation process. Particular attention is paid to the integration of human sciences findings with computational approaches, from the application of correct methodologies for the collection of valid data to the development of computational approaches inspired by research on verbal and multimodal communication. In the words of the trade unionist Pierre Carniti, "We should reevaluate conflict, since without conflict there is no social justice." With this in mind, this volume does not approach conflict simply as an obstacle to be overcome, but as a concept to be fully analyzed. The philosophical, linguistic and psychological aspects of conflict, once understood, can be used to promote conflict management as a means for change and social justice.

Post Fandom and the Millennial Blues

Author : Steve Redhead
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Soccer fandom has traditionally been seen as an important part of adolescent, generally male, identity making. In Post-Fandom and the Millennial Blues , Steve Redhead shows how this tradition of youth culture of fandom has been eroded in the last years of the twentieth century by the more fleeting, style conscious allegiances inspired by television, films and music. The clubs that young people follow are determined by advertising and popular music; the games that they watch are brought to them by the globalized culture of television, as in the world cup staged in America; even their fears of so-called soccer hooliganism are determined by media-engendered moral panics at a time when the phenomenon itself seems to be dying away.

Sport In History

Author : Jeffrey Hill
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This wide-ranging analysis of the key themes and developments in sports history provides an accessible introduction to the topic. The book examines sports history on a global scale, exploring the relationship between sports history and topics such as modernization, globalization, identity, gender and the media.

Law and Sport in Contemporary Society

Author : Steven Greenfield
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As the commercialization of sport grows, the need for proper regulation increases. In legal terms, sport is part of the entertainment and media industries which are subject to rapid change. This work brings together experts in many fields to analyze these changes and to discuss the implications of issues such as the BSkyB-Manchester United case, civil and criminal actions on the playing field, the "Bosman" ruling, drugs in sport, the legality of boxing and the validity of decisions made by governing bodies. This collection should appeal to students of both sports history and sports sociology.

Crime Deviance and Doping

Author : M. Yar
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Yar examines the autobiographies of fallen sports stars, exploring their fall from grace and the stigma it entails. Drawing upon sociological and criminological perspectives, it illuminates how fallen stars use confessional acts of story-telling to seek forgiveness, vindication and redemption.

Football Culture

Author : Gerry Finn
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These essays provide a critical investigation of football cultures, examining local and national impacts of the game's new millennial order over five continents.

International Review for the Sociology of Sport

Author :
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Football Hooligans

Author : Gary Armstrong
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This book examines how groups of young male fans come to be defined and identified as football `hooligans and challenges the assumption that violence is wholly central to the match-day experience for these supporters. Rather, the creation of identity is at the root of hooliganism, with all the cultural values and rituals, codes of honour and shame, and communal patterns of behaviour and consumption that accompany it. The author locates hooliganism historically within the milieu of an industrial working class culture and examines ideas of performance and ritual encompassed in idealized masculinity. The book is based on a decades in-depth study of the `Blades, a group of football fans supporting Sheffield United, who are notorious for their hooliganism. It contributes to the debate on football hooliganism by challenging many traditionally-held notions of hooliganism and by providing the first anthropological study of football violence. The book also debunks the myth that violence between football fans is organized by `generals operating within hierarchically structured groups. Falsehoods such as this, it is argued, are advanced to augment the powers of the police and media in redefining and controlling particular groups of individuals whose behaviour does not fit easily within increasingly constrictive codes of social conduct. This book represents essential reading not only for undergraduates of social anthropology, sociology and criminology but also for the general reader with an interest in football culture.

Football Hooliganism in Europe

Author : Anastassia Tsoukala
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"In this first EU-wide study of the way football hooliganism has been defined by academics, lawmakers, law enforcers and the media since the 1960s, Anastassia Tsoukala seeks to unravel the political and security issues at play in the development of counter-hooliganism policies in Europe. Tsoukala analyses the impact that changes within the European security field have had on the regulation and policing of hooliganism, at both the national and EU levels, and reveals the interaction between all actors involved in controlling football hooliganism, as well as a gradual institutionalized erosion of civil liberties that has been legitimized as an ongoing feature of democratic legal systems through broad social consensus." --Book Jacket.

Sports Fan Violence in North America

Author : Jerry Middleton Lewis
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This book argues that sport is essential to the social health of any society. Participation in the sport fan experience is very meaningful for a significant portion of the membership of any society. This volume argues that sports fan violence, particularly celebrating riots after championship play, disturbs and harms one of the key positive aspects of sports.

Ethnography Ethnographic fieldwork practice

Author : Alan Bryman
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The End of the Terraces

Author : Anthony King
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This book analyses the transformation of English football in the 1990s. In so doing, it provides a comprehensive account of football culture in contemporary Britain that not only contributes to the study of the sport but also sheds light more widely on recent transformations in British society. Although it draws on past writings on football, the book's scope and analytic focus are original to the sociology of football. Sociological studies of football in the past either have tended to focus on hooliganism or have been broad social or economic histories, and no book has examined the specific changes of the 1990s in the depth and breadth that this one does.