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Football Mad

Author : John Goodwin
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Four goal-scoring books in one! ·Mark's Dream Team ·Nice One, Sam! ·There's Only One Danny Ogle ·The Worst Team in the World Kick it, pass it, head it, cross it, live it, dream it - SCORE! If you're mad about football, you'd be mad to miss this book! Four awesome stories about all kinds of players - some great, some rubbish, some fair, some foul - all MAD ABOUT FOOTBALL! Whether you like to play football, watch football, wear your team's shirt, or just love kicking a ball around the garden, there's a story in here for you. Black and white illustrations throughout.

Football Mad

Author : Igloo Books Ltd
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With 4 noisy sounds, join in with the crowd as they clap and cheer at the most exciting match of the season!

Football Mad

Author : Grace Jolliffe
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AN AMAZON BEST SELLER FOR KIDSA Funny Story For Kids - About Football.Shane desperately wants to get on the school football team. There's only one thing stopping him and that's his lousy header. The rest of the lads all laugh at Shane when Coach says one-legged nuns and cross-eyed cats would make better footballers than him. Shane needs to practice his football skills at home - away from his laughing mates, but his dad only wants to read books and his mum only wants to do Yoga so Shane is forced to take drastic action. PRAISE FOR FOOTBALL MAD'Wickedly funny and highly entertaining - Football Mad follows the efforts of Shane Cooney as he tries to persuade his nerdy dad that counting goals is far more important than surfing the net. Will Shane succeed in making the first team? Will his dad ever lift his eyes from the computer? Grace Jolliffe's sense of mischief comes to the fore in this enjoyable battle of wills. Written to tickle your funny bone.'- June ConsidineA Football story for kids

Football Fever

Author : John Foster
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Here's a collection of poems about goals, fans, yobs, cheers, fouls, boots, scarves, crowds, strips. You'll also see falling stars, blind referees, magic sponges, dream teams, fizzy drinks, wet Saturdays, hairless half-backs, and a game of two halves. This is a thought-provoking as well as an entertaining book, and includes a number of reflective poems, dealing with some of the more serious issues in football. Most of the poems have been specially written for this collection.

Football Rage

Author : KPC Exall
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Football Rage! follows in the footsteps of Football Mad! and Football Wild! and concludes the Football Satires Trilogy. Following the abysmal efforts of Team England at the last Football World Cup, a wave of protests has taken the football fraternity by surprise. Excess is no longer acceptable at a time of austerity and the fans are claiming their forgotten right to exercise some control over their favourite team. The demise of the old regime sends political tremors and plots abound at the very heart of Football governance as well as in the media circus. Change is in the air, sometimes welcome, often feared.

Ultimate Football Heroes Collection Barcelona

Author : Matt Oldfield
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Follow the stories of Griezmann, Messi and Suarez, three Barcelona legends, in this exciting collection of stories written by Matt and Tom Oldfield. Ultimate Football Heroes is a series of fictional biographies about the biggest and best footballers in the world and their incredible journeys from childhood fan to superstar professional player. Written in a fast-paced, action-packed style, these books are perfect for all the family to collect and enjoy.

Offside Football Mad 2

Author : Paul Stewart
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Mad About Football

Author : Judith Heneghan
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Find out how to perfect your skills, from dribbling and passing to scoring and saving goals, play competitively for a club and expand your abilities into captaining a team. Whether you're new to football or looking to develop your skills, this book will tell you everything you need to know, from finding out what are the best things about being able to play football well to discovering what it takes to become a champion footballer. Discover advice from experts and top tips on how to improve, plus a quiz so you can find out how mad about football you really are! The Mad About series of books helps children age 8+ perfect a variety of hobbies and skills, from art and cartoons to football and gymnastics.

Eat Coach Sleep Repeat

Author : Gem Publishing
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Grab this amazing Notebook to help put some organization into your life or someone else's life! This would be a fantastic gift for any loved one for any occasion.

The Future of Football

Author : Jon Garland
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Looks at the changes in world soccer over the past decade and discusses a variety of social and economic issues of interest to fans, players, and administrators.

King Football

Author : Michael Oriard
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This landmark work explores the vibrant world of football from the 1920s through the 1950s, a period in which the game became deeply embedded in American life. Though millions experienced the thrills of college and professional football firsthand during these years, many more encountered the game through their daily newspapers or the weekly Saturday Evening Post, on radio broadcasts, and in the newsreels and feature films shown at their local movie theaters. Asking what football meant to these millions who followed it either casually or passionately, Michael Oriard reconstructs a media-created world of football and explores its deep entanglements with a modernizing American society. Football, claims Oriard, served as an agent of "Americanization" for immigrant groups but resisted attempts at true integration and racial equality, while anxieties over the domestication and affluence of middle-class American life helped pave the way for the sport's rise in popularity during the Cold War. Underlying these threads is the story of how the print and broadcast media, in ways specific to each medium, were powerful forces in constructing the football culture we know today.

Football Nation

Author : Andrew Ward
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Football is at the heart of British national identity, intrinsically linked to our social history. Through more than forty fascinating stories Football Nation reveals the hidden and not-so-hidden history of the game since 1945. From the mass audiences of austerity Britain and the introduction of floodlights at Accrington Stanley in the 1950s, through the escalating hooliganism of the 1970s and the arrival of the first all-seater stadium at Coventry in the 1980s, to the Hillsborough disaster and the coming of the Premiership, Andrew Ward and John Williams reveal the truth about the national game as it was once and is today in the age of satellite TV, celebrity lifestyle and extreme wealth. Looking back at the days when footballers were amateurs who travelled to the match with the fans, right through to the present day where top-flight players command a higher weekly wage than the average spectator can earn in a year, Football Nation is informed, wryly amusing, often surprising and always vastly entertaining. It offers an entirely fresh perspective on the history of the beautiful game in Britain.

Female Football Fans

Author : C. Dunn
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Most sociological work on football fandom has focused on the experience of men, and it usually talks about alcohol, fighting and general hooliganism. This book shows that there are some unique facets of female experience and fascinating negotiations of identity within the male-dominated world of men's professional football.

Consuming Football in Late Modern Life

Author : Mr Kevin Dixon
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Consuming Football in Late Modern Life explores the phenomenon of football (soccer) fandom as consumption in the age of late modernity. By centralising fandom within the sociology of consumption, the book examines how this phenomenon equates to a fluid series of consumption activities that are practiced in the course of everyday life. In turn, the work departs from much of the existing literature that features exceptional properties of fanatical fans, in order to emphasise the position that seemingly trivial acts of consumption can have a profound influence on the construction, maintenance and evolution of football fandom cultures. Containing up to date research findings derived from a programme of interviews with a sample of football fans, Kevin Dixon examines the social, emotional, economic and technological implications of consumption as fans participate in and respond to the demands of consumer life.

Mad for It

Author : Andy Mitten
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SOCCER (ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL). A celebration of the classic football derby matches. From the Celtic--Rangers rivalry and Tyneside derby to the biggest global clashes from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, journalist Andy Mitten uses the fans' own words and stories to illuminate the conflicts, tensions, histories and culture behind these fascinating games. These are football matches that are far more than a game. Often a microcosm of life in a city, there are countless rivalries between clubs which are steeped in a historical enmity based on class, religion, politics, envy or philosophy. This in turn provides a fresh and revealing insight into the people who make these matches matter -- the fans -- using their own words and stories to illuminate the conflicts, tension and histories behind the games. He also interviews players, managers, politicians, local journalists and agents drawing out differing opinions and perspectives on the beautiful game.

Passion of the People

Author : Anthony Mason
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Brazil's victory in the 1994 World Cup is the latest chapter in an extensive history of the world's most popular game in South America. In this engaging account, Tony Mason reviews the place of football in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Mason opens with soccer's rise at the turn of the century amidst the exploding urbanization of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. He demonstrates that, from its beginnings, the game had wide popular appeal and examines the role of British commercial and military interests as well as that of newcomers from Italy, Spain and Portugal. From the moment when Uruguay won the Olyimpic football tournament in 1924 to Argentina's bizarre appearance in the World Cup final of 1990, international success on the pitch brought with it prestige and influence abroad. At home, Mason shows how dictators used football to ensure political passivity. He concludes by asking if the attention focused on football in Latin America today is exaggerated or whether the game truly is the 'passion of the people'.

Football s Most Wanted

Author : Floyd Conner
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In 1920, the University of Texas Longhorns ate their mascot at a postseason banquet. In 1940, Turk Edwards of the Washington Redskins suffered a career-ending knee injury during the pre-game coin toss. In 1969, Clive Rush was nearly electrocuted while being introduced as the new coach of the Boston Patriots. During the 1893 Army-Navy game, a general punched a heckling admiral and challenged him to a duel, which resulted in President Grover Cleveland suspending the game for six years. Football’s Most Wanted™ features the worst players, the most inept teams, the strangest plays, the most bizarre nicknames, the most fantastic finishes, the dirtiest players, the oddest injures, the greatest upsets, and the most boneheaded calls in both professional and college football. Many of these 700 anecdotes, arranged in 70 top-ten lists, are published here for the first time. Football’s Most Wanted™ features the worst players, the most inept teams, the strangest plays, the most bizarre nicknames, the most fantastic finishes, the dirtiest players, the oddest injures, the greatest upsets, and the most boneheaded calls in both professional and college football. Many of these 700 anecdotes, arranged in 70 top-ten lists, are published here for the first time.

Roberto Martinez Kicking Every Ball

Author : Roberto Martinez
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The autobiography of Everton manager, Roberto Martinez. From his background in Catalonia, his time in Wigan as one of the 'Three Amigos' and then his fabulous success with Swansea City, this is the colourful autobiography of one of the most respected managers in British football.

Loud Proud and Positive

Author : Garry Monk
File Size : 41.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The autobiography of Swansea City Football Club captain Garry Monk. During his seven years at Swansea he has been instrumental in leading them to promotion on three occasions. He is a player who has battled against the odds and instilled that attitude into the players around him. Garry is held in great affection by the Swans fans.

Poetry from the Heart

Author : Karen Hiett
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Format : PDF, ePub
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I started writing poems in 1983 when Nana died. The words seem to flow from pen to paper without realizing what I was doing. Over the years I have written poems to family, friends and work colleagues for special occasions or events in their lives. The people I have written a poem for all have a special place in my heart. I find it hard to show my feelings face to face and express myself and poetry is the best way I have found to say what I truly feel.