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Football for Moms and Dinosaurs

Author : Mike Moon
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Football for Moms and Dinosaurs by Mike Moon [--------------------------------------------]

The Best American Sports Writing 2017

Author : Glenn Stout
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For a quarter century, the annual Best American Sports Writing has showcased the greatest sports journalism of the previous year. This year's guest editor, acclaimed author Howard Bryant, continues the tradition, seeking out writing that best captures the unpredictable journey of sports. Triumphantly and painfully, these stories reflect on that journey, asking difficult questions about who we are, as individuals and as a nation: What does it mean when a football player takes a knee during the national anthem, who decides where the remains ofan American legend should rest, and how far will people go to reclaim dreams that have long slipped away? Spanning different sports, disciplines, and styles, these pieces are, above all, inspirational to readers, writers, and athletes around the world, proof of the bonds and breaking points that exist between and within us all.

Livin That Football Mom Life

Author : Sports Sentiments Studio
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Score big with our "World's Best Football Mom" notebook! With it's "Livin That Football Mom Life" quote, it's the perfect gift to show your Mom how much you appreciate her. Give it as a gift for her birthday, Mother's Day or to show some end of the season love to your #1 fan! This sweet sentiment will let your Mom know how much you enjoy her cheering you on and can be a specific reminder that you truly are thankful for all she does for you! This notebook is a helpful tool and an excellent gift for any proud Mom! Its standard 8 1/2" x 11" size fits easily into a backpack or laptop case and is great for that Mom that's always on the go. Its simple, easy to use design makes it just right to keep one's thoughts organized, jot down notes or inspiration, use as a daily planner or utilize as a journal. It makes a thoughtful and inspiring gift, and will be sure to make your Mom feel extra special! 100 pages of premium neutral white paper Wide-ruled lined pages Perfectly sized at 8 1/2" x 11" Premium matte cover design

Football Family Gender and Identity

Author : Hanya Pielichaty
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This book presents a cross-disciplinary examination of the lived experiences of girls and women football players using theoretical insights from sports studies, psychology, sociology and gender studies. It examines the concept of ‘the football self’ – your own, personal football identity that encapsulates the importance of football to our everyday lives – and what that can tell us about the complex relationships between sport, family, gender and identity. The book draws on in-depth ethnographic research involving players and family members, and offers important new insights into the everyday experiences of those girls and women who play. It breaks new ground in focusing on the significant relationships between player and family with a particular focus on parenting through football. The book brings to the fore key debates around gender identity, barriers to participation, cultural gaps and discrimination. The author also brings a personal perspective to bear, drawing on experience gained over 20 years as a player, adding an extra critical layer to her important empirical research. This is essential reading for all researchers and students with an interest in football, sport studies or issues around gender, inclusion or the family in sport, and fascinating reading for anybody generally curious about football.

If My Brother Is In Trouble So Am I

Author :
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Put Your Game Together

Author : Donnie Howell
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Donnie Howell was the kid who was raised on food stamps with little parental guidance. He discovered at a young age his needs would only be met through hard work and a game called football. In Put Your Game Together, Donnie puts together his story of childhood struggles and the lessons he learned along the way to illustrate how to achieve success in a fair and ethical way. Donnie Howell discovered that his success in business came from treating people fairly and responsibly. He applies these principles to coaching young people in football and adds another ingredient—parents. Most coaches of youth football want to keep parents on the outside looking in, but not Donnie, he gets the parents involved. Whatever the task—managing a business or coaching kids—he believes that a leader who practices ethical behavior and builds a program fair to all will be successful.

The Global Football Industry

Author : James J. Zhang
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In recent years, football’s status as "the world’s sport" has shown little sign of waning. From increasing participation at grassroots levels and to the highly lucrative media rights deals secured by the top elite clubs, the game appears to be thriving as it continues to excite and enthral billions of people around the globe. Nevertheless, there are a number of challenges and opportunities facing the football industry today that warrant further examination. This book brings together leading international researchers to survey the current state of the global football industry, exploring contemporary themes and issues in the marketing of football around the world. With contributions from Europe, Asia and the Americas, it discusses key topics such as football club management, the economics of the football industry, match-fixing, social media, fan experiences, the globalized marketplace, and the growing popularity of the women’s game. Offering insights for researchers, managers, and marketers who are looking to stay ahead of the game, The Global Football Industry: Marketing Perspectives is essential reading for anyone with an interest in international sport business.

Pro Football in the 1960s

Author : Patrick Gallivan
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The 1960s were a tumultuous period in U.S. history and the sporting world was not immune to the decade's upturn of tradition. As war in Southeast Asia, civil unrest at home and political assassinations rocked the nation, professional football struggled to attract fans. While some players fought for civil rights and others fought overseas, the ideological divides behind the protests and riots in the streets spilled into the locker rooms, and athletes increasingly brought their political beliefs into the sports world. This history describes how a decade of social upheaval affected life on the gridiron, and the personalities and events that shaped the game. The debut of the Super Bowl, soon to become a fixture of American culture, marked a professional sport on the rise. Increasingly lucrative television contracts and innovations in the filming and broadcasting of games expanded pro football's audiences. An authoritarian old guard, best represented by the revered Vince Lombardi, began to give way as star players like Joe Namath commanded new levels of pay and power. And at last, all teams fielded African American players, belatedly beginning the correction of the sport's greatest wrong.

The Mama s Boy Myth

Author : Kate Stone Lombardi
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A New York Times contributor offers a radical reexamination of a hot-button issue of the mother and son relationship and advocates the end of the "mama's boy" taboo. New York Times contributor Kate Stone Lombardi unveils the surprisingly close relationship between mothers and sons. Mother after mother confessed to Lombardi that her husband, brothers, and even female friends and family criticize the fact that she is "too close" to her sons. Many of these women are often startled by the strong connection they feel with their sons; but rarely do they talk about it because society tells them to push their little boys away and not "baby" them with too much cuddling and comforting. It is as if there were an existing playbook-based on gender preconceptions dating back to Freud, Oedipus, and beyond-that prescribes the way mothers and their sons should interact. Lombardi's much-needed narrative is the first and only book to share truly revealing interviews with mothers who have close relationships with their sons, as well as interviews with these women's sons and husbands. Lombardi persuasively argues that the rise of the new male-one who is more emotionally intelligent and more sensitive without being less "manly"-is directly attributable to women who are rejecting the "mama's boy" taboo. Highlighting new scientific studies, The Mama's Boy Myth begins a fresh story-one that will be welcomed by mothers, fathers, and sons alike.

Homecoming In Mossy Creek

Author : Debra Dixon
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The eighth novel in the acclaimed Mossy Creek Hometown Series continues the warm, witty, and wise doings in a small Southern village you'll want to call home. It's been over twenty years since Mossy Creek experienced Homecoming, and they're determined to do it right! And you know Creekites...if there's something interesting going on, they won't rest until they know about it. So when a letter shows up at the Police Station with a warning about ugly secrets hidden in the time capsule buried twenty years ago, the whole town is abuzz with the possibilities. Amos, Ida, & Win put Peggy Caldwell and Louise Sawyer on its trail, hoping the sleuth-loving ladies can find it before the week ends at the Homecoming Dance. Meanwhile, Amos & Ida tangle in a deserted Haunted House. Ardaleen & Inez scrimmage at the Bake Sale. Pearl & Spiva spar as they volunteer at the Booster Club Canteen. All of your favorite characters are back as Mossy Creek celebrates Homecoming with festivities that make Southerners cheer. Football. Homecoming Queens. Parades. Plays. It's all happening during Homecoming in Mossy Creek! Including stories from: Carolyn McSparren, Sandra Chastain, Martha Crockett, Debra Dixon, Nancy Knight, Brenna Crowder, Darcy Crowder, Susan Goggins, Maureen Hardegree, and Berta Platas.