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Author : Jennifer Clapp
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Food is one of the most basic resources that humans need for daily survival. Forty percent of the world’s population gains a livelihood from agriculture and we all consume food. Yet control over this fundamental resource is concentrated in relatively few hands. The 2008 food price crisis illustrated both the volatility and vulnerability built into the current global food system; at the height of the crisis, the number of hungry people on the planet climbed to over 1 billion. At the same time, there are serious ecological consequences that stem from an increasingly industrial model of agriculture that has spread worldwide. This book aims to contribute to a fuller understanding of the forces that influence and shape the current global food system. Author Jennifer Clapp explores how corporate control, inequitable international agricultural trade rules, and the financialization of farm commodities have each had a fundamental influence on the practices that dominate today’s global food system. By contrast, farmers and consumers, particularly in the developing world, have had little voice to change the rules of the game. But movements are emerging to challenge the dominant global system. The extent to which these alternative movements can displace it, however, remains to be seen.


Author : Paul Freedman
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This richly illustrated book applies the discoveries of the new generation of food historians to the pleasures of dining and the culinary accomplishments of diverse civilizations, past and present. Freedman gathers essays by French, German, Belgian, American, and British historians to present a comprehensive, chronological history of taste.

Food and Love

Author : Jack Goody
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Describes the evolution of cuisines from both the East and West, their influence on the rest of the world, and taboos associated with certain foods and drinks.

Reel Food

Author : Anne Bower
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First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Food Science

Author : Norman N. Potter
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Now in its fifth edition, Food Science remains the most popular and reliable text for introductory courses in food science and technology. This new edition retains the basic format and pedagogical features of previous editions and provides an up-to-date foundation upon which more advanced and specialized knowledge can be built. This essential volume introduces and surveys the broad and complex interrelationships among food ingredients, processing, packaging, distribution and storage, and explores how these factors influence food quality and safety. Reflecting recent advances and emerging technologies in the area, this new edition includes updated commodity and ingredient chapters to emphasize the growing importance of analogs, macro-substitutions, fat fiber and sugar substitutes and replacement products, especially as they affect new product development and increasing concerns for a healthier diet. Revised processing chapters include changing attitudes toward food irradiation, greater use of microwave cooking and microwaveable products, controlled and modified atmosphere packaging and expanding technologies such a extrusion cooking, ohmic heating and supercritical fluid extraction, new information that addresses concerns about the responsible management of food technology, considering environmental, social and economic consequences, as well as the increasing globalization of the food industry. Discussions of food safety an consumer protection including newer phychrotropic pathogens; HAACP techniques for product safety and quality; new information on food additives; pesticides and hormones; and the latest information on nutrition labeling and food regulation. An outstanding text for students with little or no previous instruction in food science and technology, Food Science is also a valuable reference for professionals in food processing, as well as for those working in fields that service, regulate or otherwise interface with the food industry.

Food Hygiene and Sanitation

Author : S Roday
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The Psychology of Food Choice

Author : Richard Shepherd
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One of the central problems in nutrition is the difficulty of getting people to change their dietary behaviours so as to bring about an improvement in health. What is required is a clearer understanding of the motivations of consumers, barriers to changing diets and how we might have an impact upon dietary behaviour. This book brings together theory, research and applications from psychology and behavioural sciences applied to dietary behaviour. The authors are all international leaders in their respective fields and together give an overview of the current understanding of consumer food choice.

Textbook Of Food Bevrge Mgmt

Author : Andrews
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Based on the board curriculum of the 3-degree course of the National Council for Hotel Management& Catering Technology, this Comprehensive text book aims to cover all relevent aspects and issues related to food & beverage management in the fast growing hotel & hispitality.

Food in the Social Order

Author : Mary Douglas
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First published in 1984, This work is a cross-cultural study of the moral and social meaning of food. It is a collection of articles by Douglas and her colleagues covering the food system of the Oglala Sioux, the food habits of families in rural North Carolina, meal formats in an Italian-American community near Philadelphia. It also includes a grid/group analysis of food consumption.

Enzymes in Food Processing

Author : Gregory A. Tucker
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Fundamentals of enzyme activity; Enzymes in the food industry; Food enzymes and the new technology; Enzymes in milk and cheese production; Enzymes in the meat industry; Enzymes in the production of beverages and fruit juices; Enzymes in the starch and sugar industries; Enzymes in the processing of fats and oils; Enzymes as diagnostic tools.

Fungi and Food Spoilage

Author : John I. Pitt
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In contrast to the second edition, the third edition of ‘‘Fungi and Food Spoilage’’ is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The second edition was intended to cover almost all of the species likely to be encountered in mainstream food supplies, and only a few additional species have been included in this new edition. The third edition represents primarily an updating – of taxonomy, physiology, mycotoxin production and ecology. Changes in taxonomy reflect the impact that molecular methods have had on our understanding of classification but, it must be said, have not radically altered the overall picture. The improvements in the understanding of the physiology of food spoilage fungi have been relatively small, reflecting perhaps the lack of emphasis on physiology in modern mic- biological science. Much remains to be understood about the specificity of particular fungi for particular substrates, of the influence of water activity on the growth of many of the species treated, and even on such basic parameters as cardinal temperatures for growth and the influence of pH and preservatives. Since 1997, a great deal has been learnt about the specificity of mycotoxin production and in which commodities and products-specific mycotoxins are likely to occur. Changes in our understanding of the ecology of the included species are also in most cases evolutionary. A great number of papers have been published on the ecology of foodborne fungi in the past few years, but with few exceptions the basic ecology of the included species remains.

Fast Food slow Food

Author : Richard R. Wilk
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Wilk and his colleagues draw upon their own international field experience to examine how food systems are changing around the globe. The authors offer a cultural perspective that is missing in other economic and developmental studies, and provide rich ethnographic data on markets, industrial production, and food economies. This new book will appeal to professionals in economic and environmental anthropology: economic development, agricultural economics, consumer behavior, nutritional sciences, environmental sustainability, and globalization studies.

Australian Outback Food Chains

Author : Bobbie Kalman
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Explains what a food chain is by describing the food chains seen in the Australian outback.

Principles of Food Processing

Author : Dennis R. Heldman
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This book focuses on the most common unit operations utilized in modern food processing operations. It contains both descriptive and quantitative analysis of the typical food processes found in modern food processing plants. The descriptive information provides students with background on the process and the impact of the process on food product quality. The quantitative description assists the student in understanding the ability of the process to achieve the desired result and the consequences of improper operation of the process. Examples utilizing different food commodities are incorporated to ensure that the student gains an appreciation of the relationship between commodities and processes.

Food Analysis

Author : Suzanne Nielsen
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This book provides information on the techniques needed to analyze foods in laboratory experiments. All topics covered include information on the basic principles, procedures, advantages, limitations, and applications. This book is ideal for undergraduate courses in food analysis and is also an invaluable reference to professionals in the food industry. General information is provided on regulations, standards, labeling, sampling and data handling as background for chapters on specific methods to determine the chemical composition and characteristics of foods. Large, expanded sections on spectroscopy and chromatography are also included. Other methods and instrumentation such as thermal analysis, selective electrodes, enzymes, and immunoassays are covered from the perspective of their use in the chemical analysis of foods. A helpful Instructor's Manual is available to adopting professors.

The Oxford Companion to Food

Author : Alan Davidson
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Covers such topics as plant products, cooking terms, national and regional cuisines, food preservation, food science, diet, and cookbooks and their authors.

Food Analysis

Author : Yeshajahu Pomeranz
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A text for undergraduate and graduate students in food science and technology, as well as a reference and source book on analytical methods and instruments for professional researchers in the field of food analysis. This revised edition (2nd ed., 1987) adds new chapters on capillary zone electrophoresis and thermal analysis, and expanded discussions of sampling, preparation of samples, reporting results, reliability of results, extraction with supercritical fluid techniques, and line process monitoring.

The Solar Food Dryer

Author : Eben V. Fodor
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The only book in print devoted to solar food drying.

Carnivores in the Food Chain

Author : Alice B. McGinty
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Discusses the importance of carnivores and the role they play in the food chain.

Coatings and Inks for Food Contact Materials

Author : Martin Forrest
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This Rapra Review Report, Coatings and Inks for Food Contact Materials, has attempted to cover all of the coatings and inks products used in food contact scenarios. In practice, this encompasses an extremely wide range of polymer systems and formulations, and an emphasis has been placed on coatings and inks used in food packaging, as this is usually regarded as representing the most important application category with respect to the potential for migration to occur. In addition to a thorough introduction of the polymers and additives that are used to produce coatings and inks, there are also chapters covering the regulation of these materials, the migration and analytical tests that are performed on them to assess their suitability for food contact applications, the migration data that have been published, and the areas in the field that are receiving the most attention for research and development. The report is accompanied by around 400 abstracts compiled from the Polymer Library, to facilitate further reading on this subject.