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The Food and Cooking of Norway

Author : Janet Laurence
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Discover the delights of a distinctive Scandinavian cuisine in a beautiful new book on the delicious cooking of Norway, with more than 60 stunning recipes.

North Wild Kitchen

Author : Nevada Berg
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This alluring, elegant cookbook by Nevada Berg, one of today's most celebrated food bloggers, features recipes and beautifully photographed dishes that delve into the heart of Norwegian food culture. Named by Saveur magazine as the 2016 Blog of the Year and Best New Voice, North Wild Kitchen and its author Nevada Berg have become one of the best-known voices of Norwegian cooking around the world. Written from her 17th-century mountain farm in rural Norway, Nevada Berg's blog and Instagram feed are brimming with gorgeous--and achievable--ideas for home cooking and entertaining. Berg is a self-taught cook, and her simple and charming approach focuses on seasonal food prepared without a lot of fuss. With dozens of mouthwatering recipes for Norwegian-inspired dishes, this book features equally enticing photography of the food and the country's landscape. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Norwegian food culture--foraging, fishing, and farming; hunting, harvesting, and camping; baking, grilling, and frying. Along the way, Berg comments on the unique pleasures of Nordic life as she tends to her chickens, explores the outdoors, or sets a welcoming table. Berg is both inviting and entertaining as she weaves her own experiences into each recipe, delivering a beautiful collection of good food and great living from the heart of Norway.

A Taste of Scandinavia

Author : Anna Mosesson
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Provides more than 185 authentic Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish recipes along with information on traditions, ingredients, and cooking techniques.

Classic Recipes of Norway

Author : Janet Laurence
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Discover the delights of a distinctive Scandinavian cuisine in this little book of quintessential Norwegian recipes, with beautiful photographs by Willam Lingwood.

International Dictionary of Food and Cooking

Author : Charles Gordon Sinclair
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Provides short definitions for professionals and novices alike of some 24,000 foreign words used in cooking in the English language, including ingredients, cooking processes, cooking implements and equipment, and details of service, as well as scientific, botanical, medical, technological, hygienic, and nutritional terms. Drinks, wines, and spirits are only included where they are used as flavorings in food. c. Book News Inc.

Moon Norway

Author : David Nikel
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Explore magnificent fjords, museum-hop in Oslo, and bask in the glow of northern lights: Get to know your inner Viking with Moon Norway. Inside you'll find: Flexible itineraries including three days in Oslo, the best of Norway in one week, four days in Arctic Norway, and a two-week fjord road trip Strategic advice for outdoor adventurers, families, history buffs, foodies, road-trippers, and more Do more than sightsee: Hike to cliffs that soar over glacial lakes and take the perfect photo of Geirangerfjord's slender waterfalls. Hop in the car and drive over islets and skerries on the Atlantic Road, wander through fishing villages along Norway's dramatic coastline, or admire the architecture in cosmopolitan Oslo. Savor sustainable salmon at Michelin-starred restaurants, taste farm-to-table delicacies, or mingle with the locals at a neighborhood pub. See the impressive restored vessels at the Viking Ship Museum or trek to the best spots to see the mystical aurora borealis dance across the sky Discover the real Norway with expert insight from Norwegian transplant David Nikel Full-color photos and detailed maps throughout Helpful tools including a Norwegian phrasebook, packing suggestions, and travel tips for international visitors, families with kids, seniors and LGBTQ+ travelers Detailed background on the landscape, climate, wildlife, and culture With Moon Norway's practical tips and local insight, you can experience the best of Norway. Exploring more of Northern Europe? Try Moon Copenhagen & Beyond or Moon Iceland.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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News of Norway

Author :
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Cumulative Index to Foreign Market Surveys Available in Foreign Production and Commercial Reports

Author :
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National Food Review

Author :
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Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook

Author : Tiffany Harelik
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Portland's celebrated food cart chefs create artisan meals by combining world influences and the finest local ingredients. Tiffany Harelik brings her Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook series to Oregon to capture the histories and recipes of these creative and passionate entrepreneurs. Meet the local chefs, explore the food cart scene and sample from a savory array of gourmet dishes. From Alligator and Chicken Jambalaya to Pendleton Pie, and from Breakfast Gnocchi to Wild Mushroom and Kale Pate, this mouthwatering collection of recipes offers something for both the food cart novice and the tried-and-true cart-ivore.

Transnational Migration Gender and Rights

Author :
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This book examines the vulnerability caused by migration, in particular, the vulnerability of women that may cause forced migration, and the ways in which this is dealt with by national authorities in affluent European states. It explores transnational migration, gender and human rights, migration regimes, and anti-trafficking efforts in Norway.

History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Sweden Norway Denmark and Finland 1735 2015

Author : William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
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The world's most comprehensive, well documented, and well illustrated book on this subject. With extensive index. 134 photographs and illustrations - mostly color. Free of charge in digital PDF format on Google Books.

Digital Food

Author : Tania Lewis
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Tania Lewis offers the first critical account of the impact of digital information, media, and communication technologies on the topic of food. Lewis critically analyzes how our relationship to food consumption, production, and politics is being re-mediated through digitally connected electronic devices, practices and content. By drawing together the world of food and the digital, the book speaks to a number of pressing contemporary themes including the tensions around digital engagement in increasingly commercialized spaces; the changing nature of politics in a social media context; the growing naturalization of digital devices and related practices of data monitoring; and the role and impact of digitization on social relations. At the forefront of critical new research, and written with a student readership in mind, this text is essential for scholars interested in media studies, cultural studies, food studies, and cultural geography.

Families and Food in Hard Times

Author : Rebecca O’Connell
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Food is fundamental to health and social participation, yet food poverty has increased in the global North. Adopting a realist ontology and taking a comparative case approach, Families and Food in Hard Times addresses the global problem of economic retrenchment and how those most affected are those with the least resources. Based on research carried out with low-income families with children aged 11-15, this timely book examines food poverty in the UK, Portugal and Norway in the decade following the 2008 financial crisis. It examines the resources to which families have access in relation to public policies, local institutions and kinship and friendship networks, and how they intersect. Through ‘thick description’ of families’ everyday lives, it explores the ways in which low income impacts upon practices of household food provisioning, the types of formal and informal support on which families draw to get by, the provision and role of school meals in children’s lives, and the constraints upon families’ social participation involving food. Providing extensive and intensive knowledge concerning the conditions and experiences of low-income parents as they endeavour to feed their families, as well as children’s perspectives of food and eating in the context of low income, the book also draws on the European social science literature on food and families to shed light on the causes and consequences of food poverty in austerity Europe.

Fish As Food V2

Author : Georg Borgstrom
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Fish as Food, Volume II: Nutrition, Sanitation, and Utilization summarizes the public health aspects of fish, including fish handling and processing. This volume also discusses the global aspects of fish utilization, illustrating the key role of fisheries in many countries and major regions. Comprised of three parts encompassing 19 chapters, the book initially discusses the protein, amino acid, vitamins, and mineral content of fish and fish oil. This volume also explains the effects of fish processing and handling on these nutritional components. The subsequent chapters present studies on the role of fish in human nutrition, focusing on the Japanese diet. The book also covers the utilization of converted fish-processing wastes to fish meal and condensed fish soluble in feeding poultry, livestock, and mink. The second part of the book focuses on food poisoning caused by fish and fishery products. This part deals with the bacterial activity in fish and related products due to water pollution and contamination. Other chapters examine Salmonella problems in the sea and the allergies and other disorders related to fish poisoning. The effect of radioactivity on marine organisms and the uptake and bioaccumulation of radionuclides in marine organisms are also discussed. Lastly, this volume presents the trends and patterns in fish and shellfish utilization. This volume will be of considerable value primarily to fish and food scientists in general and also to public health workers, marine and fresh-water biologists, nutritionists, and sanitary engineers.

Proceedings and Papers of the International Conference on Women and Food University of Arizona Tucson Arizona January 8 11 1978

Author : Ann Bunzel Cowan
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The Oxford Companion to Food

Author : Alan Davidson
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the best food reference work ever to appear in the English language ... read it and be dazzled' Bee Wilson, New Statesman First published in 1999, the ground-breaking Oxford Companion to Food was an immediate success and won prizes and accolades around the world. Its blend of serious food history, culinary expertise, and entertaining serendipity, was and remains unique. Interest in food, cooking, and the culture surrounding food has grown enormously in the intervening period, as has the study of food and food history. University departments, international societies, and academic journals have sprung up dedicated to exploring the meaning of food in the daily lives of people around the world, alongside an ever-increasing number of articles, books, programmes, and websites in the general media devoted to the discussion of food, making the Oxford Companion to Food more relevant than ever. Already a food writing classic, this Companion combines an exhaustive catalogue of foods, be they biscuits named after battles, divas or revolutionaries; body parts (from nose to tail, toe to cerebellum); or breads from the steppes of Asia or the well-built ovens of the Mediterranean; with a richly allusive commentary on the culture of food, expressed in literature and cookery books, or as dishes peculiar to a country or community. While building on the Companion's existing strengths, Tom Jaine has taken the opportunity to update the text and alert readers to new perspectives in food studies. There is new coverage of attitudes to food consumption, production and perception, such as food and genetics, food and sociology, and obesity. New entries include terms such as convenience foods, drugs and food, Ethiopia, leftovers, medicine and food, pasta, and many more. There are also new entries on important personalities who are of special significance within the world of food, among them Clarence Birdseye, Henri Nestlé, and Louis Pasteur. In its new edition the Companion maintains its place as the foremost food reference resource for study and home use.

Ethnic American Cooking

Author : Lucy M. Long
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Ethnic American Cooking: Recipes for Living in a New World is much more than a cookbook. It contains recipes from almost every nationality or ethnicity residing in the US and includes a brief introduction to understanding how those recipes represent that group’s food culture.

Experiment Station Record

Author : United States. Office of Experiment Stations
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