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Follow the Morning Star

Author : Di Morrissey
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Queenie and TR return in Di Morrissey's sequel to the bestselling Heart of the Dreaming. Queenie Hanlon has a perfect life. She's the mother of two adoring children, the wealthy owner of a thriving outback station and the wife of handsome bushman TR Hamilton. Then one day, Queenie's perfect life comes crashing down...Her bitter and vengeful brother returns from Italy to lay claim to his inheritance. Her precious daughter is seduced by her uncle into giving up all Queenie has strived for. And her beloved TR, injured in a riding accident, can no longer recall the life they once shared. Follow the Morning Star is a triumphant story of courage, strength and a rare and beautiful love that endures the test of time.

Morning Star and the Red Dragon

Author : Charlotte Dickison
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Morning Star and the Red Dragon is one whopper of a story told by a grandpa to his grandson. Christian fiction describing the lives of angelic sci-fi characters in the spiritual world of Paradise, combined with Grandpa’s family experiences filled with humor, drama, and mystery creates a fascinating read for teenagers and adults. Morning Star is the main character based loosely on the Bible. A fictional character story of celestial beings in the spiritual realm. Residents in the spiritual universe are individuals aware of their existence, possessing their own personalities designed with specific talents and purpose. Grandpa’s story reveals a creative glimpse into the mystical world of the spiritual universe and culminates into a unique spin on the creation story, blending biblical, extrabiblical, archeological, and historical evidence. Grandpa and his identical twin brother have experienced numerous hilarious, fascinating life situations; their stories are sprinkled throughout the book, adding a charming family spin. Additionally, Grandpa cleverly weaves story threads about family members’ life experiences while serving in the military; however, most of the stories originated from Grandpa’s creative imagination. Overall, a thoroughly thrilling, entertaining book packed with intriguing stories about people’s lives filled with drama and mystery.

Morningstar Mutual Fund 500

Author : Morningstar, Inc
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A world leader in objective, performance analysis of the mutual fund marketplace offers detailed information on 500 of today's most prominent funds, covering 14 points from fund history and fees to 25 top portfolio holdings, to help investors choose the funds that best suit their objectives and meet their requirements.

Morning Star

Author : LeRoy Miller
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Two college professors of a reputable California institute of higher learning are drawn together in a series of inexplicable mysteries involving a timeless woman. Two law enforcement officials put their polished skills to the test in some effort to solve an unbreakable chain of dark enigmas that center around Santa Monica, California. Two Britishers are pulled into a web of amicable intrigue that is shielded in a dark secret.

The Illustrated London Almanack

Author :
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First Order Modal Logic

Author : M. Fitting
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This text offers a treatment of first-order modal logic. It covers quantification itself, including: the difference between actualist and possibilist quantifiers; equality; and the notion of existence and the logical problems surrounding it, borrowing from both Fregean and Russellian paradigms.

Morning Star Rising

Author : Camellia Webb-Gannon
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That Indonesia’s ongoing occupation of West Papua continues to be largely ignored by world governments is one of the great moral and political failures of our time. West Papuans have struggled for more than fifty years to find a way through the long night of Indonesian colonization. However, united in their pursuit of merdeka (freedom) in its many forms, what holds West Papuans together is greater than what divides them. Today, the Morning Star glimmers on the horizon, the supreme symbol of merdeka and a cherished sign of hope for the imminent arrival of peace and justice to West Papua. Morning Star Rising: The Politics of Decolonization in West Papua is an ethnographically framed account of the long, bitter fight for freedom that challenges the dominant international narrative that West Papuans' quest for political independence is fractured and futile. Camellia Webb-Gannon’s extensive interviews with the decolonization movements’ original architects and its more recent champions shed light on complex diasporic and inter-generational politics as well as social and cultural resurgence. In foregrounding West Papuans’ perspectives, the author shows that it is the body politic’s unflagging determination and hope, rather than military might or influential allies, that form the movement’s most unifying and powerful force for independence. This book examines the many intertwining strands of decolonization in Melanesia. Differences in cultural performance and political diversity throughout the region are generating new, fruitful trajectories. Simultaneously, Black and Indigenous solidarity and a shared Melanesian identity have forged a transnational grassroots power-base from which the movement is gaining momentum. Relevant beyond its West Papua focus, this book is essential reading for those interested in Pacific studies, Native and Indigenous studies, development studies, activism, and decolonization.

The Bright Morning Star

Author : Leslie Jerry Williams
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About the author, who makes no claim of greatness, to fortune or fame! Except what I hold dear in the service of my God, the Father, and my Lord, the Son of God, Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. I hold no brotherhood with religion, except to Christ. So I call myself Christian. As I believe in the Spirit of the most High God and the Christ Child, Jesus. The One that says, "Truly I say, My Father and I are one." Proclaim the "Good News" and praise the Holy Spirit that tells His word, just what and when to write. I spent my life as a Master Mariner, a Captain in the United States Merchant Marines. Along the way of life, I guess you could say Jesus called me to be a fisher of men. He gave me a wife, to help spread vision and insight into the Holy Bible, of then and now. What the Scripture points to, in the here and now. To make us aware of the Great Storm of the then and now! To point direction to the Son, Jesus is the way. The Father wants us all to come home. 2 Peter 1:20-21 2 Timothy 3:16 What more need I say. God Bless You

Morning Star Midnight Sun

Author : Jeffrey Cox
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Following the disastrous Java Sea campaign, the Allies went on the offensive in the Pacific in a desperate attempt to halt the Japanese forces that were rampaging across the region. With the conquest of Australia a very real possibility, the stakes were high. Their target: the Japanese-held Soloman Islands, in particular the southern island of Guadalcanal. Hamstrung by arcane pre-war thinking and a bureaucratic mind-set, the US Navy had to adapt on the fly in order to compete with the mighty Imperial Japanese Navy, whose ingenuity and creativity thus far had fostered the creation of its Pacific empire. Starting with the amphibious assault on Savo Island, the campaign turned into an attritional struggle where the evenly matched foes sought to grind out a victory. Following on from his hugely successful book Rising Sun, Falling Skies, Jeffrey R. Cox tells the gripping story of the first Allied offensive of the Pacific War, as they sought to prevent Japan from cutting off Australia and regaining dominance in the Pacific.

Morning Star

Author : Archie Bransford Cocke Jr.
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Lucifer is the most gifted and powerful of the angels. However he is also the most misunderstood. Lucifer has a genuine love of mankind and carries a heavy weight of guilt for putting them on the path that led them from paradise. When Lucifer journeys to Earth for the first time, he’s immediately drawn to the reincarnated Eve, a 26-year-old college student with a keen intellect and a bent towards Satanism. Eve teaches Lucifer about mankind’s history, science and religion. Eventually Lucifer uncovers a conspiracy orchestrated by the other angels. When these plotting angels learn that their most powerful and hated brother is among them, they move to accelerate their dark plan to cut humans off from Heaven forever. Suddenly Lucifer finds himself in the unlikely position of being the only one who can save mankind. But when Eve is kidnapped and the brewing conflict comes to a deadly head, it is Jesus, disguised as a swaggering homeless man, who steps in to intervene. Ultimately Lucifer must choose whether to defy the laws of Jehovah or support the intent of Jesus and begin a new era that demands a savior. But will he go too far? Find out when Morning Star reaches its dramatic conclusion.