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Fly Fishing the North Country

Author : Shawn Perich
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Fly Fishing

Author : Leslie Magee
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The North country Angler

Author :
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A Guide to North Country Flies and How to Tie Them

Author : Mike Harding
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Mike Harding, broadcaster, comedian, experienced fly fisherman, and author of a monthly column in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine, has written a guide to tying one of the most well-loved and beguiling traditions of fly: the Northern Spider. These designs of fly, conceived in the north of England around Bolton Abbey in the Yorksire Dales near Skipton, are renowned for being both simple to tie and excellent for catching fish. They are characterized by using brightly colored silk threads, and the feathers of birds like snipe, woodcock, and pheasant. Mike Harding covers some 50 variants of fly, as well as the techniques of tying and the history of the North Country tradition. The book features his own superb close-focus photography, and is laid out in the same style as The Fly-Tying Bible.

North country Flies

Author : Thomas Evan Pritt
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A Handbook of North Country Trout Flies

Author : W. S. Fogg
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Wet Fly Tying and Fishing

Author : Roger Fogg
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Much has been written about fishing dry-flies, nymphs, and lures, but far less attention has been paid to wet-flies, which can very broadly be defined as artificial flies used under the water. This fascinating book sets out to redress the balance demonstrating that wet-flies still catch trout in spectacular fashion and are as effective today as ever they were in past centuries.

North Country

Author : Howard Frank Mosher
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A writer journeys coast to coast along the Canadian-American border, sharing his impressions of the people who live there

The North Country Angler Etc Fourth Edition with Additions

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Fly Fishing the Salt

Author : Al Raychard
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For enthusiasts who want to try a new kind of fishing or for those who want to sharpen their skills.

A Handy Guide to Dry fly Fishing

Author : Richard Glover
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Reflections from the North Country

Author : Sigurd F Olson
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Written in the last years of his life, Reflections from the North Country is often considered Sigurd Olson's most intellectually significant work. In an account alive with anecdote and insight, Olson outlines the wilderness philosophy he developed while working as an outspoken advocate for the conservation of America's natural heritage.Based on speeches delivered at town meetings and government hearings, this book joins The Singing Wilderness and Listening Point as the core of Olson's work. Upon its initial publication in 1976, Reflections from the North Country, with Olson's unique combination of lyrical nature writing and activism, became an inspiration to the burgeoning environmental movement, selling over 46,000 copies in hardcover. In this wide-ranging work, Olson evokes the soaring grace of raven, osprey, and eagle, the call of the loon, and the song of the hermit thrush. He challenges the reader to loosen the grasp of technology and the rush of contemporary life and make room for a sense of wonder heightened by being in nature. From evolution to the meaning and power of solitude, Olson meditates on the human condition, offering eloquent testimony to the joys and truths he discovered in his beloved north-country wilderness.

Brook and River Trouting A Manual of Modern North Country Methods

Author : Harfield H Edmonds
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One of the first angling books to illustrate the materials required for fly patterns using colour photographs, this is an invaluable book giving detailed instruction on tying traditional North Country wet flies. The scarce first edition of this important book was privately published by the authors in 1916. This high quality new paperback edition, published by Coch-y-Bonddu Books, Machynlleth, has a new introduction by Oliver Edwards. A leather-bound hardback edition of this title was produced simultaneously by The Flyfisher's Classic Library.

Ramblings of a Charmed Circle Flyfisher

Author : Ed Ostapczuk
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Ramblings of a Charmed Circle Flyfisher retraces over forty years of fly fishing the Catskill mountains first inspired by a two-part magazine article published in the spring of 1969. Cecil E. Heacoxs articles entitled Charmed Circle of the Catskills appeared in the March and April issues of Outdoor Life. Heacox wrote about several legendary Catskill Mountain trout streams informing the reader why they were charmed. Ostapczuk has been retracing Heacoxs journey ever since, taking his readers along on the journey.

The North Country Angler Third Edition

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Oliver Edwards Flytyer s Masterclass

Author : Oliver Edwards
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First published in 1994, Flytyer's Masterclass showcases the talents of British fly-tyer Oliver Edwards. Using his excellent knowledge of entomology and recognising specific characteristics of each species of fly he is creating, Edwards has developed his trademark of ultra realistic flies which are highly regarded for their near perfect imitation to the natural. Featuring patterns for the baetis nymph, ephemerella nymph, rhyacophila larva, and Klinkhamer special. For this new edition the publisher has commissioned new photographs by Terry Griffiths which depict each fly in stunning detail. It has been produced in a hardback spiral-bound format so that the book may be opened flat for use at the vice. A fine de luxe leather-bound edition, limited to only 120 copies, was produced simultaneously by The Flyfisher's Classic Library. Each de luxe copy carries a real fly tied by the author and set inside a bespoke mount within the front board. "It is a really seminal book by probably the greatest fly-tyer of our generation." (Magnus Angus).

A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North Country Anglers

Author : Joseph Crawhall
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Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide

Author :
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Al Raychard s Fly Fishing in Maine

Author : Al Raychard
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A favorite with fishermen and outdoorsmen, Al Raychard details where to go, how to get there, the best equipment and techniques to use for the most enjoyable and productive fly fishing in Maine. Here is the most complete and authoritative book on fly fishing in Maine ever written. Covered are the fly-in services, the paddle-in routes, and the hike-in trails to get to the most remote, unspoiled areas. Also included are Raychard's own top ten hotspots for fly fishing in Maine.

Dry fly Fishing in Theory and Practice

Author : Frederic Michael Halford
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