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Flowery Feathery Mandalas

Author : Mary Jean Simpson
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Mandalas are fascinating. The varied patterns and designs lend themselves well to the imagination of the colorist. Your choice of colors and you use of them in each mandala makes them your own individual piece of art. Whether you like pastel colors or brilliant colors or a combination of color types, your mandalas will be unlike those of anyone else. This book contains 30 mandalas for you to make your own. Focusing on coloring allows your mind to release your cares and concerns while creating a piece of artwork. Many people find that spending a while coloring leaves them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You may wish to display your completed mandalas for others to admire. Framed artwork can make a nice gift. It is my hope that you will find coloring these mandalas enjoyable as well as relaxing. Allowing you mind to focus on an enjoyable activity Experimenting with various color combinations Trying different coloring materials Engaging in creative activities Creating pieces of art that you can display for others to enjoy or give as gifts More and more adults have found that coloring is a stress-relieving activity as well as an enjoyable hobby. It can be done by people of all ages and abilities. Increasing numbers of mental and physical benefits are being discovered. An added benefit is that the completed artwork can either be enjoyed privately or proudly displayed to share with others. This accomplishment creates a wonderful feeling of satisfaction which has its own reward. About the Author Mary Jean Simpson has been fascinated by the beauty and magic of words, music, and the arts as long as she can remember. Her varied careers as a professional musician, a university professor--first in music and later teaching Professional Writing, and a writer and editor, have provided wonderful opportunities to utilize these fully. Living in a variety of places and interacting with many people has been an invaluable experience. Her many years of being owned by dogs and cats has allowed her to not only enjoy their unconditional love, but to participate in various dog sports. Her cats have created their own sports. Creating journals, planners, and activity books for you brings their own special delight and joy to her.

Mandala Symbolism and Techniques

Author : Susan Buchalter
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Mandalas are important therapeutic tools promoting focusing, wholeness and healing. This book introduces nearly two hundred different techniques for designing mandalas and adapts mandala creation for the purpose of eliciting thoughts, feelings and concerns about pertinent therapeutic issues such as depression, anxiety, relationships and goals. Therapists can use the many practical mandala exercises outlined within to enable a wide range of clients to enhance self-awareness and explore issues in a non-threatening way. Mandala design is presented in a variety of creative ways with different media, allowing the therapist the flexibility to gear sessions towards clients' specific needs and capabilities. This will be a valuable and unique addition to the therapist's library and will be of particular interest to art therapists, counsellors, psychologists and professionals looking for innovative therapeutic approaches that build on traditional practices.

Creative Quiltmaking in the Mandala Tradition

Author : Jean Eitel
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Surveys quilting techniques and materials and supplies guidance on designing and making quilts in the mandala pattern

Crochet Mandalas

Author : Slump, Marinke
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These 20 original patterns offer crocheters a variety of projects, each centered on a mandala motif. Combining beauty with practicality, the items include homewares such as a table cover, coasters, rug, and cushion, along with a vest, shrug, and other wearable art. All are worked in lovely colors inspired by nature, from the Flower in the Sun Pincushion and Summer Solstice Sunrise Blanket to the Leaves and Berries Bag and the Singing Daisies Garland. Each pattern is charted and accompanied by gorgeous color photographs of the finished product. Instructions include lists of supplies and abbreviations, plus explanations of special stitches and gauge. Skill levels range from simple to advanced, providing an exciting array of possibilities for novices as well as experienced crocheters.

If the Mandala Flower

Author : Harold Morland
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Creating Mandalas

Author : Susanne F. Fincher
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Draws on European, Eastern African and Native American wisdom.

Mandalas for Power Energy

Author : Marion Küstenmacher
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Think of this as a coloring book for the soul. As you fill each of these more than 90 hand-drawn mandalas with whatever colors strike your spirit, you’ll feel an increasing sense of calm and concentration, peace and power. These dynamically decorated symbols of life come from all religions and cultures. Many are thousands and thousands of years old. All come with illuminating, poetic quotations and historical explanations.

Born to Be Wild

Author : Hattie Garlick
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Want to save cash, your child's imagination and possibly even the planet? This is the book you need. Packed with great photos of real families in the outdoors, Born to Be Wild contains easy-to-follow instructions for activities that require nothing more sophisticated than a small person's imagination and access to a little outdoor space. Nature lays on magical materials for free each season, from fallen leaves and twigs, moulted feathers, sand and shells, to mud, puddles and rain. Everything else you'll need for these activities is already hiding in your cupboards at home. No expensive art supplies of outward-bound kit required. All you need are the toolkit items at the front of the book - ordinary household essentials like scraps of paper, string, glue, recycled food containers and an empty jar or two. Along the way Hattie talks to families, organisations and communities who have rebuilt their relationships with nature with extreme or inspiring results, and she introduces scientists, psychologists and other experts who explain why, as modern families, we should revive our waning relationships with nature, whatever age or stage we're at.

The Lost Feather

Author : Erjan J. Slavin
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Tiny Tattoos

Author : Rebecca Vincent
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'Rebecca Vincent is a genius. I'll be tattooed by no one else.' - Sali Hughes Tiny tattoos are big news. With celebrities showcasing them on social media (step forward Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid), micro tattoos are a major trend. This sourcebook of 1000 mini works of art, in a range of styles and carefully-organized subjects, is curated by talented tattooist and insta-star Rebecca Vincent. A source of inspiration for tattoo artists or for anyone browsing for a foray into ink.

Spiritual Journaling

Author : Julie Tallard Johnson
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A guide for teens and young adults on the power of creative journaling and its role in enhancing self-discovery and self-awareness • Provides encouragement for creative writing, self-expression, and self-dialogue • Includes journaling exercises to inspire creativity and cultivate self-esteem • By the author of Teen Psychic and The Thundering Years, winner of the 2002 Independent Publisher Book Award for multicultural juvenile nonfiction Most teens and young adults search for ways to express their individuality and to discover who they are, without being judged. In Spiritual Journaling Julie Tallard Johnson shows that journaling is an informative and supportive outlet for the joys, frustrations, and questions that arise for those making the transition toward their own independent ideas and lives--and a powerful tool for awakening creative potential. Johnson encourages young people to discover their own unique voices by offering guidance on writing and other forms of self-expression and self-dialogue and on learning how to listen to inner wisdom. As readers move through the book and write in their own personal journals, they gain insight about themselves--knowledge reflected in their own words and the writing of other young people included in the book. The journaling tools provided include meditations, consulting oracles, writing poetry, visualizations, writing rituals, and problem solving around spiritual questions.

Art on the Rocks

Author : F. Sehnaz Bac
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Turn plain rocks and stones into beautiful works of art! Packed with creative ideas, step-by-step projects, and endless inspiration, Art on the Rocks offers a colorful, modern approach to rock painting. Following an overview of how to gather and prepare your rocks, as well as a basic review of the tools and materials necessary for each project, three talented rock-painting artists demonstrate a range of contemporary designs featuring patterns, animals, mandalas, and more. Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions and invites creativity and originality, encouraging readers to sit back, relax, and develop their own unique Art on the Rocks.

Earth Mandala Adult Coloring Book

Author : Blue Adult Coloring Books
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Relax and Color Beautiful Nature-themed Mandalas and Inspirational Designs. If you love nature or mandalas, then you'll love this book!! Earth Mandala features the sacred mandala spirals and symbolic artistry paired with floral vines, delicate roses, vibrant daisies and other earthy elements weaved in throughout the book. This book features a variety of whimsical designs and patterns seen in nature. One of the first mandalas in the book is a zebra striped, floral mandala. You'll also find many other floral mandalas, a rose mandala, classic mandalas and many other mandalas showcasing delicate leaves, butterflies and dragonflies. Earth Mandala is a distinctive mandala coloring book for adults, older kids and teens who enjoy coloring advanced designs. Color in the drawings and keep this book forever as a treasured keepsake. The designs are printed on one side, so you can journal or sketch something of your own on the other side, or tear out the page and hang it on the wall. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the images are perfectly centered while other images are placed slightly higher or lower on the page to create a different effect. Please click on the "Look Inside" feature to make sure this book is right for you. :) * Featuring 60+ Mandalas and 15+ other Earthy images showcasing various flowers, snowflakes, feathers, peaches and other fruit, swirling snail designs, paisley flowers, feathered flowers, mixes of flowers with vines and classic roses. **JOURNAL PAGES**Our coloring book also includes bonus lined pages at the end for you to write down your secret thoughts, journal about your day, list your goals or write down anything that comes to mind. Color and journal your way to peace and pure bliss with this very special book celebrating a taste of the vast beauty found on planet Earth. *This book showcases both hand-drawn and computer generated images. *161 total pages, Soft, Matte, Paperback Cover (Great Value!) PLEASE NOTE: This book is printed on Standard White Paper, intended for colored pencils, crayons and light fine-tip markers. Some markers may bleed through the paper. We recommend placing a piece of card stock behind the page you want to color, if you decide to use markers. The images are printed on one side, and the journal pages at the end are printed on both sides of the page.

Coloring the Sacred Feminine

Author : Susanne F. Fincher
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An adult coloring book featuring 50 mandala designs that invoke a sense of the sacred feminine. Coloring the circular designs known as mandalas is a relaxing and meditative activity that can be a pathway to personal growth. This book is a celebration of the sacred feminine in all its forms, from gentle and motherly to fierce and challenging. Using the archetypal imagery of the circle—appearing here in the form of organic shapes of nature, the curves of the female body, the womb and childbirth rituals, the circular turning of cosmic rhythms, and geometric designs conveying the primal energy of the goddess—these mandalas provide a creative encounter with the Divine as a female presence.

The Mountain and the Feather

Author : John Ashmead
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Author :
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The Forest Unseen

Author : David George Haskell
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A biologist reveals the secret world hidden in a single square meter of old-growth forest—a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the Pen/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award Combining elegant writing with scientific expertise, The Forest Unseen "injects much-needed vibrancy into the stuffy world of nature writing" (Outside, "The Outdoor Books That Shaped the Last Decade") In this wholly original book, biologist David Haskell uses a one- square-meter patch of old-growth Tennessee forest as a window onto the entire natural world. Visiting it almost daily for one year to trace nature's path through the seasons, he brings the forest and its inhabitants to vivid life. Each of this book's short chapters begins with a simple observation: a salamander scuttling across the leaf litter; the first blossom of spring wildflowers. From these, Haskell spins a brilliant web of biology and ecology, explaining the science that binds together the tiniest microbes and the largest mammals and describing the ecosystems that have cycled for thousands- sometimes millions-of years. Each visit to the forest presents a nature story in miniature as Haskell elegantly teases out the intricate relationships that order the creatures and plants that call it home. Written with remarkable grace and empathy, The Forest Unseen is a grand tour of nature in all its profundity. Haskell is a perfect guide into the world that exists beneath our feet and beyond our backyards.

Nature Art Workshop

Author : Katie Brooks
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Nature Art Workshop is a visual resource for any artist or crafter desiring to combine their artistic talents with their love of the natural world. Each page engages, inspires, and encourages artists to see the world around them in a new light while they learn to create their own nature-inspired art. Four talented visual nature artists guide readers through finding and prepping traditional media and natural elements to use in creating fun and unique nature-inspired projects following simple step-by-step instructions. Projects include a pressed-flower ceramic dish, fresh floral crown, and flower-adorned candles, in addition to painted feathers, stones, shells, leaves, and more. Valuable art tips and techniques offer guidance during the artistic process. A fun, refreshing approach to mixed-media art, Nature Art Workshop proves that you can turn anything into a stunning work of art with the right materials and a bit of imagination.

Perception and Imaging

Author : Richard D. Zakia
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How do you experience a photograph? What do you want a viewer to feel when they look at your image? Perception and Imaging explains how we see and what we don't see. Relevant psychological principles will help you predict your viewer's emotional reaction to your photographic images, giving you more power, control, and tools for communicating your desired message. Knowing how our minds work helps photographers, graphic designers, videographers, animators, and visual communicators both create and critique sophisticated works of visual art. Benefit from this insight in your work. Topics covered in this book: gestalt grouping, memory and association, space, time, color, contours, illusion and ambiguity, morphics, personality, subliminals, critiquing photographs, and rhetoric.

3D Granny Squares

Author : Caitie Moore
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A creative new take on an old favorite—including delightful patterns for special occasions and gifts. The humble granny square gets a fresh new look in this collection of 3D granny square crochet patterns. Choose your favorite from one hundred different designs including flowers, animals, food and drink, and motifs, whether it’s a fragrant rose, a cherry pie, or a jellyfish. Each motif features a 3D element that is integral to the granny square design. There are also ten bright and beautiful projects showing you how to use the squares to make special gifts for friends and family including an animal themed baby blanket, a fruity cushion, and a decorative garland, and patterns designed for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions.