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Flower and Weed

Author : Mary Elizabeth Braddon
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A Weed Is a Flower

Author : Aliki
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Discover how George Washington Carver went from a slave to an innovator of agricultural science in this luminously illustrated picture book. Born a slave, George Washington Carver went on to become the most prominent black scientist of the early twentieth century.

Weed Is a Flower

Author : ANONIMO
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The Weed and the Flower

Author : Jermaine Bethea
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Sunshine Calla Lilly is one of many beautiful flowers living in the Secret Garden. Curiosity turns to panic when Sunshine ignores warnings from her elders and decides to leave the security of their hidden paradise. She embarks on a journey through unknown and very dangerous territory. The Elders of the Secret Garden often told stories of foreign lands to the young flowers amongst them. On her virgin expedition, Sunshine soon realizes that she should have taken heed to the frightening tales, which served as caution to all flowers in the Garden. She would soon meet face to face with her most formidable adversary, Scar, an evil and jealous woman deeply scorned by love. Witness as Sunshine for the very first time encounters betrayal, lust and murder that change her life and the lives of those she loves, forever.


Author : Gary West
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Black schools helped the black man to find himself. He found his identity through the school. This identity was and is the most essential thing for man, race, or nation. With the discovery of identity one can draw analogies about his place or position in the world. Identity was not the objectives of these schools, and one should note that this identity was the result of many years of struggle. It was not an overnight occurrence. This is not to say that all blacks have self-identity, for they don’t. Black inferior schools were wonderful if you compared them with other black schools.

Marijuana Flower Forcing

Author : Tom Flowers
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Tom Flowers reveals the secrets used by legendary cannabis growers to force the highest bud yields from their crops. Includes proven methods for increasing yield and potency, with useful photos and charts throughout.

The Little Weed Flower La florecita de la maleza

Author : Vicky Whipple
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Have you ever felt like you are unsure where you belong? Little Weed Flower is growing in a weed patch, but secretly longs to be in the beautiful garden tended by the loving gardener. With the help of a new friend her wish comes true and she is able to share positive lessons with other garden flowers. We also learn that no matter where we come from, everything has its own beauty and a special purpose in the garden of life. A timeless story of hope for those who dare to dream.

A Weed is a Flower Without a Name

Author : Carolyn Perricelli
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When expression is difficult, we may find ourselves using a few necessary words, and I have found children may more easily express their discoveries about themselves and the world around them than we can. They dream more than what they see, and although they want to learn by asking "why?" and "how?" they have greater answers to their own mysteries than we can surmise. This poetry book is meant to be read to a child, at the age where the backyard is lava, the flower beds are islands, and Wiffle ball bats are oars. This is an exploration of how the mundane is not as literal as we perceive it to be, and how easily it is to create a gift out of wonder.


Author : Jane Embertson
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This unusual field guide to common wildflower and weed pods presents 450 color photographs of more than 150 species

The Little Weed Flower

Author : Vicky Whipple
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A little weed flower notices the way the gardener tends the beautiful flowers in a nearby garden and wishes she could be there, too, and one day, with a little help, the gardener notices how charming she is.

Marijuana Herbal Cookbook

Author : Tom Flowers
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Written by a medical user for other patients. Contains detailed information on cooking with cannabis as well as instruction for making extract and concentrates.

Weeds and Wild Flowers

Author : Lady Wilkinson
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Weeds of the North Central States

Author : Lloyd M. Wax
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All the weeds commonly found in the North Central Region, as well as a good many that are less common, are illustrated and described in this book. Detailed pictures have been given for most of the weeds, and wherever possible in the descriptions common terms have been substituted for technical ones. People with a minimum of botanical knowledge should therefore be able to identify almost every weed they are likely to find. A weed is defined as a plant not intentionally sown, whose undesirable qualities outweigh its good points. Includes: weed descriptions; keys for identifying weeds; glossary; index to species; and index to families. B&W drawings.

The Atlantic Monthly

Author :
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An Illustrated Guide to Common Weeds of New Zealand

Author : Ian Popay
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Aimed at a wide audience, with colour photographs and simple text, this popular and indispensable guide to the identification of weeds in New Zealand is now in its third edition. The 2010 edition is bigger and better, with just over 600 species and more than 1500 stunning new photographs which provide an excellent aid to identification. Species are listed in four groups : Plants with spores -- Plants with cones -- plants with flowers - Dicotyledons and -- Plants with flowers - Monocotyledons. the authors remind us that "The definition of a weed as a plant growing in the wrong place means that one person's weed is another's treasure". Their intention was to include all common weeds, including garden escapes, introduced plants, and some plants which may be useful pasture components but which can be a nuisance in the garden or in horticultural crops. Native species which are major weed problems of pastoral land in some regions are listed, and other native species are listed due to their similarity of appearance to a weed in order to avoid misidentification. each plant receives a general introduction, and is then described in detail; the usefulness or toxicity of the plant is also addressed and derivation of botanical names is given. Plants are listed by both botanical and common names, and indexes enable easy searching, but for those unfamiliar with a plant there is a section to help identify a plant from information about flower colour and size, the kind of plant it is and where it occurs. The text has been updated to accommodate changes to the legislation governing pest plants.

Be Honest Be Nice Be a Flower Not a Weed Aaron Neville

Author : Magda Isaac
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An inspirational journal notebook with an awesome quote that might be your favorite! A must have for all of you out there.Come out with a handy size 6x9 and contains 100 pages easily to carry anywhere and everywhere. Can be used as notebook, journal or composition book. Grab one for yourself or give as gifts. We hope you'll be enjoy using this quote journal notebook as much as we did creating it for you!

Weeds of Canada and the Northern United States

Author : France Royer
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This impressive, richly illustrated field guide identifies more than 150 noxious weeds. 800 colour photos show the weeds at five critical stages and help to distinguish another 100 related species. Information on weed legislation by province and state is also listed. A first of its kind, this book is an extraordinary resource for a multitude of users, whether farmer, landscaper, weed specialist, or gardener. [New book, Weeds of North America, available from University of Chicago Press.]

American Agriculturist

Author :
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G s Hand Book to the Flower Garden and Greenhouse

Author : George GLENNY (the Elder.)
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Author : U S Walia
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This book entitled “Weed Identification and Medicinal Use” deals with important weed identification tips as well as medicinal use of important weeds. In the first chapter, key identification characteristics of weeds like leaf shape, arrangement of the leaves, type of flowers and inflorescence are given. In the second chapter photographs of 201 weeds along with detailed morphological characters, association with different crops, their dispersal mechanism and growing season etc. are provided. Apart from this, the important morphological characters pertaining to different weed species i.e. plant height, leaf type, root system, type of stem, growing season, branching habits, flower type and colour, shape of fruits/seeds, habitat, means of propagation etc. are also discussed in this chapter. In the third chapter, the medicinal value of 94 important weeds/plant parts which can be used to cure different diseases has been discussed. The glossary of medical terms is also provided in the fourth chapter.