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Flight Paths to Success

Author : Rhonda Walthall
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Flight Paths to Success profiles the personal journeys of 33 women who have been, and continue to be, successful in aviation, space, and academia. Each woman was asked to select one question of several questions in five categories: personal career insight, work-life balance, mentorship/sponsorship, avoiding a career stall, and powering through challenging situations. Each woman shared her unique experiences about work-life integration, resilience, career changes, relocation, continuing education, and career advancement. While reading their stories, we saw that there were many flight paths to success and each women navigated her own way by charting her own course and committing to it. Their stories were published as they wrote them-in their own words.

Nonverbal Communication

Author : Lester Krames
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Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation of Near terminal Aircraft Flight Paths

Author : James R. Schiess
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Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Subcommittee on Aviation
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Analysis of Effects of Interceptor Roll Performance and Maneuverability on Success of Collision course Attack

Author : William H. Phillips
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An attempt has been made to determine the importance of rolling performance and other factors in the design of an interceptor which uses collision-course tactics. A graphical method is presented for simple visualization of attack situations. By means of diagrams showing vectoring limits, that is, the ranges of interceptor position and heading from which attacks may be successfully completed, the relative importance of rolling performance and normal-acceleration capability in determining the success of attacks is illustrated. The results indicate that the reduction in success of attacks due to reduced rolling performance (within the limits generally acceptable from the pilots' standpoint) is very small, whereas the benefits due to substantially increasing the normal-acceleration capability are large. Additional brief analyses show that the optimum speed for initiating a head-on attack is often that corresponding to the upper left-hand corner of the V-g diagram. In these cases, increasing speed beyond this point for given values of normal acceleration and radar range rapidly decreases the width of the region from which successful attacks can be initiated. On the other hand, if the radar range is increased with a variation somewhere between the first and second power of the interceptor speed, the linear dimensions of the region from which successful attacks can be initiated vary as the square of the interceptor speed.

Baseball Steps to Success

Author : Thomas, Kenny
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Mastering the skills in the field, on the mound, and at the plate has never been easier. Steps to Success allows you to learn at your own pace, providing detailed instruction, expert advice, practice drills, and self-assessments to gauge progress. A new entry in the best-selling sport instruction series, this highly visual, easy-to-use guide is ideal for novice and intermediate players and coaches alike.

Flight Paths

Author : Darryl McGrath
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How a small group of New York biologists brought the peregrine falcon and bald eagle back from the brink of extinction. In the late 1970s, the bald eagle and the peregrine falcon were heading toward extinction, victims of the combined threats of DDT, habitat loss, and lax regulation. Flight Paths tells the story of how a small group of New York biologists raced against nature’s clock to bring these two beloved birds back from the brink in record-setting numbers. In a narrative that reads like a suspense tale, Darryl McGrath documents both rescue projects in never-before-published detail. At Cornell University, a team of scientists worked to crack the problem of how to breed peregrine falcons in captivity and then restore them to the wild. Meanwhile, two young, untested biologists tackled the overwhelming assignment of rebuilding the bald eagle population from the state’s last nesting pair, one of whom (the female) was sterile. McGrath interweaves this dramatic retelling with contemporary accounts of four at-risk species: the short-eared owl, the common loon, the Bicknell’s thrush, and the piping plover. She worked alongside biologists as they studied these elusive subjects in the Northeast’s most remote regions, and the result is a story that combines vivid narrative with accessible science and is as much a tribute to these experts as it is a call to action for threatened birds. Readers are taken to a snow-covered meadow as an owl hunts her prey, a loon family’s secluded pond, an eagle nest above the Hudson River, and a mountaintop at dusk in search of the Bicknell’s thrush, one of the planet’s rarest birds. Combining a little-known chapter of New York’s natural history with a deeply personal account of a lifelong devotion to birds, Flight Paths is not only a story of our rapidly changing environment and a tribute to some of New York’s most heroic biologists, but also a captivating read for anyone who has ever thrilled to the sight of a rare bird. “In Flight Paths Darryl McGrath weaves together science, politics, personal struggle, and the emotional gravity of permanent loss into poignant tales of survival. She reminds us that our actions and determination can have a huge impact on birds and other wildlife that make their homes in the Adirondack Park. She brings a fresh perspective to modern conservation efforts and reminds us why birds matter in our everyday lives. Anyone who loves the Adirondack Park, or just appreciates wild places, will enjoy reading this book.” — William C. Janeway, Executive Director, Adirondack Council “Not since David R. Zimmerman’s To Save a Bird in Peril has there been a popular book on rare and endangered birds so well researched and documented as this one. McGrath writes the story of the remarkable restoration of our national bird in New York, a saga that is largely the story of a few unique people who devoted their lives to this endeavor. She writes similar stories about the peregrine falcon, the common loon, the Bicknell’s thrush, and the short-eared owl, emphasizing the special problems and solutions for each species. Anyone interested in the details of what it takes to save rare or endangered species from extinction should read this sympathetic and well-written book.” — Tom J. Cade, Founding Chairman and Director, The Peregrine Fund “In Flight Paths, Darryl McGrath tells the compelling story of New York’s legacy as a national and international innovator in modern bird conservation. In an engaging style that often reads more like a novel than typical historical reporting, she focuses on the successful efforts to save the peregrine falcon and bald eagle from extinction in the Lower 48 states. Her conversations and field experience with the dedicated scientists and conservationists whose tireless efforts brought these magnificent birds back from the brink bring a rare depth and richness to the narrative. The pioneering work described in this well-told tale give some hope that when courageous and innovative scientists simply refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer, seemingly intractable problems will yield.” — Kenneth P. Able, editor of Gatherings of Angels: Migrating Birds and Their Ecology

Speaking of Success

Author :
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Flight Paths of the Emperor

Author : Steven Heighton
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Set mainly in the psychologically insulated communities of expatriate teachers in Osaka, Japan, these fourteen stories seek to understand issues of national or personal honour, and the problematic importance of family. Heighton also examines subtly related themes, like death, age, marriage, war and poetry, while hinting at autobiography throughout. Sophisticated, passionate and elegantly told, this collection, first published in 1992, was nominated for the 1992 Ontario Trillium Book Award and brought Steven Heighton much national acclaim.

Success Mantra

Author : Vasanth K. Bhat
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Readers who share the author's assertion of his belief that contemporary American society may be suffering from a "poverty of mind" will be intrigued by the systematic unfolding of the neat concept of "active life under the umbrella of right living" in his invigorating book, The Success Mantra. Dr, Bhat advances insights into emotional, physical and financial wellness and touches upon moral laws and spiritual disciplines governing humanity. Initial sections are devoted to instigating transformation of daily habits within the context of the examples provided by Mahatma Gandhi, Reverend King, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Oprah Winfrey, among many. What is meant by true success and happiness and how do we acheive them? How do we tap into our six levels of energy through yoga? What are the six principles of right living? How do work, money, and sex fit within the definition of abundant living? Uplifting concepts aimed at promoting fulfillment for interested individuals through an emphasis on introspection, spirituality and self-improvement are presented. All five chapters are packed with food for thought intended to both inspire and enlighten the reader. Each chapter concludes with parting thoughts that you may wish to adopt as your "mantra".

Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports

Author :
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Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States Lyndon B Johnson

Author : Estados Unidos. Presidente (1963-1969: Johnson)
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The Ultimate Keys to Success in Business and Science

Author : Matthew M. Radmanesh
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Everyone, in today's society, is struggling with this mysterious thing called the business world and strives toward a higher understanding of its inner workings, and yet most books present the basic concepts with so much complexity and filled with so many arbitrary factors that the general public has given up on the subject and perforce has decided to retire to the sideline to be a spectator. In other words, his hope has been dashed aside and his dream of a higher understanding has not been fulfilled in any of the books. The present work is the culmination of many years of study, observation, and pondering on the dilemmas and enigmas of the business world. Within the confines of this book, one is given a chance to take an in-depth look and inspect first-hand, the code ombination of what makes a successful business. The basics are laid in simple terms and clear explanations express the powerful principles lucidly and dynamically, providing an unforgettable impression in the reader's mind. By avoiding undue complexities, the reader will achieve simplicity of thought and will be actually traveling in the direction of the actual why and thus be able to understand how to set up and manage any business. It is an interestingly uncommon book written primarily for the technical as well as the non-technical man. It is intended to serve several classes of our society The office workers and managers, The Business minded individuals, The business owners, The professional managaers. This book will surely serve also an important class of our societythe technical inventors who is looking for inspirations and new ideas to imbue him with enough understanding to finalize and materialize his thoughts into reality. The broad importance of this work could be summed up as laying the foundation for the business world on a scientific basis where arbitrary factors are removed and technical superiority is substituted.

Lyndon B Johnson

Author : United States. President (1963-1969 : Johnson)
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Flight Path Pursuits

Author :
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FOCUS on College and Career Success

Author : Constance Staley
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The third edition of Staley and Staley's FOCUS ON COLLEGE AND CAREER SUCCESS recognizes the varied experiences you bring to the college classroom and guides you to build your motivation and increase your focus, driving your personal success in college -- and well beyond. All of the book's exercises are designed to help you learn more about yourself and focus on what you need to do to succeed, with learning tools that help you chart your progress. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

FOCUS on Community College Success

Author : Constance Staley
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FOCUS ON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SUCCESS, 4th Edition, speaks directly to community college students, delivering strategies for navigating the unique challenges of juggling school, family, work, and living/studying at home. Updated with the most current research, this forward-thinking text continues to strive to improve student retention, motivation, and engagement, as well as offer proof of student progress and course efficacy through the Entrance and Exit Interviews. The fourth edition includes expanded coverage on resilience, with strategies for assessing and building resilience. A revised section on the importance of group work gives students the tools they need to successfully collaborate. Now available with MindTap, a fully online, highly personalized learning experience built upon FOCUS ON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SUCCESS. MindTap combines learning tools—readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments —into a singular Learning Path that guides students through their course. Staley, a leader in the field of motivation, helps students develop realistic expectations of what it takes to learn while encouraging and engaging them with direct applications and immediate results. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Sustainable Success with Stakeholders

Author : Sybille Sachs
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This book shows managers how they can identify their stakeholders and cooperate with them in a mutually successful and satisfying way. It includes numerous examples from case studies and international firms, illustrating the stepping stones to a comprehensive stakeholder management.

Intellectual Capital in Enterprise Success

Author : Lindsay Moore
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Maximize your company's intellectual capital with the tools, techniques, and framework found in Intellectual Capital in Enterprise Success: Strategy Revisited. This timely book will take you a step ahead of your competitors in driving successful and appropriate intellectual asset management practices, showing you how to capture and effectively deploy intellectual assets within your business.

The Biological Bulletin

Author : Frank Rattray Lillie
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Vols. 17, 21-105 contain Annual reports of the Marine Biological Laboratory for 1907/08-1952.