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Flat woven Rugs Textiles from the Caucasus

Author : Robert H. Nooter
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This book fills a void in Western texts by presenting the largest selection of Caucasian flat-woven carpets and textiles ever included in a single book. They originate in the region south of the Caucasus Mountains and west of the Caspian Sea, bounded by Russian, Turkey, and Iran, and comprising parts of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The book, with 436 beautiful color photographs, includes an extensive selection of old kilims, zilis, khorjins, and one of the most extensive collections of Caucasian mafrash bedding bags ever assembled. They date generally from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Weaving styles of the nomadic, indigenous peoples produce the rich mixture of geometric and figurative forms recognized as uniquely Caucasian. A fascinating description of the author's field visits to villages in the Caucasus accompanies illustrations of the textiles and peoples found there. The origins of these pieces are discussed through comparisons with artifacts in the Russian Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg. A unique feature is weaving examples by two Georgian ethnic sub-groups, the Tushetians and the Khevsuretis. The result is invaluable information regarding the weaving origins of Caucasian flat-woven textiles for collectors and curators, and richly colored pictorials that will inspire designers and artists.

The Caucasus An Introduction

Author : Frederik Coene
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The Caucasus is one of the most complicated regions in the world: with many different peoples and political units, differing religious allegiances, and frequent conflicts, and where historically major world powers have clashed with each other. Until now there has been no single book for those wishing to learn about this complex region. This book fills the gap, providing a clear, comprehensive introduction to the Caucasus, which is suitable for all readers. It covers the geography; the historical development of the region; economics; politics and government; population; religion and society; culture and traditions; alongside its conflicts and international relations. Written throughout in an accessible style, it requires no prior knowledge of the Caucasus. The book will be invaluable for those researching specific issues, as well as for readers needing a thorough introduction to the region.

Caucasian Carpets Covers

Author : Richard E. Wright
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Offers a comprehensive view of Caucasian pilewoven rugs and flatwoven textiles in the light of recent research on the subject

Encyclopaedia of Women and Islamic Cultures Vol 4 Economics Education Mobility And Space

Author : Suad Joseph & Afsaneh Najmabadi & Julie Peteet & Seteney Shami & Jacqueline Siapno
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Kilims Flat woven Tapestry Rugs

Author : Yanni Petsopoulos
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Madder Red

Author : Robert Chenciner
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Madder red is an ancient dyestuff, extracted from the root of the madder plant, growing in many countries around the world. The secret and devilishly complex Oriental dyeing process to obtain the lustrous colour known as Turkey Red was avidly sought by Europeans, from the time before the fall of Ancient Rome. It was finally cracked by the French about 1760, who were able to dye wool, silk and cotton bright red. After the lowlands of the Caspian Caucasus had been subdued by the Russians in the early 1800s, madder was cultivated there and rapidly became the main crop. The quest for Turkey Red went hand in hand with an avalanche of scientific research, which not only improved the yield of dyestuff from the roots but led to its chemical synthesis and in 1870 the collapse of the world-wide madder industry. Many of the nascent dye companies grew into chemical giants of our time. Further regional and cultural background may be found in Chenciner's Daghestan: Tradition and Survival, also published in the Caucasus World series.


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Interior Textiles

Author : Karla J. Nielson
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When it comes to both the technical and aesthetic considerations of using textiles in interior design, this book gives working professionals what they need to know. You'll receive expert guidance to the process of textile specifications, selection, installation and maintenance, as well as an understanding of the properties of fabric types and a historical context of styles. Sustainable design and code issues are also considered. More than 500 illustrations and photographs elucidate key ideas. This survey of textiles for interior design is divided into three main parts: Fabrics: The interior design textile industry and marketplace. A study of fibers, yarns, constructions, and finishes. Codes and "green" design. Applications: Textile specifications and coordination of upholstery and wall coverings, window treatments, linens and accessories, and rugs and carpeting. Period Style: Oriental styles, Renaissance and Formal styles, Medieval, Colonial, Country and Provence styles, Regional and Ethnic styles, and Modern styles. Order your copy today!

Caucasian Rugs from Private Collections

Author : Patricia L. Fiske
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The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture

Author : Jonathan Bloom
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Oxford University Press is proud to present the most up-to-date and comprehensive encyclopedia in this field. In three illustrated volumes with more than 1,500 entries, the Encyclopedia deals with all aspects of this important area of study, ranging from the Middle East to Central Asia to Southeast Asia and Africa as well as Europe and North America. The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture covers all subject areas including: artists, ruler, writers, architecture, ceramics, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, coins, textiles, and much more. The Encyclopedia offers fully-updated articles and bibliographies that draw upon the expansive scholarship of The Dictionary of Art, as well as more than 500 plans, maps, diagrams, illustrations, and color plates. This exciting reference work is accessible to scholars, students, and general readers, making it a reliable and essential resource covering this topic of burgeoning importance in world history and the visual arts.

Textile Arts of the Islamic World

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Conservation Research

Author : National Gallery of Art (U.S.)
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Early Caucasian Rugs

Author : Charles Grant Ellis
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Encyclopedia of Women Islamic Cultures Economics education mobility and space

Author : Suad Joseph
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Focuses on women and the civilizations and societies in which Islam has played a historic role. Surveys all facets of life (society, economy, politics, religion, the arts, popular culture, sports, health, science, medicine, environment, and so forth) of women in these societies.

Oriental Rugs

Author : George W. O'Bannon
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An essential reference work for all oriental rug scholars, collectors, dealers, and Islamic art historians, this is the first comprehensive bibliography written in English on the oriental rug and carpet literature, beginning with the first publication on oriental rugs in 1877 and including all known publications in any language published through 1992. O'Bannon has attempted to identify all single publications, including reprints of articles from journals and periodicals on this topic-2,875 separate entries in all. The bibliography is divided into three major categories: Carpets; Islamic Arts and Textiles; and Maintenance, Care, and Related Books, with general and geographic subdivisions. Related topics include wool, dyeing, looms, technical aspects of weaving, and the history of oriental carpets. Numbered for easy reference, entries are listed alphabetically by author and include standard bibliographic information and brief annotations. Titles of non-English language publications are transliterated into English. There are several cross references to geographic areas, tribal weavings, exhibitions, basic reference works, and private and public collections of oriental rugs.

Oriental Rugs

Author : Walter B. Denny
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The handsome illustrations, some published for the first time in this book, work together with the text to illuminate the whole development of the art of rugmaking.

Fabrics in Celebration from the Collection

Author : Indianapolis Museum of Art
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Bibliographic Guide to Art and Architecture

Author : New York Public Library. Art and Architecture Division
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American Book Publishing Record

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Oriental Carpet Textile Studies

Author :
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