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The Unraveling of Mr Darcy

Author : Valerie Lennox
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The Dread Mr Darcy

Author : Valerie Lennox
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a pirate Pride and Prejudice variation On passage back to England from India, Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s ship is boarded by pirates. She is shocked to find that she is acquainted with the pirate captain, who is none other than Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Elizabeth only met Darcy once, at a ball years ago in Meryton. Darcy left abruptly to hunt down some soldier named Wickham. The two met for a duel and Wickham fell. Rumors said that Wickham had something to do with the death of Darcy’s sister, an event that devastated him and left him a drunkard and gambler who had lost much of his fortune. Apparently, Darcy turned to piracy to make back his fortune. But he is no longer the gentleman that Elizabeth knew. Now taken captive aboard his ship, she is entirely at his mercy... For readers who will enjoy something different: a deliciously damaged and dashing Mr. Darcy in need of the redemptive power of love. Topics: Jane Austen Fan Fiction, JAFF, Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, P&P, a lady, Regency, romance,

Lizzy Bennet Ghost Hunter

Author : Jemma Thorne
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Lizzy Bennet Ghost Hunter is inspired by Jane Austen’s beloved novel Pride and Prejudice, and by the sort of tall tales best heard among the shadows and wavering glow that surrounds a campfire. This is a boxed set of five previously published stories: The Netherfield Phantom, Spectres at Longbourn, Rosings and the Wraith, Ghost of a Pemberley Bride, and Shades of Prejudice Past. Together, the five stories read as a novel and follow the story arc of Pride and Prejudice. In these stories, Lizzy grapples with her strange abilities and even stranger relations…and an unwelcome but growing fondness for a certain gentleman. The Netherfield Phantom A mystery at Netherfield Park…and Lizzy Bennet is going to unravel it. Lizzy Bennet first chased ghosts as a lark. A merry pursuit to enliven her carefree days. Her sister Jane is less sanguine; she’s the one the spirits appear to, the sister unhappily gifted with the sight. But with the Netherfield phantom, all of that will change. Spectres at Longbourn A haunting in Lizzy Bennet’s family home…and the arrival of a long-anticipated visitor. Spirits and spectres crowd Lizzy Bennet’s thoughts after her adventure at Netherfield – maybe that’s why she begins to notice the odd occurrences her first night back at Longbourn. But she has other concerns to contend with. Jane’s growing friendship with Mr. Bingley leaves Lizzy as the target for their visiting cousin’s ambition. Mr. Collins will inherit Longbourn, and he is seeking a wife. Lizzy is determined not to become that unhappy woman. And she’s equally determined to help the spirit haunting Longbourn leave the Bennets for good. Rosings and the Wraith A wealthy heiress in the grip of a suspicious malady…and the increasingly curious behavior of Mr. Darcy. Lizzy Bennet has her hands full. The implications of marriage, or the lack thereof, have never been more on Lizzy Bennet’s mind. With her sister Jane pining for Bingley in London, Lizzy visits Charlotte at her new home in Kent and finds her friend both settled and settling. But her first glimpse of the reclusive heiress Anne de Bourgh brings mystery crashing delightfully into what might otherwise be a quiet trip. When Mr. Darcy and his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam arrive at Rosings Park, lighthearted Lizzy must begin to face the largest mystery of all – what is it that she really wants? Ghost of a Pemberley Bride Lizzy Bennet’s visit to the grand house of Pemberley reveals another side of the man who loves her. Summer travels with her favorite relatives should have been exactly what Lizzy Bennet needed. Yet the “passenger” spirit she carries is growing heavier by the day. When their trip is cut short and the Gardiners suggest staying near the estate of Pemberley, Lizzy is of two minds. She wants to see the house and is curious to find out what she can about its master, yet she’s sure humiliation will rapidly follow should Mr. Darcy find her there. But upon her arrival, an unsettled spirit seeks her out and Lizzy sees a side of Darcy she never anticipated. Shades of Prejudice Past In this final Lizzy Bennet Ghost Hunter story, Lizzy must learn to make her own choices…in life and in love. The discovery of Lydia’s elopement with Wickham throws the Bennet family into chaos. Her feelings for Darcy awakened after her visit to Pemberley, Lizzy must now admit there’s no possible future for them with her family’s reputation in tatters. She has choices to make. Will she let her ancestor’s whispered prejudices or her social obligations decide her path? Or will she reach for what she wants most in this world, even if it breaks her heart?

Pledged to Mr Darcy

Author : Valerie Lennox
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Elizabeth Bennet’s world is shattered when she receives a letter at Rosings telling her that her father has passed away. Moments later, Mr. Darcy arrives and asks for her hand in marriage. Thrown by the dreadful news she has just received, Elizabeth cannot respond to him. Once the dreadful sickness has finished raging through Hertfordshire, Elizabeth’s family has been decimated, only leaving behind herself, Jane, and Lydia. Numb and aggrieved, Elizabeth agrees to become pledged to Mr. Darcy, but asks that he wait for her period of mourning to be over before they wed. Together, they set off for Pemberley, where Elizabeth must face Lady Catherine’s disapproval, Georgiana’s painful shyness, and the sudden appearance of Mr. Wickham…

Mr Darcy s Courtesan

Author : Valerie Lennox
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When Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy hears that Miss Elizabeth Bennet is about to become mistress to another man, he is appalled. It has been five years since Miss Bennet spurned his proposal, but he has never quite gotten the proud beauty out of his head. Mr. Darcy knows that the Bennets have fallen on hard times. Her father has been dead for years now, and they make their way on their own. Mr. Darcy seeks Miss Bennet out, resolving to do whatever is necessary to help her, including paying back the mountain of debt that her late mother left behind. But Miss Bennet is still proud. She refuses his charity. When he opens his mouth to convince her that she must change her mind, he finds himself making her a different offer altogether. A scandalous offer. A dishonorable offer.

Christmas Time after Time

Author : P. O. Dixon
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"I sincerely hope your Christmas...may abound in the gaieties which that season generally brings…" —Jane Austen Enjoy Christmas time after time with three joyful holiday escapes in one! FEATURING Which that Season Brings, Christmas Sealed with a Kiss, and 'Tis the Season for Matchmaking. Check your library! If one or more of these delightful Pride and Prejudice variations is not there, grab Christmas Time after Time today and indulge yourself in the gaieties the season brings. You're sure to fall in love with Darcy and Elizabeth all over again. Praise for Which that Season Brings "A nice, satisfying Pride and Prejudice novella" "Loved this short story. I have read many by P.O.Dixon and whenever I see a new book I want to read it. This was a great read." Praise for Christmas Sealed with a Kiss "This is truly a beautiful, heartwarming, touching novella! I give this lovely story five stars...for the sheer joy and happiness it brought me to read it!" "What if Mr Bingley had not left for London, on the morning after the Netherfield ball but had stayed for Christmas? The answer is a lovely, sweet and romantic story would have unfolded. The kind of story that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, perfectly in tune with the Christmas spirit." Praise for 'Tis the Season for Matchmaking "Trouble arises, but good things happen during this season. Highly recommended to read" "It was a lovely story and loved seeing Darcy and Elizabeth's first Christmas season. Definitely worth reading!"

The Scandalous Mr Darcy

Author : Valerie Lennox
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Pride and Prejudice Variations Box Set 1

Author : Bella Breen
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For the first time, all five novels and one novella are together in eBook bundles! An immersive Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet experience unlike any other. This box set bundle 1 features three full length novels: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND POISON Elizabeth Bennet's health rapidly deteriorates after an unexpected visit by Lady Catherine de Bourgh at Longbourn. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND SECRETS Newly married Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy expect an uneventful life of bliss at Pemberley. Life, however, has other plans... FORCED TO MARRY Forced to marry...even though they hate each other. 984 pages of Pride and Prejudice variations, Elizabeth and Darcy fan fiction, Caroline Bingley, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Col. Fitzwilliam, Mr. Bingley, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, the Bennet daughters especially Jane Bennet and Lydia, the Gardiners, Anne de Bourgh featuring Longbourn, Pemberley, Rosings Park, Netherfield and London. If you love historical romance british, british historical romance, prejudice variations, historical fiction europe, elizabeth and darcy kindle books historical fiction uk, nineteenth century english romance, pride and prejudice variations kindle books, english gentleman, variations pride and prejudice books, elizabeth historical romance fiction, pride and prejudice variations, pride prejudice variations kindle, kindle books pride and prejudice variations, pride and prejudice variations wedding, pride and prejudice book variations, historical romance jane austen, pride and prejudice variations elizabeth, darcy and elizabeth kindle books, pride prejudice mr. darcy, pride and prejudice mr darcy, mr darcy pride and prejudice, ebook pride and prejudice variations, darcy pride, pemberley variations kindle, mr darcy pride prejudice, pride and prejudice elizabeth and darcy, elizabeth bennet books, darcy and elizabeth kindle, mister darcy, historical romance ebooks, elizabeth bennet book, elizabeth bennet and fitzwilliam darcy, historical romance anthologies, darcy kindle, elizabeth bennet and fitzwilliam darcy, Elizabeth darcy, darcy and lizzy variations wedding, p and p, pride and prejudice book, elizabeth and darcy kindle books, pride and prejudice book kindle, mr. darcy romance, elizabeth bennet and wickham, fanfiction pride and prejudice, mr darcy variations kindle, mr. darcy and elizabeth short stories, steamy historical romance, pride and prejudice variations kindle books, mr. darcy romance books, darcy romance, p and p variations, pride and prejudice books, pride and prejudice darcy elizabeth, pride and prejudice elizabeth and darcy then you'll love this book.

Saving Mr Darcy

Author : Becky Day
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Saving Mr Darcy (A Pride & Prejudice Intimate & Sensual Variation) After a long and tempestuous courtship. Elizabeth Bennet, and Fitzwilliam Darcy are finally on the path to happiness. But when tragedy strikes upon their wedding day, Elizabeth fears she might be a widow before she is a wife. But as Darcy’s physical scars heal and he retreats from both her and the world, she realises that to save him she has to show him how much she loves and needs him. Even if it means pushing Darcy to his limits, even if it means risking her heart, even if it means seducing her husband. This is a Pride and Prejudice Intimate and Sensual Variation Novelette *Please note that Saving Mr Darcy is an intimate and sensual story that is only suitable for people over 18 years old.*

Perfidy Promises

Author : Abbey North
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Lizzy and her family arrive at Pemberley to allow Fitzwilliam a chance to court her. Things are off to a splendid start until Lady Catherine invites herself, and Caroline Bingley is clearly intent on causing trouble between ODC. Someone is targeting Fitzwilliam and Pemberley for harassment, but is it the same person who murders the stablemaster during Lizzy's stay? She and Darcy find themselves at odds over theories of the crime, but will that disagreement keep them from building a future together?This is part five of the completed "Crime & Courtship" series. It is intended to be read in order and follow roughly the same timeline and location as J.A.'s masterpiece. The first mystery takes place in Meryton, then Netherfield, followed by Hunsford, then London, and finally Pemberley. The story arc continues throughout all five parts, compromising one long read broken into five sections. A mystery is central to each installment, so you could call this a cozy mystery sweet Regency romance.While Abbey sometimes writes sensual JAFF, this series is strictly SWEET.

Mr Darcy s Sumer Surprise

Author : Meg Osborne
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Romance at Rosings... Persuaded to visit his aunt and cousins by his sister Georgiana, Fitzwilliam Darcy is surprised to run across the very person he has tried for months to, if not forget, avoid - Elizabeth Bennet. Colonel Fitzilliam and Anne de Bourgh have long nursed a secret attachment to one another, but realise that their chances of marriage will be greatly improved if they can successfully match Darcy first, and set forth a scheme with Georgiana and Charlotte Collins to manage what fate appears to have left undone... Mr Darcy's Summer Surprise is a sweet, regency Pride and Prejudice variation novella.

Mr Darcy s Downfall

Author : Valerie Lennox
File Size : 88.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Her lips moved against his skin.“You’re awful. Everything about you is hateful.” “And you,” he said, breathless, “are the least proper woman in the history of England.” Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s father is on his deathbed, and his wife is desperate to marry off her five daughters. At the Meryton assembly, Mrs. Bennet schemes to throw Elizabeth together with the rich and elusive Mr. Darcy, hoping the scandal will force his cooperation. Proper Mr. Darcy is concerned primarily with his reputation and would not dare marry someone like Elizabeth under normal circumstances. But with that dreadful situation in Ramsgate threatening to be exposed, he fears for his sister’s good name. His hands are tied. Elizabeth thinks Darcy rude and arrogant. She would not marry him if she had a choice. Darcy thinks Elizabeth far beneath him, but he is drawn to her against his will. Together, they summon within each other passionate hatred, a lit match that promises to explode. Dear Reader, while this variation is hardly wall-to-wall love scenes, I fear it is neither clean nor sweet. Be advised.

A Christmas at Pemberley

Author : Meg Osborne
File Size : 37.90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Newly-married Elizabeth Darcy is determined that her first Christmas at Pemberley with Mr Darcy will be a happy one, and if that means scheming for her new sister to find happiness then that's what she will do! Georgiana Darcy is delighted to see her brother so happy and adores her new sister-in-law. She is rather less enamoured with the new curate of their parish, who seems rude, arrogant and unbearably dull upon their first meeting. Forced to interact with him to organise a Christmas concert, however, she begins to glimpse a different side to him and wonders if her first impressions were mistaken… Mr Daniel Lambert is overworked and overwhelmed in his new role as curate. The Christmas season is busy and he is desperate not to let his parishioners or his family down. Can he learn to trust his new friends the Darcys and step into his new life in Derbyshire or will he let the pressure of expectation keep him aloof and alone? Christmas at Pemberley is a festive regency continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Their Dearest Loves A Pride and Prejudice Variation Anthology

Author : Anna Lockhart
File Size : 32.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Across time and circumstance, through trials and triumphs, one thing remains true… Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy are destined to fall in love. Included in this anthology, you will find four of Anna Lockhart’s best selling Pride and Prejudice variations, including: The Love of a Lifetime Reaching for the Moon To Be Loved A Vow of Convenience Get your copy today and explore the great heights of Elizabeth and Darcy’s dearest love!

Pemberley s Heir

Author : Jeanna Ellsworth
File Size : 72.41 MB
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Young Fitzwilliam Darcy was born with everything he wanted. However, in a sudden turn of events, he finds he must join the militia to sustain his new, less-endowed life. For five years, he searches for the missing piece in his life; that journey leads him marching into Elizabeth Bennet's presence on more equal ground. Darcy has no doubt that the sassy and intelligent Elizabeth deserves much more than a lieutenant's salary can provide. For the first time in five years, Darcy sets out to find his lost heritage so that he can offer marriage for Elizabeth.Elizabeth has no idea that she has fallen in love with the richest man in Derbyshire and the heir to Pemberley. However, Lieutenant Wickham, Darcy's childhood friend, is acutely aware of who Darcy is. As always, Jane Austen's favorite villain from Pride and Prejudice has his own plans to stake a claim to Pemberley. Darcy must puzzle out his heritage and claim his birthright as Pemberly's heir before WIckham stakes a claim on the estate.

All s Fair in Love and War and Death A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Author : Anne Morris
File Size : 61.24 MB
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Elizabeth Bennet discovered she had a particular sensitivity even though it came from grief. When people die, their souls are met by a departed loved one as an attendant to escort them across to the afterlife. She witnesses that it is possible for the living to follow the dead to the next world when her mother dies and Elizabeth follows her grandmother as she escorts her mother to the next world. Few believe her, and the Bennet’s loss changes the dynamics of the family. When Elizabeth is invited to London, she meets two cousins: Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Mr. Darcy. While they both admire her, it is Darcy who captures her heart, and they fall in love. Circumstances part the couple when she is unexpectedly called home to Hertfordshire. Fitzwilliam Darcy has spent many years enjoying the delights of the London Season when he meets a country miss from Hertfordshire which has unpleasant memories for him as it’s the place where his father died. But her dark eyes, charm and bewilder him, and Darcy finds himself falling in love. He is slow to declare himself, and Elizabeth escapes. Only after she is gone does he realize how besotted he is. Darcy pursues Elizabeth to the country to claim her which leads Darcy, Elizabeth, and Colonel Fitzwilliam on an extraordinary journey through another world. Theirs is a love stronger than death in this reverse-roles retelling of Orpheus.

The Trouble with Lords A Mysterious Pride and Prejudice Variation

Author : Sophia Grey
File Size : 82.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The trouble with Lords, is that one can never know whether or not their intentions are entirely honorable… Surprised by the honor of an invitation to tea at Rosings Park while visiting her friend Charlotte Collins at Hunsford, Elizabeth Bennet is surprised to see how sickly Lady Catherine’s daughter is. Her curiosity is further piqued as she overhears whispers of Anne de Bourgh’s illness—could there be a dark secret lurking at the heart of Rosings Park? Elizabeth will not be satisfied until her questions are answered and the truth behind Anne’s strange malady is revealed, but has she tread too closely upon secrets that her Ladyship would rather keep hidden? The Trouble with Lords is the first in a series of clean cozy mysteries featuring Elizabeth Bennet and other characters from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and is suitable for all lovers of this classic novel.

Unexpectedly Mrs Darcy

Author : Marianne Fournier
File Size : 36.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From Tolerable to Tempting

Author : Hayley Ann Solomon
File Size : 38.55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Another wonderful regency from Ms. Solomon... this time, in the tradition of Abigail Reynolds, a Pride and Prejudice variation that should have you both smiling and weeping. What would happen, one wonders, if Mr. Bennet were to die, leaving Lizzie evicted from Longbourn? What if this happens after she has so forcefully rejected Mr. Darcy? What if Mr. Collins proves insuff erable (no surprise!) and Lizzie is forced to earn her keep? Will her path cross with Darcy’s? Unlikely, but not impossible.... Can Darcy ever be absolved of his wicked remark “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me...?” What of Anne De Bourgh? What luminously cunning scheme is contrived to thwart Lady Catherine? Does Wickham’s insidious charm still have consequences? For whom? When does an astonished Lizzy discover that the last man on earth she could ever be prevailed upon to marry is actually—quite sinfully—tempting? ------------- A gifted new author -Melinder Helfer [Romantic Times] on Viscount Victorious A fast paced and entertaining read that will delight readers with it’s witty dialogue -Angela Keck [Romantic Times] on A Rag Mannered Rogue

Fine Eyes and Pert Opinions

Author : Maria Grace
File Size : 80.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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His family faces ruin without help from a woman below his notice. Fitzwilliam Darcy, guardian to his younger sister, Georgiana, is at his wits end. Despite every possible effort, Georgiana steadfastly refuses to become a properly accomplished woman in anticipation of her come out. Elizabeth Bennet, the vicar's daughter who has grown up in the shades of Pemberley, suggests hosting a small house party to encourage Georgiana's improvement with a taste of society.While the notion is utterly ludicrous, Darcy has no better ideas. Soon cousins Richard and Anne, and friends, the Bingleys, are on their way to Pemberley. Richard makes his own additions to the party: the glamorous baronet playwright Sir Alexander and his stunning sister Miss Garland.Over Darcy's objections, the party sets upon performing a home theatrical written by Sir Alexander. But the Garlands are not as they seem. Soon everything at Pemberley is upended and in disarray. Will Darcy's pride and prejudice cause him to forever ruin the Darcys' good name by overlooking the one person who has the keys to making it all right again?